Bob Arum, Eddie Hearn Respond To Deontay Wilder’s “Cheat” Video

Deontay Wilder almost came close to stealing the show during last night’s massive night of boxing. Almost. As fans surely are aware by now, Wilder uploaded a video on his Instagram page, with him coming out with all manner of accusations, most of them aimed at Tyson Fury (Wilder also laying into “disloyal trainer Mark Breland” and “crab in the bucket referee Kenny Bayless.”)

After many weeks of deafening silence that followed his complete hammering from Fury in their February rematch, Wilder broke that silence in stunning fashion; accusing Fury of using “loaded gloves” (it must be said that, for those fans who felt Wilder had shown decency by not coming out with any such “loaded gloves” claims himself, this talk coming merely from Wilder “fan boys,” yesterday’s video came as one big disappointment.) “I highly believe you put something hard in your glove, the size and shape of an egg weight,” Wilder said.

It didn’t take long for both Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn to respond to the shocking tirade Wilder let loose with:

“We haven’t heard anything from Wilder, then apparently he’s been watching TV, and he’s now mimicking [President] Trump,” Arum told “It’s impossible for anything to happen to the gloves, this is bullshit. And for Wilder to castigate the ref Kenny Bayless, who saved his life, and trainer Mark Breland, who also saved his life, is absolutely disgraceful.”

Hearn spoke with IFL TV:

“It’s ridiculous. Listen, park him to the side, let the big boys, the real men go at it,” Hearn said of Wilder. “Unless you’ve got any real substance then be quiet, go back to the drawing board, work harder, let the hunger burn to become champion again. It’s gone from the costume (as an excuse for losing), to now he’s been found out about AJ, to now something about the gloves. It’s getting worse and worse.”

Hearn’s mention of AJ refers to the tweet Wilder put out that reads as follows:

“You know I was offered more money to fight Joshua than I was getting to fight you. Again, being a man of my word, I fought you like I said I would,” Wilder wrote.

To which Hearn responded:

“I thought AJ ducked you?”

[We got] loads of criticism and it hurt because I knew how much we wanted to make that fight and I knew they were playing games,” Hearn told IFL.

So has Wilder completely lost the plot? Will any of his supporters remain on his side? Will Wilder fight again? Your guess is as good as mine.