Teofimo Lopez expected to be out until May or June 2022

By Rob Smith - 11/30/2021 - Comments

Trainer Robert Garcia believes that former undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez won’t be back in action until May or June due to the cuts he suffered in his 12 round split decision loss to George Kambosos last Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) landed many sharp punches that caused a nasty cut over Teofimo’s left eye and bloodied his nose.

Although Kambosos isn’t known for being a hard puncher, he landed enough shots to make a terrible mess of Teofimo’s face.

It might be a good idea for Teofimo to take an extended break until July or August to recover from the beating he took and try to forget what happened.

If Teofimo returns to the ring too soon against one of the top 140-pounders, he could get beaten even worse than what Kambosos did to him.

Teofimo will be champion again

“Even though he won, he still got dropped, and he [Kambosos] was hurt, and he took a beating in the fight. He needs at least a month to heal, and that’ll be the end of December, so how can he fight in February?” said Robert Garcia to ESNEWS.

Teofimo Lopez expected to be out until May or June 2022

“There’s no way he’s going to fight in February. Teofimo’s dad was saying he was going to fight in February, and his cut isn’t going to be ready to fight in February.

“That cut it’s going to heal. It’s going to heal in three months, and then you need two or three months to prepare. So, Teofimo probably won’t fight until May or June of next year.

“That’s the boxing world. You lose one fight, and everyone is talking about you getting exposed, and you’re no good. Teofimo will come back strong.

“I know Teofimo will come back, and he just needs to learn from his mistakes.

“A lot of times, you need a loss to learn, so I think Teofimo will come back stronger and be a champion again,” said Robert.

With Teofimo moving up to 140, it’s impossible to predict how his future will play out.

As long as Josh Taylor is campaigning as a light welterweight, it’s challenging to imagine Teofimo beating a guy like that. Taylor’s boxing skills, size, and stamina are too good for him to defeat a fighter like that.

If you’re Teofimo, you might want to avoid fighting Taylor for three or four years so you can age him.

The 24-year-old Teofimo has youth on his side, and he doesn’t need to face the soon-to-be 31-year-old Taylor (18-0, 13 KOs) just yet.

It would be better for Teofimo to wait until 2026 before facing Taylor because if he battles him in 2022, he’s likely to destroy him and ruin his career.

Teo doesn’t need to fire his Lopez Sr.

“I think there needs to be a change, and I don’t think it needs to be getting rid of the dad, but the dad does need to learn to make a few changes,” said Robert about Teofimo’s father, Lopez Sr.

“What he did with his son to make him undisputed champion, that’s big. The dad needs to go back to the basics and go back to old school when they were nobodies and had nothing yet and all the hunger they had.

“But they [Team Teofimo] do need to change their way of being and ways of acting and their way of training. Maybe things have changed, but there are some changes that might need to be made.

But if the dad was there from day one to help you become undisputed for one fight, that doesn’t mean you need to change your trainer. Maybe you need to go back to the way you were before,” said Robert.

Well, it wouldn’t hurt for Teofimo to bring in a second trainer to help out his father, Teofimo Lopez Sr., because it’s always a good idea to have a second coach that can catch things.

After seeing the way Teofimo gassed out after the first round last Saturday, it would be a good idea to add a strength & conditioning coach.

I mean, this is the second consecutive fight in which Teofimo has faded in the second half, and that’s a sign something needs to be fixed.

Additionally, getting a new cutman would be a good idea because it looked like the guy working on Teofimo’s cuts last Saturday night was too slow and not doing much to stop the bleeding in between rounds.

30 thoughts on “Teofimo Lopez expected to be out until May or June 2022”

  1. I’m a big fan of Teo but because of his over confident and treated opponent with no respect… i am quite disappointed… but still hoping of his return with a humble heart.

  2. Teo needs to quit talking about it. He flat got beat up by a very tough Aussie; move on. You’re not as dominating as you talked about being. The talent is thick around you, plenty of reason to heal your wounds and go get back in the gum; you have room to improve. And if you took that fight to light, then you have some maturing to do. I’d like to see Loma fight Kamboso, styles make fights…. let’s see if his loss to Teo was a fluke, and see if Loma has anything left.

  3. Teo is a great fighter no doubt. Much accocolates to father for giving him the guidance up to this point. As an arm chair boxing critic I have found that boxing is as much a physical as mental. When we get cocky one loses the intricacies of the opponent. Overconfidence can undermine your defenses thinking you’re totally better. As we have seen everone is trying to developed a better game plan to unseat the champ. Every fight is more difficult than the previous in terms strategy and output. Keep your guard and stop thinking that by swinging for the fences you will always get the knockout. Your opponent has seen the films and knows what your tendencies are. Have you figured out what your rival might be planning to counteract your style? Never take them for granted you might get a big surprise in the end! Take time to figure out the things you do best and learn new techniques. Be open and adaptable. Stay discipline and surround yourself with people that can take you to the next skill level.

  4. Lopez is a great young fighter but I think he may need a slice of humble pie. Like Robert Garcia said, go back to basics and tone down the rhetoric. Be humble and appreciate the talent you have. He’ll be back, he’s only 24 years old and is still learning !!

  5. Si vuelven a pelear, kamobosos lo va a madrear nuevamente. Dejemonos de mamadas y acepten q kambosos le dio una madriza.
    Lo q teofimo y su papa tienen q dejar de hacer, es ser mas humildes y dejar de menospreciar al rival.

  6. Great young fighters brawling it out, great show! Teo polish up your boxing, keep them hands up. Believe in yourself but respect the opposition. Meticulously beat them down always, don’t look for a one hitter quitter.

