Anthony Joshua’s next opponent is ready, reveals Deontay Wilder’s trainer

01/09/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Deontay Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott has revealed that Anthony Joshua’s next opponent is ready while also unveiling that Andy Ruiz Jr could be next for Bronze Bomber.

Scott tells Best Sports Betting Canada that Gerald Washington is ready to fight Anthony Joshua now after insisting that the Brit has been ‘ducking’ a fight with Deontay Wilder.

Wilder’s trainer also hinted that the Bronze Bomber could face former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz as early as March

On being optimistic that Gerald Washington will fight Anthony Joshua:

Malik Scott: “Gerald Washington is one of the leading names to possibly fight Anthony Joshua, It’s not a rumour, it’s an actual fact that he’s one of the options. And it’s something Gerald is ready for. I keep telling people, Gerald is a big, strong, heavy handed guy. The physicalities are there, but what we’ve been working on is mental stamina. And fighting at the highest level, that’s more important than the physical.

“Gerald is better than ever, he’s hungrier than ever, and I can’t wait for you guys to see him. And I can’t wait to see him under the lights myself.

“I’m very optimistic the fight will get made, especially at this point with the move they’re trying to do for AJ, that’s what makes me optimistic about it because I know the mission they’re on with AJ. And that’s not the mission I’m on for Deontay and AJ.”

On AJ ducking all his heavy weights including Deontay Wilder:

“At one time it looked like we’re getting ready to get a Deontay-AJ fight made, then you hear AJ and his team want to do other things.

“It seems like he’s ducking all my heavyweights. You have got to fight one of my heavyweights, man, we’re waiting on you over here. You’re ducking Deontay Wilder, Gerald Washington is ready to fight right now, in top condition, mentally and spiritually and physically.”

On Andy Ruiz being Deontay Wilder’s next opponent:

“It’s down to the mystery opponent and Andy Ruiz Jr. Since AJ had made up his mind and does not want to fight Deontay right now, we’re down to Andy Ruiz and the mystery guy. The mystery fighter is not as guaranteed to happen as the Ruiz fight. If you’re looking at it from the business perspective, it’s most likely going to be the mandatory shot, Ruiz.

“It’s looking like Ruiz, but in this game there’s no telling as Deontay is big-time boxing. When you’re bigtime boxing, and as sad or as unfortunate it may sound to some people, mandatories don’t mean nothing. Fighters have stepped aside to make big, big fights happen.

“This goes on in boxing, it’s what the fans want or what makes business sense for the fighters and their team. It’s likely to be Ruiz but if not there are other negotiations going on as well.”

On the Ruiz vs Wilder fight happening as soon as March:

“We could be going in March or early April but it really depends. The only thing I can say at the moment is Ruiz is mandated but Deontay is big-time boxing.

“And when you have a big-time boxer like Deontay and a mandatory going on at the same time – and there’s another bigger fighter – step a side happens some time, you never know. Business is willing to be made to make bigger fights happen.”