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Bob Arum should make a move on Canelo and sign him to a Multi Million dollars deal and fight him on HBO on the Mexican Holidays along with Marquez and see if Bradley or Floyd will sell any PPV buys with Showtime on MLK holiday.

Posted October 15, 2013 8:09 pm 


Now I know why Manny Pacquaio won’t fight in the USA, Marquez should not retire and fight in his native Mexico or China on Mexican Holidays…. Bob Arum have two of the biggest Legend Cash Cows with a win win situation.

Posted October 15, 2013 8:04 pm 

Truth be told

Public Embecil- you are a funny guy, D. Garcia beat and old shop worn Eric Morales several years AND weight divisions above his optimum fight shape. You credit pr fighters for any win they can muster against, as you put it, unkown Mexican taxi cab drivers and treat as a badge of honor. Yet you yap every chance you get, like a damn chihuaha (pun intended), how Canelo beat a bunch of unknown taxi cab drivers. So which it? A badge of honor or a padded record, or do your double standards only apply in the delusional world that exists between your ears.

Posted October 15, 2013 5:17 pm 

te tumbo

Duly noted . . . Peace.

Posted October 15, 2013 4:53 pm 

Fight Aficionado

“meanwhile, don’t take the digs so personal.” – Post and insult then say don’t take it personal. Got it. I am down with banter and obv don’t mind throwing insults around when warranted. You’re not one I choose to engage that way. Whether that’s not mutual is up to you.

Posted October 15, 2013 4:05 pm 

te tumbo

“Pacquiao gave 3 rematches to Marquez . . .” Four (4) F’n Years Apart, each one in a different weight-class, and Not ONE an actual rematch, e.g., Vasquez and R. Marquez concluded their trilogy in a single year with three consecutive FOY candidates. THAT’s how great fighters seal their ring-legacies. by confirming –NOT Avoiding– red-hot and eagerly-anticipated rematches. the ONLY reason Pacquiao* even agreed to a 4th matchup was 1) the glaring unpopularity of the verdict for III 2) there were no other viable PPV opponents that he would risk facing (inCLUDing Bradley) and 3) Team Pacquiao* publicly and transparently expressed their belief that THIS time Marquez was indeed to old and slow to compete with the welter-version of Pacquiao*. the result: a rivalry that’s bookended by the Biggest Choke in Boxing History and the #1 KO in Boxing History, courtesy of Juan “DINAMITA” Marquez. meanwhile, don’t take the digs so personal. i know that you’re one of the good ones but anybody who in any way questions Marquez’s integrity throughout his prolonged rivalry with Pacquiao* can use a shock to their system . . . Peace.

Posted October 15, 2013 4:00 pm 

Fight Aficionado

“there is no compelling reason for Marquez to face Pacquiao* a fifth time other than to do Pacquiao* a favor that PUNKuiao* NEVER extended towards Marquez.” – Te Tumbo as you and everyone knows, Pacquiao gave 3 rematches to Marquez who refused to grant 1. No matter how you try to twist it, that’s a fact. Spare me the ass crack comments and save them for PE or whomever your latest insult target is.

Posted October 15, 2013 3:27 pm 


Bradley is a great boxer obviously, but most of the boxing public think he’s boring, so I doubt if he will ever be a box office success, I’m actually still delusional in thinking khan would actually beat Bradley, but khan would get destroyed by Marquez…so I’m agreeing to styles make fights, and I believe khan can box better than Bradley and in my opinion a lot quicker, I don’t think Bradley has the power to stop khan or out box him. Marquez would walk through Khan.

Posted October 15, 2013 3:06 pm 

Public Enemy

Lomanchenko tore up that Mexican, Lara retired Angulo, it hasn’t been a good year for mexican Boxing.. LOL

Posted October 15, 2013 1:30 pm 

Public Enemy

Ernie aka Tumbo – Puerto Ricans have had some very good wins like they always do.. Danny Garcia vs Eric Morales twice, Rocky Martinez vs some Mexican, Luis Collazo vs Some Mexican, Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. vs Some Mexican, Cotto vs D’Rod, Rosado vs Sotto Karass, etc etc etc.. how did Chavez Jr., Canelo and Marquez do??

