Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Shane hit my son and hurt my son, because my son ain’t doing all the stuff everybody else is doing”

by Geoffrey Ciani - Last week’s 105th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior, whose son Floyd Mayweather Junior is widely viewed as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world today. Mayweather touched on a variety of topics, including Amir Khan’s recent victory against Marcos Maidana, the May 7 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley, the controversial draw with Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal, his son’s future, and more! Here are some excerpts from that intrerview:

His views on Amir Khan’s performance against Marcos Maidana:

“You seen what happened. Like I told you before, Amir Khan and they even said it on TV then, he’s not known for taking no big shot. Well he got hit by one of the hardest punching guys in the division. He got hit a whole bunch of times. As a matter of fact he got beat, but I told you that you just watch and see and Amir Khan is going to win the fight, which he did. Amir Khan won on the strength of, like I said—one reason is for some reasons they want Freddie Roach to be something great, which he’s not. He just ain’t got it, period. These guy that he has are not winning on talent. There ain’t no talent there. Pacquiao can’t move his damn head and neither can Amir Khan, and probably nobody else in the gym can move their damn head. continue

Sturm vs Hearns in February

By James Slater - The great, the legendary Thomas “Hitman” Hearns was the holder of the WBC middleweight crown in 1987 and ‘88, the 160-pound weight class being one of five the all-time great conquered, and now his son Ronald is set to try and win the WBA version of the middleweight crown. It has been reported by that the 32-year-old son of the “Motor City Cobra” will travel to Germany on Feb. 19th to challenge Felix Sturm.

Hearns, 26-1(20) will have the support of the entire city of Detroit on his side come fight time, and the magical Hearns name will ensure the fight is watched by a good many fans. continue

112 lb. Alex Love Is Set To Make History at the First Ever Olympic Female Boxing Tournament

By Charles White - Kindly taking time out of her busy training schedule, highly-touted 112 lb. amateur fighter Alex Love (15-6) sat down with me and answered my questions regarding her still-young amateur career and her goals for the sport of boxing.

Hi Alex, how are you doing this morning?
AL: I am doing excellent. If anything I am excited you took the time to get to know me!

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you first get your start in boxing?AL: I was a sophomore in high school and I wanted to get really buff and strong and be tough for basketball…kind of lame I know. I used to take the bus from my high school with a clarinet case in my hand and walk into the gym like a total badass. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': Reflections on 2010 - Mayweather, Pacquiao, Hopkins, Haye, Martinez, Khan, and More!!

boxingBy Vivek Wallace - For the past 364 days, the world of boxing has seen an incredible run, equipped with every emotional angle known to man. Everything from triumph to tragedy and in between materialized at some point, and at the end of the day, few can complain about the many amazing nights we encountered! With the year coming to a close and all the action firmly placed in the rear-view mirror, today, we take one last look back at the memorable archives of 2010:

From the "Who Would Have Ever Thought?" archive: Sergio Martinez vs Paul Williams

Back in 2009, these two men gave us what most would argue to be the true fight-of-the-year. Fast forward a few months, and wow.....isn't it funny how some things completely turn around? Martinez looked strong in early 2010 against Pavlik, while Williams looked less than impressive in a Cintron showdown that would end in controversy; but no one in a million years expected to see what eventually unfolded on the night of November 20th, in Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall! Heavy action commenced when the bell rang, and never stopped in the first round. Moments later after being told in so many words to tighten up his defense, the proverbial "shot heard around the world" landed, sending Williams to the canvas where he would fail to beat the count. continue

Main Events Wins Judah - Mabuza Purse Bid

Totowa, NJ - Kathy Duva, Main Events CEO, announced their promotional firm won the purse bid held at IBF headquarters in East Orange, NJ, Thursday. The bid was for the right to hold the IBF's junior welterweight title fight between Zab Judah of Brooklyn, NY and Las Vegas, and South Africa's Kaizer Mabuza. continue

Michael Katsidis Looking At April/May Return - Would Love To Come Back To UK To Fight Khan!

By James Slater - Australian warrior Michael Katsidis, who proved yet again in defeat to Mexican great Juan Manuel Marquez that he is never in a bad fight, is reportedly hungry for more big fights. According to his trainer and manager Brendan Smith, “The Great” is looking at returning to the ring in April or May. And who does the incredibly exciting lightweight title challenger have right at the top of his Hit-List? Why, Britain’s own Amir Khan, the reigning WBA 140-pound champ.

It seems Katsidis fancies a move up in weight, and in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald Smith made it clear his man is more than willing to return to the UK for a third time (although a rematch with the lightweight king is something Katsidis would also love). continue

Charles “Sonny” Liston - How Would “Old Stone Face” Have Done Against Today’s Heavyweights?

Sonny ListonBy James Slater - Heavyweight legend, enigma, immortal, bully, bad guy, or whatever else you may wish to call Sonny Liston, officially died 40 years ago today. Discovered in his Las Vegas apartment days later when rigour mortis had been set in for some time, the former heavyweight champion was destined to be remembered as a mystery figure - a man whose date of birth was as unknown as his date of death.

But as much as we do not know about Liston, we do know he was a tremendous fighter in his prime. A man with freakish natural strength and power, the son of Tobe Liston made a habit of terrifying his opponents to the point where they were all but frozen with fear. Liston could fight hard when he had to, though, as his refusing to quit with a broken jaw against pre-championship foe Marty Marshall proved. continue

Chad Dawson Under New Stewardship

TOTOWA, NJ (December 30, 2010) – Former WBC and IBF light heavyweight champion CHAD DAWSON will be under new stewardship when he begins preparations for his rematch against WBC light heavyweight titlist Jean Pascal early next year. Hall of Fame trainer EMANUEL STEWARD has agreed to join Dawson’s corner as head trainer.

Steward has trained 41 world champion fighters, including Tommy Hearns, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Wladimir Klitschko and Miguel Cotto. continue

Former WBC Super-Middleweight Champ Robin Reid To Make Comeback, Fight In Next Instalment Of “Prizefighter?”

By James Slater - Various news outlets are reporting how it looks very likely that Britain’s Robin Reid, the former WBC 168-pound champion, will make a return to the ring in January, to take part in the latest instalment of the hugely successful “Prizefighter” tournament. The Jan. 29th tourney, which will take place at light-heavyweight, will also feature top British name Tony Dodson as well as a number of unbeaten, up-and-coming fighters. It will be “The Grim Reaper,” though, who grabs the headlines if he does indeed take part. continue

The Low Expectations of Pacquiao vs. Mosley

By P.H. Burbridge: Big fights are hard to come by. We’ve seen the #1 guy in two fights this year that no one really wanted and now we’ve been alerted to expect another in 2011. It’s hard not to be cynical because the truth is many fans don’t think Shane Mosley has enough left in the tank to compete with a fighter who is on a historic roll. The problem is two fold. First, it’s quite clear that everyone’s top choice will probably be no where near a boxing ring in the foreseeable future and the other guy who in the minds of many fans deserves a rubber match will continue to be frozen out due to his promotional alliance not to mention his difficult to solve style. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a mess in many ways and his personal problems are beginning to dwarf his incredible professional accomplishments. His recent legal troubles have made it a useless endeavor to discuss any future fight between he and Manny Pacquiao. We all know the history between these guys as well as the sticking points so let’s just accept that we’re not going to get this fight for at least another year. Maybe we’ll be lucky and see it in late 2011 but as we’ve learned many times as boxing fans you can never plan that far out. Who knows what will happen in that time span….. Personally, I would have preferred Pacquiao vs Marquez III but it simply cannot be made due to the antagonistic relationship between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. continue

Benny Ricardo's ideas to improve boxing in 2011

Former NFL placekicker Benny Ricardo is a man of many talents. In addition to being a stand-up comic who will play two sold-out shows New Year's Eve in San Diego, Benny is a veteran boxing analyst on television, often teaming with Hall of Fame blow-by-blow announcer Col. Bob Sheridan. Here's a unique look at Ricardo's comedic ideas about how to improve boxing in 2011 continue

2011 Wish list

by Chris Kelly: As 2010 winds up and fight fans all over the world debate the end of year honours, most of which will be decided from a handful fights in the latter months, lets look ahead to what may be, or at least should be, on the fight calendar for 2011. continue

Klitschko vs. Haye: Almost a go or Almost gone...

By Joel Young: A lot of people have been frowning on boxing's heavyweight division the past few years. A big fight like this would really spark public interest. Wladimir Klitschko has given David Haye the ultimatum - pick a brother by January 11th or the deal is off. Haye said he is retiring this October no matter what happens in his career. The older Klitschko brother Vitali is obligated to fight Odlanier Solis in March, so he's probably out. So that leaves Wladimir, widely considered the true heavyweight champion, holding the IBF, IBO, and WBO belts.

At first Haye kept up with his typical run-around: He wanted more money, wanted the fight in Britain, wanted a bigger share of television royalties, yada yada yada, But then as of this week Haye says he is very interested in the fight and subsequently agrees to all conditions, including equal splits, and that Wladimir can choose the venue. So that means the fight is on, right?

Well don't get excited yet. continue

Tyson Fury – A fighter from birth or media creation?

By Michael Burnell: Hearing the name is a statement of the family commitment to the sport. Just the name ‘Tyson Fury’ is enough to stimulate the salivary glands of trainers, promoters and fans alike with its impressive swagger. “Fury” would personify the assault of press this fighter has received since he first punched for pay in late ’08. But is he anything more than a big heavyweight with a marketable name? continue

Chin Check: Pacquiao, Mayweather and Berto

By Jason Bey: In order to be a great fighter there are certain attributes that a fighter has to have. Some fighters are considered great boxers and others may not possess the skill to box as well as others, yet they have power or speed or a combination of both. However one thing is for sure, in order to obtain greatness in the brutal sport of boxing, one must have a good chin. If we take a look at the ever evolving 140 - 147lb. divisions there are several dimensions to the welterweight royalty, but let’s check their chins. continue

Is Carl Froch the Best British Fighter Since Lennox Lewis?

by Geoffrey Ciani - Former undisputed champion of the world Lennox Lewis is often viewed by fans as the last great heavyweight champion of the world. In addition to being one of the only boxers in history to beat every man he ever faced, Lewis is also widely viewed as one of the best, if not the best British fighter of all-time. Since his retirement, there have been a handful of other great British fighters including the likes of Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton, and David Haye. The best British fighter since Lewis, however, is undoubtedly none other than WBC super middleweight Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch. At first glance many fans might be inclined to dispute this claim, but when one delves deeper beneath the surface this truth becomes self-evident. Let us examine how the other contenders measure up against ‘The Cobra’.

Like Lewis before him, David Haye holds a portion of the heavyweight title. He is also a former unified cruiserweight champion. To date, his best win is probably against former two-time title holder John Ruiz. Haye managed to batter the shopworn Ruiz for nine rounds dropping him five times in the process, but since making the jump to heavyweight, however, Haye has created a lot more noise with his mouth than his fists. He essentially talked his way into having a mega fight against one of the Klitschko brothers without accomplishing anything of note. He then proceeded to pull out of scheduled fights with both of them within a matter of months. In his most recent bout he easily stopped former Gold Medal winner, fellow countryman, and undeserving challenger Audley Harrison. His best wins at cruiserweight are impressive but his resume leaves a lot to be desired especially at heavyweight. When compared to the great Lennox Lewis, Haye seems much less inclined to consistently seek out the best challenges. continue

Rigondeaux - Casey Sold Out!

On March 19th 2011 Limericks own Cinderella-Man takes another leap into the unknown when he challenges Guillermo Rigondeaux for his WBA Super-Bantamweight title. Having defied all the odds to capture the European title, pummelling Paulie Hyland over four blistering rounds, Willie Casey embarks on a road less travelled by his fellow countrymen. Interestingly Ireland take on England in rugby at 5pm that day so Irish sports fans are sure to be licking their lips again with not-too-distant memories of Bernard Dunne fighting Ricardo Cordoba the same day as Ireland winning the six nations two years ago. continue

R.I.P “Bad” Bennie Briscoe

By James Slater - It has been a sad end to the festive holidays for two boxing legends. Yesterday, the wife of legendary trainer of champions Angelo Dundee passed away at age 85, while later the same day, Philadelphia middleweight great Bennie Briscoe passed away at age 67. To Angelo and the family and friends of “Bad” Bennie, we offer our condolences.

Briscoe, who was actually born in Augusta, Georgia (on Feb. 8th 1943) turned pro in Philly in September of 1962, and he went on to battle against some of the finest middleweights in boxing history. Briscoe, who came up tough, went in with a veritable who’s who of middleweight stars of the 1970s. continue

Bernard Hopkins: "What I did is just expose Pascal and ruin the Chad Dawson and Pascal fight because TV isn’t going to want to buy that mess. You have two losers fighting each other. For what?"

by Geoffrey Ciani - Last week’s 105th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with former undisputed middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins (51-5-2, 32 KOs), who is coming off a controversial draw against WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal (26-1-1, 16 KOs ). Had Hopkins been awarded the victory as most observers believe he deserved, he would have become the oldest boxer in history to win a major world title. Boxing fans are already eager to see a Pascal-Hopkins rematch early next year. Hopkins spoke about the fight and expressed his interest in an immediate rematch amongst other things in the interview. Here is a complete transcript.

JENNA J: Anyway, it’s actually time for our last guest of this year’s final show. He is one of boxing’s living legends coming off an amazing performance this past weekend. We’re proud to welcome back Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. How’s everything going tonight Bernard?

BERNARD HOPKINS: Everything is great.

JENNA: I really have to congratulate you. I thought you performed above and beyond for a man of your age or any age the way you fought against Pascal, so I definitely have to congratulate you for that.

HOPKINS: Well first, I appreciate what you said and I also appreciate the love that I got, especially after a win even though I didn’t get it from the judges. Canada and the referee from Canada and the judges from Canada set a bad precedent of honesty and integrity amongst the boxing world. But I feel like a champion today because I am, and the love and the respect that I’m getting right now—this is a blessing in disguise. I mean one thing I understand in this long career and life, not only in my personal travels and of course you know about those, but this is a blessing beyond blessings. It’s the best thing that could have happened. Yes, would I have loved to have the belts right now in my presence knowing that I deserved it and I won it? Yes, absolutely, but when you look at the scheme of things, and I don’t want to get religious and fanatic on you, but guys who pay attention will see what he’s doing. I expose what I’ve always said many times about a sport that I love. There are things in this sport that would make corporate America never embrace, it would make casual boxing fans always have that taste in their mouth that boxing is still living in the 1950s and 60s where even though things are dressed up different and handled different, that somewhere down the line that the mafia of this world and the corporation of today’s world still exists high and well. continue

Ten Lower-Level Heavyweight Match-Ups I’d Like To See In 2011

By James Slater - With the top three or four guys of the heavyweight division aiming to fight one another soon, therefore ruling out any other match-ups taking place for the time being, it is the job of the big men who are a little further down the ladder to provide us with some intriguing action.

Both Klitschkos want David Haye, while Vitali looks like facing Odlanier Solis in his next fight (thus leaving Haye to Wlad), while Tomasz Adamek is also thisclose to a title shot. But what about the fighters who are either up-and-coming or still sticking around: both category of heavies wanting either their first crack or yet another crack at the world title? Who could they fight in match-ups that would both please the fans and earn them the shot they want continue

Tomasz Adamek-Sam Peter In Doubt - Peter Wants A 50-50 Split

By James Slater - Though the fight wasn’t an official done deal anyway, talks were apparently going well for a showdown between Poland’s Tomasz Adamek and “Nigerian Nightmare” Samuel Peter. The former WBC heavyweight champ was sufficiently ranked by the IBF for the world-title-on-his-mind “Goral,” and fans seemed to be okay with the match-up taking place.

Adamek will still be fighting in his native Poland on April 16th, but now, according to an interview that went up on SPORT website yesterday, Peter might well have talked himself out of the date due to asking for too much money. continue

Johnson wrested the title 102 years ago

Jack Johnsonby Mike Dunn - It was 102 years ago this week that fistic history was made in Sydney, Australia. Tommy Burns -- the Hanover, Canada native who came into the world as Noah Brusso -- finally put the heavyweight championship on the line against Jack Johnson, the 6-foot-1 Galveston "giant" who had chased him halfway around the world.

The fight took place on Dec. 26, 1908 -- Boxing Day in the U.K. -- at Rushcutter's Bay in a 20,000-seat stadium built by promoter Hugh McIntosh for the occasion. It was notable for several reasons. First among those reasons was Johnson, the first African American to challenge for the world heavyweight title. Johnson won, of course, wresting the crown from Burns' grasp after the police intervened in the 14th round and forced a stoppage.

The fight was also notable because Burns received the largest purse ever given to a boxing champion to that point. McIntosh, a wealthy caterer, offered the unheard of sum of 7,500 pounds to get Burns into the ring against Johnson.

The fight drew a packed house -- with many turned away at the gate -- with a gross of 26,000 pounds, so McIntosh made a nice profit on his venture. continue

David Diaz vs. Robert Frankel on Jan 28

ormer WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz will battle Denver based spoiler Robert “Red Hot” Frankel on Friday, January 28th in the ten round main event at WINDY CITY FIGHT NIGHT 15, a sensational evening of professional boxing hosted by Chicago’s UIC Pavilion. A longtime Chicagoland fan favorite, Diaz, 35-3-1 (17KO’s), heads back home where many of his biggest victories have come since turning professional. In his last area bout on September 26, 2009, Diaz battered former world champion Jesus Chavez enroute to a ten round decision in front of a huge crowd at the UIC Pavilion. continue

News: Provodnikov vs Andrade; Bunting vs O`Brian; Vanes Martirosyan

LAS VEGAS, NEV. (December 28, 2010) – Undefeated contenders DEMETRIUS ANDRADE and RUSLAN PROVODNIKOV will host a Free Public Workout, Next Tuesday! January 4, beginning at Noon PT, at Findlay Toyota, located in the Henderson Auto Mall (7733 Eastgate Rd., Henderson, Nev. 89011.) Joining Andrade and Provodnikov will be their opponents, the Herrera brothers, Mauricio and Alberto. continue

Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto To Go Head-To-Head March 12th - Two Rival Shows To Take Place That Night!

By James Slater - Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto looked close to facing one another at one point recently, but the talked-of 2011 fight fell apart during negotiations. Now, the two will go head-to-head in another manner. Martinez, the world middleweight king, will face a TBA in New York on March 12th. Cotto, the reigning WBA light-middleweight champion, will face Ricardo Mayorga in Las Vegas on that same night.

Cotto promoter Bob Arum has already made it clear to that he is not happy his pay-per-view show will be going up against a regular HBO show, and it will be interesting to see which card wins over the most fans. Who will prove to be the bigger box office attraction on March 12th - Cotto or Martinez?

Not yet knowing who Martinez will fight makes answering this question hard, but various sources do seem to suggest “Maravilla” will defend against Irishman Andy Lee. continue

Griffin vs Mack IBF Eliminator tops “New Years Bash” January 7!

USBA Light Heavyweight titlist Otis “Triple OG” Griffin and Yusaf Mack will battle it out to become IBF champion Tavoris Cloud’s mandatory challenger when they meet Friday, January 7 in the main event of “New Year’s Bash” from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis.

The card is presented by Seconds Out Promotions in association with Brewer Sports International and tickets start at $30. continue

Boxing 360 Inks KO King Tyrone Brunson

The all-time record for most consecutive first-round knockouts, Philadelphia junior middleweight Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson (21-1-1, 20 KOs), has signed an exclusive promotional contract with Boxing 360.

“We’re thrilled to add a talented knockout artist such as Tyrone to our growing stable of future champions,” Boxing 360 Founder and CEO Mario Yagobi said. “We plan on getting him back in the ring in the early part of 2011 and to keep him busy.. continue

On the Ropes 2010 Year End Awards: Sergio Martinez Named Fighter of the Year!

by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani - Last week’s 105th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio concluded with the announcement of our “2010 Year End Awards”. 2010 wound up being a fairly decent year for boxing, especially in the final two months which saw many interesting clashes of styles inside the squared circle that included drama, good action, and some surprising upsets along the way. On the Ropes Boxing Radio has brought you the latest and greatest in the world of boxing straight from the fighters and trainers who help shape the professional landscape. With the unique insight that comes from reporting the latest news every week, you will not find a better list of annual boxing awards than right here. Without further ado, here are our 2010 winners!

Fighter of the Year: Sergio Martinez This one is a no-brainer. Although Manny Pacquiao certainly enters the discussion he just did not have the type of year Sergio Martinez did. Wins against Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito were both impressive efforts, but Pacquiao was never expected to struggle in these fights. Sergio Martinez, on the other hand, was not expected to accomplish much in the grand scheme of things. His year started in April when he scored an impressive upset victory against Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik which earned him the WBC/WBO versions of the middleweight title. In November, he then went on to avenge a previous loss against Paul Williams with an explosive second round knockout.
Runner-Up: Manny Pacquiao continue

Sergio Mora-Bryan Vera - Who Wins “The Battle Of The Contenders?”

