Eddie Hearn uncertain Canelo vs. Bivol fight will happen

By Will Arons - 08/05/2021 - Comments

Eddie Hearn says they’re running out of time to finalize a deal for Canelo Alvarez to challenge WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol for his title on September 18th. Hearn says this weekend could be the deadline to get the fight done or move on.

Surprisingly, Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) wants a catchweight for the fight with the unbeaten Bivol (18-0, 11 KOs), and that’s slowing things down. Bivol’s team wants to know what number Canelo requires to do the fight.

Canelo choosing to push for a catchweight handicap could result in the fight being moved back to October or November because Bivol will need time to lose the weight. The rumored catchweight that Canelo wants is 170 lbs, which is less than halfway between 168 and 175.

Hearn impatient

“We’re running out of time, to be honest with you,” said Eddie Hearn to Boxing Social on the Canelo vs. Bivol fight. “I think September the 18th is six weeks on Saturday, which is fine because he [Canelo] sells out instantly.

Eddie Hearn uncertain Canelo vs. Bivol fight will happen

You want time to build the promotion,” Hearn continued. “Bivol has been training, waiting for the finalization. But there will come the point where he will say, ‘Enough is enough.

“I really feel like that’s going to be this weekend. We’re reviewing a number of offers from Saul and his team, and I’d like to get the fight over the line for September 18th.

“We’ll do all we can. It does slow down everything else in the world. Not just for Matchroom but for all people, who are waiting to see what Canelo does on September the 18th, and we have cards ready to go,” said Hearn.

We don’t know how serious Canelo is about taking the fight with Bivol. Has Canelo had a chance of heart after looking at some of the videos of Bivol’s past fights? It’s possible.

It’s a risky fight for Canelo, one that he could lose and lose badly. Canelo has never been knocked out before during his long 16-year professional career, but there’s a chance that he could against Bivol.

Although Bivol isn’t as hard of a puncher as IBF/WBC light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev, he’s got some pop in his shots that could hurt Canelo. The body punching from Bivol is the biggest worry for Canelo because he’s been hurt to the body before.

Eddie Hearn uncertain Canelo vs. Bivol fight will happen

We also don’t know if Canelo will demand a rehydration clause to be inserted into the contract to limit how much weight Bivol can gain back. If Canelo asks for a catchweight of 170 lbs AND a rehydration limit of 10 lbs, it could weaken Bivol to the point where he’s nowhere near 100% for the fight.

Ideally, Canelo should take the high road and not ask for a catchweight handicap or a rehydration limit because those things make him look like he needs the advantage to win.

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14 thoughts on “Eddie Hearn uncertain Canelo vs. Bivol fight will happen”

  1. Bivol, Beterbiev, anyone at 175. Canelo’s true fears come out when he’s brought to face those beasts at the higher weight. He immediately resorts to catch weights and rehydration limits to gain an advantage by weakening his opponent. Look at what he did to Kovalev. A man over the hill was made to lose his weight and wasn’t allowed to rehydrate properly all for the retirement money. Bivol and Beterbiev are in their prime. Canelo lacks balls to stand tall before them in their kingdom…

    • As if Mayweather and co. Never did this? Hypocrites know you’re boxing history. When you’re the A side, you can do anything! Bivol or beterbiev nor anyone else have NOTHING to offer Nelo!!!!! They just gain and receive. Canelo is everything!!!! And 99% of all money made will be because people all around the world want to see Nelo. People don’t care to see Bivol or Beterbiev not anyone else. Nelo has everything to loose and I’d also use that to my advantage!

    • Let’s not forget how much taller those guys are compared to Canelo… height in itself is also an advantage

  2. I think canelo is just scared of a real fight, he is use to take advantage of older past there prime fighters, what happen to the great boxer GGG when he fought him and lost those two fights, they gave him a free pass, he needs a real fighter and totally doubt that he is going to fight Bivol and he is already asking for a catch weight, be a real man and fight at 175, stop using your excuses and asking to drain them, are you handicapped canelo if not don’t ask for any excuses to take advantage.

    • He’s not a natural 175 or 168… he’s gone way past his limit… those taller guys have an advantage… should he go to heavy weight until people are happy ?

  3. _No one cares about a fight with Bivol!!! Berterbiev is the only fight that boxing fans want. Canelos monster. Berterbiev is an even bigger monster. Biggest ppv in decades!;¡💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻No excuses.

  4. This is all part of the PR circus to test interest and financial returns.
    Canelo should just fight Plant.
    Hearn claims he never speculates on fights before they’re done.

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