Buboy Fernandez Says The Last Time He Saw Manny Pacquiao So Angry Was Ahead Of Third Fight With Erik Morales

By James Slater - 06/01/2019 - Comments

If we take the word of Buboy Fernandez, who has of course been around superstar Manny Pacquiao for years, Keith Thurman has lit a fire under the normally easygoing Pac Man, and that this will be bad news for the WBA welterweight champ come July 20th. Working with the incredible 40 year old at the Elorde Gym in Manila, Fernandez listened as his charge vowed between rounds how he will “teach him [Thurman] how a 40 year old fighter fights.”

As per a story from The Manila Times, Buboy says the last time he saw Manny so angry was going into the second and third fights with Erik Morales. Fired up in a big way after having been beaten by the legendary Mexican warrior in their first fight, Pacquiao looked awesome in fights two and three; when he stopped “El Terrible” in dominant fashion. Fernandez says Pacquiao refers to Thurman as a “braggart,” and that he was particularly offended when Thurman said he would “crucify” Pacquiao.

“Manny rarely badmouths an opponent, but he refers to Thurman as a braggart and arrogant,” Buboy said. “The last time I saw him act this way was in Morales III. If he wants to run him [Thurman] over, then I’ll let him do it. We’ll do everything, but with caution.”

For some time now, the knock on Pacquiao has been that he has lost his killer instinct, that he no longer scores electrifying KO’s in the manner we were once so accustomed. This may well change in the Thurman fight. But an angry fighter does not always make for a successful fighter. As Fernandez said, Pacquiao will need to avoid being reckless against Thurman; even if he is as angry as can be, in fact more angry than he has been since 2006.

“He will be the recipient of Manny’s fury,” Fernandez told Manila Times, with the “he” in question now being quite obvious. Can Pacquiao KO Thurman? Can Thurman KO Pacquiao? Genuine bad blood always adds plenty of spice to an already big and intriguing fight.