By James Slater - Former participants in the reality TV show “The Contender,” Sergio Mora and Bryan Vera will clash in a scheduled ten-rounder at super-middleweight on February 4th. The fight will go out live on ESPN2 and the winner of the Forth Worth rumble will be hoping a victory sets up bigger fights down the road.

Mora, who went on from winning “The Contender” in 2005 to capture the WBC 154-pound title with an upset points win over the late Vernon Forrest three years later, will be looked at as the favourite next year. continue

Video: Floyd Mayweather Explodes on Security Guard -- On Tape

-- click here to watch video -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. unleashed a nuclear verbal attack on a guard inside his Vegas community last weekend -- all because the guy didn't recognize him ... and TMZ has obtained the footage.

It all went down Sunday December 19 around 4 AM -- when Floyd drove up to the main gate and the security guard asked him for I.D. continue

Mosley Gets an Undeserved Payday

By Ted Sares: During the past several years, I have taken to using my own version of the bell-shaped curve as a means of assessing a particular boxer’s worth at any given point in time. For me, being on the left hands side means something positive and being on the right hand side means the beginning of the downward trip. This is different from the normal use of this tool which is frequently used by teachers to grade students, and is also used in the far more complicated areas of probability theory and Economics.

But I like to keep things it simple. When I look at a particular fighter, for example, Andre Berto, I can readily determine that he is on the left hand side of the curve on his way higher. In short, he is still growing. But when I observe Sugar Shane Mosley, it’s clear to me that he is on the right hand side and has long since seen his best days. When I look at Wlad or Vitali Klitschko, I see fighters who have stayed at the peak for some time. In fact, if I were so inclined, I could flatten the peak for both so that it would look like a dormant volcano. Still others like bomber Randall Bailey (41-7) are hard to pinpoint and arguably have moved back and forth. Juan Manuel Marques continues to defy the odds as well. continue

Boxing Books - Some Interesting Choices (Also, some words about "The Fighter")

By Paul Strauss: Often biographies fail to live up to a reader's expectations. Initially the reader anticipates a chance to delve deeper into the "real person" behind the legend and gain greater insight into the secrets of their hero's success. Sometimes they are rewarded and sometimes the writer falls short. continue

The B.L. Morgan Boxing Blog: Pugilistic Wishes for 2011

Hey Guys and Gals another year has come and gone and unless something drastic happens in the next few days all the major stories on the knuckle-dusting world are done. Since we are almost at the end of the year and this is the season of sharing I have decided to share with you my wishes for the sport of Boxing for the year to come.

In no particular order here are my wishes for Boxing in 2011:

1. The establishment of a Federal Boxing Commission. I know this is a long shot but we really need to have a framework to oversee that rules are uniform and high medical standards are maintained within this most dangerous of sports. continue

Evander Holyfield-Sherman Williams - The Fight That Wouldn’t Die!

By James Slater - Though in truth not too many fans were interested in seeing it happen in the first place, the on/off/on again fight between heavyweight legend Evander Holyfield and journeyman Sherman “The Tank” Williams has proven to be a very stubborn bout indeed. Twice (or was it three times?) the fight fell through, only for it to be back on yet again for January 22nd in West Virginia.

The fight will serve as a “tune-up” for the 48-year-old Holyfield’s upcoming March fight against Danish hero Brian Nielsen. Amazingly, both bouts will be available on Pay-Per-View! If either fight does well in terms of TV sales, it will only be down to the fascination fans still have when it comes to great, or once great, heavyweights. And who is more of a fan-favourite than the once formidable “Real Deal?”

Even at his current age and after having had such a long and hard fighting career, the 43-10-2(28) Holyfield should be able to defeat both Williams and Nielsen - even if the near-50-year-old will be embarking on his most active three month spell in a very long time. Holyfield fought just once in 2008, not at all in 2009, and just once in 2010. Now, with 2011 approaching, the former four-time heavyweight ruler has a busy year ahead of him. continue

Amir Khan Fires Back At Drugs Claims, Insists He And Pacquiao Are Clean

By James Slater - WBA light-welterweight champion Amir Khan, fresh off that great win over the hard-hitting Marcos Maidana, is refusing to allow his victory to be tarnished by claims he has taken illegal substances. According to an exclusive interview in today’s Boxing Day issue of British paper The Star, Khan and his conditioning coach Alex Ariza have been stung by claims from Maidana’s trainer Miguel Diaz that the 24-year-old “cheated” his way to victory by way of taking illegal substances.

Reportedly, Diaz called Ariza “a fraud,” and upon hearing this, Khan fired back in anger. Insisting that he and stable mate Manny Pacquiao are both clean fighters, Khan says any talk that he is a cheat is simply proof of how people are jealous of him and his success. continue

TKO Boxing Promotions Hits Greeley, Colorado On Saturday, January 8th

World class professional boxing will hit Greeley, Colorado for the first time in over twenty years as TKO Boxing Promotions in association with Ghost Town Promotions brings its nationally acclaimed HOMETOWN HEROES TO WORLD CHAMPIONS boxing series to the Island Grove Park Exhibit Hall on Saturday, January 8th. Advance tickets for the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RUMBLE, starting at $25, can be purchased at the Longmont Boxing Gym in Longmont and the Jesus Rodarte Cultural Center in Greeley. VIP Tables and additional information can be obtained by calling 720-296-6176. continue

Emanuel Steward Is Delivering Much More Than a "Boxing Clinic" - He's Bridging a Generational Gap

by David Douglas: On a recent visit to Dallas,Texas a distinguished member of the worlds boxing elite trainers club, who needs no introduction yet is deserving of nothing less, the Legendary International Hall of Fame Boxing Trainer/ Manager and HBO Boxing Commentator, Emanuel "Manny" Steward, provided a rare opportunity for boxing fans, trainers and coaches, boxers, and state officials, who attended his Boxing Clinic. Upon arriving, I saw Emanuel sitting to the side of the room signing autographs and granting photo ops with all the aforementioned boxing fraternity members and fans. He was as cool and receptive as if he were an everyday member of the Maple Street Boxing Gym, the hosting venue for the 2 1/2 hour event. That was the beginning of what was to be an exceptional day for those in attendance....

Manny started the Boxing Clinic, with a brief introduction and overview, given by Anita Ruiz ( Director of Business Development for Emanuel Steward ). Anita Ruiz was very well organized and efficient with her delivery and maintaining the flow of the overall event. The immediate indication of which direction that this Boxing Clinic would go, was evident in Manny's ability to analyze and asses the audience in front of him and make the proper adjustments and adaptions that would cater to a unique group of pugilistic brethren; Texas State Boxing Commissioner Dickie Cole and staff of referees, judges and time keepers, long time Manager and Official, Doug Lord, former local pro boxers such as Sugar Ray Phillips and the Legendary International Hall of Fame Boxer and Welterweight Champion of The World, Curtis Cokes ( who Emanuel would make several references to as having one of the best right hand crosses in boxing ) . Also in attendance, were local veteran and rookie amateur boxing coaches and trainers. continue

Great fights that may happen in 2011

By By Mark Klimaszewski: 2010 was a late bloomer. We had some great fights through the first 8 or 9 months. Kessler vs Froch, Perez vs Mares, Escalante vs Roman and Calderon vs Segura were all action packed battles that left fans happy. continue

David Haye – not shy, but is he retiring?

By Rob Moore: With a Haye V Klitschko fight now looking more likely, given the revenue it would generate, I would argue very likely, my thoughts returned to the assertion by David Haye that he will retire by his 31st birthday in October 2011, come what may. I appreciate that even the mention of the name David Haye stirs heightened emotions, but I would ask we remain calm for a minute or two and consider his decision objectively, as it is one I have found genuinely confounding. continue

Amir Khan: He Walked The Street Of Dreams….

boxingBy Ted Spoon: “I didn't think he had the toughness, the strength, or maturity to survive in a fight like this. This has been unbelievable. Phenomenal.” - Jim Watt, Sky Sports

One must confess…back when Amir scooped up the gold in that hazardless triumph over Andreas Kotelnik it looked as if the newly formed alliance with Freddie Roach had been designed to stem any possibility of excitement. Anything that unearthed images of the Prescott disaster was sure to be avoided, and so when the name 'Maidana' slipped its way into a conversation, Roach was not shy in explaining his reluctance to tackle the man with the punch…and after the festivities we can see why.

Khan stood up to the big punch, just about. The last few scuffing efforts at the end of a damaging round 10 reduced Khan to an empathetic piece of jelly left to zigzag back to its corner. Scornful of the efforts to touch gloves and always obliged to club away with his free arm, Maidana had been hunting Khan down with that inevitable plod characteristic of many war horses; a Stanley Ketchel or a Bennie Briscoe. continue

The Klitschkos promise to fight David Haye in 2011

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: While there aren’t too many dream fights out there that even slightly resemble the proposed Pacquiao vs. Mayweather drama, one fight comes close. continue

Juan Manuel Lopez Due Back In Ring In April - Will 2011 Be “Juanma’s” Year?

By James Slater - Though he enjoyed a fine year in 2010, Puerto Rican sensation Juan Manuel Lopez failed to win the Fighter of The Year award on any major lists. The unbeaten, now two-weight world champion stopped three good men this year - Steven Luevano, Bernabe Concepcion and, most impressively Rafael Marquez. Perhaps in a different twelve months, that would have been enough for “Juanma” to have gotten a few mentions as far as the FOTY distinction goes. But this year, Argentine superstar Sergio Gabriel Martinez was doing his stuff at the highest level, and his two huge wins earned him FOTY honours. continue

Shumenov training camp notes from Kazakhstan - Shumenov vs Brähmer

Shymkent, Kazakhstan (Dec. 29, 2010) - WBA and IBA Light Heavyweight World Champion Beibut Shumenov (10-1, 6 KOs) has been preparing for the biggest fight in his very short, but storied career, training for "The Unification," his Jan. 8, 2011 blockbuster boxing event first at Team Barry Boxing in Henderson, Nevada with his head trainer and 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist Kevin Barry, and now in Shymkent.

"The Unification," presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions and KZ Event Productions in association with Universum Box-Promotions, will feature Shumenov and WBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Juergen Braehmer (36-2, 29 KOs) putting their respective titles on the line kicking-off the 2011 boxing year in exciting fashion, in a 12-round WBA-WBO Light Heavyweight Unification World Championship on January 8, 2011 at the Ice Mansion in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Shymkent-native Shumenov, now fighting out of Las Vegas, owns and operates KZ Event Productions along with his brother Chingis is promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions. continue

UK Boxing: John O’Donnell; Craig Watson; AshleyTheophane; Lenny Daws

London (December 24th 2010). John O’Donnell, the British / Irish welterweight prodigy is hoping that 2011 is going to be the year that he finally fulfils his lifelong dream and wins the British title. “It’s been a dream of mine from the day I started boxing to win the Lonsdale belt” said O’Donnell

But before the former unbeaten Commonwealth champion can be crowned the champion of Britain he must defeat his old foe, Manchester’s Craig Watson at Wembley Arena on 5th February for the 2nd time. continue

David Haye “Agrees To All Of Klitschko’s Demands” Yet Still No Deal

By James Slater - Fans continue to argue one way or the other, that it is either David Haye or Wladimir Klitschko who is “scared” to fight the other. After all that’s gone on at the negotiating tables, only when the first bell rings will everyone agree that both men want the fight - if bell-one ever does ring for the two rival heavyweights, that is.

Only today, in an exclusive in British tabloid The Sun, a story ran claming Haye is willing to agree to ALL of Klitschko’s demands, even though it will cost the WBA champ an estimated £2 million. continue

Jean Pascal: “Stop crying like a baby Bernard, you’re 45 years old!”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 105th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with WBC light heavyweight champion of the world Jean Pascal (26-1-1, 16 KOs), who is coming off a somewhat controversial draw against Bernard Hopkins (51-5-2, 32 KOs). Boxing fans are already eager to see a Pascal-Hopkins rematch early next year. Pascal, however, is contractually obligated to have a rematch against Chad Dawson (whom he beat back in August). Pascal spoke about his most recent fight, discussed future rematches with Hopkins and Dawson, shared opinions on the Super Six, and more! Here is a complete transcript of that interview:

JENNA J: It’s actually time for our first guest on this week’s episode. He is still the reigning light heavyweight champion of the world after a tough fight this past weekend. We are joined by Jean Pascal. How’s everything going tonight, Jean?

JEAN PASCAL: Things are going good for me. Thank you, and you?

JENNA: It’s going great. We’re happy to be talking to you. Let’s discuss your fight a little bit. You fought Bernard Hopkins, the ageless warrior, the legend. It was a close fight. It was ruled a draw. What did you think about the bout?

PASCAL: Actually it was a close fight, but I really think that I did enough to win this fight. I was home and I’m the champion, so every close round you have to give it to the champion. I think that even though that was a close fight that I did enough to win, but the judges saw something else. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m ready to face Bernard Hopkins one more time to prove I’m the best. continue

Eddie Chambers-Derric Rossy II To Take Place Feb.11th - Eliminator For Shot At Wladimir Klitschko

By James Slater - Skilled Philly heavyweight “Fast” Eddie Chambers has not been in action since his March loss to world heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko. Stopped dramatically in the closing seconds of the final round in Germany, Chambers has been back in the gym since, but he has seen no live action. This will change in February of next year, when the 28-year-old will face Derric Rossy in a rematch.

The fight, set to go ahead at Bally’s in Atlantic City according to, will be an eliminator for a shot at Ring magazine, IBF, WBO and IBO ruler Klitschko. continue


James DeGale has gate-crashed the WBO's top 10 rankings after his stunning win over Paul Smith.

The new British super-middleweight champion is now rated number five by the governing body and he will aim to rise to the top of the pile by the end of 2011.

"I've always said that I want to be a world champion by 2012," said Olympic Champion DeGale. continue

A Special Xmas Message from Sergio Martinez

boxingSincerely Boxing Friends:

2010 has been a wonderful year for myself, my team, and my family. I have made tens of thousands of new friends and proven myself as one of the greatest fighters in the word. I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support you have shown me. I would do it in person if I could.

As important as boxing is to me, and it is a big part of my life, at this time let us remember that there is nothing more important than family, friends, and dignity. Let us also remember those less fortunate than ourselves and fight against unnecessary violence, particularly against women.

I look forward to resuming my career in March at Madison Square Garden and hope that all my friends will join me for a celebration of the best of boxing. I wish all of you un año de maravilla. Feliz Navidad por todos.

Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez

Ismayl faces Despaigne on March 4th

Emergence as boxing's next superstar is imminent now that light heavyweight contender, Ismayl "The Black Russian" Sillakh (14-0, 12 KOs) is scheduled to face fellow new contender Yordanis Despaigne (8-0, 4 KOs) in a March 4 main event on ESPN2. continue

The B.L. Morgan Boxing Blog: Why We Will Buy Pacquiao vs Mosley!

Actually, a few days ago I wrote the title and a few paragraphs to Pacquiao vs Mosley, Why It Should Happen but got pulled away and now that Blog wouldn’t seem to make very much sense.

Why I am glad to see this bout signed is simple; this fight is going to be a Battle for as long as it lasts. continue

Margules Weighs in on Campaign for Prescott/Khan Rematch

Breidis PrescottWhile Colombian power puncher Breidis Prescott's campaign to give WBA Junior Welterweight Champion Amir Khan his shot at redemption by way of a rematch has gained strong traction with boxing fans, Golden Boy CEO Richard Scahefer still seems resistant.

Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing, Prescott's co-promoter (along with DiBella Entertainment), thinks he knows why. "Golden Boy doesn't want to put their guy at risk because they are smart," he admits. "Richard knows Khan cannot beat Prescott, and so he is brushing it off. Prescott is a much bigger puncher than Maidana and Khan, who got hit by both, knows it."

For those who don't recall, Prescott (23-2, 19 KOs) knocked Khan silly in 54 seconds in September 2008 at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester.

According to Margules, while more money may lie in fighting "big name" opponents, what Khan stands to gain in facing Prescott again is much more valuable. continue

Mariusz Wach Signs with Global Boxing and Prize Fight Promotions

North Bergen, NJ (December 23, 2010) - Undefeated heavyweight prospect Mariusz "The Polish Giant" Wach (23-0, 11 KO) has signed a promotional agreement with North Bergen, NJ-based organization Global Boxing Promotions. continue

Khan Says He’d KO Breidis Prescott “Inside Three-Rounds” If They Fought Again

By James Slater - Though we await official confirmation as to who WBA 140-pound champion Amir Khan will fight in his next fight, tentatively planned for the UK in April, one man is hoping he will get the chance to fight Khan a second time. And even though it looks like Breidis Prescott of Colombia will not be Khan’s April challenger (Lamont Peterson has been heavily favoured to get the shot), the only man to have beaten Khan continues to ask for a rematch. continue

Prescott: Khan Will be Laughing All the Way to the Canvas

Amir KhanColombian slugger Breidis Prescott (23-2, 19 KOs) received World Boxing Association (WBA) Junior Welterweight Champion Amir Khan's recent press release with a chuckle of his own.

Entitled "Amir Khan Laughs at Prescott: I'd Stop You in Three!" the release details what a laughably easy time Khan thinks he would have in a rematch with his conqueror, Prescott.

For those who don't recall, Prescott humiliated Khan in 54 seconds in September of 2008 at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, leaving him knocked out in a heap in his own corner.

"The ones truly laughing are the boxing public at Amir's attempts to talk his way out of this fight," said Prescott. "He knows I have his number, that's why he's laughing and not signing. A true champion doesn't talk about what he would have done. He gets in the ring and does it.. continue

David Diaz returns at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion on Jan 28th

CHICAGO, IL (December 21, 2010) Chicago’s WINDY CITY FIGHT NIGHT professional boxing series kicks off the New Year with a bang in its 15th installment as former WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz returns to battle in the main event on Friday, January 28th at the UIC Pavilion. Presented by Dominic Pesoli’s 8 Count Productions, HOME OF THE BEST IN CHICAGO BOXING, advance tickets starting at $31 are available through the 8 Count Productions office (312-226-5800), Ticketmaster ( and the UIC Pavilion box office (312-413-5740). continue

Edwin Rodriguez graduates friom Froch & Pascal training camps

As he prepares to go from promising prospect to legitimate contender, undefeated Edwin “La Bomba” Rodriguez’ recent magical mystery tour as a sparring partner in major training camps Australia, England and Miami provided him with invaluable post graduate boxing courses. Dominican Republic-native Rodriguez (17-0, 13 KOs), arguably the world’s premier super middleweight prospect, is coming off of a sensational performance November 5 in the main event on ShoBox: The New Generation, stopping James McGirt in the ninth round for the vacant WBC USNBC super middleweight title. continue

Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Senior, and Jean Pascal will be “On the Ropes Boxing Radio” - LIVE NOW!

by Jenna J - This week's 105th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (featuring Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Jean Pascal) will start at its special Wednesday time, 9:00pm Eastern Time. You can listen live by clicking “play” on the player or click here to listen and enter our chat on the blogtalk message board; you can also call into the show at (646)716-5404.

On the Ropes Boxing Radio is back to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of boxing! Join me Jenna J, the Hostess, along with my amazing Producer and Co-Host, Geoffrey Ciani (aka-Rummy).



• Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal battling to a controversial draw
• Should there be a Hopkins-Pascal rematch and where should it take place?
• Marco Huck scoring a majority decision victory against Denis Lebedev
• Manny Pacquiao signing to face Shane Mosley on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
• Miguel Cotto going to defend his WBA middleweight title against Ricardo Mayorga possibly on March 12
• Erik Morales beating Fancisco Lornezo by unanimous decision
• On the Ropes Boxing Radio 2010 Year End Awards
• 2011 Boxing Wish List continue

Pacquiao vs Mosley!

by Paul Strauss: Well, it doesn't take a genius to know what's going on here. This announcement is further eivdence of the real battle going on behind the scenes between Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank. Mosley, one of the founding partners of Golden Boy Promotion, apparently split with them because he was upset about not being pushed out front as the most viable opponent over Juan Manuel Marquez. Golden Boy has Marquez under promotional contract, so you figure it out.

Bob Arum, president of Top Rank, pleaded his case for this fight by claiming Sugar Shane Mosley is the the better known fighter of the three possibles: Mosley, Marquez and Andre Berto. Do you agree? Apparently Arum feels selection of Mosley also will pacify those critics who say Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao hasn't fought any african-americans. continue

Official: Mosley Gets May 7th Fight With Pacquiao - But “Sugar” Aside, Is Anyone Happy?

By James Slater - As most fight fans probably know by now, pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, on May 7th in Las Vegas, will now officially be against 39-year-old “Sugar” Shane Mosley. reported this late last night (UK time), and Pac-Man’s promoter Bob Arum is trying his best to suggest the fight will be a tough one for the 32-year-old southpaw tornado from the Philippines.

It seems fight fans know better, though. continue

Vivek Wallace Presents: 'OPEN MIC FAN MAIL' - Bernard Hopkins - Performance Execution or Performance Enhancement?