Posted October 15, 2013 1:28 pm 


Te Tumban Siempre- Listen ernie, there was NO reason for Pac to ever have fought JMM after Pac embarrassed his ass in their first fight. Regardless of what you and your mexicuted paisan’s think, officially Pac won the first three fights, and they took place because Pac wanted them…..he did not have to take them….JMM was NO mandatory and so, Pac happily obliged to kick his ass each time. Everyone except you know Pac was again waxing and taxing that ass in fight 4. So don’t make it out to be some “huge” achievement for JMM just because he won by the grace of a hail mary. The only thing that would be best for JMM relative to Pac, is avoid ever fighting him again. It wont be pretty if he does, in fact, JMM will suffer life long lingering health issues should ever regain testicular fortitude and think he can beat Pac. At this point in time, given his age and the shellacking he took at the hands of a fighter Pac completely outclassed, it would be best he goes back to his minute weight category and get his ass handed to him again, this time by Gamboa. But, alot will depend if he ever regains testicular strength.

Posted October 15, 2013 12:28 pm 

It’s me, Public Ernie

Too much Freak and Jizz and not enough Fight: The Decline of Puto Rican boxing..

Posted October 15, 2013 11:32 am 

Public Enemy

ernie aka Tumbo – stop with that Jizz talk you’re starting to sound like Kinky DelaFishNets..

Posted October 15, 2013 10:44 am 

The Prince

I’d have to agree somewhat, overall. Not because Marquez lost to Bradley. That has nothing to do with Pacquiao getting KO’d by Marquez because styles make fights. Marquez is best at timing and counter-punching, which works best against sluggers like Manny. However, Marquez whining about get robbed afterwards does give Manny a moral victory. Because it makes Marquez past legitimate claims against Pacquiao robbing him now look like he was whining all along and really lost those other fights. Instead of giving Bradley credit for out-boxing him, he wasn’t respectful and complained. Everybody close to him, starting with his wife, told him that his KO win over Manny was his highlight legacy defining victory and to retire. But instead, he comes back and loses badly to a fighter many thought was below him. Now there are questions like: “Was Marquez really that great to begin with?” And. “Did he really use PEDS to KO Manny?” And when you consider that Pacquiao will likely beat Rios, those questions will be asked more often, forcing Marquez to fight Manny for the 5th time and most likely lose, now that he’s past 40. Bob Arum suckered him and Marquez took the bait.

Posted October 15, 2013 5:52 am 

Old Coot

Screw the haters… That was a very impressive victory… Bradley and his camp came with a great game-plan and Tim executed it nearly flawlessly the entire time, even when he got tagged a few… Bottom line… Bring on Pacman… Because Floyd is just too much stupid drama-queen action, demands and panzy ass excuses. Gives me a damned headache. Whereas in a Bradley-Pacquiao, rematch, Pacquiao will take Tim more seriously and come loaded for two bears!! And it goes without saying the PPV will be breathtaking, with Bradley in the driver’s seat.

Posted October 14, 2013 11:33 pm 


Why not a rematch,there was nothing that impressive me about Bradley’s victory!

Posted October 14, 2013 10:55 pm 


I don’t know how as the writer says that Marquez losing this fight is a win of sorts for Pacquiao. The guy that just KO’d you, now gets out-boxed? Be like a team getting beat by a team that later loses in the semi finals; than beaten by a team that eventually wins it all (i.e Super Bowl, World Series, ect.). So to me this fight means Pacquiao just dropped another rung on the ladder.

