An Interview With The Heavyweight You Might Not Have Heard Of, But Should Have Done – Jamal Woods

This past weekend, returning heavyweight (as in after a 13-year layoff) J.D Champman met journeyman Terrell Jamal Woods in his second comeback fight. Chapman, who got a veritable ton of publicity after his initial comeback, a win over a 1-1 Tony Lopez, lost a wide decision to Woods. But guess what? Woods never got a shred of publicity for his win. The 31 year old with the awfully deceiving, 25-49-9(17) record is used to it.

Woods of Arkansas, a pro for ten long years, has never got much attention, much less a good payday. Maybe now, in light of his win over the previously 30-0 Chapman, and his March 2021 win over Alexander Ustinov (forget what the official result tries to tell you), Woods will get some publicity and, more importantly, some good money.

Woods defeated Chapman by -no-way-they-could-rob-him UD on July 31, yet he already has two upcoming fights scheduled.

Here, Jamal kindly takes the time to speak with Eastside Boxing:

Q: Congratulations on the win over J.D Chapman. A win that got next to no publicity……

Jamal Woods: “Thank you.”

Q: You’ve been a pro now for ten years and you’ve never had anything easy.

J.W: “Yes sir. Most people do judge me by my record, yes. And plenty of ’em avoid me, because they know my record is not [accurate in terms of how well I can fight]. I was robbed a whole lot, yes. I only lost ten times in my career. Yes sir, I will accept and take those ten losses. I have lost some by TKO, but I have never been dropped. No sir, not once in my career. Fights that I was actually winning, and the other guy was windmilling [punches], they stopped the fight (laughs). The ref, or someone, jumped in. For instance, Michael Coffie, I had him beat, for four rounds, and then his own corner-man threw in the towel. It wasn’t my corner.”

Q: That’s amazing – you have never been dropped in a fight?

J.W: “No sir. I’ve never been knocked down.”

Q: That’s amazing. You keep plugging away, yet you get no real recognition. People talk about Oliver McCall’s chin, who was never dropped. Yet you are the same and you’ve had way more fights than he had!

J.W: “That just gives me more determinations, and I’m just looking to my next fight. I will be fighting in Salt Lake City, August 14, for the ABF USA heavyweight title. That can take me to another level. I have to win that one.”

Q: You have fought so many names, and people call you a journeyman. What do you call yourself? Contender, I’d say….

J.W: “A contender, I’d say. Yeah. I’m a boxer, a boxer-puncher, a counter-puncher. But I like to figure the guy out on the night.”

Q: Did you have much of an amateur career?

J.W: “Yes, I fought five years as an opposite, I won the Golden Gloves. I was 19-4. I was a born heavyweight.”

Q: Who is your all-time boxing hero?

J.W: “Rocky Marciano.”

Q: Wow. I was thinking you’d say Ali!

J.W: “I know! But yeah, Rocky Marciano. He was 5’10”, and he would have beaten these guys today. He would have torn them in half.”

Q: Guys like yourself; you deserve so much credit. You fighters, who take on anyone at any time, you really are the backbone of the sport.

J.W: “(laughs). Yeah, I guess so. I just look forward to the next fight. I’ve beat a few guys but never got it [the win; they gave it to the other guy; that’s the kind of thing I’ve been fighting. I’ll just keep on going on. When I first went pro, there were so many things I didn’t know that I know now. But I’ve always asked for tough fights, and I always will do. But right now, I’m looking at some big wins. I like it when I stay having fights, staying active; that’s the best way. No breaks, that way, I just get better and better. I’m 31 now and I’m young for a heavyweight.”

Q: Here’s hoping you get a whole lot more coverage and money from your next fights!”

J.W: “Yeah, I really need to win this next one.”

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