David Haye believes he’d have beaten Tyson Fury in 2013

Former two-division world champion David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye believes Tyson Fury was steering a course into the “perfect storm” when the two were scheduled to fight in 2013. Haye (28-4, 26 KOs) says he had the game plan and the style to defeat the still green ‘Gypsy King,’ had been dropped hard by former cruiserweight Steve Cunningham in his previous fight in 2013.

The trash talk between Haye and Fury was priceless to listen to, and one can only imagine what the fight would have been like.

Back then, Haye had knockout power in either hand and far hand speed than Fury possessed. This was also before Fury bulked up to 270 lbs, so he wouldn’t have been able to maul Haye the way he did with Deontay Wilder in their rematch.

Unfortunately, the Fury-Haye fight never materialized due to Haye suffering a cut during training camp.

A disappointed Fury moved on and fought Joey Abell in his next fight in 2014, whereas Haye sat out for three years until returning to the ring in 2016 against Mark De Mori.

“Using my speed, using my punch power,” said Haye to Sky Sports. “Back then in 2013, I believe it was; Tyson Fury wasn’t the fighter he is today.

“He was very young; he was very inexperienced. He wasn’t as teak-tough as he is now. He hadn’t been through the trials and tribulations that’s made him the man and fighter he is today,” said Haye.

There are no questions that Haye would have had an excellent chance of beating Fury if he’d fought him back in 2013. That fight would have happened before Haye suffered a string of injuries one after another that eventually derailed his career.

Haye’s punching power and hand speed would have been a huge problem for Fury if that fight had taken place. Who knows if Fury would have found the later success he did if he had fought Haye in 2013.

Haye seems to have had a good plan to beat Fury, but we’ll never know if it would have worked.

“It would have been the perfect bit of matchmaking on my fight if I was able to get him,” said Haye. “A baby, in boxing terms.”

Fury was totally inexperienced back in 2013, and he hadn’t looked good in his fights against Cunningham, Nevin Pajkic, and Big John McDermott. The chin area would have been an issue for Fury if he’d taken on Haye back then, as he was getting hurt too easily earlier.

“He had been heavily knocked down by a non-punching cruiserweight in Steve Cunningham, so it was a perfect storm for me, but the fight didn’t happen. I got a cut before the fight, and it never took place.”

13 thoughts on “David Haye believes he’d have beaten Tyson Fury in 2013”

  1. Anyone can hit hard with egg weights in the glove and bare knuckle .
    And he still only knocked out 3 of his opponents . That’s why this imposter is resistant to the trilogy , not because of anything else .
    Deontay Wilder might end his con artists dishonesty with a death blow to his career or even his life . The scam is over and so is fury’s career . It’s already over .
    Deontay Wilder is so intimidating he ended his career without fighting. The art of fighting without fighting .
    Perhaps he can pro wrestle . The number one spot has been taken for ten years and now the general public and the public in general know it .
    What is fighters knew all along .
    Deontay Wilder is so bad that fury can’t whoop Deontay Wilder .

  2. David Haye can beat fury now . This cheater can’t box , he can’t on the world class level anyway .
    He has cheated in every fight until the UK simply won’t let him fight .
    Now las he U S A is finding out what a phony phoney this cheater really is .

  3. You’re right about one thing , Deontay Wilder will grabs ahold of the guy , ( fury ) , and beat.him pilar to post., in the middle of the ring , man to man , fair and square , in his own back yard , and twice on Sunday .
    It’s a cowards name fury’s put on himself

  4. Just because there’s a bunch of crime involved , it doesn’t mean that it was the italian mob . Don’t you think that is stretching it a bit ? Maybe ESPN simply doesn’t want to see such a dominant darkie champion who can’t be controlled like a. j.

  5. So it was the kiss of death and a judas friend Deontay Wilders been crossing swordswith .
    No wonder fury hasn’t been stripped of the WBC belt. He is.supposed to defend the belt in one year and it’s been almost two years and the WBC still hasn’t received the paperwork petitioning for a voluntary title defense .
    Nobody has been saying anything .

  6. What are you talking about? Forget about it . Bob Arum isn’t even italian , you have to be italian to be in the mafia don’t you ?

  7. Now could they cheat ?
    Unless fury is friends with the mob are you saying Bob Arum is moved up .
    I remember Bob Arum saying the mediation judge Stanley Allen Bastian wasn’t friend of mine .that is the same guy who handles arbitration .
    So even the Court system could be bought and paid for., Is that what you are saying ?
    And bobs from new York and las Vegas . Those two cities are known for mob ties .

  8. There were several half a million dollar bets coming int las Vegas at the last minute for fury to win at underdog odds . Somebody made alot of money on a sure thing .

  9. Pillow fisted fury is what boxers call fury . He only knocked out 3 opponents since the inception of his professional boxing career .
    That’s why he loads his gloves with metal egg weights and no padding in his gloves with bought and paid for referee’s and drugged opponents . He cheated , fury cheats , fury is a cheating cheater .

  10. Tyson fury can’t box , he’s uncoordinated, slow , has weak punches , that’s why he cheats .
    He cheated so much they suspended his license permanently indefinitely suspended in the UK .
    They got tired of catching fury cheating , fury cheated in every fight .
    I believe David Haye would beat the cheater if he could stop him from cheating . Cheat , cheating , cheater . That’s all fury does is cheat . The boxing fans know he cheats , the boxing establishment knows he is a cheater , the boxing commentators know fury is going to cheat . And they don’t say anything .
    Deontay Wilder can beat him easily even though Deontay Wilder was drugged and had a payed off referee , Deontay Wilder would still have won . a betrayal with his judas friend , Deontay Wilder didn’t lose legitimately he was betrayed .

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