Every Wednesday ESB will feature a new published letter directly from hardcore fight fans just like you! Each letter will be published with a response from boxing scribe Vivek Wallace. Send all 'Open Mic Fan Mail' letters to, and remember to keep content short and concise, and profanity free. Today's segment comes from Raymon Santiago of Covina, CA:

Vivek, Every time I look, you seem to be discussing your thoughts on Pacquiao refusing Mayweather's blood based randomized testing up until the day of the fight, but you sat here and gave all of this praise to a man 45 years old, as if there's any thing normal about being able to compete at that level at his age. I'm completely disgusted with writers like yourself who want to question an innocent mans achievement, yet let others get away with things that are far more questionable. Bernard Hopkins hasn't looked that good or energetic since shortly after he faced Jones for the first time, and now all of a sudden you see all this energy at age 45, and no one wants to question him.

I can't call you racist because I know you aren't, but I really think it's unfair that you question one man and not another. I find it very interesting that Hopkins is Goldenboy fighter, and Goldenboy talks all this stuff about "cleaning up the sport", and supporting Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s effort to "clean up the sport", yet not once did they make it mandatory for any of their other fighters to do the testing, particularly Hopkins who is doing this type of stuff at 45 like no other fighter has been able to. continue

Casey vs Rigondeaux: Willie knows no fear

Ireland’s Cinderella Man, Willie ‘Big Bang’ Casey is a man who knows no fear. After only eleven fights into his pro career he remains undefeated and seemingly unstoppable. Confidence is high in the Dolphil camp with team Casey plotting one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.

Head Coach Phil Sutcliffe shares the belief surrounding the camp “Of course we are confident in causing an upset, that’s why we took the fight, I believe Willie has the tools to beat Rigondeaux. We know all about Rigo, two Olympic Gold’s, two World Championships and now a World Title so he is the real deal. I still think Willie can do it, he’s one of the hardest hitters in the world at his weight, its going to be a fantastic fight. continue

Thoughts from ‘The Brain’: Boxing 2010 – Best & Worst

By Martin ‘The Brain’ Potter of the Boxing Clever Podcast - A fighter being knocked unconscious when he was already on the floor (Andre Dirrell). A boxer literally flying out of the ring (Kermit Cintron). Two rounds of heavyweight boxing in which no punches of note were thrown by either man (Haye-Harrison). World heavyweight title shots handed out to “contenders” Harrison, Chisora, Briggs and Peters (again). And old concrete-hands himself coming back from a one-year ban straight into a world title shot against the best fighter on the planet (ok, he had beat up a bum first, unconvincingly, to “earn” that shot….). Boxing in 2010 has been strange.

Aside from all of the above and the fights that didn’t happen, there were some stand out performers in 2010 – both in a good way and a bad way. continue

Troy Ross Seeks Fair Treatment from Ontario Athletic Commissioner

boxingGM Ross - Former Canadian Boxing Federation (CBF) cruiserweight champion Troy “the Boss” Ross is home in Ontario and desires an opportunity to regain his national laurels. Negotiations with current CBF king Ryan “the Hitman” Henney went smoothly and it appeared a Ross-Henney contest for the latter’s CBF crown, as well as the vacant Canadian Professional Boxing Council title(CPBC) and, possibly, the North American Boxing Association’s version of the North American championship, would be a part of WCP Boxing’s “Super Brawl” on February 4, in Barrie, Ontario. Unfortunately, Ontario Athletic Commissioner (OAC) Ken Hayashi has refused to approve this remarkable bit of match-making.

According to Ross, “our commissioner (Hayashi) doesn’t want me to fight for a Canadian title because he thinks my opponent will be too overmatched.” Henney is a legitimate champion, with wins over Frank White of Sarnia, James Cermak of Edmonton, and Kevin Reynolds of Vancouver. Indeed, he’s exhausted the Canadian cruiserweight division with the exception of one man – Troy Ross. Contrary to what the OAC will have you believe, an ethically sound sanctioning body is supposed to facilitate boxing in the province. He is not a match-maker. The CBF, CPBC and NABA decide whether or not an opponent is appropriate. The commissioner, on the other hand, is meant to “control and regulate” contests. continue

Neven Pajkic on Tyson Fury: “You have no balls. You’re a coward”

by GM Ross - Fans will recall Tyson Fury’s recent disparaging comments regarding Canadian Boxing Federation heavyweight champion Neven Pajkic (15-0-0), following the latter’s defeat of Andreas Sidon in October. Pajkic agreed to fight Fury, but in 2011, not 2010. Fury, frustrated that Pajkic wanted a rest after fighting five times in 2010, lambasted the Canadian, stating: “Pajkic is an embarrassment to his title and Canadian fight fans.” Well, after his abysmal performance against Zack Page (21-32-3) last Saturday, it’s Fury who has tucked tail, refusing to meet the undefeated Canadian Champion. continue

From Blanca’s to Vegas: Joe Martinez shines in HBO spotlight

Who doesn’t love great ring announcers? They’re an important part of any great boxing promotion.

Whenever a classic fight is broadcast with Jimmy Lennon Sr. doing the introductions it’s a special treat. And let’s face it, a big time fight isn’t truly a big time fight until Michael Buffer utters those five words that get the adrenaline pumping and the butterflies in your stomach stirring. “Let’s get ready to rumble!. continue

Fury: I plan to conquer both sides of the Atlantic in 2011 and can’t wait to get started

boxing Montreal, Canada (December 21, 2010) Undefeated Irish/British heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury was very pleased with his performance against Zack Page this past Saturday night at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, Quebec.

Fury posted a shutout eight round unanimous decision over Page on the undercard to the Jean Pascal/Bernard Hopkins light heavyweight world title bout in front of a sold out crowd of over 16,000 fight fans.

Spending an extra day in Montreal with friends before heading home to Manchester, United Kingdom for the holidays, the 22 year old Fury spoke on his most recent win and his upcoming plans for the New Year.

“I was very pleased with my performance, Page was a little awkward but I kept the pressure on and got the job done. It was terrific fighting in Canada and I look forward to returning next year.. continue

IBF Enquires About Peter/Adamek Showdown

On Monday, Lindsey E. Tucker, Jr., Championship Chairman of the IBF/USBA sent a letter to representatives of former WBC Heavyweight Champion Samuel Peter, as well as representatives of former cruiserweight/light heavyweight champion and current heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek inquiring if the two would be available to fight for the #2 spot in their rankings.

The winner of the proposed bout would then fight the winner of a box-off between "Fast" Eddie Chambers and Derrick Rossy (who will battle for the #1 position) for the mandatory shot at IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko. continue

Juan Manuel Marquez's possible path to glory

By Timothy Hall: Juan Manuel Marquez is in the twilight of his career. Whether you respect Marquez as a boxer or not, objectivity will not allow you to deny him a place as one of the very best of his era. An era that saw him take the fighter of the decade- Manny Pacquiao- to the edge of defeat. continue

Miguel Cotto Set To Return In March - Will Face Either Mayorga, Wolak, Martirosyan

boxingBy James Slater - Miguel Cotto, the reigning WBA 154-pound champion, will return to the ring on March 12th, more than likely in Las Vegas - so says promoter Bob Arum in speaking with’s Dan Rafael.

Out of action since his June stoppage win over Yuri Foreman, Cotto remains one of the sport’s biggest attractions. Not only that, but Cotto, a true fan favourite, could well engage in a number of big fights in the future. There has been talk that the Puerto Rican star will face Antonio Margarito in a rematch some time in 2011, and there is also the possibility Cotto could face Julio Cesar Chavez Junior (in what would not be as big a deal). First though, Cotto must have his “comeback” bout in March.

After having recovered from the injuries that have kept him out of the ring since the Yankee Stadium stoppage win over Foreman, Cotto is now raring to go. But who against? According to Arum, there are three names on the list, one of which Cotto will fight on March 12th. continue

Tomasz Adamek Back In Ring April 16th - Sam Peter Mentioned As One Possible Opponent

By James Slater - Polish warrior Tomasz Adamek, last seen stopping the always-game Vinny Maddalone in the 5th-round of an entertaining heavyweight battle, has confirmed he will be back in action on April 16th. “Goral” told Fightnews that he will fight again on April 16th, in his native Poland - at the Spodek Arena in Katowice.

So far, no opponent has been made official, though the name of former WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter has been mentioned as one possibility. continue

Sylvester vs. Bouadla, Cunningham vs. Licina Set For Jan. 22

Team Sauerland will kick off 2010 with a world title doubleheader in Neubrandenburg, Germany on January 22nd. IBF Middleweight Champion Sebastian Sylvester (34-3-1, 16 KOs) will make a fourth defence of his title when he takes on Frenchman Mehdi Bouadla (21-3, 10 KOs). IBF Cruiserweight Champion Steve Cunningham will also defend his crown against mandatory challenger Enad Licina. “We are thrilled to kick off the new year with a big bang,” said Chris Meyer, Team Sauerland´s General Manager. “The fans in Neubrandenburg have seen many exciting fights and I am sure that both title clashes will be very entertaining. More than half of the tickets have already been sold now.. continue

DeGale prepared to go after one of the World titles next year

James DegaleNew British champion James DeGale wants to become a world champion next year. The 24-year-old's grand plan has always been to challenge at the highest level in 2012. But his one-sided demolition of Paul Smith has persuaded him that he can move up even quicker.

DeGale beat his Liverpool rival in a near-perfect display, eventually stopping Smith in the ninth.

It was just his ninth pro fight, and prompted promoter Frank Warren to suggest DeGale was well ahead of the likes of Amir Khan and Naseem Hamed at similar stages of their careers.

"It's nice to get praise, but always knew that I was capable of Saturday's win," said DeGale.

"However it's made me realize that I can compete with the best in the world right now.

"I think my plan would be to defend the British title a couple of times early in 2011, then move on to the European, and try and get a world title shot at the end of next year. continue

Bernard Hopkins and the qualities of greatness

By Timothy Hall: As a spectator of many sports, for many years, I've always wondered what separated the good from the great. Why was Jordan able to edge Miller and Malone so many times, why did Sampras more often than not find a way to get it done against Agasi? The difference between good and great, let us not forget, also caused Tonya Harding to turn from darling to conspirator. But why?

Bernard Hopkins is a clue when considering the complex question of astounding achievement, the question that ponders those athletes who rise above their competitive peers. In his fight against Jean Pascal he added one more chapter to the book sports psychologist, and neuroscientist have been laboring away on for decades: the book that explains greatness. continue

Franco stops Machorro

By Leo Gutierez: Riverside has another new professional boxer to keep an eye on; he is a 5'9" Featherweight with tremendous skills and poise beyond the years of such a young fighter. His name is Daniel Franco and if his name sounds familiar it's because he is the younger brother of undefeated Riverside prospect Michael "Lil Warrior" Franco 17W-0L (11 KO's). continue

Schaefer Says Pascal MUST Fight Hopkins Next, Not Dawson - Says The WBC Will Strip Pascal If He Doesn’t!

boxingBy James Slater - Quite often, after a controversial decision has occurred, those on the receiving end calm down after having vented a lot of anger on the day of the fight. And Bernard Hopkins’ co-promoter Richard Schaefer certainly was fuming on Saturday night, moments after his fighter had been handed a majority draw instead of a win after his spirited challenge of light-heavyweight king Jean Pascal.

However, we are now well into Monday, and Schaefer is still mad as hell. As fans know, Pascal is actually contracted to face Chad Dawson next, via a rematch clause that was in place when the Haitian-born Canadian won the light-heavyweight title in a big upset. But of course, Schaefer (and Hopkins) wants an immediate rematch to take place between Pascal and the amazing, soon-to-be-46-year-old. Schaefer has even gone as far as to say Golden Boy will, “if necessary, use our vast financial resources to sue the WBC, sue the Canadian commission or whatever it is. ”

By “if necessary,” Schaefer presumably means if the WBC don’t go along with his demands and strip Pascal if he goes ahead with the return with “Bad” Chad. However, in speaking with Yahoo Sports, the Golden Boy CEO said Jose Sulaiman is on his side. continue

64 Years Ago Today: The Greatest Fighter Who Ever Lived Wins The World Welterweight Crown!

By James Slater: Today, movie legend Robert De Niro was interviewed on BBC radio, and the star of so many great films spoke about the 30th anniversary the timeless masterpiece that is Raging Bull celebrates this year. De Niro, of course, played the scarily-tough Jake LaMotta in the 1980 Oscar-winner, and many critics say De Niro never put in a better performance in front of the cameras. continue

Erik "El Terrible" Morales Wants Juan Manuel Marquez Next: Justifiable Request?

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: This past Saturday, December 18, a boxing legend successfully continued his quest for another championship belt. Erik “El Terrible” Morales (51-6-0) got yet another opponent out of the way of his road back to the top. continue

'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Mailbag feat. Hopkins, Pacquiao, Pascal, Mosley, and Odlanier Solis

boxingMizell H. (Atlanta, GA): I know that you've always been a huge Bernard Hopkins fan. I've never been one myself, but I have to give it to him, that was an amazing performance. What were your thoughts of the way he performed?

Vivek W. (ESB): You know, it does so much for me on so many different levels to watch an athlete completely defy the odds the way Hopkins did. Here you have a man who should be retired, getting fat and happy with his family, vacationing for the Holiday season, or simply enjoying life; but instead, at 45 years old, mind you, he spent the past 8 weeks training rigorously, was never once caught breathing hard, and put on a performance for the ages....literally and figuratively. Supporters support, critics critique, but this was one of those performances where they ALL must agree! Hands down!

Hopkins hadn't touched the canvas in years, and many questioned whether he could ever get up if he did at this stage. Not only did the man rise to the occasion, but he was able to rise off the deck twice and absolutely school a young world champion who is in the midst of his prime. It was just an immensely inspiring performance that I have already watched 4 times. continue

Freddie Roach Insists Mosley Is No Easy Fight For Pacquiao

By James Slater - Freddie Roach, trainer of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, insists those people who see a fight between Pac-Man and likely next foe “Sugar” Shane Mosley as easy are “crazy.” Speaking with The Philippine Daily Enquirer, Roach said Mosley has the speed and the experience needed to give his 32-year-old fighter a tough night’s work.

Roach certainly feels Mosley is a far better boxer than Pac-Man’s last opponent, Antonio Margarito. continue

Warren Makes Offer For Khan To Face Brook

Frank Warren has made a multi-million dollar offer to Amir Khan to face his young star Kell Brook.

Sheffield sensation Brook is hot from his two-round destruction of Philip Kotey and has lined himself up for a shot at the WBO World Welterweight title next year, but wants a fight with Khan first. continue

Hopkins feels cheated in majority draw against Pascal

by Paul Strauss: Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins came up short in his attempt to surpass George Foreman as the oldest man to win a world championship. His tough task was an attempt to try and capture the WBC and IBO light heavyweight titles while in champion Jean Pascal's backyard at the Pepsi Coliseum, Quebec City, Quebec Canada. He came within a couple of points of doing so, and those points came in the form of two knockouts. One knockdown occurred in the first round, and the second knockdown occurred in the third round. Hopkins didn't appear to be hurt in either situation.

In the first, Hopkins was aggressively pursuing Pascal against the ropes, and Pascal turned The Executioner a bit, so he was positioned on his left side. He then fired a right to the head, which glanced off of the top of Hopkins's left shoulder and then landed on the back of the his head. Hopkins was off balance. and as a result went down. At first Referee Michael Griffin seemed confused as to whether a legitimate knockdown had been scored. He seemed to look ringside for help, maybe just to pick up the count, but then indeed started one. Hopkins was embarrassed, but not hurt. continue

Liver cirrhosis - Sinan Samil Sam hospitalized

Turkish boxing idol Sinan Samil Sam is in intensive care in Istanbul. The former two-time European heavyweight champion and WBC international champion vomited blood last Wednesday and was directly taken to the hospital. His doctor Dilek Oguz informed the media today that Sam’s condition is critical and that he urgently needs liver transplantation. continue

Holyfield vs Williams on Jan 22

Living legend Evander “The Read Deal” Holyfield returns to the ring January 22, headlining “Redemption In America: The Journey Begins Now” Pay-Per-View Event, live from America’s resort, The Greenbrier’s Colonial Hall, in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Holyfield (43-10-2, 28 KOs) will defend his World Boxing Federation heavyweight title against battled-tested veteran Sherman “The Tank” Williams (34-11-2, 19 KOs) in the 12-round main event. continue

Huck v Lebedev - Boxing shooting itself in the foot

boxing By Rob Moore: -- Click here to watch Huck vs Lebedev - full fight -- A few days ago I was contemplating sharing my thoughts on how boxing was failing itself by taking a localized approach, when the technology available allows us to take a global approach to the sport. This should allow us to bring the best and most competitive fights, no matter where they are, to a worldwide audience – something we are failing to achieve and in so doing, failing to showcase and promote he sport fully. Is this due to fight fans having no interest in fights between two be guys considered to be foreign fighters or is it the lack of exposure that leaves many fighters virtual unknown outside their own shores? A chicken and egg question.

I was going to cite the Marco Huck V Dennis Lebedev fight as a prime example of a match-up between two fit hungry heavy handed cruiser-weights, fighting for a respected world title, that has not received anything like the media attention that is deserves. The fight received nothing like the column inches that a total mismatch between two British heavies attracted, or a fight between virtually any two overweight American heavies generates. For most fight fans outside Germany who wanted to see this match-up, they were left scanning the internet for dubious streams to watch the fight. Broadcasting this fight to the US and GB would be good for boxing. continue

Exclusive Interview with New Zealand Promoter Craig Thomson

By Charles White - Hello Craig, how are you doing today?

CT: Hey Charlie I am well thanks.

So you have a big show in the works for February. Tell us about this event. Where and when will it be and how much are tickets?

CT: Charlie there’s definitely some big plans in the pipeline for late February. continue

Heroes and Boxing

By Ted Sares: Let's roll. -Final words of Todd Beamer to his fellow passengers on Flight 93

If you sit there and watch a person take about an hour to tie his shoestrings, then you realize that whatever problems you got ain't that significant. ---Vernon Forrest 2006

I have always been struck by how loosely and generously this word has been used. continue

Promoter Ahmet Oner demands less politics, more focus on the sport: "Let's get back to boxing!"

boxingWith his Cuban heavyweight contender Odlanier Solis in line to face WBC champ Vitali Klitschko after beating Ray Austin in Miami on Friday, promoter Ahmet Oner should be one of the happiest people in boxing. But the ARENA-CEO seems far less satisfied than expected because of the state he sees his beloved sport in at the moment.

"When I learned about the official scores after nine rounds of Solis vs. Austin I was shocked", says Oner. "I saw Solis winning the fight easily. He connected with the harder and cleaner shots, landed more punches and was putting pressure on Austin for the whole fight. In addition to that he knocked Austin down in the fifth. He might have given away a mid-round or two when he was not as active as he could have been – although Austin never did enough to win a specific round – but I clearly saw Solis winning the fight. Then I heard that one judge had Austin leading by two points after the ninth and another one scoring it a draw up to that point. That freaked me out. Are you kidding me?. continue

Pascal-Hopkins II - Should It Happen? Will It Happen? Where Should It Happen?

By James Slater - Despite the fact that he failed to come up with the history-making win last night in Canada, living legend Bernard Hopkins once again proved he is one of the most amazing fighters of the past 25-years or so. Pushing age 46 as he is, “The Executioner” has no business pushing young and physically strong fighters such as light-heavyweight king Jean Pascal the way he did.

Getting up from two early knockdowns and then pretty much dominating the fight in the second half as he did, B-Hop once again left fight fans in awe. continue

Huck-Lebedev, Hopkins-Pascal: The blind eye rule

by Mark Klimaszewski: On Saturday night boxing was once again tarnished by the demon that continues to rear it's ugly head time and time again. Bad judging. Denis Lebedev was handed his first loss in a highly controversial split decision (in - surprise, surprise- Berlin), which gave the hometown win to WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck. And of course, veteran executioner Bernard Hopkins ended up with a draw after getting off the canvas twice to clearly school defending WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal in Montreal. continue

Huck defeats Lebedev Via Controversial Decision

By Tim Nielsen: WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck (31-1, 23 KO's) should consider himself very lucky right now after "beating" challenger Denis Lebedev(21-1, 16 KO's) by a 12 round split decision on Saturday night at the Max Schmelling halle in Berlin, Germany. Huck appeared to have lost the fight, as Lebedev dominated the entire bout. However, the judges gave it to Huck, the home fighter, by the scores of 115-113, 115-113 for Huck and 116-112 for Lebedev.

If I were to be generous to Huck, I'd agree with the 116-112 score for Lebedev, but I had him winning the fight by much more lopsided score than that. Huck was just wild with his shots, spent too much time backing up and didn't throw enough punches in the fight. It was like watching a bigger, slower version of Arthur Abraham. Huck looked beyond poor, which is why it seems all the more crazy that he was given the decision. But he was the home fighter, and he was fighting in Germany. I wish I could see Lebedev getting a rematch, but I doubt he'll get a second shot at the title. Rather than waste time in possibly getting jobbed again in Germany, Lebedev would be better off going after one of the other cruiserweight champions.