Posted October 14, 2013 9:40 pm 

It’s me, Public Ernie

Yo!.. Enema!.. Still gulping down the Orlando Jizz-smoothies?.. Cruz was gulping from one end and being injected from the other but it made no difference.. Boy still ended up on his knees like Cotto and gagging on Salido’s wood… Did you console Orlando under your Junito-blanket afterwards?.. PR’s A-list fighters just can’t compete v. the best Mexican B-list fighters.. And they have nothing to compete v. Canelo, Garcia, Mares, or Santa Cruz… Btw, when is Garcia gonna grow a pair and challenge Canelo at 154lbs?!?… Just another PR weight CHEATER like Rosado fighting smaller guys and entering the ring as a F’n middleweight!?!..

Posted October 14, 2013 8:26 pm 

Tomato Can Stan

dtoys – It was already well established before the fight that Chavez was the harder puncher, and even more so because he did not make weight. I honestly feel that Chavez did not do enough to win the fight. Vera was backing him up all night and outlanded him. A fighter cannot help or control his natural punching power. Vera did the best he could and took Chavez’s shots well. Chavez whined all night like a little b**ch and I don’t think he is truly dedicated to the sport. He is basically riding on his father’s name. Boxing is about profit, not integrity. If they gave a journeyman a win, then it would ruin their golden goose Chavez for big money fights down the road. They are basically grooming him for a huge Mexican megafight against Alvarez, and they don’t want anything to effect that purse. Keep munching on the weed, Julio……and you’ll get your whiny a** handed to you again.

Posted October 14, 2013 7:51 pm 

Tomato Can Stan

Mayweather used the same strategy against Marquez that Bradley did. Why isn’t Mayweather drawing the heat then ? A counterpouncher is only effective if his opponent comes to him.

Posted October 14, 2013 7:12 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, only the 4th match qualifies as a “rematch”. otherwise, four-year intervals do NOT qualify as rematches. they qualify as cowardly and disrespectful and nothing less than examples of how Team PUNKuiao* hoped to DIScourage Marquez from his mission of destroying Pacquiao*, which is continuing to this day, e.g., a paltry $15 milion for Marquez and location TBD by Pacquiao*?!? Pft?! nuthin doing. Pacquiao* accepts $5 million (which is more than Marquez got for IV) and agrees to face Marquez in Mexico City. otherwise, Pacquiao’s* got NUTHIN coming.

Posted October 14, 2013 5:43 pm 

te tumbo

“It’s actually a pretty crass move given Pac gave Marquez 3 rematches and he didn’t reciprocate”?!?!?! FIGHT AFICIONADO, with all due respect, you just took a headfirst dive into Pacquiao’s* ass-crack with that post, i.e., R U F’n Serious?!? as IF Pacquiao* ever eagerly granted additional bouts v. Marquez in fairness or good faith. even now that he’s been KTFO for the ages, he still insists on determining purse-split and location. F’k Pacuiao*. he’s NObody but Marquez’s victim. if he wants redemption, it must be on Marquez’s conditions or not at all. he was less gracious towards Marquez over Eight (8) F’n Years withOUT ever scoring the convincing “W”. otherwise, there is no compelling reason for Marquez to face Pacquiao* a fifth time other than to do Pacquiao* a favor that PUNKuiao* NEVER extended towards Marquez. bottomline, the rivalry is OVER. Marquez is Greater for All Time. Viva Marquez!

Posted October 14, 2013 5:38 pm 

Old Coot

It’s hilarious how the 3 genius buddies of mine who said I was crazy for betting on Bradley are ducking my texts, almost as much as Floyd ducks Pacman! But I still won $346!!! Yeah BOI!!

Posted October 14, 2013 3:44 pm 

Old Coot

@ Happyboy: Yes… Yes Floyd DID indeed duck prime, undefeated versions of Cotto, Clottey, pre-cheat, Margarito, and Williams too. He also ducked the rematch with Oscar, and Hatton, and lest you conveniently forget, he ducked Shane for like a decade. His favorite dodge, was “It’s up to my promoter.” which he now hypocritically berates Pacquiao for saying too… Except for this problem… Floyd only said that as a convenient excuse to avoid real threats. Whereas in Pacman’s case, it is out of genuine respect for Arum’s authority. And when “talk to my promoter” didn’t fly anymore, Floyd used fake retirements to duck threats. And against his biggest threat, Pacquiao, he pulled completely unfounded and unwarranted PED accusations and unconventional drug tests out of his and his old man’ asses!

