Alex Ariza Working With Team Rios to Help Prepare Against Pacquiao?

ariza565Spreading like a spider web, the fresh rumor of Alex Ariza now working with camp Rios is now gaining serious ground. While this information has not yet been officially confirmed, I would not be surprised if it turned out to be so.

Ariza is undoubtedly a fully qualified strength coach for the professional echelon of athletes, and has been in the game for a respectable amount of time. His biggest client on his resume thus far is his former boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. I think that it would be difficult not to attribute Pacquiao’s success in part to Alex Ariza, and his involvement in helping Manny gain weight and keep the rest of his much needed attributes.

It seemed as though Pacquiao liked Ariza, and had never spoken of Ariza in a negative way. Pacquiao’s head coach Freddie Roach had a very turbulent relationship with Ariza and his decisions, and towards the end of Ariza’s employment with camp Pacquiao, Roach and Ariza were constantly butting heads and badmouthing each other to the media.

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While some are upset, I wouldn’t say that Ariza did anything wrong. He was up for hire, and of course team Rios should have been more than interested in not only a strength training coach, but also someone that can shine some light on some strategies to beat Pacman.

I wouldn’t label Ariza as a traitor or a sell-out, like I have already seen some do. This is boxing, a business just like any other, and money does all the talking.

The question that most boxing fans are now pondering, is will Rios have the advantage over Pacquiao due to Alex Ariza? How will Ariza enlighten team Rios? What little suggestions will Alex bring to the table? Does he know some secret about team Pacquiao that will help Brandon take advantage of his opponent in the ring?

It’s not impossible, just unlikely. When it comes down to fighters like Pacquiao and Rios, power and speed play the main role in their fight night execution. Strategically both fighters are similar, wanting to bang and trade until someone hits the canvas. While I don’t know, I can’t imagine anything crucial that Ariza knows that could tilt the fight Brandon’s way.

Pacquiao has always been a fast fighter with incredible speed in his arms and legs, and his power has never been questioned. Some speculate that his lack of confidence after the last Marquez fight will take some of that speed away. Others say that it will give him more just to prove that he is still one of the biggest forces in the division.

As it gets closer to fight night, I am sure we are going to hear more interesting updates and drama involving both camps, still none of it is a predictor of the likely outcome of their fight.

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