Arum/Hearn Working On Top Rank Vs. Matchroom Fighters Under-Card For Fury vs Joshua

Arum “95 Percent Confident The Fight Happens”

We can take as a good sign the fact that promoters Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn are working on the under-card for the big one – Tyson Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua. Apparently, negotiations have been going well for the all-British heavyweight unification battle, with Arum telling Sky Sports he is “95 percent confident the fight happens.” Hearn is also extremely optimistic.

So to those under-card plans. Arum explained Hearn’s plan when speaking with Sky Sports, revealing how Hearn wants to match Top Rank fighters against Matchroom fighters on the card of the biggest heavyweight fight in many years. And Arum says he sure likes the idea.

“We talked about the under-card and Eddie made a really good suggestion – that we have Matchroom fighters against fighters from our side,” Arum said. “That would be pretty good. It would be interesting.”

Straight away, fans will be coming up with possibilities as far as match-ups go. Hearn’s idea is a good one, as Arum said. And the Top Rank boss is certain the Top Rank fighter will come out on top in the big one, as he also said to Sky Sports.

“I don’t want to make a deadline, but I just can report that everything so far has been going splendidly and we hope to have a signed document within the next couple of weeks,” Arum said. “That might not provide for a site, because we can have a document that the fighters would have signed and then have a mutual agreement clause of the site. We’re all on the same page, as far as I can see. I’m 95 percent confident the fight happens, and I’m 100 percent confident that my guy wins, and wins by knockout.”

But where might Fury score his KO? Hearn says talks with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Singapore, China and America are ongoing.

All being well, this monstrously huge heavyweight fight actually happens here in 2021. With a damn fine under-card to boot. Who wins – Fury or Joshua?

9 thoughts on “Arum/Hearn Working On Top Rank Vs. Matchroom Fighters Under-Card For Fury vs Joshua”

  1. Be nice if some of Matchroom’s young prospects such as Dalton Smith, John Hedges & Hopey Price get a pre TV slot.

  2. While I’m at it Qatar? Saudi Arabia? Dubai? Wholly f@rking red flag, alarm ringing in ears. Singapore and China wholly f@rking Covid.
    Should be in the U.K but I’ll settle for the States over these joke venues, anyways we don’t have to worry about this for a while if ever.
    Have a look at the guys who want to fight at these venues? 💉💊🧪 Testosterone Josh with his TUE docs certificate, Fury who’s been caught before and Pedquiao to name a few.

    • I think we can all agree that the fight should be in the US due to its unblemished record with effective drug testing of athletes across all sports.

  3. Fury tries to fight kabayel in December? Huh? Hearn spouting off at the mouth 2 fight deals to drum up interest in AJ v Pulev. Facts are Fury is trying to get out of a 3rd Wilder fight and I don’t give a F@rk what anyone says Wilder deserves a chance to get his strap back as Joshua did. Wilders gripe is the left hand wasn’t in the glove properly majority of the fight. Tyson has been caught for this before. Right glove no padding all the other crap is you tube or promoter or ESPN (Toprank) talk. 2021 this fight was promised it ain’t happening. The fury Wilder situation is in mediation, Fury will have to face Wilder, simple as that or get stripped no matter what rubbish articles ESPN put out. As far as Eddie and AJ go it’s just more look at me I’m talking my name is Eddie hearn Bu//$h!t. Just get your obligations out of the way before you start talking $h!t, surely it’s not that hard.

    • Wilder certainly deserved a rematch but the length of time along with the continuing excuses and accusations have diminished his right to the rematch. The mediation will sort it out and then we will see.

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