Will Dmitry Bivol Take All Canelo’s Super-Middleweight Belts This Year?

By James Slater - 01/09/2023 - Comments

Dmitry Bivol-Canelo Alvarez II – will it happen this year, and if so, at what weight? There is plenty of talk about the rematch taking place down at 168 pounds, this a weight that would seem to suit Canelo far better than the 175 pound weight class he lost to Bivol in back in May of last year. However, Bivol could accept the rematch at 168 and proceed to take all the belts the Mexican star holds at the weight.

Such a result would be disastrous for the Mexican star about whom some fans are already asking, is he done? Bivol beat the brakes off Canelo in the first fight, and so comprehensive was the Russian boxing master’s, well, masterful performance, there is little reason to think a rematch would be any different. If anything, the return fight could be even worse for Canelo.

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However, there is, maybe, a chance Bivol would be somewhat weakened if he took the rematch down at 168. As Bivol said when speaking with Boxing Social, he has to think about this more, as he has not boxed at 168 “for many years.” Bivol, though, did say that whichever fight out there is easiest to make – as in from a promotional and political standpoint, not as far as his ability to make the weight – is what he wants. Bivol wants belts, more belts, be it at 175 or, if he does decide he can make the weight and not be compromised, 168.

“I want more belts,” Bivol said. “It doesn’t matter who (I fight), I just want more belts. Light-heavyweight or super-middleweight, whichever is easiest to make [the] fight.”

Canelo, despite the loss to Bivol, still carries plenty of clout at the negotiating table, and maybe Canelo is set on having the return fight at 168. And the guess here is that Bivol, who lives the life and trains hard, never ballooning up in weight between fights, will likely agree to the return at either weight. And again, if Bivol did beat Canelo again, at 168, taking all his belts there, what then for the flame-haired one? Could a third career loss even signal the end for Canelo?

Bivol, 21-0(11) of course has other options, big-fight options – a unification showdown with rival light-heavyweight champ, countryman Artur Beterbiev by far the most appealing option currently open to the ruling WBA light-heavyweight champ.

Canelo still has star power and with it negotiating power, but Bivol is the fighter at his peak and he has that monster of a fight with Beterbiev to look ahead to, to possibly take instead of the Canelo return.

Canelo has those four belts at 168, Beterbiev has those three belts at 175. Which will Bivol shoot for in his next fight?

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