Benn Vs. Eubank Jr Is ON

09/14/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

For a while there, some of us got a little nervous. As fans may know, last week, Chris Eubank Sr claimed he was “pulling out” his son Chris Eubank Junior from the much-hyped October 8 clash with Conor Benn.

Former champ Eubank Sr, always a polarising figure, said he would not allow his son to fight due to the dangers of the 157-pound weight cut he would have to adhere to. And when Eubank Sr spoke of the sad death of his son Sebastian, stating with sheer passion that he could not allow it to “happen again,” fans felt that, yes, maybe the “Next Generation” fight would indeed be canceled.

But now, both Kalle Sauerland and Eddie Hearn have confirmed that the fight is ON.

“Very clear statement – the fight is absolutely on,” Sauerland said in speaking with Talk Sport. “That’s all really I can say to it. We don’t have a contract with Chris Eubank Sr; we have a contract with Chris Eubank Jr. He was sparring yesterday. My only issue is finding sparring partners because he is going through them like a hot knife through butter. The fight is very much on.”

Sauerland’s comments have been echoed by Hearn.

“I can clear it up; it’s not true,” Hearn said of the fight being off. “As Kalle said, the contract is with Chris Eubank Jr; he has no intention of pulling out of the fight, which I think would cripple his credibility. I think he would have to retire if he did, and he doesn’t want to pull out. He’s getting a massive payday; he’s very confident about the fight.”

Sol, it seems this drama has been, as Hearn said, cleared up. All that we fans want now is A: a good fight (maybe a great one), and B: both men coming out safe and sound at the other end. Cutting weight is no joke, even if it is “only three pounds” (added to the pounds the sometimes-super-middleweight Eubank Jr has to cut as it is to make 160, let alone 157).

Eubank Sr will not be happy over the way his son has gone against his wishes, but as Hearn said, how on earth would Eubank Jr have lived it down if he’d pulled out of the October 8 fight?

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