Can Conor McGregor Win A World Title In Boxing?

By James Slater - 01/15/2021 - Comments

Conor McGregor is currently 0-1 as a pro boxer; the loss coming on the big stage when the Irishman was stopped by a half in-shape Floyd Mayweather (“I never trained, just did push-ups and sit-ups,” Floyd said after the 2017 fight). Despite this, McGregor says without a shred of doubt that he will “certainly attain a boxing world title before I call it a day.”

Not only that, but McGregor says he “would be excited to do that against Emanuel Pacquiao.” As fans know, there has been plenty of talk of a Pacquiao Vs. McGregor fight taking place, with fresh talks perhaps making the fight a real possibility for later on this year. McGregor, speaking on The Mac Life, said “talks are intensifying for [a fight with Pac Man] this year.”

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First up, McGregor has to get the win over Dustin Poirier on Jan. 23 – this in an MMA fight. But can McGregor make good on his goal of becoming a two-sport world champion? Some people say McGregor did okay against Mayweather, lasting into the tenth round as he did back in August of 2017. Yet others say Floyd “carried” McGregor, that he could have ended the fight far sooner than he did had he wanted to do so.

One man who backs McGregor to win a world title in boxing is his current sparring partner, Dylan Moran, a 15-1 welterweight from Ireland. Southpaw Moran says McGregor would “tower over Pacquiao.”

“Very realistic and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens,” Moran said to Talk Sport when discussing McGregor’s chances of winning a world title in boxing. “Look at Conor’s last boxing fight. He took Floyd Mayweather ten rounds – the greatest fighter of this generation. That speaks for itself. Imagine when he fully focuses on his craft and just his hands, he won’t have to focus on grappling, striking or what not. I think it’s a definite possibility and I would not be surprised at all if he goes on to do so. That (Pacquiao-McGregor) is an interesting fight because of Conor’s size. Conor is really, really big and he would be towering over Manny Pacquiaio. Provided he used his height and his reach, that’s another interesting fight.”

But a fight Pac-Man would win with some ease, right? Am I alone in thinking Pacquiao does pretty much as he pleases with McGregor? Pacquiao might “carry” McGregor himself, nice guy that he is, but no way does even a 42-year-old Pacquiao lose to McGregor. No way.

Maybe – maybe – McGregor could win a pro boxing title of some kind (there are so many available these days of course), but no way does he defeat an all-time great like Manny Pacquiao. This doesn’t mean the fight won’t happen, however. In fact, the hype this fight would/will get might make the event one of the biggest of 2021. Win or lose, McGregor’s bank manager will be extremely happy.

Last Updated on 01/15/2021