Paulie Malignaggi Scores Rare Stoppage Win In TKO’ing Michael Lozada In 6th - What Next For “The Magic Man?”

by James Slater - Last night’s big bill in Canada, the final big fight card of the year, was full of surprises. Not only did the legendary Bernard Hopkins go down for the first time in many a year (actually he went down twice, as we know), B-Hop also recovered from the knockdowns to put on yet another surprisingly great performance - especially surprising was Hopkins’ aggression and intensity in the late rounds.

The main event’s result, a majority draw, surely came as a surprise to a good number of fans also (certainly no-one predicted a draw beforehand). Another surprise in Canada, was the fact that Paulie Malignaggi scored his first stoppage win since 2003. continue

The B.L. Morgan Boxing Blog: You Gotta Give the Old Guy [Hopkins] His Due

When I’m wrong I’m wrong and I’m the first to admit it. I tuned in to the Jean Pascal vs. Bernard Hopkins bout not to praise Hopkins but to see him buried.

All the signs were there. Logic dictated that Pascal should dominate Hopkins. For awhile it looked that way too. Hopkins hit the floor in the first and third rounds. It appeared he was on his last legs and this was going to be the last time we would see him in a Boxing Ring. continue

Ageless Wonder Bernard Hopkins Overcame Adversity but Forced to Settle for Controversial Draw

by Geoffrey Ciani - Bernard Hopkins overcame two early knockdowns against WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal, but was ultimately forced to settle for a draw despite his remarkable efforts. It could have become one of the most dramatic comeback stories for the ages, but the judges did not see things that way. The official scorecards read 114-112 for Hopkins, 113-113, and 114-114, rendering a majority draw as the final outcome.

Hopkins looked good early in the first. He was stalking Pascal and was able to find the mark with his right hand. He appeared in control until Pascal caught him near the ropes with a looping right hand which may have gotten Hopkins behind the head. It was ruled a knockdown and a surprised Hopkins rose to his feet as the round neared its conclusion.

The second round was close, but Hopkins remained composed following the knockdown. Hopkins was doing even better in the third round where he appeared to have seized control until some well-placed lunging hooks from Pascal found their mark. Pascal then dropped Hopkins for a second time in the fight with a clubbing hook to the body. Hopkins did not appear badly hurt but there was no question about this knockdown. continue

Erik Morales Out-Points Game Francisco Lorenzo, Wants Marquez Next!

By James Slater - The latest comeback of Mexican legend Erik Morales keeps going. Last night in his home country, the 34-year-old known as “El Terrible” won a reasonably wide 12-round unanimous decision over 39-year-old Francisco Lorenzo of The Dominican Republic.

Winning by scores of 116-111, 115-112 and 114-113, Morales improved to 51-6(45). Lorenzo, who fought well last night, is now 35-9-4(16). continue

Hopkins and Pascal ends in majority draw

By Rob Smith: Despite fighting his heart out and rallying after two knockdowns in the 1st and 3rd rounds, 45-year-old Bernard Hopkins had to settle for a 12 round majority draw against World Boxing Council light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal at the Pepsi Coliseum, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Hopkins looked like the better fighter in the second half of the fight and an argument can be made that Hopkins deserved to get the decision. However, the two knockdowns plus giving up rounds here and there made it all but impossible for Hopkins to win the decision. The final judges' scores were 114-112 Hopkins, 113-113, 114-114. continue

Solis destroys Austin in 10 – Vitali Klitschko’s next

boxingCuban heavyweight sensation took the final step to a world title fight in front of 6.000 fans at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Friday night by beating former title challenger Ray Austin by DQ in the 10th round.

Solis dominated the fight in the early rounds pounding Austin at his will while looking very sharp and focused defensively. Austin did not have a lot to offer against the permanent pressure and fast hands of the 2004 Olympic gold medallist from Cuba.

In the fifth round Solis increased the pace and sent Austin to the floor with a sharp and fast left to the kisser. Austin beat the count and managed to escape the further attacks of the Cuban who looked ready to finish his opponent in the fifth. After that Solis slowed down and threw less punches and combos while Austin constantly tried to apply his jab while moving backwards. continue

Alexander Povetkin Wins Wide Ten-Round UD Over A Game Nicolai Firtha, Improves To 21-0(15)

By James Slater: Moments ago in Berlin, Germany - on the under-card of the upcoming Marco Huch-Denis Lebedev WBO cruiserweight title clash - unbeaten Russian heavyweight hope Alexander Povetkin won a near shut out of a ten-round unanimous decision over Ohio’s Nicolai “Stone Man” Firtha. The 31-year-old Olympic gold medallist, trained by Teddy Atlas, hurt his right hand in the 2nd-round of the fight, yet managed to pretty much remain in control all the way. continue

Douglin defeats Berkshire!

Morganville, NJ (December 18, 2010) - Denis “Da Momma's Boy” Douglin once again displayed why he is a prospect to look out for after stopping Matt Berkshire in the first of their scheduled six round bout yesterday evening at the Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville, PA. continue

Solis beats Austin by DQ, Cloud and Mayorga triumph

boxingOdlanier Solis: “I wanted to make Austin suffer for the things he said at the press conferences leading up to the fight. I didn’t like it when he said that when he was done with me, they were going to send me back to Cuba. Now I sent him back to Cleveland where all they have are cows.

“I wasn’t tired at all. It was my strategy to fight the way I did tonight. What’s the worst thing that could have happened? I could have knocked him out or made him look ridiculous, which I did.”

At the post-fight press conference: “I don’t think I’m fat. What I would like to do is slap around some of the newspaper writers that say I’m fat.”

Ray Austin: “Solis will beat Vitali Klitschko. He’s accurate and has a good defense. He rests and recovers well, too. The only downside I see might be his chin. continue

Adama impresses against Hernandez!

By Matthew Paras - The first time Osumanu Adama(17-2, 13 KOs) fought at the UIC Pavilion for 8 Count Promotion’s “Windy City Fight Night” cards, it was a fight of the year candidate that went unnoticed by the general public. The unknown Ghana fighter was brought in to make Donovan George, Chicago’s most promising prospect at the time, to look impressive in a Shobox appearance. Instead, Adama went back and forth with George in an exciting war where he got the short end of the stick. continue

The short road ahead for Juan Manuel Marquez

By Mark Klimaszewski: 37-year-old Mexican warrior and long time fan favourite Juan Manuel Marquez is apparently in the running for a third shot at Manny Pacquiao. One need only read the countless internet message boards and fan forums for a plethora of opinions on the matter; how Juan would be the best and most logical choice for the Pac-Man; how the weight issue would be nullified if Manny were to come down to 140; the fact that Marquez deserves the shot after the question marks that continue to hang over their first two meetings. But realistically, what would be the most likely outcome if the warriors did square off a third time? continue

Shane Mosley: “Pacquiao likes to open up a lot so he leaves room to be punched”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 104th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with former three division champion Sugar Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs), who is rumored to be the frontrunner for a May showdown against pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs). Mosley talked about the prospects of landing a fight against the Filipino sensation, and he also touched on other aspects of the current boxing landscape, including his views on the upcoming light heavyweight championship bout between Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal. Here is what Shane had to say:

His views on the prospects of landing a fight against Manny Pacquiao in May:

“I’m feeling good. I mean I think I’m a great choice for Bob Arum and Pacquiao and his team, and I’m going to be ready for the competition. I’ll be ready for the night and I’m just excited.”

On the fact that many observers feel he does not deserve a shot against Pacquiao based on his recent performances:

“Well I do think fighting like a middleweight that moves around a lot and Mayweather is a defensive fighter that moves very well. It can be very hard, especially for a right-handed fighter. Mayweather is not in the picture. If Mayweather was in the picture, I probably wouldn’t be in the picture. So Mayweather’s not there, so it’s me. Juan Manuel Marquez, what did he do with Mayweather? He got dropped and he didn’t land a significant punch in the whole fight. At least I caught Mayweather and hurt him with some good shots. So I have the punching power to hurt a lot of people. In the fight with Sergio Mora, I mean he’s a big guy, 6’0” tall, he moves around really good, and he knows how to make the fight ugly. He wasn’t there to fight. I mean what do you say about that? I mean you have two guys who get in there and want to fight, you have an explosive match. I think it’s going to be a tremendous match.” continue

Irish Champion Ciaran Healy to face former French Champion Frank Haroche in Lyon

By Brendan Galbraith - Irish Light Heavyweight Champion, Ciaran Healy (12-15-1) will take on former French champion Frank Haroche Horta (24-8-4) at the Palais des Sports de Gerland in Lyon on Saturday night. Healy was originally scheduled to face Affif Belghecham. Irish and British fight fans will recall the gallant challenge of Belghecham against his last two opponents, Darren Barker and Andy Lee. However, it is understood that Belghecham pulled out of the Healy fight as he was offered a French Title shot in early January 2011. continue

Floyd Mayweather Junior Arrested - What A Terrible Year For “Money!”

By James Slater - Pound-for-Pound king Floyd Mayweather Junior (or #2, depending on who you have as the best, Floyd or Manny Pacquiao) was arrested last night in a Las Vegas casino, it has been reported. Jailed today due to the misdemeanour warrant that was put out on him for allegedly poking a security guard in the face outside his home last month, the 33-year-old star is now being held at the Clark County jail without bail. continue

Happy Birthday Manny Pacquiao!

pacmanBy Vivek Wallace: 32 years ago on this day, the land of the Philippines gave birth to its most transcendent figure in the history of the country, and arguably, one of the most intriguing athletes ever. For quite some time, many questioned how far this "little man, known to do big things" could possibly go? Over the past few years he's shown us all that despite the sentiment of our female counterparts, perhaps SIZE DOESN'T MATTER.........when a man is truly at the top of his game!

Similar to this debate, man and woman may not always agree, but when you have a human who possess the brute strength of a man, yet also the compassion and heart of a Mother, it can only result in a once in a lifetime figure, loved by both men and woman equally......and that much we can all agree on! Some may not agree with his position every day, but on this day, we shall all tip our hats to a man who truly deserves an encore. 32 years of life, half of them spent in the ring entertaining us, and one could only hope such a powerful spirit lives to see a million more!

Happy Birthday, Manny Pacquiao! Thank u for sharing your 'gift' with the world! Peace.....God Bless......One Love!

No Announcement Yet On Pacquiao’s May Opponent, But Pac-Man Says He’s “Still Good For Two Or Three More Fights”

By James Slater - Today, the day of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao’s 32nd birthday, was supposed to be a day on which Pac-Man and his promoter Bob Arum would reveal who will be in the opposing corner to the megastar on May 7th.

The date has been made official, but we still await the venue (although Boxrec have the fight taking place at The MGM in Vegas) and, more crucially, the opponent. Arum said today that the announcement that was originally planned for today will come in the next week or so. However, in an interview with ABC-CBN’s TV Patrol, Pacquiao did say he feels he will probably have a further two or three fights before hanging up the gloves and going into politics, his other love, full-time. continue

Rigondeux vs Casey scheduled for March 2011

Dolphil Promotions are delighted to reveal that a deal has been struck between both Guillermo Rigondeuxfs manager Gary Hyde, Top Rank Promotions and Dolphil Promotions for the proposed World Title fight between EBU Champion Willie Casey and WBA intrim World Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux.

The fight is scheduled for March 2011 and is now likely to be held in Dublin rather then Cork, as previously stated. continue

Tavoris Cloud: “I believe Hopkins has a chance at winning but I’m still rooting for Pascal”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 104th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with reigning IBF light heavyweight champion of the world Tavoris Cloud (21-0, 18 KOs), who is scheduled to defend his title against Fulgencio Zuniga (24-4-1, 21 KOs) today, December 17 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Cloud spoke about his upcoming fight and always shared his opinions on other topics including Hopkins-Pascal, Chad Dawson, Carl Froch, and more! Here is what he had to say:

On what he expects when he faces Fulgencio Zuniga:

“Oh, I’m expecting a good fight. We’re well prepared. I’m just expecting a good fight and I’m going to go out there and perform for the crowd and give them what they want to see.”

His response to criticisms that Fulgencio Zuniga is not worthy of a title shot:

“I think Zuniga is a good opponent, a worthy opponent, and I’m not taking him lightly and I’m not looking down on him as an opponent. That’s their opinion, but I’m definitely not looking down on him as an opponent. I’m taking him seriously, and hey, the man is dangerous. He has twenty-one knockouts so let’s get in there and mix it up regardless of what anybody has to say.” continue

Alexandro Berrio signs with Boxing 360

Colombian power puncher Alejandro “Naco” Berrio, former IBF Super Middleweight Champion, has signed an exclusive promotional contract with Boxing 360 and proved how serious he is about recharging his career that he moved to New York City.

“We’re excited to have Alejandro Berrio onboard,” Boxing 360 Founder and CEO Mario Yagobi said. “We’re going to have him campaign as a super middleweight and he’ll be fighting for the first time under our banner January 13 in Oklahoma.. continue

Montiel vs Donaire Tix On-Sale Next Thursday!

Las Vegas hosts its first world title fight of 2011 when World Bantamweight Champion FERNANDO “Cochulito” MONTIEL defends his title against two-division world champion NONITO “The Filipino Flash” DONAIRE, in the latest chapter of the storied México-Philippines rivalry, Saturday, February 19, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Zanfer Promotions, the Montiel-Donaire world title tilt will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast.) The broadcast will open with undefeated NABO/NABA/WBC Continental Americas welterweight champion MIKE JONES defending his titles against Top-10 contender JESUS SOTO-KARASS in a rematch of their exciting battle which took place on November 13 under the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito pay-per-view extravaganza. continue

Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal: Keys to Victory, Four to Explore, and Official Prediction

boxingby Vivek Wallace: Saturday night, one of the most intriguing and controversial figures in the sport will step in the ring in what could be the final fight of his career as Philly native, Bernard Hopkins (51-5-1, 32KO's) takes on Canadian, by way of Haiti, Jean Pascal (26-1, 16KO's). Over the years, Bernard Hopkins has found a way to preserve youth, although the old adage tells us "all good things must come to an end". Eager to end his reign and begin a new phase for both himself and the sport, Jean Pascal will aim to do something that many have tried, as most were denied. That feat? Stop the aging veteran for once and for all. As we prepare to see these two men square off, we take an in-depth look at "Keys to Victory", Four critical elements of the fight to explore, and an "Official Prediction":


For Bernard Hopkins, the key to victory is quite simple, and it all comes down to something he prides himself on......"execution"! Like any boxing match, execution is critical, but when Hopkins is the subject, that term takes on a completely different meaning. The Hopkins template is to frustrate an opponent, forcing them to make mistakes and fight out of character. Hopkins applies this very well. continue

Britain’s brightest light-heavyweights line-up for next Prizefighter

The first Prizefighter tournament of 2011 sees the light-heavyweights take over Olympia in London on Saturday January 29 – with Sky Sports showing it in 3D for the first time.

The 16th edition of Matchroom Sport’s eight-man one-night tournament breaks new ground again as just the second boxing show to be broadcast in 3D – with some of Britain’s hottest light-heavyweights enter the Kensington venue in the second outing for the division in the format. continue

Mexico City Guerreros Find Comfort at Home and Gain Back Winning Edge over Miami Gallos

(MEXICO CITY) The Mexico City Guerreros found comfort at home once again Friday to break a two-match skid and earn a decisive 4-1 victory Friday over the visiting Miami Gallos to close out action in Week 4 of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Americas. Action at the Centro Banamex resembled that of the Guerreros' opening night when they trounced the Memphis Force, 5-0, to begin the season. But since then, the Guerreros had not fared so well on the road dropping contests to the Los Angeles Matadors, 5-0, and to the Miami Gallos last week, 3-2. continue

Simpson secures British Title in dramatic Kings Hall clash with Lindsay

boxingRingside Report from Kings Hall by Brendan Galbraith - Last night in an explosive British Featherweight Title contest at the Kings Hall, Belfast, Scottish challenger John Simpson upset the odds to beat Martin Lindsay and win the Lonsdale belt outright in an absorbing toe-to-toe twelve-rounder.

Simpson bounced back from a close split decision Commonwealth Title loss to talented Liverpool fighter Stephen Smith to put in a superb performance of his trademark relentless pressure fighting that impressed all three judges, Ritchie Davies, Howard Foster and John Keane who agreed on a 116-113 scorecard in favour of the Greenock man.

At a press conference leading up to this fight Lindsay revealed that he had prepared to fight or box Simpson and was confident of victory either way. Likewise, Simpson arrived at the weigh in with the look of a fighter with quiet confidence. There was no needle between both men and their matched credentials revealed that this was going to be a very lively and competitive encounter. continue

The B.L. Morgan Boxing Blog: Pascal vs Hopkins - Why you should care. Why you should watch.

by B.L. Morgan: Despite being one the the least attractive fighters to watch (and believe me I'm not talking about his looks) Bernard Hopkins remains one of the top names in the sport of Boxing. Lets be honest here, more frequently than not Hopkins' fights have been as boring as watching paint dry. He developed a style that although effective, was also extremely useful as a sleep aid. Basically he got very good defensively by recognizing that if you don't do a lot offensively, you can shut the other guy's offense down. continue

What next for Audley Harrison?

By David Avraam: 10 years after capturing Gold at the Athens Olympics, Audley Harrison was finally given a chance at becoming 'The Heavyweight Champion of the World'. Unfortunately for him; his opponent was the British 'Hard Hitting' WBA Champion David Haye. Audley's comments of Haye "having a weak chin" and "One of my left hands is all that is needed," just didn't carry any weight and most fans already knew the outcome. After all the pre-fight hype was over and the first bell had rang, the fight that promised so much turned out to be as one-sided as Shere Khan and Baloo the Bears tussle from the Walt Disney's animation 'The Jungle Book'. continue

A word on the most important people in boxing – plus round up of the stacked Kings Hall Under card

boxingRingside Report from Kings Hall by Brendan Galbraith – Boxing Monthly recently did an interesting feature on their picks for the most powerful people in British boxing and whilst it was a fairly exhaustive list, all of the choices would be placed behind every registered professional boxer if the question was slightly amended to ‘most important people in British boxing’.

However, it is the ‘powerful people in boxing’ who call the shots and determined that the Martin Lindsay-John Simpson British Title fight had to take place on a Wednesday night. This obviously depleted the potential numbers of fight and casual fans that might have attended the promotion, particularly leading up to the mouth of Christmas. However, Frank Maloney Promotions did well to put on a stacked card of competitive clashes and there was still a respectable turn out of approximately 2000 fight fans.

Prior to the main event of Lindsay-Simpson, the show opened with an intriguing rematch of flyweights Luke Wilton – Uzzy Ahmed. continue

Amir Khan’s Next Fight Will Be In UK In April, Lamont Peterson Frontrunner To Get The Fight

By James Slater - A triumphant (and unmarked) Amir Khan was a studio guest on Sky Sports’ Ringside magazine show last night, and the WBA 140-pound champion confirmed that his next fight will almost certainly be in the UK in April.

Khan, who surprised many people with the may he took Marcos Maidana’s lethal punches and fought back to win on points in Saturday’s great fight in Las Vegas, said he will never forget his home fans. continue

Lucian Bute Likely To Face Brian Magee March 19th

By James Slater - Sources such as the BBC are reporting how it looks extremely likely that Lucian Bute will face Northern Ireland’s Brian Magee in his next fight. The unbeaten Romanian who is Canadian-based and holds the IBF 168-pound crown has just signed a deal with Showtime, and the Magee defence will be his first fight in the new deal.

Magee, though no household name in the U.S, is an experienced operator who has been in with and tested a number of good fighters in his time. The 35-year-old is 34-3-1(24) and he has been stopped just once as a pro, by current WBC super-middleweight king Carl Froch. continue

Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2010

boxing1) Fighter of the Year: Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez - While Manny Pacquiao continued his winning ways, Sergio Martinez gets the nod this year for his scintillating high stakes UD over Kelly Pavlik and his blow out KO win over Paul Williams. The classy middleweight from Argentina (46-2-2) now holds the WBC and WBO middleweight titles.

2) Fight of the Year: Giovani "Guerrero Azteca" Segura vs. Ivan "Iron Boy" Calderon

Segura (26-1-1) handed Calderon (34-1-1) his first loss and claimed the lineal light flyweight championship in a savage encounter ending when the pressuring Mexican forced a halt to the action late in the fight with non-stop punching. The fight was held in the hostile environment of the Coliseo Mario 'Quijote' Morales, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico which added to the excitement. continue

2011: What can we expect in boxing?

By David Avraam: With David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko rumoured to be close to signing; the Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander winner likely to take on Amir Khan and the Super 6 tournament declaring a winner, 2011 has the potential to be one of the best years of boxing in recent times.

Ever since he unified the Cruiserweight titles, David Haye has promised to bring some excitement back to the Heavy weight division. continue

LA Matadors Score First Road Victory in World Series of Boxing Americas Conference

The Los Angeles Matadors became the first away team to earn a victory in the Americas Conference of the World Series of Boxing Thursday night taking four out of five bouts and earning three points over the Memphis Force at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, Miss.

