Tyson Fury: Entertaining but Vulnerable

To a large extent, it must be emphasised that the recent fight between Fury and Cunningham, was highly enjoyable; a fight that showed Tyson’s potential future world title challenge as most likely being an engaging fight but more likely than not, one that he will not win.

The brash Fury is quickly emerging as one of the more colourful characters of boxing, with trash talking, boasts of greatness and some might say bizarre antics, i.e. the singing at the end of the fight. Additionally some argue that this route is not working for the fans, I have to say that these statements are largely untrue. Although Fury perhaps looked like a clown and foolish in these instances, I feel it will only make him more memorable and will enable him to get the bigger paydays. This route has been utilized ever since Ali who became an icon with it, to the more recent and possibly offensive David Haye who managed to shortcut his way to a heavyweight title and fight with Wladmir, without having to take unnecessary punches in normal mandatory matches. Ultimately boxing fans want to be engaged and it is through making yourself distinguishable from the pack that this is possible. It is overwhelmingly obvious for this writer, that it is not just Fury’s name that makes him stand out but it is also these antics, his in ring bravado, his monstrous height and his vulnerabilities.

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