Benavidez Calls Out Saudi Promoter to Make Canelo Fight Happen

By Tim Compton - 03/22/2024 - Comments

David Benavidez showed his desperation today, asking Turki Alalshikh of Saudi Arabia to assist him in getting his dream clash against Canelo Alvarez.

The “Charity” Ploy – Nice Try, Benavidez

The unbeaten Benavidez is practically on his hands and knees, begging His Excellency to finance the fight. He needs the money [$150-200 million] to persuade the superstar Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs).

The weird part is when Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) says he’ll fight for free if Canelo beats him, and if he wins, he’ll give a chunk of his purse to charity.

Interestingly, Benavidez doesn’t say how much of his purse he’d give to charity. It could be anything. Given that Benavidez will probably be victorious, given his huge 200+ lb cruiserweight-sized frame after he rehydrates, his comment about fighting for free if he loses is a meaningless gesture on his part.

It would mean something for Benavidez to say he’d fight for free if he were fighting former IBF cruiserweight champion Jai Opetaia in a match that he had next to no chance of winning.

Now, that would sound altruistic on Benavidez’s part, but when he’s going up against a much smaller and older Canelo, whom he would be favored to beat.

“Turki Alalshik, let’s bring the biggest and most exciting fight to Saudi Arabia. This will be the biggest Mexican vs. Mexican American fight in the history of boxing, and what better place to do it than The Kingdom, for the entire world to see,” said David Benavidez on Instagram.

Benavidez Needs a Sugar Daddy

“This fight is for pride and glory. I fight for greatness, not money. Your Excellency, if I do not beat Canelo, I will donate my entire purse to any kid’s charity of your liking.

“When I do beat Canelo, I will be donating a huge amount of that purse to benefit children’s hunger across the world. I’m a champion of the people and will continue to fight the best! I stand by my words!”