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Jonn E. JaGozza

Broner has proven to all of us that he isn’t invincible and that he lacks defense and can’t take constant pressure. So just like Austin Trout who also, at one time, thought he was the next best thing in the sport has
fallen by the the way side.. the same will happen to Broner. Talk is cheap but there were too many holes in his defense and the next opponent he faces probably will “dawg him” and chase him down … I don’t think he’ll
know what to do .. I think the end is near just as it was so with Trout ..
PEACE … …. “The Language of the Ring “

Posted January 3, 2014 7:16 pm 


its a shame his arse gave in,he could have stayed in the porn game.

Posted January 3, 2014 3:36 pm 


broner had 5 kids by the age of 21 (before anyone had heard of him) god knows how many he has now. he should speak to evander next time he is in vegas and ask him if “bare back riding” was worth it

Posted January 3, 2014 3:10 pm 


Anonymous – wtf!!! that was brilliant!!!!

Posted January 3, 2014 3:04 pm 



“Broner versus Khan. Who wins?”

Go ask the mirror dumbazz

Posted January 3, 2014 2:28 pm 


What’s the problem? Broner is crap! That’s the problem.

Posted January 3, 2014 2:27 pm 


Anyone see how fat Broner’s dad is? He is enormous and resembles a stranded walrus. When they run a Where Are They Now, five years from now we will see Adrien Broner plus 200 pounds, sitting on a hire purchase settee, drinking coolaid, arms wrapped round an equally rotund 5 dollar hooker watching Yo! MTV Raps. This guy doesn’t have the mental capacity to hold on to the money he has made to date and sure as heck isn’t going to be earning much more if he carries on in the same vain.

Posted January 3, 2014 2:18 pm 


Broner better start washing and drying the money he used to wipe his ass with because I see him going down the same route as Berto and Lacy. He will get his ass kicked a few more time and then slowly fade away.
By the way I love how Floyd Sr. described him and Rios as cusser – they use profanity to make themselves appear tougher but can’t back it up.

Posted January 3, 2014 10:34 am 


Broner versus Khan. Who wins?

Posted January 3, 2014 10:07 am 


Broner is nothing. He was beaten up almost as bad as Abdulasamov against a B-level fighter. He could become a gate keeper at best. Arm punches, novice footwork and attitude only gets you that far.

Posted January 3, 2014 9:32 am 

Losing patience!

I expect more embarrassment. In and out the ring. Then possibly jail

Posted January 3, 2014 6:57 am 


Broner. The new Jeff Lacy.

Posted January 3, 2014 6:32 am 


He doesn’t deserve pretzels the loud mouth, he will be beaten again and he will fight against a no body next fight which is a joke. Gamboa wants him so be a man and neck up broner

Posted January 3, 2014 6:17 am 


If only he comes to fight, will I ever watch again, but you have to give it to broner, he likes to get hit more than Floyd does which probably makes him more exciting.

Posted January 3, 2014 5:47 am 

bearcat’s ”granny

”check out boxing news 24 ‘wed site / just type in .good

Posted January 3, 2014 4:29 am 


Broner’s future is at 140 period!

Posted January 3, 2014 4:21 am 

Public Enemy

Broner can fight Mikey Garcia..

Posted January 3, 2014 1:36 am 

big mike

Over hyped and exposed. He is living in a fantasy.

Posted January 3, 2014 12:17 am 


Make it happen Golden Boy!!!!!! Then Ortiz vs Garcia vs Maidana!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 11:55 pm 


Victor Ortiz vs Adrian Broner would be a sweet ONE!!!!!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 11:54 pm 


BTW, Garcia would smash Broner. Porter would beat him too.

Posted January 2, 2014 11:21 pm 


Well, Broner certainly can draw flies because he’s so full of it. I wonder if his face is still swollen? LMAO!