Posted October 14, 2013 3:24 pm 


Marquez was pretty intense and overly focused on the KO shot..

Just because you land the best punch of your life in one fight, doesn’t mean you’re going to land another punch like it any time soon. It took him over 40 rounds with Pacquiao to connect like that — so maybe if he fights Bradley 3 more times he’ll stretch him.

Babe Ruth.., “Did I call my homerun shot? I got lucky. I try to hit the ball out of the park every time I swing. Some writer said I knock one out with every 18th swing I take. Sometimes it goes a lot longer than that. The more pissed off I get, the more I whiff … so I try to be nonchalant.”

Posted October 14, 2013 2:50 pm 

Fight Aficionado

“The reason PAC may have won here is that, perhaps now Marquez might be interested in a fifth fight. Had he won he would have definitely stayed away from Paquiao.” – I was thinking the same. Marquez now might be inclines to do it whereas before he didn’t. It’s actually a pretty crass move given Pac gave Marquez 3 rematches and he didn’t reciprocate. Now his options have narrowed a bit.

Posted October 14, 2013 2:47 pm 


Old Coot & Moonshine – yeah right, I bet he ran from Margarito, Clottey, Cotto, Mosley, ODH and must know be preparing to run from Bradley, Rios and Alvarado too. You guys are funny. :-)

Posted October 14, 2013 2:14 pm 


*without fighting

Posted October 14, 2013 1:41 pm 


I read this and thought the author was going to write how Bradley won without fight, because let’s be honest that’s exactly what he did, pac man and mayweatger destroy him if he fights either next

Posted October 14, 2013 1:41 pm 

Old Coot

I really think this fight further validated my often expressed view that Pacquiao won handily the actual duration of their last fight, however, his reckless warrior abandon, and killer instinct caused him to get careless and KO himself with Marquez’ fist…

To repeat… Marquez is a great fighter, when facing aggressive, less cautious opponent who come forward, giving Marquez’ counter only, style, the opportunities to hurt them, as Pacman did.

Same as Mayweather, who although has the ability to be aggressive, he mainly waits for his opponent to come to him and counters, or pot shots them… Like he did to Marquez.

Therefore, this latest fight also shows me how both Floyd and now Bradly exposed that about what I call the ‘style ceiling’ of Marquez. But I at least give Marquez cudos for taking on fighters who don’t fit his style…

Mayweather only took anything close to that chance against Cotto… Who spooked Floyd with his unexpected abilities, which proved too close for Floyd’s comfort. So as I predicted, we saw Floyd went right back to picking relatively slow-footed/lead-legged opponents, such as Guerrero and Alvarez who could not get to him on their best days.

I just wish Floyd would take another chance against Pacquiao, or perhaps even Bradley… like Marquez did with all three.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:48 pm 


If you view this how most people would Manny got absolutely nothing from Bradley’s victory its ridiculous to try and make what Bradley has done in the ring some kind of benefit to Manny. When last Manny and Marquez were in the ring Manny got KO’d. Since Marquez couldn’t KO Bradley and Manny couldn’t KO Bradley that puts them on about the same level Manny and Marquez. The only difference in these three fighters is Bradley hold victories over the other 2, and Marquez finally took those bad decision against Manny out of the Judges hands. Manny still has to move out of the losers bracket in terms of fighter to make himself relevant in the welter weight picture. He will be some how made relevant even against a JR. welter if he wins that fight, and some how a fight against a JR. welter weight will put him in the running in the welter weight division.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:37 pm 

Old Coot

@ Moonshineman: Dude… Hear, HEAR!… I could NOT have said it better myself.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:29 pm 

