Bob Arum Lets Loose On Big Baby And His Latest Failed Drugs Test – “I Look At It As Attempted Murder”

By James Slater - 07/11/2020 - Comments

Bob Arum has never been one to hold his tongue, and if the Top Rank boss had done so on this occasion, fans would never have forgiven him. The Jarrell Miller case – three, four, FIVE failed drug tests during his combat career – is well known to fans. In fact, it’s old news now – as is “Big Baby” himself. Nowhere to be found are people willing to give the 300-plus pound New Yorker another chance.

Miller’s future, if he has one, is still to be determined, yet many are calling for a lifetime ban. Arum certainly doesn’t think Miller should be allowed to fight again, and if he does, Arum sure won’t be any part of it. Speaking with talkSPORT, Arum said Miller “will never fight on a Top Rank card,” and that Big Baby made him ask the question, “how stupid can you be?”

“How stupid can you be? That was my initial reaction,” Arum said when explaining how he felt when he first heard of Miller’s latest foul-up. “I mean, when we signed the fight, after he had tested positive before the fight with Anthony Joshua, he told me it was his people that did it, he would be very careful, he would have a special nutritionist.

“And boom, the same thing happened and he tested dirty. It’s very, very hard to deal with stupidity. I look at it this way – if a fighter takes performance-enhancing drugs getting ready to participate in a fight, then I look at it as attempted murder.

“If he somehow evaded the test, he would go in the ring seriously compromising his opponent and I believe that would be attempted murder.”

Well said, Mr. Arum.

Who can have a will to disagree? What Miller did, and what he then did again, is unforgivable. Let’s just thank the heavens this in denial ex-fighter, this there-is-something-wrong-with-the-guy, never actually fought whilst pumped full of who knows what, and hurt a clean fighter as a result.

Arum’s words are surely echoed by all – “If he isn’t banned for life, then I believe it’ll be a multi-year suspension.”

And, “Will I continue my contract with him? Not in your life.”

This Baby has had all the love and support he’s ever going to get.