Wilder vs Ruiz? A Slim-Looking Andy Ruiz Tells Deontay “We’re Coming, Man”

By James Slater - 06/25/2023 - Comments

A slim-looking, trimmed down Andy Ruiz has put out a short and sweet video message in which he addresses his possible fight with Deontay Wilder. The video uploaded to social media sees “The Destroyer” looking to be in fantastic physical shape, looking into the camera to tell both the fans and Wilder himself, “We’re getting it – make sure you guys tune in. Big things coming up. Wilder, we’re coming, man. We’re just negotiating right now.”

As fans may have read, Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott put out a message on social media yesterday, telling Ruiz that the ball is now in his court and that he has been sent “a helluva offer” to get it on with “The Bronze Bomber” later this year. Now it seems Ruiz is very much interested in the fight, with the former heavyweight champion in training camp getting himself ready. It is to be hoped this fight, one that was, as fans may recall, ordered by the WBC some months back, will actually happen.

YouTube video

It’s a darn good match-up and though Wilder, with his vicious power, will be looked at as the favourite by many, perhaps my most people (Wilder is taller, has longer arms than Ruiz and he has that lights out, don’t-blink punching power), Ruiz cannot in any way be counted out. We’ve seen fighters underestimate Ruiz before and we’ve seen what happened to them.

Wilder, with talk of that mega-money fight with Anthony Joshua ringing in his ears for December, is to be given a good deal of credit for wanting to face Ruiz before the talked of December pot of gold. Can Ruiz upset Wilder and in doing so will he take away that Joshua fight? If so, might Ruiz wind up fighting AJ instead, in what would be a third fight between the two?

Let’s wait and see if Wilder Vs. Ruiz gets signed, sealed and delivered. Who do YOU like if this one does come off?

YouTube video