Posted January 2, 2014 11:19 pm 


PMSL! This degree of delusion is EXACTLY why Broner will not go too much further. Anyone notice that FULL Showtime post -fight interview never appeared. Guess he didn’t want us to see him crying…

Kid better get down to 135 or get much fitter, a defence AND learn how to box against guys at 147 (and 140 ;! )

Posted January 2, 2014 10:20 pm 


Maidana = Naturally Left Handed !!!!! ~ Power Jab K O Punches for Broner !!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 9:43 pm 


@The Facts I felt the same way lmao! I hated Browner more than Pacquiao and that says a lot

Posted January 2, 2014 9:21 pm 

third world

i read some of the comments and as far as a future danny garcia-adrien broner fight, i think that would be a lot of fun. yes,it was good to see adrien get knocked on his backside,a couple of times. but the kid can fight,and he does have heart,he proved it. he did not get destroyed,he lost a fight. how many of you critics ever boxed? really boxed? now back to danny garcia. danny is so underrated and such a huge talent that he is going to make me a lot more money. he absolutely has the power to knock out adrien broner or any other fighter @140-147. i don’t think broner should be spoon fed weak opposition.he needs to get right back in there with the top 10 fighters and either he will sink,or swim. i think 140 is good for broner right now.i would love to see broner vs garcia.

Posted January 2, 2014 9:14 pm 

The Facts !

I can’t recall wanting a fighter to lose so bad as i did for Adrien Broner . I have seen the fight ( Maidana vs Broner ) 4 times all ready . I have seen fighters that i wanted to lose but not like nothing like i wanted Broner to lose . I respect all fighters for getting in the ring to fight , but this piece of shi- Broner deserves no respect at all . Is it just me thinking this or other people think this .

Posted January 2, 2014 9:08 pm 

Hec Dog

TJ my friend, Happy New Year to you also. Broner is on a different planet. He’s going to end badly I believe.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:35 pm 

The Man Who Exposed PEEJ’s Bigoted Ass

PEEJ = “Rios KO Pac, 10…” Bwhahahahahahahaha…

Posted January 2, 2014 8:32 pm 

The Man Who Exposed PEEJ’s Bigoted Ass

that would be you who’s the racist PEEJ. I along with many others have exposed you for being such on many separate occasions now.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:31 pm 


Pac was 116 lbs teenager though and completely unrefined. Broner is too late for that kind of turnaround now. He is what he is. Guys like Lewis and Wlad had a master teach them how to use their immense size and reach. But again they are HW’s, Broner has to face his own size bcuz isn’t freakish like Hearns or PW. So he has nowhere to hide unless very carefully matched and even then A mere Con showed that isn’t even guaranteed.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:25 pm 


Broner is going into the hype job FMJ cherry picking protection agency. If not, more of him getting his azz whipped while we laugh and enjoy.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:17 pm 

The Man Who Rapd PEEJ’s Ass

Sounds to me like you don’t have any answers there PEEJ.

And no, that would be you who’s the racist PEEJ. I along with many others have exposed you for being such on many separate occasions now.

I enjoy watching you try to wriggle and squirm your way out of it. You never ever manage to break free though, because I always make sure that noose is real tight.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:15 pm 


Broner has potential but he really needs to up his punch output and use double or triple jabs. At the punch output rate he currently has he can’t beat anyone at 147 and will have trouble at 140. Next forget shoulder roll Broner does not do it correctly and its to late in the game for him to try and perfect it. Focus on keeping your hands up not moving straight back to avoid punches and chin tucked. If these changes can be made Broner will have a good career. I mean hell Pac was knocked out early in his career and looked what happened.

Posted January 2, 2014 8:14 pm 


Broner is finished. This is not because he has an ‘L’ on his record. He is unlikeable and unmarketable, even as the bad guy. He will really need to step up and fight top competition for paydays which will mean more losses and then he becomes less than a stepping stone, he becomes irrelevant and all well before 30 yrs old.

Posted January 2, 2014 7:09 pm 


10 million plus? LOL, damn that man is a comedian. Al Haymon will be lucky as hell to get him a million for his next fight. Broner will NEVER see a Mayweather payday.

