Anthony Joshua – Three-Time Heavyweight Champ?

By James Slater - 11/11/2021 - Comments

Three-time heavyweight champion. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It sounds big, historic, it sounds super-special; like the fighter in question was truly great, one who reached the top three times and therefore must have been quite something. Back in 1978, when Muhammad Ali became a three-time heavyweight ruler, Ali felt he would be residing in his own exclusive club for a long time.

Ali’s achievement was unmatched for a little over 18 years, until Evander Holyfield shocked Mike Tyson to become the second three-time heavyweight champ. Now, or soon – probably next March, in either Ukraine, the UK, or the Middle East – it will be Anthony Joshua’s turn to try and gain access to the esteemed club that boasts just five members.

Joshua, who avenged his loss to Andy Ruiz to become a two-time heavyweight champ, must do the job all over again against Oleksandr Usyk. It will be a far tougher revenge mission this time. Ruiz was a blimp in the rematch, the Mexican-American having partied hard during his brief reign. As a combined result of his lack of conditioning and his excess weight, Ruiz was unable to do much of anything as a careful AJ proceeded to outbox him and put right his wrong. Usyk will not eat his way out of the belts the same way. Matter of fact, Usyk is working hard to improve on his performance of September 25th; this a quite brilliant fighting, boxing, and moving performance from the southpaw.

If Usyk can improve, Joshua might be in big, big trouble. No, he WILL be in big, big trouble. It can be hard getting revenge over a fighter who beat you, comprehensively, in an immediate rematch. Credit to both men for being willing to rumble again so soon after the first fight. But will we see Usyk make a successful first defense, or will we see Joshua become a three-time champ?

Anthony Joshua - Three-Time Heavyweight Champ?

Both men want it bad: Joshua has said he is done with losing, while Usyk is in no mood to taste pro defeat for the very first time. Both men have their supporters, those who believe in them. Joshua has more to lose. If Usyk lost he would perhaps be able to come again (and this born competitor would be as determined as ever to bounce back). But if Joshua loses, well, he might never get another world title chance.

It’s up to Joshua to make sure he goes down as a three-time heavyweight champ, not as a fighter who lost three times and was then……done? That might be going too far, but a second loss to Usyk really would be terrible for Joshua. Perhaps career-ending even.

Where, as far as the three reported options to host the rematch go, do YOU think the sequel should be held?

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  1. The gloves are always inspected before a fight you morons . Sounds like Wilder lovers are just as sore losers as ugly big mouth Wilder is.

  2. Roy ;Batty,
    The sports news in the UK is sensored and bias. You haven’t been told the whole story. Instead you have been told a fairytale that you want to believe. So you deserve groveling in ignorance.
    13 boxers die on average every year in the ring. Loading gloves is fury’s legacy, an offense punishable by criminal prosecution for attempted murder, assault with intent to cause bodily harm and fury is guilty. Thank God for the British boxing board of control for suspending fury’s boxing license. They deserve all the praise, as for the Nevada State Athletic Commission may they all be damned to hell.

  3. I can’t believe what some of you are saying,,,Fury avoids the best fighters and he can’t win without cheating???He absolutely dominated Wilder almost every round in 3 fights and drugs and loaded gloves were the only reason Fury won???,,,one member of Wilders corner was there to watch Fury’s hands wrapped all 3 fights,,I suppose all 3 times Fury paid off Wilders corner man to say it’s okay. Come on,you obviously don’t like Fury,,oh and drugs and loaded gloves don’t have any bearing on Fury able to take Wilders punch and get up off the canvas,,Fury could fight Wider 100 times and win all 100,,,Wilder only has one thing going for him and that is a crashing right hand,,Fury is just better and doesn’t need drugs and loaded gloves to beat Wilder a very one dimensional fight.

  4. How silly is that? The British boxing board of control suspended permanently fury’s boxing license for doing that same thing again and again and again and again.

  5. Fury didnt cheat he is just that good i watch boxing and noone thats put gloves on is or was better than that man u bant cheat cheat cheat 3 times and get away with it. Noone even Ali was better with movement power stamina than fury u pit anyone in front of that man and they will lose

  6. GC,
    Yes, all three times. However fury didn’t just now start glove tampering, using cocaine, steroids and enhancement drugs, bribing referee’s and judge’s to influence their decisions, spiking water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching and eggweight loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves. These are the same reasons why the British boxing board of control suspended permanently fury’s boxing license in the UK.
    There’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without cheating tactics, the Shrek look a like ogre is a fraudulent interloping intruding foreign parásito.

  7. Just don’t get carried away beating your chest and crowing from the rooftops bragging about fury’s cheating tactics again and again and again. Deontay Wilder fought Luis Ortiz twice when he wasn’t even a mandatory and fury as well when he wasn’t a mandatory either. Anthony Joshua got offered what he asked for, 50 million and avoided Deontay Wilder. Deontay Wilder has fought the best. None of these European champions have had the courage to fight Luis Ortiz to this day.
    All they do is run, make excuses and drug cheat. Run cockroach run.

  8. America’s got the best boxing and the best boxing instructors and the best boxing talent. Cuba and Mexico are in the Americas.

  9. We whites are a waring kind, Deontay Wilder lost the belt because of it. Ricky Hattan wasn’t the only one to help rob Deontay Wilder . Others interference made it appear that fury won. Remember the famous image of the green with the finger’s clearly visible through the leather?

  10. Anthony was protected by Eddie. till he got exposed he will never make back .has no footwork looks clumsy

  11. To me I don’t see Joshua being able to come back. He was completely out boxed. This wasn’t a lucky punch, which can always happen. This was a more skilled fighter picked him to pieces.
    The only way to counter that is changing your style. Most fighters are not capable of that because of egos. I like Joshua as a athlete he seems like a good guy. I don’t like Wilder poor loser. I just don’t see him being able to change enough to win. One problem with heavy weights they don’t have the footwork anymore most look for power shots.
    The sweet science is better seen in the smaller men like Alvarez. If you doubt me watch a old Tyson fight before he was champion. Watch his head movement and footwork. That is skill but ego destroyed that. Just my opinions

    • Alvarez and fury are proven drug cheat who avoid fighting the best. Pound for pound my ass.

    • Deontay Wilder has grounds for disqualification of fury, just the glove tampering alone. It’s a coverup and an inside job by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Maricio Suliaman, fury’s team and some group that wanted to fix the fight for gambling profits.

    • Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. Ya gotta cheat him to beat Deontay Wilder.

  12. Joshua is an excellent, skilled fighter but lacks total Concentration , wilder would have beaten Joshua, styles makes fighter & Joshua chin wouldn’t be able to take wilder punches like Fury in get up, but he’s in a comfortable position to make a lotta money with his boxing skill, personality & looks if he avoids fury & wilder

  13. Anthony Joshua should have fought Deontay Wilder when Deontay Wilder offered for 50 million dollars Anthony Joshua asked for. Instead Anthony Joshua tried to get Cleveland counter offer a multiple fight deal with escape clauses. Running from Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz.

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