Adrien Broner ANGRY at not getting $10M, says he’s a full-time rapper

Adrien Broner posted a rambling video clip on social media on Tuesday complaining about not getting $10 million for him to resume his stalled career and saying that he’s now a rapper.

Broner, 31, has been waiting for Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza to give him the $10 million that he’s been asking for, but they haven’t done so. Broner’s bargaining position has been weakened dramatically by his three-year winless drought.

Broner may not realize this, but him being a boxer gives him an edge up in making a career as a rapper. He’s got the name recognition now, thanks to his boxing. But if he stops competing, then he’s losing that as a way of getting noticed as a rapper.

You might as well call it a four-year fought because his last win in 2017 was what many boxing fans saw as a gift 10 round decision over Adrian Granados in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

He mentioned that he’s more comfortable on the streets, which is odd because he’s been wealthy for so long.

“I ain’t going to lie, I been staying in Cincinnati for about the last month, and this s— done changed me all the way back,” Broner said on social media. “I’m not AB no more. When you see me don’t call me AB, I’m ‘Twin’. This s— changed me all the way back to ‘Twin.’ This s— over with.

“They ain’t talking about my $10 million, Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza, they ain’t hit me up, they ain’t talking about my 10, so I’m ‘Twin’. F—- that, I’m a street n***a. I’m a rapper, full-time rapper, I told y’all that.

Broner was just babbling about this and that, and not making much sense. He went a lot longer than the above quote, but the rest of it was inane stuff that sounded like random streams of consciousness spit out by Broner.

If Broner does come back, he needs to try and go back down to 135 and 130. He was at his best when he fought in those two weight classes where his power went a lot further. At this point in Broner’s career, he probably can’t stay disciplined enough for him to lose enough weight to fight in either of those weight classes.

We’ve already seen that Broner doesn’t have the talent to fight at welterweight. If he resumes his career at 147, his chances of success are slim and one. He’ll just keep getting beaten if he stays at that weight.



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