Adrien Broner Says He Was “At Peace In Jail,” Return Fight in The Works

Adrien Broner is not done fighting yet. Though “The Problem” spent (yet more) time in jail this year, due to violation of parole, the former four-weight titlist is set to fight again soon. Appearing on “The Last Stand” podcast with Brian Custer, Broner said he was “at peace” whilst in jail; more so than he is when a free man.

“I was at peace. I didn’t have to spend no money, no-one could call me,” Broner said. “They had me in solitary, 22 hours a day. But I was at peace.”

Broner was asked by Custer about his mental health, but Broner said he “don’t give a f**k about anything,” that he doesn’t like to go into his private life. Broner also said he doesn’t care too much about boxing, stating that “nothing excites me.” That said, Broner WILL fight again, how else can he earn significant money?

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“I understand that I only got one window, and my window is closed,” Broner said. “I’m still young but I been a pro for like 12, 13 years. Now’s the time to make the most lucrative decisions and that’s what I’m doing.”

Broner is still asking for $10 million for a fight. “I’ll get greater later,” Broner said.

But how much has the 31 year old got left to offer the sport? There is talk of Broner fighting Ivan Redkach early next year, and obviously, there is no way Broner gets $10 million for that fight. Broner also spoke about the possibility of going back to the 135-pound division, and though a possible fight with Devin Haney has been mentioned, Broner said that “Haney needs me, I don’t need Haney.”

What Broner had to say about his first loss, to Marcos Maidana, proved most interesting. Broner was knocked down twice and he lost a decision back in 2013, yet Broner says he looks at the loss to “El Chino” as one of his best fights.

“I loved it, I loved everything about it, because I really fought, and he was about to quit, too,” Broner told Custer. “A lot of fighters would have quit in my position, in the place I was in and how hurt I was in the fight. But the way I looked at it, I fought the shit out of him. I see why he retired. That’s one of the best fights I ever had, I think. It made me a little bit more cautious in the ring. It made me a little less reckless and more patient. When I fought him, I was thinking with my heart instead of being smart and thinking with my brain. I could’ve made it easy; I got all the ability in the world to make it easy, but I was just fighting with my heart.”

There was over the years talk of a rematch, yet it never happened. Did that loss to Maidana signal a slow decline from Broner, 33-4-1(24)? The way “The Problem” talks today, his greatest stuff is still ahead of him.

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