Ryan Farrag lands British title shot

There exists no happier man in Liverpool than exciting bantamweight prospect Ryan Farrag, 13-1 (2KO’s), who was recently announced as the mandatory challenger for the coveted British title held by Lee Haskins, 31-3 (13KO’s).

The announcement made by the British Boxing Board of Control on 9th April called for purse bids to be conducted on Wednesday 13th May, with the bout to take place no later than the end of July.

Sweet music to the ears of the 27-year old Farrag who in the last couple of months has been forced to deal with 2 show cancellations, alongside back and neck injuries which curtailed his much rearranged slot at the York Hall on 11th April.

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“I buzzing you know, absolutely buzzing.” Said Farrag, “I was gutted by the cancellations and having to pull out of the last fight. So, when I got the call, it was from one extreme to another.

“I just couldn’t wait to get back in the gym and get back to beast mode.”

Farrag confirmed that his previous injuries have left no lasting damage. He’s back in the gym, ready to emulate training partners Jazza Dickens and Kevin Satchell in bringing a British title back to the Everton Red Triangle.

When the discussion turns to the attainment of that Lonsdale belt, you can feel the excitement in the voice of the infectious Farrag.

“It’s hard to explain how badly I want that belt.”

“Kevin (Satchell) brought his in and I couldn’t stop looking at it. Then Jazza (Dickens) brought his in the other week and I don’t just want it, I need it.”

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Whether Farrag will face current titlist Haskins remains to be seen, the Bristol man now holds the European title and has designs on World honours, there is a chance he will vacate his title.

The opponent is of little concern to Farrag, who confirmed he is ready for Haskins and would love the opportunity to avenge his only loss, when dropping a decision to Haskins during the super-flyweight prizefighter in only his 5th fight.

“I’m 100% ready for Haskins, I’m gonna train like I have never trained before and I’m fully confident I can win that fight.”

Farrag is a man of many qualities, it’s not just his ferocious counter punching that will separate him as he goes up in level, but his likability that makes him a potential star.

Like most of the fighters at ERT, there are no ulterior motives to Farrag, what you see is what you get. There is no trash talk and no brash delusional statements, just an understanding of what it takes to be the best he can be and the humility to remember the people who are working so hard to put him in these positions.

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“I just want to bring that British title back to the gym for everyone who has helped me. I’m desperate to put a smile on all their faces.

“I can’t wait to repay Mick and Paul Stevenson’s (trainers) hard work in getting me ready and Neil Marsh’s (manager) efforts to get this opportunity. It’s a real team effort and I can’t thank them all enough.” Concluded Farrag.