The Matadors have built up a commanding, four point lead in the Americas Conference over rival Miami Gallos, the only team to beat them and currently sit number one throughout the international World Series of Boxing League. continue

Congratulations Steve Cunningham!

boxingEnad Licina, watch out...IBF cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham has another mouth to feed. On Wednesday, Livvy Cunningham gave birth to the couple's third child, Cruz Cunningham, who weighed in at 7 pounds and 14 ounces. Cruz joins brother Steve Jr. and sister Kennedy in their father's rooting section. "We are happy and blessed by the newest addition to our family, now it's back to business, preparing for a world title challenge with this as an extra incentive for victory,“ Cunningham said.

The champ needs to get right back to work as he is scheduled to defend his title against mandatory challenger Licina. Team Sauerland congratulates the entire Cunningham family.

Steve And Livvy Cunningham’s New Arrival - It’s A Boy!

Just a month ahead of his pending IBF Cruiserweight title defense Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham has become a father for the third time. On Tuesday Steve’s wife Livvy gave birth to a baby boy who weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 14ozs. The Cunningham’s newest family member, who they have named Cruz Randall, joins his brother Steve Jr, 8 years old and Sister Kennedy, 5 years old at their Philadelphia home.

Speaking shortly after the birth a beaming Steve said: "We are happy and blessed by the newest addition to our family, now it's back to business, preparing for a world title challenge with this as an extra incentive for victory." Steve, a two time IBF Cruiserweight Champion, is set to defend his title against Enad Licina next month in Germany.

David Estrada ready for a big 2011; Wants Alvarez

By Matthew Paras - Promoters talk a big game. When the relatively unknown promotional company, Boxing 360, reeled in David Estrada, the long time Welterweight had something to look forward to in his career. Promising him multiple fights in 2010, Boxing 360 first secured a fight with Orlando Lora on ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights. Estrada was the underdog, but he prevailed taking Lora’s undefeated record in the process. For the moment, Estrada’s career was on the upswing.

It’s been a full nine months since Estrada’s victory, but a lot has changed since then. After failing to secure fights for him, the once-comforting relationship between him and Boxing 360 went crashing to the ground. A bitter Estrada is still frustrated at the inactivity he has faced. continue

Vanes Martirosyan on the Short List to Face Cotto

Undefeated junior middleweight sensation Vanes "The Nightmare" Martirosyan (28-0 17 KOs) is thrilled to hear that he is in the running to land a mega fight versus Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto (35-2 28 KOs). Pawel Wolak and Rigoberto Alvarez are also reported to be in the running. continue

Why Bernard Hopkins will beat Jean Pascal

by Geoffrey Ciani - Time and time again boxing fans, odds makers, and members of the media have counted Bernard Hopkins out. This happened most recently just over two years ago when Hopkins was pitted against then middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik. Hopkins was coming off of a close and somewhat controversial split decision loss at the hands of Joe Calzaghe, whereas Pavlik had recently scored back-to-back victories against Jermain Taylor—the man who had twice bested Hopkins previously (albeit once again, in close and controversial fashion). Hopkins, of course, went on to dominate Pavlik in a one-sided tactical exhibition for the ages.

Now Hopkins is slated to challenge WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal on Saturday, December 18 at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City. Once again, many observers are counting Hopkins out against the 28 year old champion and not without good reason. After all, Hopkins will turn 46 less than a month after this fight takes place and Jean Pascal is coming off a career effort after beating the previously undefeated and highly regarded ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson back in August. Many seem to feel that, even though Hopkins may well be a modern day Archie Moore who has seemingly defied Father Time, sooner or later age will catch up with him. Considering Hopkins’ subpar efforts against Enrique Ornelas and Roy Jones Junior, most seem to assume that time is now. continue

The Curious Case of Khan

By Julie Cockerham: On December 8, 2007, Amir Khan turned twenty-one. Most of England’s boxing enthusiasts were committed to celebrating another event. It was the same day that the pride of Manchester, Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton was gearing up for the fight of his life.

He had been chosen as the opponent for Floyd Mayweather Jr., the boxer every boxer seems always to be after -- then and now.

Hatton fit the criteria. One can imagine that when Mayweather selects opponents, he concentrates on their shortcomings first. continue

David Tua To Face Demetrice King On March 19th, First Fight Back After Shoulder Surgery For “The Tuaman”

By James Slater - Samoan slugger David Tua, still in the hunt for a second world heavyweight title shot at age 38, is scheduled to be back in action in Manukau, New Zealand on March 19th - so reports website Tua will face 25-year-old Flint, Michigan journeyman Demetrice King, in a bout that will be promoted under the tagline “Tua’s Backyard Brawl.”

Tua, 50-4-2(37) was last seen struggling to an exciting 12-round draw with a rejuvenated Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett, and he has recovered from the shoulder surgery he had shortly after the much tougher-then-expected July battle. With a rematch against the New York veteran on the cards, Tua can afford no slip ups against King. continue

Amir Khan: “I knew when Maidana hit me that I wasn’t hurt so I can stand there and take a few more”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 104th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with WBA junior welterweight champion Amir Khan (24-1, 17 KOs), who is coming off an impressive title defense against hard-hitting Marcos Maidana (29-2, 27 KOs) in a ‘Fight of the Year’ caliber contest. Khan spoke about his fight and his future. Here is a complete transcript of that interview.

JENNA J: I think it’s time for our fourth and final guest for this week’s episode. He is the current WBA light welterweight champion of the world making his third appearance on our air. We are joined once again by Amir Khan. How’s everything going tonight, Amir?

AMIR KHAN: Yeah, everything is going really well. Thank you.

JENNA: Amir, you had a gutsy performance this past weekend against Marcos Maidana. You won a twelve round unanimous decision. How do you feel about your performance?

KHAN: First of all I want to thank God, and I want to thank my trainer Freddie Roach and also my strength conditioner Alex Ariza for doing a great job and getting me in shape. I think every fight you see me I come in better and stronger. I think the fight was, as you all know it was a tough fight. Maidana was a guy who never took a step back and he was game from the first round. He wanted to fight and I was not there to run away. I was there to fight him as well, but I’m happy with the performance. I’ve seen the fight over and over again. There are a few mistakes I made in that fight and we just got to improve on them. continue

Cleverly: I Still Want Jürgen Brähmer

Nathan Cleverly says he wants to win the full WBO World Light-Heavyweight title the hard way by taking on Jurgen Braehmer. The unbeaten Welshman lifted the interim crown on Saturday night in Liverpool with a hard-fought points win over Nadjib Mohammedi.

Full champion Braehmer is poised to meet WBA king Beibut Shumenov in January in a juicy unification fight. continue

…And That’s Why Hopkins Beats Pascal… But Wait

By Michael R. Cumberbatch: We are hours away from the light heavyweight showdown between Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins and WBC light Heavyweight champ Jean Pascal. The action will take place at the sold out Colisee Pepsi in Quebec, Canada. continue

Exclusive: Timothy Bradley Talks About His Upcoming Fight With Devon Alexander

boxingBy James Slater - Unbeaten 140-pound talent Timothy Bradley, the WBO light-welterweight champion, is currently training hard (as he always trains) for his upcoming January date with the also unbeaten Devon Alexander. The hugely important fight is a must-win affair for both men, and “Desert Storm” is looking forward to it.

On the way to the gym as I called him yesterday afternoon, the 27-year-old with the 26-0(11) record was kind enough to speak with me. Talking about his own upcoming fight as well as the recent thriller between WBA 140-pound champ Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana, Bradley had some interesting things to say.

Here is what the super-fast, superbly conditioned Palm Springs boxer/puncher had to say:

James Slater: It’s always a pleasure to be able to speak with you, Champ. First of all, how has camp been so far for the January fight with Devon Alexander?

Timothy Bradley: I’m on my way to the gym right now. Yesterday I had my first day of sparring actually, and I tell you, I am WAY ahead of schedule. I feel great. I have two great sparring partners, I did six rounds yesterday and I felt good. continue

Why Jean Pascal Will beat Bernard Hopkins!

By Robert Jackson: “Let the head games begin”, was how I saw it during the last presser for the Pascal/Hopkins fight when Hopkins “strong-armed” Pascal’s WBC belt refusing to give it back to him and daring him to take it back!! Trying as hard as he could Jean Pascal was never able to take it back from Hopkins, it was eventually returned to Pascal – not by Hopkins.

Knowing Hopkins history, Pascal should’ve entered the presser with that BELT around his waist, in a sense DARING Hopkins to take it from him, and not giving Hopkins an opportunity for any psychological maneuvering. continue

Huck, Lebedev Weigh-In Videos and Photos

Here are the weights from Berlin ahead of tomorrow´s WBO Cruiserweight Title clash:

WBO Cruiserweight Title: Marco Huck: 90,3 kg l Denis Lebedev: 89,9 kg
WBA Cruiserweight Eliminator: Yoan Pablo Hernandez: 90,3 kg l Ali Ismailov: 89,6 kg
Heavyweight: Alexander Povetkin: 104 kg l Nicolai Firtha: 117,5 kg. continue

Pascal - Hopkins Weigh-In video

boxingWBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal weighed in at 174 pounds, 10 ounces and future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins weighed in at 174 pounds, 6 ounces for Saturday’s world championship bout at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City. The LIVE SHOWTIME® telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast).

IMG 5891: WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal poses on December 17, 2010 in Quebec City, Canada at the weigh-in for his December 18, 2010 world title defense against future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City which will be televised live on SHOWTIME® in the United States and on pay-per-view in Canada.

Future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins poses on December 17, 2010 in Quebec City, Canada at the weigh-in for his December 18, 2010 world championship fight against WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City which will be televised live on SHOWTIME® in the United States and on pay-per-view in Canada. continue

Shumenov on Hopkins vs. Pascal

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 17, 2010) – World Boxing Association (WBA) and IBA Light Heavyweight World Champion Beibut Shumenov (10-1, 6 KOs) may be in deep training for his January 8 unification showdown against WBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Juergen Braehmer (36-2, 29 KOs), but the 27-year-old has a vested interest in Saturday night’s fight between WBC 175-pound titlist Jean Pascal and living legend Bernard Hopkins. continue

Chicago Boxing Closes Strong With Terrific "Windy City Fight Night 14" Card Friday Night

CHICAGO, IL (December 16, 2010) Professional boxing in Chicago finishes on a high note Friday night, December 17th as WINDY CITY FIGHT NIGHT 14 hits the UIC Pavilion in Chicago for an action packed evening.

Headlining the sensational seven bout card is a twelve round middleweight slugfest between Chicago residents Angel “Toro” Hernandez and Ghanaian beast Osumanu Adama. continue

Solis vs. Austin on Friday

boxingARENA’s Cuban heavyweight sensation Odlanier Solis and "Rainman" Ray Austin are fired up to finally enter the ring for their final elimination bout this Friday (Dec. 17) at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Solis will enter the ring at 260 lbs. while Austin brought 239 ¾ lbs. to the scale.

"This will be a heck of a fight“, said Don King who will co-promoting the card with Ahmet Öner’s ARENA Sports-Promotion. „We are glad and proud to bring world class heavyweight boxing back to Miami.“

Four-time world amateur champion and 2004 Olympic gold medalist Solis is the favorite to beat Austin and get a shot at World Boxing Council (WBC) champion Vitali Klitschko in early 2011. "I will do what I have to do“, said Solis at the weigh-in. "I recommend all fans to be on time because I won’t take long to get rid off Austin.. continue

Happy birthday Manny Pacquiao!

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: Thirty two years ago, in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines, a legend was born to parents Rosalio Pacquiao and Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao. Born Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, he was later dubbed Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao. His latest political success added yet another professional name to his achievements: Congressman Pacquiao. continue

Eddie Chambers interview (audio), “Whoever the best is I want to face” talks about Klitschko, Haye and Holyfield!

By Fantana: American Heavyweight ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers who this year fought against one of the Klitschko brothers for the title back in March had a chance to chat with British Heavyweight author, Fantana, me. Originally what was set to be an interview exclusively for my upcoming book turned into a great conversation which boxing fans won’t want to miss a chance to listen in on. We discussed such subjects as Eddie Chamber’s next scheduled fight, his ultimate goals and if any of his female fans have thrown their knickers at him. When I called Eddie the first time to make sure he was all set for our interview he seemed to be distant and unsure if he wanted to speak with me. Obviously this was a sign he had been hurt in the past with boring interviews and it was up to me, the people’s author, to bring out the best in Eddie Chambers in a non-gay way. continue

Vivek Wallace Presents: 'Open Mic Fan Mail' - Khan, Pacquiao, Mayweather (Too Late or Too Soon?)

boxingEvery Wednesday ESB will feature a new published letter directly from hardcore fight fans just like you! Each letter will be published with a response from boxing scribe Vivek Wallace. Send all 'Open Mic Fan Mail' letters to, and remember to keep content short and concise, and profanity free. Today's segment comes from Chris B. of Hallandale Beach, FL:

Vivek, I listened to the media and fans around the sport the other night after Amir Khan defeated Marcos Maidana, and it was pretty odd to me how people are already ready to crown him the best of the best, getting so excited about a fight that he barely won (in my estimation). It was such a bizarre performance that you have people saying that was the best effort they've seen from a fighter this year, yet others say they couldn't bear to watch it, with his own trainer speaking of how he "considered stopping it". continue

Tyson Fury fights on Hopkins-Pascal undercard on Saturday

By Rob Moore: I was considering “the highly anticipated North American debut” of Tyson Fury on Saturday, December 18th against Zack Page, and I found myself feeling a slight concern that we could be watching another talent that may remain unfulfilled. This may seem a pessimistic view of the giant 6ft 8inch Fury, whose outspoken approach has done as much to attract attention as his giant frame, and I hope that proves to be the case. continue

Mayweather has an arrest warrant out on him

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: There you have it; Floyd Mayweather Jr. is officially has an outstanding arrest warrant. The prosecutors were not satisfied with the judge’s decision to withhold the previous warrant, and pushed to have it reinstated. They made a scene, saying that Mayweather Jr. was getting special treatment due to his public popularity, and that this was not acceptable. The security guard’s bruised cheek from the Mayweather Jr. confrontation will not make this process any easier. continue

SHOWTIME Super Six Semifinalists & Other Top Fighters Weigh In On Saturday's Pascal-Hopkins Matchup

boxingNEW YORK (Dec. 16, 2010) – Super Six World Boxing Classic semifinalists Glen Johnson and Carl Froch have been in world title fights against Two-Time World Champion Bernard Hopkins and WBC Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal, respectively, and like Arthur Abraham, they are picking Pascal to beat the 45-year-old Hopkins on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT) on Saturday, Dec. 18, from the Pepsi Coliseum in Québec City, Canada. There are three other world-ranked fighters, however, who feel the wily veteran with 57 career professional fights will have enough to dethrone Pascal.

“I think just being in Canada really helps Pascal and that will be the difference,“ said Johnson, like Hopkins a member of the 40-and-over club. “It’s going to be great fight and very close and based on the crowd’s reaction, Pascal wins. I really think this has the chance to be the fight of the year.“

Hopkins knocked out Johnson back in 1997 to win the IBF middleweight title. continue

Erik Morales To Face Tricky Francisco Lorenzo Saturday Night, Wants Lightweight Crown In 2011

By James Slater - Due to the legal issues of original opponent Jorge Barrios, Mexican legend Erik Morales will face late replacement foe Francisco Lorenzo on Saturday night. The important fight for the 34-year-old will go out live on Showtime, as part of a TV doubleheader with the Jean Pascal-Bernard Hopkins light-heavyweight title clash.

“El Terrible,” 50-6(35), hopes for a big year in 2011, a year he feels will see him make Mexican boxing history by winning four world titles at different weights. Morales wants a piece of the lightweight crown, and he is ready, he says, to fight Juan Manuel Marquez or Humberto Soto to get it. continue

Hopkins/Pascal Final Press Conference Quotes

JEAN PASCAL, WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion - "Bernard Hopkins says that the smartest guy will win. He says he is the intelligent man and I am the idiot. After the fight, everyone will know who the dummy really is.

"This is going to be an early Christmas present for all of Canada, but you are just going to have to pay for the present on pay-per-view. continue

Solis vs Austin Heats Up

boxingMIAMI—Although there is a serious cold wave hitting Miami right now, the talk at the final press conference today at Emilio and Gloria Estefan’s Bongos Cuban Café heated up before Friday’s Don King Productions world championship boxing card at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Don King hosted the press conference promoting a WBC heavyweight final elimination bout he is presenting with Arena Sportspromotion between 2004 Olympic gold medalist and now undefeated Odlanier “La Sombra” Solis (16-0, 12 KOs) against WBC No. 1-ranked Ray “The Rainman” Austin (28-4-4, 18 KOs). The winner earns the right to next face WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko.

As far as Solis goes,” Austin said, “I’ve been hearing he doesn’t want to be seen, and that he is planning to get in and get out quickly against me on Friday. That’s exactly what I’m planning to do to him. I’m going to get in with him and get him out.. continue

It’s Official: Manny Pacquiao Will Fight On May 7th - All We Need Now Is An Opponent!

By James Slater - Pound-for-Pound king and box office superstar Manny Pacquiao will fight again on May 7th of next year, it has been reported on Dan Rafael writes how Top Rank boss Bob Arum is in The Philippines visiting Pac-Man this week, and that this Friday, on Manny’s 32nd birthday, the two will officially announce who the May 7th opponent will be.

The venue also has yet to be made official, though Pac-Man will fight in America in May. The man in the opposing corner in a little under five months time will be: Juan Manuel Marquez, “Sugar” Shane Mosley or Andre Berto. continue

Malignaggi headlines Hopkins/Pascal undercard

Before future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins he faces WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal on December 18 live on SHOWTIME® in the U.S. and pay-per-view in Canada, a squad of undefeated locals featuring Kevin Bizier, Michael Zewski, Pier-Olivier Cote and Eric Martel-Bahoeli, will join standout fighters including former Junior Welterweight World Champion Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi, highly-regarded contender Daniel "The Golden Child" Jacobs and unbeaten New Yorker Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin as they face off in respective bouts in front of an expected sold out arena of more than 16,000 fans at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, bringing some heat to the Great White North. If that wasn't enough, there's more with British heavyweight sensation Tyson Fury also appearing. continue

Krasniqi vs. Banks: Initial press conference in Ludwigsburg

NABF Champion Johnathon Banks and former European Champion Luan Krasniqi participated yesterday in a press conference to announce their upcoming fight on February 26, 2011 at Arena Ludwigsburg (Germany). The winner of this heavyweight matchup will move a step closer of getting a world title opportunity.

Johnathon Banks, 25-1-1 with 17 KOs, is rated #7 in the world by the WBC and #8 by the IBF. Banks won the NABF title in March 2010 with a dramatic 6th round KO of Travis Walker in the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf (GER). This victory was voted KO of the year by the NABF and he has since defended the NABF title twice. Banks has built up a large fan base in Germany as his second home, and is one of the main training partners of IBF, WBO, IBO and the “Ring Magazine” World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Banks is promoted by K2 Promotions and has fought a total of ten times on a Klitschko show, seven of these have been in Germany, two in the US and one in Switzerland. continue

Belfast’s Tony Nellins planning to liven up Kings Hall under card on his pro debut

By Brendan Galbraith - Belfast Light welterweight Tony Nellins [on left of photo with gym mate Luke Wilton] will make his pro debut tonight at the iconic Kings Hall, Belfast on the under card of Lindsay-Simpson. Nellins (whose birth name is Mills) has sold plenty of tickets and under the tutelage of experienced trainer, Alan Wilton is hoping to put on a show in front of is home support. “I done well as an amateur I won the Boys Clubs and I won the Antrim’s as well,” said Nellins at the press conference last week. “And I just hope to get in there on my pro debut and make an impression in front of the Belfast crowd. I don’t know much about him [opponent Jason Carr 1-7] I just want to get in and do the business and come out a winner.. continue

Hopkins vs Pascal: Confrontation at the press conference video

When Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins faces WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight Champion Jean Pascal on December 18 at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, Canada live on SHOWTIME® in the U.S. and on pay-per-view in Canada, he will be 28 days shy of his forty-sixth birthday. If Hopkins defeats Pascal, he will become the oldest fighter in the history of the sport to win a significant world title, 38 days older than "Big" George Foreman was when he defeated Michael Moorer for the Heavyweight World title on November 5, 1994. continue

Amir Khan - The Real Deal

By John Wight: The night of December 11 2010 will go down as the night in which Britain’s Amir Khan gave a stunning riposte to the legion of doubters who were firm in their belief that he had a marshmallow for a chin after being so brutally KO’d by Breidis Prescott back in 2008.

The doubts over the former Olympic silver medallist’s ability to take a shot were so pervasive they’d taken on the status of a received truth. Notable victories against the likes of Antonio Barrera, Andreas Kotelnik and Paulie Malignaggi were typically acknowledged by the naysayers with the admonition that regardless of his victory his chin remained suspect and the jury would remain out until it had been rigorously tested.