Posted January 2, 2014 6:34 pm 


Shawn porter would not be a smart choice for broners next fight trust me, how about Gavin Rees is he available maybe miguel cottos brother? Or even Chavez sr hahaha

Posted January 2, 2014 6:13 pm 


“Broner’s confidence in himself is refreshing,”


Posted January 2, 2014 6:01 pm 


Sounds like your a racist Btich

Posted January 2, 2014 5:55 pm 


The Facts !

No way Danny Garcia would stop Broner in three rounds or even stop him .. Didn’t you see the Maidana fight . Danny Garcia doesn’t hit any where near as hard as Maidana . now i’m not saying Broner can beat Garcia , i’m just telling you that if Maidana couldn’t stop Broner how in the hel- is Garcia going to stop him .

Posted January 2, 2014 4:42 pm

I agree that Maidana was knocking AB around like a beach ball and at 140 I see the same situation with Danny Garcia. Danny might not KO AB in 3 or less but he would put him on his a..SS a few time for sure bro.

AB might not make it to the final bell with Danny at 140 because he, Danny, did a heck of a job on The Machine Lucus. I still agree with you that there is no way Danny drops him TKO or KO in less than 3 rounds.

Posted January 2, 2014 5:29 pm 


Don’t forget that Paulie showed this guy up, a level below world guy who got robbed exposed the fraud and this tweet says it all about how deluded he is in his opinion of his talents. There is a lot to change and I can’t see it happening, the way he spoke to his corner shows he has not respect for them so won’t listen in the gym either, this creep is finished good luck making child payments fighting domestic level fighters which is all you’ll be left with in a couple of years.

Posted January 2, 2014 5:24 pm 

Jack Dempsey

Every one is saying that Broner was expose and that Broner has two flat feet etc , etc . Lets start giving Marcos Maidana some credit for beating Broners as- . Maidana was well prepare for this fight , just look at the total punches he threw in the fight . In all reality Broner is a tough son a bitc- to beat . Maidana had to work his as- off in order to beat Broner ,,, Broner kept coming at Maidana in the late rounds .

Posted January 2, 2014 4:54 pm 


I loved your last post re some people need to be “humbled again and again.”

BRONER is a victim of his own big mouth and lust to take short cuts to get to the mountain top.

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER – MOTOR RACING (You are in our prayers)

The above list are just a few people who have risen to the top of their sports – but, none of them did it the easy way by pr*stituting themselves all over facebook, twitter and every show they could gatecrash.

No, they all took their outstanding talents and worked harder than every other potential rival, first in and last out and listened to their coaches, to the venerable men and women who went before them and to their peers, they ate right, slept right and nursed their injuries and learned from their defeats to come back, bigger, better, faster, stronger and are winners both within and outside their sports.

Until this imbecile can reconcile himself with this he will never succeed or lose the tag of village idiot!!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 4:50 pm 

The Facts !

No way Danny Garcia would stop Broner in three rounds or even stop him .. Didn’t you see the Maidana fight . Danny Garcia doesn’t hit any where near as hard as Maidana . now i’m not saying Broner can beat Garcia , i’m just telling you that if Maidana couldn’t stop Broner how in the hel- is Garcia going to stop him .

Posted January 2, 2014 4:42 pm 



Totally agree with you… SWIFT would take off Broner’s head from his squat shoulders, exposing him like Touche Turtle with his left hook, leaving Broner calling “where’s Dumb Dumb?”

I can’t see anyway that Broner can outbox or outpunch Swift, whether the fight is made at 140 or 147. Garcia has one of the fastest improvement arcs in the last 2 years of any boxer I’ve seen – He has come on a whole heap since his first bout with El Terrible, whereas I have been vocal re Broner and his glaring faults ever since he was exposed by The Rock, Gavin Rees….

Posted January 2, 2014 4:40 pm 


thurman will ko broner in 5

Posted January 2, 2014 4:36 pm 


SERIOUSLY, ADRIEN BRONER is sounding more and more like Amir Khan and his crew by the day. He is seriously deluded in both what he says and his actions outside the ring.

Coming off of a significant loss, when he took not one, but two counts he’s coming off like Khan did when he got whupped by Garcia – sounding like The Emperor with No Clothes, trying to convince us he will still be world champion at 4 different weights.

