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Demetrius is the real deal! Yes he has some technical flaws he needs to work on, such as fighting flat footed at times and dropping that right hand low at times. Despite these flaws at times I still believe he is the most talented fighter at 154 not named Mayweather in this class. Should this fight take place Mayweather will not have the advantages he has grown accustomed to having over everybody else he has fought at 154. Demetrius flat out has the most tools in the tool shed to combat Floyds strengths. Floyd is a master playing chess against boys in this division but against Demetrius it could very well be a different story for he will be the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather regardless!!!Not Lara,not Carnello,Not Kirkland,not Molina or anybody else. Demetrius will have all the straps in this division and will retain them for quite some time as soon as these so called champs put up their belts and stop ducking him!!!

Posted February 14, 2014 2:58 pm 

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Demetrius Andrade throws name into “Money” ring

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