Brave Warrior Aidos Yerbossynuly In Coma Following KO Defeat Against David Morrell

By James Slater - 11/07/2022 - Comments

In another reminder of how tough, how dangerous the sport of boxing really is, and of how braver than brave each and every fighter who steps into the ring really is, it’s been reported how super-middleweight title challenger Aidos Yerbossynuly is currently in a coma. On Saturday night in Minneapolis, Yerbossynuly of Kazakhstan was the victim of a nasty, 12th round KO at the hands of defending WBA 168 pound champ David Morrell.

But the KO came at the conclusion of what had been a fight that saw the gutsy and ever-game Yerbossynuly, 16-1(11) take a disturbing amount of punches all night long. Viewers were concerned whilst watching the fight, worrying how the 30 year old challenger was shipping way too much punishment. Now, sadly, those fears have been proven prophetic. Yerbossynuly was placed in a medically induced coma yesterday and it goes without saying how we all hope and pray this heroic fighter can and will make a full recovery.

Yerbossynuly bled from the nose early on the in the fight, right until the end, and it has been reported how he suffered a subdural hematoma. Morrell, 8-0(7) who says he is the best in the world at the weight and is ready to fight “anybody,” is sure to be upset over what has happened to his fellow warrior, who he knocked down twice in that 12th round, the second time with a sickening uppercut that left Yerbossynuly flat on his back. There are a good many people who feel Saturday’s fight should have been stopped before the 12th round.

Again, the sport of boxing is as dangerous as can be imagined and brave men like Yerbossynuly deserve nothing but our greatest respect and admiration. Saturday’s fight was of a course a high-profile bout and the boxing critics, those who feel strongly the sport should be banned, will no doubt pick up on this sad news and repeat their rallying-cry.

We boxing fans hope for one thing – a full recovery made by Aidos Yerbossynuly. Our thoughts go out to Aidos’ family and friends at this worrying time.