These guys need to take a good, long look at themselves and admit that they are not as good as they thought they were. This is the first step on the road to recovery and actually trying to improve themselves (I will give Khan props on that – he is trying to improve, but whilst still trying to Queue-jump to the head of a more deserving line of challengers)!!!!

BRONER, is another case and he needs to get a grip. This fat b*st*rd is the butt of serious ridicule and he has brought it all on himself. He is one ugly buster and his antics in the ring with his silly comb make people want to throw up. Heck, he’s 23 or 24 and should have grown up by now!

BRONER needs to call out ONE TIME, Keith Thurman if he wishes to keep any credibility or drop down to as low as 135 and work on his skills and lay off of the honeys.

The funny thing is I would pay top dollar to see Broner vs Khan… Two big mouths with a lot to prove and who will undoubtedly match up very well with their skillsets and produce a wonderful night of boxing and doing the funky chicken dancing in the ring once they get tagged.

I would like to see how The Problem deals with a faster, taller man winging away at his fat head. I may be hard on Amir for queue jumping, but I think Khan could well derail any momentum Broner has left if they ever meet.

I think Broner’s biggest flaw is his inability to admit he has any flaws and Khan will beat this into him as he takes that cheque that AB is trying to cash!!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 4:35 pm 

Chili Grande

Actually Adrien Broner surprise me with his guts , i mean this guy Broner was taking a beating . Now with that said , is Broner a shot fighter after that as- whipping he got from Maidana . Could Broner be another Jeff Lacy .remember Lacy he was a shot fighter after the beating he took from Calzage .

Posted January 2, 2014 4:34 pm 

Jay rock

1st of all no way he beats Danny! Seriou! That is a huge mismatch! Danny will kill him in three rounds

Posted January 2, 2014 4:31 pm 


Broner needs to move his feet. That is what cost him the fight. He thought he could take punches from anybody. He found out the hard way that you can’t. He wasn’t exposed. He was just beaten. The only thing that was exposed was that he was not on the level he thought he was. He is still a good fighter and has good skills. Thats what happens when you party and don’t train properly

Posted January 2, 2014 4:22 pm 


Yeah fellas how can anyone hate Broner hes such a classy young man truly a great future ambassador for the sport. GTFOH somebody’s gonna catch a STD fighting him lol.

Posted January 2, 2014 4:21 pm 


AB has the talent and skill set to recover however 147 is not his cup of tea bro. I don’t see a safer fight at 140 unless he starts trash talking Lamont Petereon for a big fight.

AB showed some serious lack of discipline and self assurance with Maidana when he was getting stung over and over again by the little Bulldog.

AB can’t hit 135 again so he best polish up his skills and get ready for big time at 140 to make a comeback.

# All right All right all right you gone learn today#

Posted January 2, 2014 4:19 pm 

Fight Aficionado

Showtime will give Broner the benefit of the doubt for now and his paydays will be $1M or more. But if he loses again they won’t. So expect his level of comp to decline while he talks big and his deluded fans write off the total beatdown Maidana gave him as an off night.

Posted January 2, 2014 4:12 pm 


Broner will be back n better den ever. Fo sho. Yall stop d hate please. P4p #2!

Posted January 2, 2014 4:06 pm 

Hec Dog

I thought this kid (Broner) had a lot of talent, but his fight against Maidana really showed a lot of flaws, and those flaws are going to be very hard to change. He lost focus, froze once he was hurt, couldn’t make any adjustments, seemed totally lost inside that ring. He was overwhelmed by a strong puncher that IMO doesn’t offer much more than that. Maidana was just a fire ball of offense. He kept coming, and imposed his will on Broner. Brroner had guts to keep fighting and trying, but he had no idea what to do. Maybe this was a mirage and he had a bad day. I’m not sure that I can give him the benefit of the doubt because of his big mouth. He ha given Maidana props, but from the looks of hi tweet, his ego seems to be intact. At this point, he will have trouble with all 147 pounders. The 140 ponuders, Garcia, Matthysse, Provodnikov, Alvarado will all give him problems if he can’t handle pressure fighters as he showed against Maidana. Let’s see what happens next. I do hope he has put his over sized ego in check, but as we see his tweet, he may come back louder than ever. Some fighters need to be humbled over and over.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:59 pm 


