By Agreeing To Fight, Ryan Garcia And Gervonta Davis Buck The Trend Of Avoiding The Biggest And Best Fights

11/18/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Fight fans got some great news yesterday, as it was reported (first by Mike Coppinger) how primed and peaking 136 pounders (this the catch-weight the two will fight at) Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia have agreed terms and will fight one another next April in Las Vegas. This one is being hyped as a super fight, and it’s justified. Also, immense credit goes to both young, unbeaten fighters for agreeing to lay it all on the line.

It’s especially commendable as this fight has been made at a time when the sport has suffered so much due to the biggest and best fights falling apart for whatever reason or reasons (see Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua, Terence Crawford-Errol Spence). Garcia and Davis have shown that, when two fighters REALLY want to fight, the fight gets made. Also, this fight being made has shown again how rival TV platforms can work together – Davis-Garcia to be jointly televised by Showtime and DAZN, on pay-per-view of course.

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The news of Davis-Garcia being on, being a done deal we can all look forward to watching as it plays out, seems almost too goo to be true. Nobody wants to jinx the fight, of course not, so we just hope nothing goes wrong that could spoil things (Tank does have that impending court case hanging over him, this for the hit and run he was involved in some months back).

Davis Vs. Garcia is a modern day mega-fight, one that will likely pull in huge numbers, these made up of hardcore fans and casuals alike. It’s the best against the best, as it should be. So who wins this one? Davis is perfect at 27-0(25), while Garcia is also spotless at 23-0(19). Both fighters have great speed, power and explosiveness. Oh, and there’s some bad blood, too. It really does seem that this fight has it all; all the makings of a great one, a memorable one. A fight that restores our faith in this great sport.

It’s fitting that this one will go down in Las Vegas, scene of so many massive fights. We could be in store for a fantastic fight and before it a promotion that reminds us all of the magical fights that took place in Vegas in the 1980s and 1990s. The price tag could be quite hefty for this fight – both live and on PPV – but it should be worth it. Again, credit to both fighters for agreeing to lay it all on the line, for daring to be great. To understand that to be a genuine great, a fighter must take the risky fights.