Bob Arum not interested in seeing Pacquiao-McGregor clash: He can’t spell fight

Judging roughly by the posts and comments of fight fans on the various forums and boxing websites, there is average at best interest in a Manny Pacquiao-Conor McGregor fight. Pac Man recently appeared to call out the MMA star via social media, and though some people are intrigued by the prospect of yet another crossover fight that would pit McGregor with another superstar boxer, many other fans are not thrilled at the idea.

You can add Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum to the list of people saying thanks, but no thanks to Pacquiao-McGregor. Speaking with CBS Sports on the to-be-aired podcast “In This Corner,” the Top Rank boss said that should the fight actually take place, it would be a “money grab” and nothing much more.

“If we equate boxing with fighting – because I’m not talking about his ability as an MMA participant because he has been very good with that – Conor McGregor can’t spell fight,” Arum said. “Mayweather carried him before he took him out. With Manny, it wouldn’t be a contest, it would be a money grab. Conor McGregor is not a boxer and does not know how to box. His stance is a stance of an MMA fighter who has to protect against kicks and takedowns. He is not competitive with any fighter no matter how old that fighter is. The answer is no, I wouldn’t particularly look forward to doing a fight featuring McGregor and Pacquiao. If Manny asked me to, I would.”

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So as scathing as Arum is towards the prospect of yet another “Super Fight” between boxing and MMA, the 85 year old who has seen it all, done it all doesn’t totally rule a Pacquiao-McGregor fight out. Whether this is good or bad news is up to you.

Do we really want to see 39 year old Pacquiao engage in any more fights; least of all one that would have the firm attachment of “curiosity bout” in place? What would Pacquiao gain from a crushing stoppage win over McGregor other than – as Arum suggested – a big pile of money?

If Pac Man does have one more fight far better that it be in the ring with a “real” fighter, or boxer.