Andre Ward On Former Foe Kovalev’s Failed Drugs Test: I’m Not Surprised

01/23/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Andre Ward recently spoke with Ak & Barak, and when talk turned to Sergey Kovalev and the Russian’s recent positive test for synthetic testosterone, the retired Hall of Famer said that he is “not gonna kick a guy when he’s down.”

Ward, who capped his pro career with two wins over “Krusher” and then retired at the young age of 33, said he was “not surprised” by Kovalev’s failed test.

Ward, who stopped Kovalev in their June 2017 rematch to go out a perfect 32-0(16), says he hopes Kovalev can get his life back in order.

“I can’t say I was surprised, and that’s no indictment on Kovalev,” Ward said of the failed test. “I’m not saying I felt like he was using something, but I’ve been in the game a long time, and there’s way bigger names than Kovalev that have tested positive, so I just know it’s an option for guys.

You do the math, you realize he’s getting older, he’s slipping, and guys tend to do things like that when they’re trying to hold on to a career, and they know that physically they can’t match up with the young guys that they’re facing. I wasn’t surprised.

Andre Ward On Former Foe Kovalev's Failed Drugs Test: I'm Not Surprised

It’s unfortunate. A lot of people wanted me to pile on, but I’m not that kind of guy.”

Ward, showing class when he really didn’t have to consider some of the things Kovalev said about him before and after their two fights, closed by saying, “I just hope he’s built something he can be happy with.” Ward was referring to when Kovalev has walked away from the ring.

And it might not be too long before Kovalev, 34-4-1(29) has to call it quits. At age 37 (38 in April) and coming off a positive drugs test, the future doesn’t look too bright for the former light-heavyweight champ who was last seen getting stopped by Canelo Alvarez.

But hearing what Ward had to say, don’t you feel quite down over his all too accurate statement that “way bigger names than Kovalev have tested positive?” They have indeed.

Andre Ward On Former Foe Kovalev's Failed Drugs Test: I'm Not Surprised

In fact, it’s tough to keep track of the big names who have been caught cheating over recent years. And how many more top names will get busted in the future?