Edgar Guevara

Bradley-Mayweather won’t bring that revenue for Mayweather’s pocket. It will be a dream for Bradley for that fight to ever happen. Garcia will get that shot to Mayweather before Bradley. Bradley stragety for Marquez will be the new stragety for him from now on. Provodnivkov made him a runner now.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:27 pm 

Edgar Guevara

Excellent title to the story, I mean it. Neither fighter did anything. I would saying again Bradley last great fight at 140 against Alexander. He has looked bad at 147. He did not beat Pacquiao, barely and barely he could have lost against Provodnikov, against Marquez it was dancing with the stars. He is a lucky champion at 147. I have a lot respect for him at 140.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:23 pm 

Old Coot

Great Read!… I agree 100%. Speaks volumes about the folly, contradictory & overall, still relatively primitive social skills of the human race. Ya know?

Posted October 14, 2013 12:21 pm 


You are 100% correct. Manny Pacquiao won this fight. The ONLY reason Marquez had any kind of a chance against Pacquiao is “Styles make fights”.

Why do you think Little Floyd keeps running from Pacquiao, even after Little Floyd beat Marquez so easily?

Posted October 14, 2013 12:17 pm 

Public Enemy

tomato Can – you can never please Sore Losers they will always find an excuse as to why their Guy lost… it’s in their Classless nature…

Posted October 14, 2013 12:11 pm 

Tomato Can Stan

Bradley gets criticized for trading with Prodnikov, now he is getting criticized for boxing Marquez. The guy can’t win. He’s betteroff using his boxing skills. It will prolong his health and career.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:04 pm 


Marquez no longer has Gate.

Posted October 14, 2013 12:01 pm 


Norton owned Ali. Watch the videos.

Posted October 14, 2013 9:53 am 


how many ww belts are there today, do you think we need more.

Posted October 14, 2013 9:49 am 


Marquez never was on Pacquiao’s level. Marquez to Pacquiao is Norton to Ali. I blame Roach for never coming up with the right fight plan for Marquez. Or, maybe we can believe Pacquiao when he says he is forced to press the fight to entertain the fans…and keep eating the right. Marquez is a tough fighter but was never a technical genius. People overlook how much punishment he takes…from EVERYBODY!

Posted October 14, 2013 9:16 am 


The reason PAC may have won here is that, perhaps now Marquez might be interested in a fifth fight. Had he won he would have definitely stayed away from Paquiao.

Posted October 14, 2013 9:12 am 

ck fight fan

This analogy isn’t necessary and does not work here. I mean, come on, they fought each other 4 times! What a P.O.S article!

Posted October 14, 2013 8:26 am 


I agree totally with this title, very few times can one see a title fight have the champ throw and land so little punches and win the fight, there was so much posing, moving, make believe throwing from Bradley than real fighting, I was turning into a Bradley fan but this fight turned me away for good, I have no doubt the Ruslan punishment has made a permanent effect on Bradley’s mental state, don’t expect Bradley responding to a hit well from now on, Peace

Posted October 14, 2013 7:22 am 


As Bruce Lee said
“The art of fighting without fighting”

“Booooring z z z z z”

Posted October 14, 2013 5:55 am 


Marquez forgot to take his Roids

Posted October 14, 2013 5:49 am 

Jim Rich

A loss for marquez is a win for Manny, what sort of nonsensical dribble is this. I suppose if paq loses next month thats a win for marquez and hell a win for bradley to and a win for amir khan of course and a win for trout no doubt. Marquez and many been around the block a few times already so I think a 5th fight would be interesting no matter what, hell they will probably fight a 5th time just for the payday. Marquez the best, manny the best is a matter of opinion but as a matter of record and fan appeal manny is the winner overall. Their both over the hill so to speak now so saying who is better based on a 5th or 6th fight really doesn’t mean much anymore except for entertainment value. Too many boxers fight to long and I’d rather not encourage that trend.

Posted October 14, 2013 2:04 am 

human blood

pacman is always a head of MAROID… MAROID just got lucky in round6…

Posted October 14, 2013 2:02 am 

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A Win Without Fighting

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