Terence Crawford tells Jermell Charlo why he’s not p-4-p

By Will Arons - 07/18/2021 - Comments

Terence Crawford came out with both barrels blazing in putting Jermell Charlo in his last on Sunday by telling fans that he saw him losing his fight last Saturday night to Brian Castano.

For the record, IBF/WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Charlo was given a 12 round split decision in which fans saw Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) winning.

The questionable scoring by two judges has been criticized up and down by boxing fans who view it as a robbery and a gift to the home fighter Jermell.

Although Jermell didn’t win the fight, getting an arguably undeserved 12 round draw saved him from losing his three 154-lb titles.

Crawford aimed Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) over his comment about having an issue with his placement on ESPN’s pound-for-pound list. Charlo felt that he should be on the pound-for-pound list.

Although Charlo said he wasn’t bothered about not being on the pound-for-pound lists by ESPN, it seemed it did annoy him enough to where he took a shot at Crawford for being ranked high on their list.

“Y’all have Terence Crawford really high – did y’all look at his opponents and who he fought?” said Jermell last week.

Terence Crawford tells Jermell Charlo why he's not p-4-p

Well, earlier today, Crawford finally responded to the comment from Charlo by saying this to him on Twitter:

Based on Jermell’s effort against Castano, he doesn’t belong on the pound-for-pound lists because he’s too flawed. Jermell was getting backed up to the ropes and outworked by the underdog Castano.

It didn’t matter that Castano didn’t possess the same size, speed, and power as Jermell. He was the better fighter by landing the better shots and out-landing him by a wide margin.

Boxing fans would like to see Jermell take on Crawford. If PBC was on board with letting Jermell fight Crawford, that’s a match-up that would bring in a ton of pay-per-view buys on SHOWTIME and ESPN.

If Crawford finds himself being swerved by Errol Spence Jr, Manny Pacquiao, and the other top 147-pounders, he needs to move up to 154 and take on Jermell for his belts.

Jermell’s brother WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo recently took heat for his lackluster performance against little-known Juan Macias Montiel last June 19th in Houston, Texas.

Jermall fought better against Montiel than Jermell did last Saturday. At least with Jermall, he was throwing combinations and making it a war. He wasn’t holding back, and that made it exciting.

Terence Crawford tells Jermell Charlo why he's not p-4-p

In Jermell’s case, he wasn’t throwing enough punches, and he was letting Castano dominate every round from the third to the ninth.

The perception some boxing fans have of Jermell being the better of the Charlo brothers may be wrong. Jermall looks to be the better fighter of the two, and he’s clearly beatable and not overly daring.

If Jermall had been in the one fighting Castano instead of Jermell, he would have run over him with his powerful combination punching. That’s what makes Jermall exciting.

He’s willing to open up with combinations and risk getting clipped. We don’t see that from Jermell, who has a limited work rate.

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  1. Charlo was outworked, hit too many times, and showed a lack of boxing skills and ring generalship. His punching power is what keeps him in matches with higher skilled opponents. If Charlo used his jab more effectively, he would not lose so many rounds like he has in the past.

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