Top Rank’s plans to bring Teofimo Lopez back at 140 after he’s medically cleared

By Albert Craine - 12/10/2021 - Comments

Bob Arum reveals that he has a number of 140-pounders in his Top Rank stable to choose from to match against former undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez when he returns to the ring in 2022.

Teofimo (16-1, 12 KOs) is moving up in weight to light welterweight after being dethroned by George Kambosos Jr. by a 12 round unanimous decision in a surprising upset on November 27th.

Before Teofimo returns to the ring at 140, Arum states that he’s going to ensure that he’s given medical clearance by the Cleveland Clinic.

Arum wants to be 100% certain that Kambosos doesn’t have any lingering problems from esophagus and lung issue that negatively impacted his performance against Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs). According to Arum, Teofimo could have died during the fight with Kambosos.

Arum believes that the stress of Teofimo draining down to fight at 135 made his asthma problem worse, resulting in him being dehydrated and having the throat issue.

What Arum might not realise is that 140 pounds might not be enough for Teofimo to avoid continuing to have problems with his dehydration related problems. A rehydrated Teofimo weighs near 160 lbs, and that’s STILL a lot of weight to take off during fight week to get down to 140.

Losing 20 lbs of water weight isn’t a walk in the park for anyone, particularly someone with an asthma problem like Teofimo. You hate to say it but Teofimo may need to move up to 147 for him to avoid having problems in the future, and maybe even 154.

Arum has a stable of 140-pounders for Teofimo

“Yeah, we have plans for him. We have a whole host of 140 pounders that we promote, so he can get his pick of them,” said Top Rank promoter Bob Arum to Fighthype on how he plans on bringing Teofimo Lopez back from his loss to George Kambosos.

Top Rank's plans to bring Teofimo Lopez back at 140 after he's medically cleared

“But I’m not putting him back in the ring until he’s given a complete clearance from the leading doctors in the field because he really came this close to death,” Arum continued about the 24-year-old Teofimo.

Don’t be surprised if the 140-lb division doesn’t work for Teofimo because he’s huge for that weight class as well. With the weight that Teofimo is carrying around, he should be fighting at 147 at the very least.

“I think it had everything to do with it because if you have a certain condition like he has,” said Arum about Teofimo. “He’s an asthmatic. It’s very hard to cure that. If you precipitously lose weight, particularly in the last minute and become dehydrated, you will have serious health complications, which he did.

“I’m not a doctor,” said Arum when asked when Teofimo will be back inside the ring. “When he tells me he’s ready to fight, we send him to the Cleveland Clinic and we get a complete physical on him, and they tell me he’s ready,” said Arum about Teofimo

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  1. Teo’s papa blew so much hot air up his ass that Teo took off up in the sky and never came down. That is til George popped his balloon good and proper. If Teo had so much going on before the fight, maybe he should have just shut his hole and put his dukes up. He copped a good old fashioned beating from a much smaller guy who talked a good game and backed it up in the ring. Hopefully Teo will take his medicine and come back a more humble and professional boxer. Fingers crossed Teo’s dad books himself into rehab and let’s a proper, savvy and technically correct trainer be if value to his son. It ain about you old man. It ain’t you getting into the ring. Stop living through your son as it’s damaging him and ruining your relationships and his.

    • ” way too big ” ??? He’s listed at 5’8″ . And as in any sport, a ” listed ” height is exaggerated. He’s probably closer to 5’7 ” . He’d be a very small Welterweight and a midget at jr.middle . If he can’t cut it at 135- 140 , he’s going to lose alot of fights being at a size disadvantage. That’s just the way it goes.

  2. Teo needs to be humble and knows how to accept his lost!! He thinks no one can defeat him! Now what happened? He’s like a funny clown! I WON THE FIGHT I WON THE FIGHT IWON THE FIGHT lol

  3. Him and his father took a lot of s*** they’re not good I got his ass kicked he ain’t going nowhere you might as well stay home

  4. Lopez, will be back. He will show those who don’t believe in him, watch and see! Remember this who don’t believe in him .

    • Since when does Bob arum give people medical advice? Didn’t know B.A. had a medical degree and had actually diagnosed Lopez before and after fight. Give me a break this is the promoter who is promoting whatever, whenever, right or wrong?

  5. Your crazyyyyy Teo is a beast and Will be champ again, BELIEVE THAT… He’s veryyyy skilled just didn’t have plan/coaching while fighting…

    • I agree he’s very skilled and all but i think he has to be humble in this sport. Its all abt humility.

    • Lopez tiene que cuidar su salud primero, luego retornará más fuerte, pero debe hacer arreglos en su esquina, personas experimentadas como Robert Garcia, uno de los mejores del box.

    • Lost that fight hands down.
      Now the excuses come out
      The irony!! Loma had documentation about fighting with one arm but no one including Lopez’s wanted to hear it.
      Now it comes back around!

  6. Who cares. One win and he thought he was the best ever. Him and his Dad are number one in the 🤡 clown division. He was even thinking of fighting Jose Ramirez. That’s why he made me laugh. If you read this Lopez I am the one that raised Isidro Ochoa the amateur that kept beating you in the tournament s.

  7. Lopez is going to catch he’ll at 140, never mind 147! He’s not as good as he thinks he is! I think Tank would probably KO Lopez if they ever meet at 140!

    • I love fight Ochoa any day I’ll fight you too iam from the south bronx hailing from Bushwick I understand about been humbled let’s make it happen iam south paw 140 with devastating power on both hands I give all the glory to God for blessing my hands no disrespectf to you or Ochoa let’s make it happen I may God bless you

    • Tank would lose to lopez.. TEO much bigger and stronger than tank.. Tank is overrated.. Never fought anybody.. Lopez figures out tanks only punch upper cut, TEO counters knocks him out..

  8. Classic duck by Lopez after tank gave up his 140 title now Lopez is moving up. He was overrated anyway with only 17 fights

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