  7. Been a fan since day 1. I’m Gonna continue to be a fan. The best have lost or stopped fighting because they accomplished what they set out to do. His work isn’t over just a speed pump. But my hats off to the warrior to the man that made his own way threw pure heart an determination to be great. The take over is never over. The come back will be strong 💪🏼. I believe we haven’t seen his best fights yet… 🥊

  8. People chill he will figure out once again how he got there the 1st time he made some mistakes and pretty sure he knows it once bitten twice shy

  9. Great war , Great fight, you fought your heart out, but it just wasn’t your night . You are baptized under fire.
    Your are a proven warrior and for that you are no liar. You never quit and fought to the end. You looked death in the face and smiled. Now dust yourself off and keep moving forward.
    You fight for milk and honey.
    You are a prize fighter and that prize is money $$$ . Belts are secondary. Keep your chin up Teafimo. Most people just talk. Once you step into that you are already are willing to do what less than 1% of the world’s population has the balls to do. Keep punching great warriors …

  10. Teo lost his way with the long lay off from the ring and his head got big. Real big. I believe that if Loma would’ve woke up sooner in the fight with Teo, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. That being said, I think he needs to fire is father from the head trainer at this point. Sr. had no answers for Kambosos the entire fight. Teo was relying on his father to take apart Kambosos fight game but he couldn’t get it done and that’s where a professional trainer would be ideal at this point in his career. Sr. did manage to get Jr all the way to the top but that is where I believe the ride has come to an end. I just don’t see Sr being able to give Jr the insight or ability to make adjustments if he can’t see what needs to be done. Teo is a great fighter and he can and will overcome this loss with time. He just needs to be humble and go back to what made him great. Just my humble opinion.

  11. Only reason Lopez best Loma is Loma had an injury. Lopez is an arrogant child he showed that at the ring interview. He’s over.

    • Picture of Teofimo in hospital is a copy-cat of Oscar in hospital with Covid.
      What Drama Queens!
      Agree with Fan comments.
      From Ex-Fan of both.

  12. Teofimo from the start of the fight your hands were kept too low and a lot of kanbosos punches got thru.Canelo used to get hit too but he improved his defense .I believe you are ok on all your boxing abilities except for your blocking of punches.

  13. I’ve been following boxing and history of the sport a long time. Having confidence is great and needed. Arrogance should be put to the side. Professionalism is needed and goes a long way. Teo’s Arrogance/ Attitude and all about me ways is from within he’s learned that from who? His Dad! He brings a lot of “Drama”. 1st thing needed is another trainer for conditioning/stamina, 2nd time to reflect, humility comes to play here, 3rd the 100’s of YouTube videos of Teo’s smack talking, Sr even worse!,stalking other fighters! Wow standing next to Canelo on HIS TIME! you stand and try and get noticed! Horrible, disrespectful, embarrassing! After you lost your belts you jumped in and stated you won! Wow! I’ve watched the fight now 4 times…. you clearly lost you got lucky it was even a split decision!
    Finally, learn the business which neither you or especially your dad know. Holding the belts are not everything, selling seats/events and building/ branding are key!
    I’d like to also state that if course he needs no introduction is Robert Garcia is 1000% on point!

    • He should of won and finished him in the 10th..he will win the rematch with a ko

  14. Big ego problems with lopez, saying he was going to ko kambosos in the 1st round. When he got dropped, ego deflated & knew it was going to be a long night. I agree that had he given Loma a rematch he wouldn’t see past the 5th round. If he can’t deal with 135 how is he going to handle 140. He does need a 2nd coach, someone much better than dad. Between dad & teo, they both thought teo was unstoppable. Maybe they need to call on Freddie Raoch!!!

  15. I think ego was predominant on 1st round, hands down exposing his chin. So kamboso hit him a quick right punch !

  16. The way Lopez cuts, he is going to have a hard time retaining any title that he gets. Because any fighter that can box well and take his big punch, will cut him to shreds and TKO him.

  17. Teo. I am great fan and this is from the heart. Don’t rush this return. That was not you in the ring Saturday. Idk what was off but don’t try to prove a negative. Get it fixed then make your run back at greatness. Whatever it takes. Much love.

  18. Teo wasn’t the same fighter he was 5 or 6 fights ago. He faded too fast, and seemed like he has regressed. I know he has the skills, but it seemed like he didn’t have the stamina or the answers. He does need to get back to the basics, and fight like what got him to where he was. Robert said exactly what needed to be said. A good co- trainer would see things that Senior and Teo are missing. If you’re too close, you miss or overlook some of your game and a second set of eyes could fix that. He does need to get with a strength and conditioning coach to improve his stamina, which would also help with his speed. Take 6 months off to rest and heal…..you are young right now, and still have a future in the ring. Don’t make the mistake rushing back over money, promoters, family or friends. And don’t let pride or ego fight again too soon….focus, focus, focus, and fix your mistakes….come back better and you will see that you’ll be just fine.

    • Negativity isn’t what’s needed here, your a fan of Lomo not a fan of boxing or words of wisdom for the thought on his needs. Go somewhere else and comment on that page Lomo fan boy.

  19. Teo, your a great boxer and champion, but you lost sight of the bigger picture. This was indeed a traumatic experience. Humble yourself and get back to the basics. You’re confidence turned into arrogance and that ultimately cost you your belts. Your boxing skills are top notch and I know you can bang with the best. Take some time off, let your body heal and get back at it. Don’t discard your dad. He got you to this point, but he needs to shut his mouth and figure out your conditioning issues.

  20. Definitely needs to get rid of his greedy father he seems more worried about his sons reputation making money

    Junior even said it prior to the fight that people were tearing him apart for his money.

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