Well, last Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, not only was Khan’s chin tested, so was every ounce of determination, courage and fortitude he possessed as he took on and defeated Argentina’s Marcus Maidana. One of the hardest pound for pound punchers in the sport, Maidana came to the ring with a frightening record of 27 KOs in 31 fights and only one defeat, which was in the shape of controversial split decision against Andreas Kotelnik at the beginning of 2009 and whom Khan subsequently defeated by unanimous decision a few months later to claim the WBA light welterweight crown. continue

David Estrada & Angel Hernandez Feat. In Chicago This Friday

CHICAGO, IL (December 14, 2010) Longtime Chicago favorites “King” David Estrada and Angel “Toro” Hernandez are featured in separate headlining bouts on Friday, December 17th at the UIC Pavilion as part of WINDY CITY FIGHT NIGHT 14, a sensational evening of professional boxing.

Mexican “blood and guts” warrior Hernandez will face off against heavy handed Osumanu Adama of Ghana in a twelve round battle for the IBO International Middleweight Title. continue

Byarm Batters Thorpe; Sigmon Outpunches Kennedy in Baltimore!

Heavyweight prospect Maurice “Freight Train” Byarm remained unbeaten and impressed a capacity crowd at the Pikesville Armory with a fifth round stoppage of previously undefeated Winston Thorpe on Saturday evening. Headlining Baltimore Pro Boxing’s “Seasons Beatings”, Byarm dominated from opening bell, connecting with a number of powerful shots that he put every one of his 247 pounds into. Thorpe was extremely game and never went down despite being rocked on multiple occasions but Byarm’s offensive arsenal was simply too much for him. After being knocked around the ring, Referee John Gradowski had no choice but to save the fading Thorpe from taking any further punishment at 2:51 of the fifth. continue

Huck vs Lebedev final press conference quotes

WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco “Captain” Huck had a special present for his opponent at today´s final press conference in Berlin. The 26-year-old gave mandatory challenger Denis Lebedev a plastic belt. “It´s Christmas time and I don´t want you to leave Berlin empty-handed,” Huck said to the stunned Russian. “This belt is for you. The real belt will stay here. You will never get it.”

On December 18th, the two hard-hitting cruiserweights will lock horns at Berlin´s Max-Schmeling-Halle. While Huck (30-1, 23 KOs) has already made four successful title defenses, Lebedev rides a perfect record of 21-0 with 16 KOs into the biggest fight of his life. “I am no big talker, I will show my power inside the ring,” was all he said on the podium today. His coach Valery Belov added: “We are not scared of anybody or anything and we are prepared for a big challenge on Saturday night.”

Hall-of-Fame-Promoter Wilfried Sauerland expects fireworks from both men come Saturday. “We know that Lebedev is a very strong challenger,” he said. “But Marco has progressed very well. Normally I get nervous one day before a fight, but I am already nervous now. It will be a great fight and I am sure Marco will leave the ring as the winner. continue

Jonathan Gonzalez now 11-0, 11 KOs after stopping veteran Gundrick King

On Friday, December 10, at Coliseo Samuel Rodriguez in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, the "Next Puerto Rican Superstar" Jonathan "Mantequilla" Gonzalez ran his consecutive knockout streak to 11 and brought his record to a perfect 11-0, 11 KOs by stopping Gundrick King (13-4, 9 KOs) in two rounds. The hottest young power puncher in boxing (he wont' turn 22 until next summer) Gonzalez softened King up for the kill with paralyzing left hooks to the liver and then lowered the boom with a huge uppercut along the ropes. Out on his feet, King was finally rescued at 2:58 of the second. continue

Ronny Rios Faces Biggest Test Yet In Veteran Adolfo Landeros

Unbeaten in four fights this year, rising featherweight star Ronny Rios has begun the march towards the next level of his promising career. On Friday, December 17, at the Four Points Sheraton in San Diego, Calif., Rios will meet former IBA Featherweight World Champion Adolfo Landeros at the crossroads in the main event of the 2010 season finale of TeleFutura's "Sólo Boxeo Tecate." In the co-main event, local contender Christopher Martin puts his unbeaten record on the line in an eight round featherweight bout against hard-hitting Colombian Yogli Herrera. Also in action will be undefeated featherweight standout Gary Russell Jr. and undefeated Las Vegas product Anthony Martinez in separate bouts. continue

Video: Huck vs Lebedev media work-out

WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco “Captain” Huck (30-1, 23 KOs) and undefeated mandatory challenger Denis Lebedev (21-0, 16 KOs) today participated in a media work-out in Berlin. On Saturday night, the two hard-hitting warriors will collide at the Max-Schmeling-Halle. While Huck worked the pads with coach Ulli Wegner, Lebedev refused to give the fans an in-depth look into his training. “I have prepared as always,” he said. “We had sparring partners who were very similar to Huck. That will be the key to victory. Tactic and strategy will determine the winner. I am at least as strong as Huck and I will take home the title.”

Huck also voiced his confidence ahead of what will already be his fifth title defense. The champion, who displayed his punching power and explosiveness during the session, expects a tough fight. “I know that Lebedev is a strong challenger but I will defeat him,” Huck said. “I am prepared for a tough fight. I have worked very hard and I am 100 percent focused on Saturday night.”

Yoan Pablo Hernandez, who faces Ali Ismailov in a WBA Cruiserweight Eliminator, and Francesco Pianeta, who takes on Mike Middleton, also participated in today´s work-out. Team Sauerland´s big show at the Max-Schmeling-Halle will also feature Alexander Povetkin´s clash with Nicolai Firtha and Kubrat Pulev´s fight against Paolo Vidoz.. continue

Odlanier Solis-Ray Austin This Friday - Who Wins And Does Either Guy Have A Chance To Upset Vitali?

By James Slater - An important heavyweight clash takes place this Friday evening in Miami, as unbeaten Cuban hope Odlanier Solis will square off with Ohio’s Ray Austin in a final eliminator for Vitali Klitschko’s WBC crown.

The plan is for Friday’s winner to challenge “Dr. Iron Fist” in his next fight, some time in the spring (or maybe earlier). continue

James Toney Says He’s Getting Ready To Defend His IBA Heavyweight Title In January, Also Says His MMA Days Are Not Over!

By James Slater - James “Lights Out” Toney has not been seen near a ring since his humbling August debut defeat in MMA. Stopped in the 1st-round by Randy Couture, Toney has given the odd interview since, but he has not kept what you could call a high profile. However, in a recent interview with The MMA Hour, the 42-year-old proved he has lost none of his bluster and ability to talk the talk.

Toney insisted the loss to “The Natural” was “a fluke,” and that “it will never happen again.. continue

Lindsay-Simpson Weigh in

boxingBy Brendan Galbraith – At today’s weigh in at the Balmoral Hotel in Belfast, the Scottish challenger to Martin Lindsay’s British Title – John Simpson was measured when questioned on his assignment tomorrow night. Simpson is coming off a controversial split decision loss to talented Liverpool fighter, Stephen Smith and the tough Scots man is looking for to opportunity to bounce back and attempt to secure the Lonsdale belt:

“It feels good. I like boxing away from home, I have had some of my best performances away from home and I am looking forward to getting in there and showing Belfast a great fight.”

Simpson is wary of the quality of his opponent but has put in a ‘perfect’ training camp:

“He [Lindsay]is definitely a great fighter – he has showed it in his last few fights that he can fight and it will be a really tough contest but it is definitely one that I am going to win.. continue

Frank Warren Says Khan Should Not Fight Mayweather; At Least Not Yet

By James Slater - Although some big names of the sport are currently talking openly about a possible Amir Khan-Floyd Mayweather Junior fight - David Haye, who says he thinks Khan would have a great chance of beating Mayweather, and Oscar De La Hoya who, as a promoter, very much wants to see the fight happen - Khan’s former promoter has referred to such a move as “madness.”

Khan himself has said a number of times that he wants to become known as the best fighter on the planet, and that the way to do that is to beat Mayweather. Khan has also said that he realises that that fight is not going to happen next, that he is shooting for the big one a number of months from now. And Warren, who saw Khan leave him and sign up with Golden Boy Promotions earlier this year, agrees that Khan has to be patient. continue

Antonio Demarco Fights For The WBC Silver Belts

Former interim WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco (24-2-1, 18KOs) is ready to once again strap on the gold and green belt when he challenges current WBC Silver lightweight champion Reyes Sanchez (20-3-1, 11KOs) of Mexico City, MX, on February 26th of next year at a site to be determined. DeMarco of Tijuana, MX, by way of Los Mochis, captured the interim belt back in '09 via tenth round TKO of Jose Alfaro only to succumb to the late Edwin Valero in his next bout earlier this year. Since then, the twenty-four year old DeMarco came back with a devastating second round knock out of former title challenger Daniel Attah in July. continue

Bernard Hopkins Arrives In Quebec City For Light Heavyweight World Championship Fight Agaist Jean Pascal

boxingDecember 14, 2010 (Québec City, Canada) - Legendary future Hall of Famer and Two-Division World Champion Bernard Hopkins arrived in Québec City, Canada today, moving one step closer to his quest to defeat WBC, Ring Magazine and IBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal and become the oldest fighter in the history of boxing to win a prominent world title.

“This goes beyond being a champion,” Hopkins said when he arrived at Jean-Lesage International Airport in Québec City. “This is a grand opportunity. It is a situation I don’t take for granted. Saturday night you will see something unique. A 45-year-old man in a young man’s body is an amazing thing. I am here to prove that I can still compete and that I am something special.”

The age-defying, 45-year-old Hopkins will challenge Pascal THIS SATURDAY, Dec. 18, LIVE on SHOWTIME® at 10 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) from the Pepsi Coliseum in Québec City.

“What do I have to lose?,” Hopkins continued. “He [Pascal] has 16,000 fans coming to see him. That many people make a lot of noise and I am going to use that to my advantage. The crowd is my inspiration. I think I am going to gain some Canadian fans when they see what I do against Pascal. I am 100 percent ready and it is going to be an amazing fight.. continue

Marrone Ready To Battle Madison In WBC Heavyweight Eliminator

By Laz Izada - This Friday night December 17, 2010 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami,Fl ,Don King Productions will present “ A Tribute To Freedom “. On the undercard of Austin vs Solis, Mike Marrone (19-1, 14Ko’s) and Darrel “King David” Madison (15-1,4Ko’s) will square off in a 10 round WBC Heavyweight Elimination Bout.

Marrone formally trained and handled by Lou Duva earlier in his career, has had change of gears in his career, recently after taking about 2 years off due to a personal family tragedy. His new team consists of promoter Don King, manager Jack Luce, head trainer Eddie Chambers Sr., and assistant trainer Victor Ramos. continue

Lee vs. Martinez at the Garden on March 12th?

By Dan Fitz-Simons: Last weekend, while fans were bemoaning the cancellation of the Klitchko-Chisora bout, Manny Steward was quietly negotiating with Lou DiBella, the manager of Sergio Martinez. Their phone conversation concerned the prospect of a world title fight at Madison Square Garden in 2011 for Andy Lee, whose bout against Daniel Urbanski had also been cancelled. Steward, Andy's manager-trainer, was considering a title shot for Lee 24-1-0 (18KOs) as early as March 12th. continue

WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Beibut Shumenov says his goal is to unify the division, next fight in January against WBO Champion Braehmer

By Fantana: When you look into the eyes of Beibut Shumenov you can feel the intensity of a World Champion who is hungry to be known as the best of the best. You better know you are going be in a heap of trouble when you meet his icy gaze, that is unless of course you are not his scheduled opponent and you look like Bruce Willis (Please note – I am NOT Bruce Willis). With notable wins over Montel Griffin, Byron Mitchell and the then undefeated Uzelkov WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Beibut Shumenov is on a quest to unify the light heavyweight division. After capturing the WBA world title in his second attempt against Gabriel Compillo and successfully defending it back in July Shumenov is looking forward to his unification fight against the tough German Juergen Braehmer. “The Unification,” presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions and KZ Event Productions, will feature WBA/IBA light heavyweight champion Beibut Shumenov (10-1, 6 KOs) versus WBO titleist Juergen Braehmer (36-2, 29 KOs) on January 8, 2011 at the Ice Mansion in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Shumenov, a native of Shymkent, who now fights out of Las Vegas, owns and operates KZ Event Productions along with his brother, Chingis, and he is promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions. Kazakhstan is a country everyone in Great Britain knows thanks to the 2006 hit ‘Borat’ starring Ali G. Boxing is Kazakhstan’s biggest sport right now and Beibut is a national hero. He represented his home nation in the 2004 Olympics where he suffered a hand injury in his opening bout and turned professional in 2007. Beibut has quickly risen to the top in a division with an abundance of talent and big names such as Hopkins, Pascal, Chad Dawson and Britain’s very own Nathan Cleverly. Taking time out of his busy schedule of old school training which consists of lots of road work and punching things I was excited, in a non-gay way, to be able to get an exclusive interview with the twenty seven year old world champion. continue

WBO #9, WBC #13 Heavyweight Chauncy Welliver Speaks Out

By Charles White - Kindly taking time out of his busy training schedule, heavyweight contender Chauncy “The Hillyard Hammer” Welliver gave the following answers to my questions.

It has been a while since I last interviewed you Chauncy, how are you doing today?

Chauncy: I'm good. Just been traveling and training everyday, even on my travels. Living the life of a boxer. I am just training my butt off... literally (laughs). continue

Breidis Prescott Has One Quick Question for Amir Khan

Miami, Florida via Barranquilla, Colombia, slugger Breidis Prescott (23-2, 19 KOs) wishes to congratulate WBA World Light Welterweight Champion Amir Kahn for his close, but deserved, victory over Argentina's Marcos Maidana last Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prescott has just one little question after watching and listening to the fight.

"Khan said he specifically chose Maidana for an opponent and kept calling that fight his redemption for being knocked out by me... how does beating anyone other than me make up for what I did to him?" continue

Amir Khan, Shane Mosley, and Tavoris Cloud join “On the Ropes Boxing Radio” - NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND!!

by Jenna J - This week's 104th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (which featured Amir Khan, Shane Mosley, Tavoris Cloud, and Brad Solomon) will start at its regular scheduled time, 6:00pm Eastern Time. You can listen by selecting the "click to listen" link or click here to listen and enter our chat on the blogtalk message board; you can also call into the show at (646)716-5404.

On the Ropes Boxing Radio is back to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of boxing! Join me Jenna J, the Hostess, along with my amazing Producer and Co-Host, Geoffrey Ciani (aka-Rummy).



• Amir Khan beating Marcos Maidana by unanimous decision in a 12 round war
• Where do Khan and Maidana go from here?
• Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson battling to a controversial 10 round majority draw
• Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora being called off when Klitschko suffered a torn abdominal muscle

• Talks reportedly going in the right direction for a fight between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye
• Current Hall of Fame Class being headlined by Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Kostya Tszyu, and Sylvester Stallone
• Abner Mares scoring a split decision victory against Vic Darchinyan
• Joseph ‘King Kong’ Agbeko winning a unanimous decision against Yohnny Perez

Klitschko-Haye, Khan-TBA On Same Night In April?

By James Slater - It seems British boxing, and boxing in general, could have one huge night on April 16th of next year. If things go to plan, various members of the media are suggesting, there could be a massive doubleheader taking place - with one huge fight in the UK and then a second monster of a fight going down in Las Vegas.

The word is (according to The Guardian, USA Today, etc) WBA 140-pound champ Amir Khan - who is on the verge of superstar status due to his recent smashing victory over the big-hitting Marcos Maidana - will meet a TBA in the London, and then, a few hours later, WBA heavyweight champ David Haye will challenge heavyweight number-one Wladimir Klitschko in Vegas. Needless to say, if this doubleheader comes off it will be SOME night for the sport. continue

Khan Exposed??

by Robert Jackson: If Saturday nights fight had been a 15 rounder Khan may not have made it to the final bell. It can also be said that Khan fought a scrappy fight, showing his heart, determination and toughness. Others may say that Khan ran the final 4 rounds of the fight and was exposed. In any case Khan ended the night with a decision victory over the strongman from Argentina who also proved much to fight fans following a 1st round knockdown from a body shot from Khan that had him badly hurt. continue

'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Mailbag feat. Amir Khan, W. Klitschko/Haye, Ortiz, Berto and More!!

khanKirby R. (Manchester): Based on his performance last Saturday night, I feel Amir Khan proved he is the best jr. welterweight in the sport. Not only did he take the punches, but he made the victory look easy. What was your overall assessment of his performance against Maidana?

Vivek W. (ESB): I loved a great deal of what I saw from Amir Khan. For the record, I've always loved what I saw from Khan. His offensive skill level was always very intriguing to me, particularly since joining Freddie Roach. The only thing that I've questioned about Khan, (like many others), was his ability to overcome another thunderous power shot. What fight fans don't realize is that there's a huge difference with a quick KO and a complete beating over 12 rounds. You take a look at Kelly Pavlik, who was totally dismantled by Bernard Hopkins and never regained form, or Ricky Hatton, who stated that the lost to Mayweather was easily the most painful of his career because it was the only time he pretty much went the distance and simply couldn't figure someone out - getting beaten badly the whole time while trying.

In both cases the men lost total confidence that was never replaced, yet in the case of Khan, the quick KO was humbling, but he always knew had the fight gone further, his skill could have made the difference. continue

David Haye to sign copies of Hayemaker Volume 2 this Wednesday

WBA world heavyweight champion David 'The Hayemaker' Haye is pleased to announce that the second volume of his official Hayemaker Bookazine is now available to purchase from WH Smith stores nationwide, as well as online through To mark the release of Volume 2, Haye will hold a signing session on Wednesday (December 15) at Selfridges London on Oxford Street from 6 pm. continue

Klitschko-Haye Talks “Going In The Right Direction”

By James Slater - WBA heavyweight champion David Haye was an excited ringside observer at last night’s thrilling Amir Khan-Marcos Maidana clash in Las Vegas, and “The Hayemaker” has admitted that the buzz he got from the mini-classic gave him the urge to put on a great fight of his own in Vegas - hopefully against Wladimir Klitschko.

It has been reported by The Guardian that Haye and manager Adam Booth met with HBO and Golden Boy over the weekend, and that the unification fight everyone wants to see is as close as it’s been in quite a while as a result. continue

Unbeaten middleweight sensation Michael “The Brazilian Rocky” Oliveira talks boxing, says he will fight again in February

By Fantana: Seasons greetings boxing fans! Last month middleweight Michael Oliveira improved his record with his thirteenth straight win over the tough Junior Ramos via knockout in the third round. It was the first time Oliveira had fought in Brazil, the land of his birth. Boxing fans are well aware of Michael’s career which is going from strength to strength and the unbeaten twenty year old was named the Brazilian Athlete of the Year in 2009. With an exciting style and cool suave in and out of the ring people are beginning to talk about Oliveira. He has a sort of charismatic charm to the way he conducts himself which people cannot help but notice. A lot of famous people are fans of Michael Oliveira’s never say die attitude in and out of the ring. In fact racing legend Mario Andretti is a big fan of Michael’s. The story goes that Mario Andretti was taking a holiday in Brazil and Michael Oliveira was visiting his relatives at the same time. Taking a corner slightly too fast Mario Andretti unfortunately ran over a porcupine which popped his car tyre and he had to pull over. Meanwhile Michael Oliveira was doing his road work, he trains everyday even whilst on holiday, and he saw a distressed Andretti sitting in his car. Not even realizing it was Mario Andretti the young and handsome Michael Oliveira swapped tyres for Andretti, faster than any pit-stop could, and this is how their friendship bloomed in a non-gay way. Incidentally Michael Oliveira got the porcupine seen to by a vet immediately and because of his actions the animals life was saved and it has since gone on to raise a family of its own. Kindly taking time out of his busy schedule of training and being an inspiration to others Oliveira answered questions which I had asked him. continue

Roach, De La Hoya, Haye, Hamed Speak On Khan’s Win Over Maidana

By James Slater - It wasn’t just the regular fight fans who were mightily impressed by the sensationally exciting win Amir Khan scored yesterday over power puncher Marcos Maidana. Fellow fighters and former fighters such as Oscar De La Hoya, Naseem Hamed and David Haye came away from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with nothing but admiration; not only for Khan but for the great fight itself.

De La Hoya, in speaking with Sky Sports, referred to the fight as “the fight of the decade.” While WBA heavyweight ruler Haye, also speaking with Sky Sports, agreed when he was asked if the fight was one of the fights of the modern era. “Definitely,” Haye said. continue

Jeff Lacy Out-Pointed By Dhafir Smith - The End For “Left Hook?”

By James Slater - All but forgotten amidst the incredibly busy weekend of boxing taking place in England, Las Vegas and Washington, was last night’s super-middleweight clash between former IBF super-middleweight champ Jeff Lacy and unheralded journeyman Dhafir Smith. The 12-rounder that took place in 33-year-old Lacy’s hometown of Saint Petersburg, Florida contested something called the UBO title (vacant) and it is testament to how far the once formidable Lacy has fallen that he failed to win this strap.