Like Berto… Broner has peaked. Another Haymon hype job.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:59 pm 


pretty soon this fat hype job wont be able to make 147.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:28 pm 


Moving down in weight dosent mean he will make HUGE money.In todays world of fighters moving up and down for the bigger paydays,you need solid skills to fight the biggest names at different weight classes.Cleaning out a weak weight class dosent produce the top paydays of the times.Broner will need top skills to fight top guys for that kind of money…and at this point its not there…

Posted January 2, 2014 3:19 pm 


garcia knocks boner out

Posted January 2, 2014 3:16 pm 


fatty will nevr make 135 again so forget 130. he has kids to feed. many many kids and one big fat daddy too.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:15 pm 


Broner has been exposed.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:11 pm 

The Honeybadger

Lmao Whaddya guys mean stay out 147? Broker needs to stay out 140, 135, period! Maybe he should challenge PDL and give him the rematch. Lol

Posted January 2, 2014 3:09 pm 


Moving down or UP is irrelevant. Improving your SKILLS is what’s relevant. IF Broner doesn’t take MY advice and learn how to move his feet to escape punches then he will go down the toilet no matter WHERE he moves to. In MY vast management experience I’ve learned that you don’t MOVE the problem you FIX the problem. The problem IS that you stand TOO flat footed for guys that have HEAVY artillery. SO you need to FIX it. Moving down or UP is irrelevant. There are guys at 140 that have HEAVY artillery TOO.

Posted January 2, 2014 3:06 pm 


a pure hype job move on.

Posted January 2, 2014 2:56 pm 


He definitely needs to get out of 147. He may not be able to get to 135 so 140 may be as low as he can go. As for the tough guys, well that shouldn’t be a problem if he is as good as he says he is.

Posted January 2, 2014 2:46 pm 


Broner needs to move down. Maybe to 135, because 140 is stacked with tough guys. He will have no refuge there. Broner really has no skills. It just that he hadnt fouht anyone good enough to expose him like Marcos, Broner had no stamina in the fight and Miadana hut him anytime he felt like it. Broner might he a overhyped nothing like Hatton. But angain we will just have to wait and see but one thing is for sure he is diffentley not Floyd on anywhere close…

Posted January 2, 2014 2:44 pm 


To make the HUGE money…he will have to improve a hellva lot…lets see if he can!!!

Posted January 2, 2014 2:42 pm 

Prof Konje

All of the fighters mentioned regarding Broner getting the “last laugh” will beat Brober; Danny Garcia, Peterson, Porter. Any of those guys will beat the hell out of Broner. Golden Boy will need to match him against “soft” opposition just as they did with Canelo. Both Arum and De La Hoya must really think that the boxing public is stupid. There are very good matches to be made, so make them, get them done.

Broner will get another beating because he’s stupid and delusional. If he (or anyone) really believes that Broner is so good, then put him in there with someone equal. We all know that some are protected and he’ll be one of them after his disgraceful loss and running his mouth.

Posted January 2, 2014 2:31 pm 


whatever broner says doesn’t make it reality. the reality is broner was making some big purses based on his boorish persona and knocking out smaller over matched guys. he fought paulie to a draw which wasnt very entertaining and his next fight he got humiliated and ran away crying while getting pelted with drinks and cups. he couldnt even headline a ppv event and got beat very badly. floyd has his 0 and actually beat some good guys at the right time to earn his place even though he is carefully matched now. broner did not earn the spot he was given and will take along time if at all for broner to reach the top again. he is not realistic when he says these things.

Posted January 2, 2014 2:19 pm 

Thurmal Underwear

the only thing he’s making is 7-8 babies.

Posted January 2, 2014 2:15 pm 


broner asked big brother floyd jr to avenge his loss to el chino but floyd jr said no he couldn’t take that kind of chance with his career

Posted January 2, 2014 2:07 pm 

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