Golovkin says he didn’t watch Canelo’s fight against Bivol

By Jeff Sorby - 09/14/2022 - Comments

Gennadiy Golovkin surprisingly says he didn’t bother to watch Canelo Alvarez’s recent fight against Dmitry Bivol.

It’s a little strange that Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) wouldn’t bother to take the time to watch Canelo’s recent loss to WBA light heavyweight champion Bivol (21-0, 10 KOs) on May 7th, considering the Russian fighter revealed some huge flaws in Alvarez’s game.

If you’re going to fight Canelo, how do you not take the time to study his fight against Bivol, especially given that he lost in such a one-sided manner?

The way that Bivol dealt with Canelo was much superior to that of Golovkin. Really, there’s no comparison.

Bivol didn’t foolishly stand in front of Canelo at close range the way Golovkin did in both fights, and he did a remarkable job of picking off his punches. Golovkin showed no ability to block Canelo’s shots in either of their two fights, which is why the contests were so close.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

If you’re Golovkin, you should be studying the Canelo-Bivol fight because Bivol revealed the blueprint for how to beat Canelo. What Bivol showed is that Canelo can’t handle fighters that throw combinations and use movement.

That’s not going to change for his fight on Saturday because that flaw has always been there for Canelo.

Although Canelo made excuses about something not being right for him in training camp, he looked and fought the same way as he did against the super middleweight champions that he beat in 2021 & 2020. There was no difference.

“I’m going to disappoint you. I did not watch that fight.  You’re mistaken,” said Gennadiy Golovkin to Secondsout when asked if he was worried that Canelo Alvarez’s recent loss to Dmitry Bivol would delay the trilogy match.

“It was not too important for me to watch that fight,” Golovkin said about Canelo’s last bout against WBA light heavyweight champion Bivol.

“Nothing personal; it’s just another fight. I’m not going to assert that he waited for me to get older, but on the other hand, if he wanted that fight so much, where was he all those years?

“We have to change gears to kind of intensify the fight. I’m going to be ready for whatever he offers and show my best,” said Golovkin.

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