Out-pointed by the 28-year-old from Pennsylvania (who was 23-19-7(4) coming in), Lacy lost via clear scores of 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112. Despite still having a good looking pro record of 25-4(17) in losing again, the real story is told by the fact that Lacy has now lost three of his last four outings. continue

Explosive Punching Irish Light Middleweight, Ryan Greene inspired by Martinez and learning from Pacquiao

boxingBy Brendan Galbraith – Heavy handed, Irish Light Middleweight prospect, Ryan Greene has been working hard to emulate aspects of Manny Pacquiao’s training to improve his piston-like explosive bursts of power punching, and will, undoubtedly be aiming to replicate the same drills in his fourth professional appearance tonight.

Greene will cap a productive year when he fights on the under card of the Lindsay-Simpson British Title fight at the Kings Hall in Belfast against Simone Lucas (2-5), who will be returning from a four-year exile from boxing to face the Lurgan southpaw.

As an amateur, Greene had a reputation as a big puncher and he appears to have carried that heavy handedness into the pro ranks, by hurting all of his opponents to date and stopping his last opponent Laszlo Haaz in the first round. continue

Mares decisions Darchinyan, Agbeko defeats Perez

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: While most eyes were on HBO’s Khan vs. Maidana in Las Vegas, Showtime’s “Winner Take All” bantamweight tournament also had something special going on at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington. Abner Mares (20-0-1, 13 KOs) faced off against Vic Darchinyan (35-3-1, 27 KOs), and Joseph Agbeko (28-2, 22 KOs) shared the ring against his former foe Yonnhy Perez (20-1-1, 14 KOs). continue

Nathan Cleverly Wins Lacklustre Decision Over Nadjib Mohammedi - Wins Interim WBO Light-Heavy

By James Slater - Tonight on Frank Warren’s big show in Liverpool, unbeaten light-heavyweight star Nathan Cleverly came through the toughest, most frustrating and least impressive fight of his pro career, as he won a messy 12-round UD over late replace foe Nadjib Mohammedi of France.

After 12 rounds that saw few clean punches landed form either side for the most part, the 23-year-old Welshman was awarded with a win by scores of 116-111, 115-112 and 115-113. “Clev,” who picked up the interim version of the WBO 175-pound strap, is now 21-0(10). 25-year-old Mohammedi is now 23-2(12).. continue

Uzzy Ahmed: “I beat him [Wilton] in Dublin and I will beat him in Belfast”

boxing By Brendan Galbraith - Uzzy Ahmed (6-3-1) already boasts a win over Ulsterman Luke Wilton and is confident that he can repeat the feat tomorrow night in an intriguing rematch with the Belfast flyweight in the Kings Hall, Belfast.

“I am 110% confident that I will do a number on him. I beat him two years ago and I will beat him again.”

Ahmed enjoyed a narrow points win against Wilton in Dublin two year ago:

“It was a good fight, I was giving a bit of weight away, so my camp told me to hit and move, and I start a boxing game and I beat him.”

“All of my career I have been fighting away from home anyway. It doesn’t really make a difference where I fight. The last time I was away from home I was in Dublin and I beat him and this time I will beat him in Belfast.. continue

James DeGale Stops Paul Smith In 9th-Round, Wins British Super-Middleweight

By James Slater - Tonight in Liverpool, 2008 Olympic gold medallist James DeGale won the biggest fight of his now nine-fight pro career, as he stopped defending British super-middleweight champ Paul Smith in the 9th-round. Despite giving away lots of experience and going against the advice of some good judges who felt tonight’s fight was too much too soon, “Chunky” was in command pretty much all the way before the stoppage that came at two minutes and 8-seconds of the 9th. continue

Kell Brook Blows Away Overmatched Philip Kotey Inside 2-Rounds On Big Liverpool Show - A World Title Shot Next Year?

By James Slater: Tonight in Liverpool, Frank Warren’s latest big card got underway in style, as unbeaten welterweight sensation Kell Brook took out Ghana’s Philip Kotey inside two impressive rounds. The televised opener may not have been a competitive fight, but it was still good to see “Special K” do his stuff. continue

Amir Khan Out-Points Marcos Maidana In FOTY Candidate - “King” Khan Lives Up To His Nickname!

boxingBy James Slater - Fans were treated to a quite sensational fight last night in Las Vegas, as defending WBA 140-pound champion Amir Khan fought the fight of his life in out-pointing interim champ Marcos Maidana, who also fought the fight of his pro career.

In winning via scores of 114-111 twice and 113-112, 24-year-old Khan did way more than just retain his world title. No, in taking the best, the most brutal punches the 27-year-old Argentine could muster, Khan forever killed the notion that he has anything approaching a glass jaw.

Now 24-1(17) and seemingly light years improved from the lightweight “kid” who was stopped by Colombia’s Breidis Prescott over two years ago, Khan could be on the verge of true greatness. Maidana, whose great effort last night makes referring to him as a loser seem harsh, can come again. Beaten for just the second time in his pro career (never stopped), Maidana is now 29-2(27). continue

Breidis Prescott Scheduled To Be Back In Action In January - Could We See Prescott-Khan II Next Year?

By James Slater: One man who will be a very interested observer of tonight’s 140-pound title clash between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana is Colombia’s Breidis Prescott. The 27-year-old will be so interested in the result of the Las Vegas showdown because there is a very real chance he will wind up facing the winner next year - if the winner is Amir Khan, that is. continue

David Haye Says A Fight Between He And Wladimir Klitschko “Is Looking Likely For Next March In Las Vegas”

By James Slater - No sooner does world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko pull out of his scheduled defence against Dereck Chisora, are we inundated with speculation about a great many things. Right now, there are on the net articles debating whether or not Wladimir’s injury claims are genuine, there are articles suggesting “Dr. Steel Hammer” got cold feet over the Chisora fight when he realised that “Del Boy” was no pushover, and there are articles suggesting that Wladimir is already looking towards fighting arch-rival David Haye in his next fight. continue

Joseph Agbeko Reclaims IBF Title From Yonnhy Perez

After an action-packed doubleheader, Joseph King Kong Agbeko and Abner Mares emerge as the finalists in The Bantamweight Tournament: Winner Takes All on SHOWTIME®. In a rematch of their Halloween 2009 meeting, Agbeko reclaimed the IBF bantamweight world championship he lost from Yonnhy “El Colombiano” Perez via unanimous decision with an equal parts aggressive and calculated performance. Mares won a gritty split decision over the veteran Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan in a fight that thrilled fans in attendance at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash.

After overworking the punch stat machine in their first bout last year, Agbeko (28-2, 22 KOs) surprised Perez (20-1-1, 14 KOs) and impressed the SHOWTIME boxing analysts with an excitingly effective strategy throughout the fight. Displaying excellent defense and choosing his shots wisely, Agbeko dictated the fight’s direction through the early rounds with hard right hands and quick combinations. By the fifth round, the defending champion Perez had a cut over his left eye and began to fight with a sense of urgency. continue

Przemek Majewski Wins by Crowd-Pleasing Knockout!

Polish middleweight Przemek “The Machine” Majewski scored a dramatic final round knockout to give the Polish fans at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ a great prelude to the Tomasz Adamek vs. Vinny Maddalone main event on Thursday night. After a brutal first two rounds that saw both men cut, Majewski (15-0, 10 KO) of Atlantic City, NJ by way of Radom, Poland took control in the third by applying his superior boxing craft and movement. Caminero (7-4, 7 KO) of Lawrence, Mass. remained undaunted along the way, continuing to throw wild and land occasionally. continue

Adamek Stops Game Maddalone And Looks Good; Who Next For “Goral?”

By James Slater - As fight fans know by now, former 175 and 200-pound champion Tomasz Adamek, now campaigning as a heavyweight, scored his second heavyweight stoppage win last night in Newark, halting the always-game Vinny Maddalone in the 5th-round.

Now 4-0(2) as a heavyweight, the 34-year-old showed he has retained his incredibly fast hand speed up at just below 220-pounds. Adamek landed triple jabs against Maddalone and his combination punching was excellent also. In fact, when the New York warrior was interviewed by moments after being stopped while still on his feet, he said that without a doubt, Adamek is the fastest fighter he has ever faced, at least in terms of hand speed. continue

Tomasz Adamek Stops Vinny Maddalone in the 5th (Photos & Post Fight Press Conference Videos Included!)

by Geoffrey Ciani at Ringside – When it was first announced that Vinny Maddalone was going to be Tomasz Adamek’s next opponent a lot of fans were disappointed. After all, Adamek has proven his worth as an elite-level heavyweight and as such, there were certainly better options available. Most fans expected an easy night for Adamek who had won four straight fights since making the jump to heavyweight just over a year ago, including an impressive victory over ranked contender Chris Arreola.

The fight went more or less as expected. Right from the opening bell, it was apparent that Adamek was the much quicker fighter. He established his jab early and used his superior speed to dictate the pace. Adamek was doing some nice body work and landing some good left hooks, while controlling the distance with good footwork and movement. Maddalone was unable to get much going.

Maddalone finally landed something of note in the second round, but Adamek still controlled the action as he continuously peppered Maddalone with quick short combinations. This theme continued in round three. In round four Adamek had Maddalone hurt and landed a flurry of shots that rocked his bigger foe. Maddalone almost appeared as if he was ready to go, but in the midst of the barrage he landed a big shot of his own which got Adamek’s attention.

A nice right hand followed by a tremendous left hook dropped Maddalone in the fifth. He beat the count, but was on uneasy legs. Adamek moved in for the kill while Maddalone did everything in his power to fend off the attack. Unfortunately for Maddalone, Adamek was just too quick and accurate with his shots. He was unable to successfully return fire and despite showing a lot of heart, his corner wisely threw in the towel and stopped the fight. continue

Video: Amir Khan and Maidana make weight

Weigh-In Results: Amir Khan 140 vs. Marcos Maidana 139 l Victor Ortiz 141 vs. Lamont Peterson 140 l Joan Guzman 144.5 vs. Jason Davis 143 l Seth Mitchell 243 vs. Taurus Sykes 248 l Sharif Bogere 137 vs. Chris Fernandez 137 l Jessie Vargas 140 vs. Ramon Montano 141 l Jamie Kavanagh 136.5 vs. Jacob Thornton 133. continue

VIDEO: IBF Bantamweight Champ Yonnhy Perez Discusses Sacrifice with SHOWTIME Analysts

"Boxing is the only sport you don't play... You play football, basketball... You don't play boxing. It ain't a game." - Antonio Tarver, SHOWTIME Analyst In a rare moment, just 24 hours before The Bantamweight Tournament, Columbian native, Yonnhy Perez, was asked how he feels about training far away from his family in order to become a champion and support them. Perez began to answer and then broke down sobbing. Click below for the raw emotional footage captured by the cameras of SHOWTIME Sports' Fight Camp 360º. continue

Video: Bailey vs Ouali ruled a no contest!

(December 10, 2010 – Antwerp, Belgium) Randall “The Knockout King” Bailey dropped Said Ouali twice before Ouali took a spill over the ropes, forcing a controversial no contest in their International Boxing Federation (IBF) elimination bout on Friday night in Antwerp.

The first round was déjà vu for Belgian fight fans, who in March witnessed Bailey knockout local favorite Jackson Bonsu in one round, when Bailey connected with his patented straight right in the bout’s opening moments. However, referee Rumerio Ruggieri claimed Bailey did not immediately make his way to the neutral corner, adding several additional seconds to the count.

“When I hit someone, I know where the neutral corner is. That’s my job,” said a distraught Bailey from his locker room Belgium. “[The count] was at least 15 seconds.”

Ouali survived the round, but it was more of the same in round two. Bailey dropped Ouali for the second time in as many rounds on another picture perfect straight right. continue

Arreola vs Abell On Jan 28

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the January 28, 2011 Goossen Tutor Promotions championship boxing event at the world-famous Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California.

The scheduled six-bout card -- featuring some of Southern California's top boxing talent -- has Riverside's Cristobal "The Nightmare" Arreola (29-2, 25 KOs) attempting to solidify his top world rating in hopes of landing a second world title shot taking on rising young heavyweight knockout king, Joey "Minnesota Ice" Abell (27-4, 26 KOs) in the scheduled 10-round main event. continue

Michael Perez Looks to Keep Hot Streak on 'Solo Boxeo Tecate'

Fresh off of back-to-back first round knockout victories, lightweight prospect Michael "The Artist" Perez will look to put the finishing touches on a masterpiece of a 2010 campaign when he visits the Coliseo Samuel Rodriguez in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico to headline TeleFutura's "Sólo Boxeo Tecate" against fellow prospect Jose Hernandez.

In the co-main event of this stacked 11-bout card, which is presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Promociones Miguel Cotto and H2 Entertainment, Las Piedras' unbeaten Luis Cruz takes on Managua's Wilfredo Acuña in an eight round featherweight . continue

Weights: Darchinyan vs. Mares, Agbeko vs, Perez Photos and Video

boxingThe four outstanding, talented athletes who will compete in THE BANTAMWEIGHT TOURNAMENT: WINNER TAKES ALL live on SHOWTIME® made weight on their first attempts Friday at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash.

The exciting, eagerly anticipated two-stage, single-elimination tournament begins tomorrow/Saturday, Dec. 11, on SHOWTIME at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) at Emerald Queen.

In the opening 12-round bout on the telecast, two-time division titlist Vic Darchinyan (35-2-1, 27 KOs) and undefeated, world-ranked Abner Mares (29-0-1) will clash for the World Boxing Council Silver Belt.

International Boxing Federation 118-pound champion Yonnhy Perez (20-0-1, 14 KOs) will defend against former IBF belt-holder and the boxer he dethroned, Joseph Agbeko (27-2, 22 KOs), in the second fight. continue

Paul Smith Backs X-factor's Rebecca Ferguson For Liverpool Double

British super-middleweight champion Paul Smith is after a Merseyside double this weekend - alongside X-Factor's Rebecca Ferguson.

Smith defends his Lonsdale belt against rival James DeGale at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday in a massive domestic showdown, live on Sky Box Office. continue

Professional boxing is returning to Hammond for....HAMMOND HAVOC!

We’re very excited to bring quality World Class Professional Boxing back to Hammond, Indiana. This outstanding event is an early Christmas gift to fight fans and sports fans of Hammond on Friday, December 17th. We know the fans will get more world class boxing for the same price” - Mike Leanardi, CEO of People’s Champ Boxing

Headlining HAMMOND HAVOC will be former IBF super featherweight World Champion and reality star of ESPN's The Contender series: Steve “2pounds” Forbes in a showdown against Roberto “El Viejo” Valenzuela. continue

Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana: Keys to Victory, Four to Explore, & Official Prediction!

By Vivek Wallace - Saturday night, the world of boxing will shine the spotlight on two of its most coveted prizes in the sport as jr. welterweight Amir Khan (23-1, 17KO's) takes on Argentinean KO artist, Marcos Maidana (29-1, 27KO's). The jr. welterweight division remains the deepest in the sport, and by the end of the night, the expectation is that fight fans may have a very firm understanding for who exactly leads the pack amongst this group of young stallions. In Amir Khan, you have a man whom most consider to be the most naturally gifted, presenting an infusion of speed, power, smarts, length, and pop.

A stunning one round KO back in 2008 shook those around the sport who adamantly support his perceived greatness, raising questions about his ability to compete at the highest level. The intrigue Saturday night will no doubt encompass the million dollar question which beckons whether or not his evolution under famed boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, has allowed him to develop enough to avoid this very same fate in a showdown where the stakes are much higher? In an effort to look at the chances of both men, we take a look at a few "Keys to Victory", "Four to Explore", and in the end, an "Official Prediction" continue

Pandora Promotions and Global Boxing Promotions Set for debut January 13th 2011

Maureen Shea's Pandora Promotions in association with Global Boxing Promotions is proud to present "Brooklyn Explosion" on Thursday, January 13th at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, NY.

In the main event, top-rated female Super Bantamweight Alicia "Slick" Ashley (15-9-1,1 KO) of Brooklyn, NY will take another step towards a world title opportunity in an eight round fight against an opponent to be named later. continue

Perez vs. Agbeko, Perez vs. Darchinyan SHOWTIME conference call quotes

TACOMA, Wash. – The promoters and fighters involved with The Bantamweight Tournament: Winner Takes All – a two-stage, single-elimination tournament of 118-pounders – took center stage on Thursday in the final press conference to discuss the two Semifinal bouts set to take place on Saturday, Dec. 11, LIVE on SHOWTIME® at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) from Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash. continue

Irish Flyweight prospect Jamie Conlan ready for the fast track

boxingBy Brendan Galbraith - At yesterday’s press conference for the Martin Lindsay – John Simpson British Featherweight Title fight, promoter Frank Maloney invited each of the fighters to say a few words to the assembled media.

Belfast Flyweight, Jamie Conlan, sitting on the press table with Frank Maloney, Tommy Tolan, Luke Wilton and Tony Nellins did not hesitate to outline his objectives:

“I would like to prove the point that I am the best flyweight in Britain and I am going to show everyone on the 15th December that I am (against Francis Croes in a six-rounder).”

Conlan is keen to make up for the disappointment of missing out on a scheduled fight on the recent Frampton-Reid under card, as his opponent could not travel to Belfast due to the treacherous weather conditions that caused havoc at airports throughout Europe. Instead, Conlan boxed an exhibition match with Super Featherweight, Troy James continue

Steve Forbes Returns Next Friday on

Hammond – is proud to present the junior welterweight fight between former world champion Steve “2 Pounds” Forbes and Mexican tough guy Roberto Valenzuela live on Friday December 17th. The fight will be available on online PPV exclusively worldwide for $9.99 USD. International conversion rates will apply for international customers. continue

Freddie Roach Says Amir Khan “Will Not Lose A Round” In Fight With Marcos Maidana, Still Says Khan Wins By KO

By James Slater: Ace trainer Freddie Roach has already gone on record with his prediction on the fast-approaching Amir Khan-Marcos Maidana WBA 140-pound showdown; and Freddie said his man Khan will score a late-rounds stoppage victory.

However, in a recent interview with BBC radio, Freddie went further, saying Khan will in all likelihood win the fight on Saturday, by KO - without having lost a single round all night! Interestingly, Roach also said he feels Khan is the better puncher of the two men. continue

Belfast Flyweight Luke ‘Winky’ Wilton aiming to settle the score with Uzzy Ahmed

boxingBy Brendan Galbraith - Belfast flyweight, Luke ‘Winky’ Wilton, who has signed a three-year deal with Frank Maloney Promotions, faces former foe, Uzzy Ahmed on the under card of Lindsay-Simpson on the 15th December 2010 in the Kings Hall, Belfast.

And Wilton is keen to avenge a narrow 39-40 points loss to Ahmed in only his fourth professional fight back in 2008:

“I cant wait – I will settle the score this time. He is in for a shock next Wednesday night.

“Training has been brilliant, superb. It has been the best so far, I am only 1 Ilb overweight and I am ready to go. I have been working with a lot of amateurs, particularly for his style.”

Wilton was supposed to fight Ahmed on a Maloney card in July but his opponent pulled out of the fight at the last moment:

“There is nothing worse, I was on the scales and he didn’t turn up – so I will settle the score for that as well.. continue

Khan-Maidana conference call transript

PRESENTATION - Monica Sears Thank you very much. I want to welcome everyone today to the call leading up to the Super Lightweight World Championship fight set for December 11, next weekend, at Mandalay Bay. At this time, I will turn the call over the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, Richard Schaefer, to introduce all of our participants.

Richard Schaefer Thank you, Monica and thank you to all the media members for participating in today's call. Little more than a week to go until the fireworks and the sparks will fly for one of the most anticipated cards of this year, the big showdown between world champion Amir Khan and interim champion, Marcos Maidana and fast rising start Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson, who will be the opening bout on this HBO World Championship Boxing event, which is going to take place at the Mandalay Bay on December 11th. The telecast is going to start at 6:30 p.m. Pacific/9:30 p.m. Eastern with the ... full televised events. continue

Adamek destroys Maddalone in 5th

By Rob Smith: Polish heavyweight Tomasz Adamek (43-1, 28 KO's) stopped 36-year-old heavyweight Vinny Maddalone (33-7, 24 KO's) by a 5th round technical knockout on Thursday night at the Prudential Center, in Newark, New Jersey. Adamek, 35, hurt Maddalone with an uppercut that knocked him down and then opened up with a salvo of shots after Maddalone got backt to his feet. Referee Steve Smoger stopped the fight at 2:17 with Maddalone still on his feet and just taking shots. continue

Belfast’s Martin Lindsay: “As far as boxing ability goes I am a class above [John Simpson]”

boxingBy Brendan Galbraith - At today’s press conference in the Balmoral Hotel, Belfast, promoter Frank Maloney outlined that he was intent on “making Martin ‘Mac man’ Lindsay a superstar of boxing” and confirmed that, provided Lindsay keeps winning, his next three fights will all be at the Kings Hall in Belfast, culminating in a world title shot at the end of 2011.”

