Amir Khan NOT Retired, Says “No, No, The Gloves Are Still On”

12/29/2020 - By James Slater - Comments

Former 140 pound champ Amir Khan once said he’d retire at the age of 30. Plenty of fighters set a date but fail to keep up their personal promise and Khan, who a good many fans felt had boxed his last, this at age 33, says he is not done yet.

Khan, who turned 34 earlier this month, is currently out in Dubai (he was recently given the honor of being the president of the World Boxing Council Middle East) and he gave an interview with the Khaleej Times.

Khan last boxed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in July of last year when he KO’d Billy Dib, and he says he is aiming to fight again in March or April of next year. Khan also called out, wait for it……..Kell Brook (groan!)

“No, no, the gloves are still on,” Khan said when asked if he has retired. “I’m thinking of fighting probably next year. This year was a bit of a bad year for everybody.

“And boxing was off. They wanted to fight behind closed doors. I didn’t really feel like I could motivate myself, but hopefully, it opens up next year, we can make something happen. I want to fight again around March or April and there are so many names out there.”

Amir Khan NOT Retired, Says “No, No, The Gloves Are Still On”

Khan says he still enjoys the sport, going as far as to say he “would be lost without it.” Khan is hoping to land a big fight in the Middle East.

And one man who he mentioned is none other than Brook – you know, the man Khan should have fought something like eight years or so ago! Brook became exasperated from calling Khan out and getting zero response, the fight never getting close to being signed and sealed.

Now, with both British stars as faded as they are – both men having been stopped by Terence Crawford in their last meaningful fight – Khan is declaring it is time to “put Brook in his place now.”

“I think with Kell Brook, who has always been running his mouth, I think put him in his place now,” Khan said. “I think it is about time now to put him in his place and shut him up for good.”

Amir Khan NOT Retired, Says “No, No, The Gloves Are Still On”

Again, this is a fight that while once clamored for, is now at least – at least – five years past its sell-by date. Khan, 34-5(21) really has some cheek calling out Brook, 39-3(27) at this late stage, when he had every chance to fight his countryman in previous years.

Now, with both men, nothing like the good, close to great fighters they once were, does any interest in this match-up remain? Any at all?

It really would be astonishing if these two did finally get it on in 2021, close to something like a decade after talk of them fighting first began!

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