Standing in the way is former Commonwealth and British Champion, John Simpson (21-7). However, Lindsay is in confident mood ahead of his upcoming British Featherweight Title clash at the Kings Hall on Wednesday 15th December and commenting on his Scottish opponent, Lindsay said:

“What you see is what you get. He is a rugged customer, he comes forward, he is tough and aggressive. As far as boxing ability goes I am a class above.. continue

Chisora Has Doubts Over Klitschko’s Back Injury, Insists Haye Will NOT Get A Fight With Wladimir Before He Does!

By James Slater - Though unbeaten British heavyweight and would-be world title challenger Derek Chisora is understandably disappointed and frustrated right now - to the point where he is somewhat sceptical about Wladimir Klitschko’s back injury - “Del Boy’s” main concern is of making sure he will still get his fight with the world champion.

Speaking with BBC radio, the unbeaten 26-year-old who would have been swapping punches with “Dr. Steel Hammer” in two day’s time had the champion not pulled out of the fight on Germany, said that the least time he saw Wladimir up close and personal, the champ looked in fine health. continue

Lenroy “TNT” Thomas blasts back this Saturday night in St. Petersburg, Florida!!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (December 9, 2010) Massive Jamaican heavyweight prospect Lenroy “TNT” Thomas returns to battle this Saturday night, December 11th against veteran Arron Lyons, as the special attraction six round bout at Day I Rise, an action packed evening of professional boxing at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida. continue

Wlad pulls out of Chisora fight – Has the cold snap given the champion cold feet?

boxingBy Maverick Fantana: Wladimir Klitschko made a wise choice in pulling out of the fight against the hard hitting British man Dereck Chisora, obviously someone in his team is as a wise as the three wise men from the very first Christmas. As East Side Boxing readers will know I tipped Chisora to be rated the future number three in the pound for pound boxing ratings if he were to win against the apparent best heavyweight in the world Wladimir Klitschko. In a recent interview which was featured on East Side Boxing, the world’s premiere boxing website, Emmanuel Steward expressed concerns about Wladimir fighting Britain’s most feared heavyweight prospect and instead it seems like they want to fight the easier option in David Haye, who lives in Cyrpus. As well all know in Britain Dereck Chisora is the most loved Dereck in modern British history, above Derek Griffiths from Playschool or Coronation Street’s own Derek Wilton who was of course married to Mavis. Even Derrick Evans AKA Mr Motivator doesn’t compare to the inspiration and Christmas spirit Dereck Chisora gives the populace of Great Britain.

I’ve heard that big six foot six and Wladimir Klitschko had missed training to watch the Corrie tram crash which shocked the world and also he didn’t want to miss this Saturday’s final of X-Factor, despite the fact that Wagner had already been voted out. continue

Interview with Maurice "Freight Train" Byarm

By Chip Mitchell: I recently had the opportunity to interview Maurice “Freight Train” Byarm, 9-0 (6KO’s). Byarm is an exciting prospect who will be fighting for the East Coast Heavyweight Championship on December 11 at Pikesville Armory in Maryland. continue

Shane Mosley Insists He’ll KO Manny Pacquiao

By James Slater - Though most fans, if you asked them, would almost certainly tell you they’d prefer pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao to face either Ander Berto or Juan Manuel Marquez instead, it looks more and more as though Pac-Man’s next encounter (seemingly all but a done deal for April in Las Vegas) will be against “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

A couple of years ago this match-up would have been massive, but Mosley is 39-years-old now and he looked faded in his last two outings. As such, most fans, when they read about Pacquiao’s shortlist for next opponent, put Mosley’s name at the bottom. continue

Vivek Wallace Presents: 'OPEN MIC FAN MAIL' - Roach/Pacquiao, Richardson/Hopkins, Steward/Klitschko (Best Trainer or Best Talent?)

boxingEvery Wednesday ESB will feature a new published letter directly from hardcore fight fans just like you! Each letter will be published with a response from boxing scribe Vivek Wallace. Send all 'Open Mic Fan Mail' letters to, and remember to keep content short and concise, and profanity free. Today's segment comes from Alex H. of Cincinnati, OH:


A group of my friends and I who are all fight fans have had a pretty interesting conversation going regarding some of the trainers in the sport today. Alot of emphasis is put on certain fighters and the trainers that they have, and it often seems that some trainers get too much credit, while others don't quite always get enough. My position is that without a good trainer, it doesn't matter how good a fighter is, he won't ever truly live up to the hype and potential he thinks he has. When you look at someone like Manny Pacquiao, he's the best P4P fighter in the sport, but without Freddie Roach, he would have been the same one-handed fighter who struggled with men like Erik Morales. Ali had Dundee, Pacquiao has Roach, Wladimir Klitschko has Steward. No matter who you look at in the sport today, all the best fighters have the best of the best in their corner and they get the results as a result. continue

Tyson Fury added to Pascal vs Hopkins Card, LIVE on Primetime

Towering Irish/British heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury will make his highly anticipated North American debut on Saturday, December 18th against New York City based Puerto Rican giant Israel “King Kong” Garcia in an eight round bout.The Fury/Garcia special attraction is featured on the undercard to the Light Heavyweight World Title bout between Canada’s Jean Pascal and boxing legend Bernard Hopkins at the sold out Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City and will be broadcast LIVE on PRIMETIME - Sports PPV Channel 480 on Sky. The stacked card of boxing action begins at 12:00 AM GMT and is available for £9.95. continue

Guzman-Davis, Mitchell-Sykes and Gomez fight on Khan vs. Maidana undercard on Saturday

LOS ANGELES, December 8 - Four of the top super lightweights in the world will put their skills and wills to the test Saturday, Dec. 11 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, but before the televised fights begin, an elite eight who will put their combined 94-0 record on the line in stellar undercard action. continue

Jean Pascal: “My main goal is not just to beat Bernard Hopkins but it’s to become one day the best boxer pound-for-pound in the world”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 103rd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal (26-1, 16 KOs), who is scheduled to defend his title on December 18 against the ageless warrior Bernard Hopkins (51-5, 32 KOs). In his last fight, Pascal became the first man to defeat highly regarded American fighter Chad Dawson. Pascal spoke about his upcoming fight with Bernard, his friendship with Carl Froch, his victory against Chad Dawson, and more. Here is what he had to say:

On how he feels about stepping into the ring against Bernard Hopkins:

“I’m really proud. I’m really, really excited to fight Bernard Hopkins. He’s a living legend and that’s why I’m training really, really hard for this fight. Right now I’m in the best training camp that I ever had.”

On what he is doing in camp to prepare for Bernard Hopkins’ cagey style:

“I don’t really do something specific because with me I’m a perfectionist. I would like to improve everything. So I’m working on my speed, on my footwork, on my power, on my skills, on my technique, everything. My main goal is not just to beat Bernard Hopkins but it’s to become one day the best boxer pound-for-pound in the world.” continue

Wood KO 5 Mundine

By Tony Nobbs: In the upset of the year, relative novice Garth Wood scored a knockout over two division world titliist Anthony Mundine at Acer Areana, Sydney on Wednesday night. The fight was scrappy and rough with the ropes looser than Zaire, making it difficult for both and each man was guilty of holding. Mundine seemed to shade the rounds, but the crouching, mauling style and side on stance of Wood made it near impossible to get in a rythm and land anything of consequence. Then in round five, with his opponent against the ropes, Wood landed a short left hook and Mundine sagged to the floor where he was counted out at .58 seconds by referee Les Fear. continue

Tomasz Adamek vs. Vinny Maddalone weigh-in Video

Video by Geoffrey Ciani - Tomasz Adamek (42-1, 27KO's) and Vinny Maddalone (33-6, 24KO's) both weighed-in today in anticipation of their upcoming heavyweight title fight tomorrow at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Both fighters looked to be in great shape with Adamek tipping the scales at 216 1/2 lbs. while Maddalone weighed-in at 230 lbs.

Adamek-Maddalone is promoted by Main Events and Ziggy Promotions, in association with Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing. At stake will be Adamek's IBF International and WBO NABO Heavyweight Titles. continue

Shocker In Australia - Big Underdog Garth Wood Scores 5th-Round KO Over Anthony Mundine

By James Slater - A huge upset took place in New South Wales, Australia a short while ago: as 32-year-old Garth Woods, in what was just his 12th pro fight, sensationally KO’d former two-time WBA 168-pound champ Anthony Mundine. Now campaigning as a light-middleweight, 35-year-old Mundine had been looking ahead to some big fights, and was expected to deal with Wood relatively easily. However, a big left hook from fellow Aussie “Woodsy” took “The Man” down and silenced the big crowd. The official time was 58-seconds of the 5th, and Woods is now 10-1-1(6). Mundine falls to 40-4(24). Today’s loss is only the second inside the distance defeat Mundine has suffered as a pro.

Wood, a former participant and winner of the Australian version of “The Contender” TV show, annoyed Mundine in the early going of the fight, with wrestling and holding tactics. Wood was also guilty of hitting Mundine behind the head on occasion. But when he connected on Mundine’s jaw with his left hand, Wood got the job done in style. Mundine was out before he hit the floor and the count given was not needed.

Seconds later, a jubilant Wood celebrated the biggest win of his pro career. continue

Wladimir Klitschko injured: Fight against Dereck Chisora cancelled

The fight between IBF, WBO, IBO and „The Ring” Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko and his opponent Dereck Chisora (UK) had to be cancelled. The two heavyweights were supposed to meet at SAP Arena Mannheim, Germany, this Saturday, Dec 11.

After an initial diagnosis, Klitschko suffered a torn abdominal muscle on his left side during his afternoon training session on Wednesday. “The abdominal muscle is injured and therefore Wladimir Klitschko will not be able to fight on Saturday”, says Dr. Sven Roessing, orthopedic specialist at university hospital Mannheim, Germany. Klitschko will have to pause for about 4 - 6 weeks. It is the first time in his professional career Wladimir Klitschko had to cancel a fight due to an injury.

Wladimir Klitschko suffers back injury, pulls out of Chisora fight

By Ken Neir: IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KO's) has reportedly suffered a back injury and has pulled out of this Saturday's bout against unbeaten British challenger Dereck Chisora (14-0, 9 KO's). According to Gareth A Davies from the, the 34-year-old Klitschko tore a muscle in his back and will need three to six weeks for it to heal. Richard Schaefer, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, said "He tore a muscle in his back and has had back spasms. I have spoken to Shelley Finkel [Wladimir's adviser] and if we can make a Klitschko fight with David Haye we will do that next and if not Wladimir will revert back to fighting Chisora." This might actually work out well for Wladimir, because it sure seems like a better deal to fight Haye then waste time on beating up Chisora, which figured to be a huge mismatch anyway. continue

Emanuel Steward: “A determined person is a dangerous person, and we have that in this fight even though Chisora does not have a big reputation”

by Geoffrey Ciani - Last week’s 102nd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward who is currently preparing IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KOs) for a title defense against Dereck Chisora (14-0, 9 KOs) this Saturday, December 11 in Germany. Steward talked about this fight, and also shared his thoughts on many current events in boxing, including Marquez-Katsidis, Sergio Martinez, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, David Haye, the possibility of Andy Lee facing Sergio Martinez, and much more. Here is what he had to say:

His views on Juan Manuel Marquez’s recent ninth round stoppage of Michael Katsidis:

“It lived up to my expectations. It was a very, very fantastic fight. The knockdown scored by Katsidis earlier in the fight was a slight surprise, but not really. I say ‘slight’ because he’s not really a puncher. He’s a real pressure fighter who wears people down through an accumulation of punches, but it was a perfect left hook at the right moment at the right time and down went Marquez. But like the great fighter that Marquez is he got off the floor, which he did quite a few times, and he came back and fought a brilliant fight. It was a fight that was as exciting as I expected. We were at HBO talking amongst ourselves that we were so fortunate to have two really brilliant fights to finish up the year and we still have the Amir Khan fight coming. It’s going to be hard to top those last two fights. The Paul Williams fight with Sergio Martinez—we thought it was going to be a candidate for fight of the year but it turned out to be a candidate for knockout of the year. I would say probably in my life of watching boxing matches that would be in the top five most dramatic knockouts in the history of boxing. When Sergio Martinez knocked out Paul Williams with that one punch it was just phenomenal.” continue

Douglin to face Berkshire December 17!

Morganville, NJ (December 9, 2010) – Unbeaten junior middleweight Denis “Da Momma’s Boy” Douglin will take another step up in competition when he faces Matt Berkshire over eight rounds Friday, December 17 at the Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville, PA. continue

DiBella, Arum Fail To Make Deal For Martinez-Cotto - Martinez Will Now Likely Face Zbik Or Lee, Arum Says Cotto Will Take Return With Margarito

By James Slater - Dan Rafael of has revealed how promoters Bob Arum (who looks after Miguel Cotto) and Lou DiBella (who promotes middleweight king Sergio Martinez) have been unable to agree a deal that will see Martinez and Cotto collide in what would have been a very interesting fight. According to DiBella, the fight fell through because Arum “doesn’t want to do any kind of co-promotion no matter what the split.. continue

GUS MERCURIO: 1928-2010

boxingPhoto: Gus Mercurio referreing Michael-Ellis, Melbourne, 1985

By Tony Nobbs: Famed actor and boxing officiando GUS MERCURIO passed away Tuesday while undergoing surgery, aged 82. Gus, born in West Bend, Wisconsin, USA, was best known as an actor and father of Strickly Ballroom star Paul Mercurio but he was also a first class official working over twenty WBC and IBF world title bouts. He first visited Melbourne during the 1956 Olympics and fell in love with Australia and her people. He starred in Television series Cash & Company (1975) and Tandarra (1976) and guest roles in police series’ Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police. Film roles included The Blue Lagoon (1980), The Man from Snowy River (1982) and Crocodile Dundee 2 (1988).

As a boxing official he judged ex WBA/WBC bantamweight king Lionel Rose’s win over future WBC lightweight champ Guts Ishimatsu in 1970. Mercurio was third man when Barry Michael defeated Lester Ellis for the IBF super featherweight championship of the world in Melbourne in 1985 and judged Ellis’ title win over Hwan Kil Yuh the same year. He judged the 1990 WBC 130 pound title match between Hall Of Famer Azumah Nelson and Juan LaPorte in Sydney, NSW as well as fights in the US involving the likes of modern greats Pernell Whitaker and Roy Jones and other top liners such as German Torres, Terry Norris (against Aussie Troy Waters), Pongsaklek Wongjongkam and Australian golden girl Sharon Anyos. He was president of the Australian National Boxing Hall Of Fame until 2007 and was himself inducted in 2008. He was a great personality for the Australian fight game and will be sadly missed by many. He is survived by wife RIta and six children by two marriages.

Huck vs Lebedev undercard: Povetkin returns to action; Hernandez to face Ismailov

Up-and-coming cruiserweight hopeful Yoan Pablo Hernandez (22-1, 11 KOs) is ready for the most important fight of his career. The 26-year-old Cuban will take on experienced Ali Ismailov (18-3-1, 13 KOs) in a WBA Cruiserweight Title Eliminator in Berlin on December 18. In the main fight of the evening, WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco “Captain” Huck (30-1, 23 KOs) will put his title on the line against undefeated mandatory challenger Denis Lebedev (21-0, 16 KOs). Hernandez and Huck have been working hard in training camp in Kienbaum, 20 miles east of Berlin. “Things have been going very well,” Hernandez said. “This is the biggest fight of my life and I am ready. I know that this will not be a walk in the park. Ismailov is a very strong opponent. I am prepared for a real battle.. continue

RIP Pastor Ralph Farrait, longtime NYC boxing trainer

New York City, New York (December 8, 2010) Pastor Ralph Farrait passed away this past Friday, December 3rd at the age of 59. A longtime boxing trainer, Farrait is best known in the boxing world for guiding contender Giovanni Lorenzo over the last eight years, taking him from a raw puncher to a world ranked two time world title challenger. continue

Klitschko/Chisora open work out photos

boxingWladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora held their open work out at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Heidelberg (Germany). Over 1000 fans showed up to watch both fighters showing off their boxing skills in preparation for their heavyweight championship fight this Saturday, Dec. 11. IBF, WBO, IBO and “Ring Magazine” Champion Klitschko and British and Commonwealth Champion Chisora will face off at the SAP ARENA in Mannheim, Germany.

A video of the Klitschko and Chisora open work out is available on the official Klitschko facebook page at

The fight will be shown live and exclusively on RTL in Germany. In the US, it will be aired on Saturday, Dec.11, 5:00 p.m. ET on and re-aired the next day, Sunday, Dec. 12 at 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. Sky Sports will carry the fight live on pay per view in the UK. continue

Shumenov-Braehmer On Jan 8 in Kazakhstan

Los Angeles (Dec. 8, 2010) - Goossen Tutor Promotions and KZ Event Productions announced today that WBA and IBA World Champion Beibut Shumenov and WBO World Champion Juergen Braehmer will meet in a Light Heavyweight World Championship Unification showdown January 8, 2011 at the Ice Mansion in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Shumenov, a native of Shymkent, who now fights out of Las Vegas, owns and operates KZ Event Productions along with his brother, Chingis and is promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions. continue

Frankie Gavin Pulls Out Of Fight With Flu

Frankie Gavin has had to withdraw from his title fight against Dean Harrison this Saturday night at the Liverpool Echo Arena because of flu, but sensational big-punching heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo has been added to the card in a title fight to replace him.

Birmingham star Gavin was due to meet Wolverhampton's Harrison for the Vacant WBO Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title, but came down with the flu last week and has been unable to train and regain full fitness. continue

Alexander-Bradley Quotes from Silverdome News Conference

boxingTimothy Bradley - I feel it will be me. He feels it will be him. I am not going to lay down and he’s not going to lay down. It’s going to be a great fight and you are not going to want to miss it.

Devon Alexander - Hey Bradley…It’s on baby, it’s on. This is just another fight for me. It’s a big fight for my career, but just another fight for me.

Gary Shaw - This fight is called the Super Fight because they are the two best fighters in the world at 140 lbs…bar none. But I am going to tell you, and Devon, why my fighter will win. My fighter has beaten better fighters, has gone deeper into fights and won a title overseas. Timothy Bradley works harder than any fighter I have worked with in my whole career.

That’s why we will win the fight…you laugh Kevin. Kevin Cunningham talks great sh*t…we just rain hard.

Kevin Cunningham - This is the greatest division in boxing. I hear from Gary Shaw that Tim Bradley has beat all these guys, these great champions…who are they? Gary Shaw was right about one thing…right now Timothy Bradley is No. 1 and Devon is No. 2. But there is a problem with that because Devon doesn’t like to be No. 2 and on January 29 he will change that. continue

Anthony Mundine: The Man or The Mouth?

by Robert Brown - Anthony Mundine shocked Australia when he left a successful dominant rugby league career to follow in father Tony Mundine’s footsteps. Criticism quickly followed. The general consensus of opinion was that MundIne was most likely too old to start a successful boxing career and the risk of leaving a well established rugby league career for a boxing campaign could easily fail. In my opinion the skepticism began when he fought former world champion Lester Ellis who had several years in retirement seemed not in fighting shape and the fight was perceived by most general boxing fans as a bit of a ruse. Mundine dominated and the fight came to its expected conclusion with a third round knockout. In my opinion the fight was a joke and a disgrace to Australia and world boxing and should never have occurred. Of course there was a similar fight against former world title challenger Guy Waters which predictably ended in similar fashion to the Ellis fight. continue

Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard Targets 2011 world title fight

MANCHESTER, Conn. (December 7, 2010) – America’s leading American featherweight, unbeaten NABF and NABO champion Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard, has targeted a 2011 world title fight.

The 24-year-old Remillard (23-0, 14 KOs), currently a promotional free agent, won all three of his 2010 fights by knockout. He has climbed the ratings systems to No. 3 in the WBO, No. 6 in the WBC, and No. 7 in the WBA. continue

Alexander vs. Bradley at the Silverdome on January 29th

boxingPontiac, Michigan (December 7, 2010) -- One of the most anticipated fights in boxing -- and the biggest bout of a young 2011 -- will take place when undefeated world champions DEVON ALEXANDER "The Great" and TIMOTHY "Desert Storm" BRADLEY duke it out at the 140-pound weight limit on Saturday, January 29 at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.

Boxing fans have been waiting for years to see these two young world champions collide. The St. Louis phenom Alexander (21-0, 13 KOs), who will put his unblemished record and World Boxing Council (WBC) super lightweight championship at risk while Bradley (26-0, 11 KOs), from Palm Springs, Calif., enters the bout with a similarly perfect record and his World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight crown on the line.

Tickets, priced from $25-$400, will go on sale This Friday! December 10, and can be purchased at the Silverdome box office, by calling (248) 338-2500 or online at The event is being promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, Don King Productions and Thompson Boxing Promotions. continue

Perez vs. Agbeko this Saturday

Santa Fe Springs, CA (December 7, 2010) - International Boxing Federation (IBF) bantamweight champion Yonnhy "El Colombiano" Perez (20-0-1, 14 KOs) of Colombia takes on former bantamweight champion Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko (27-2, 22 KOs) of Ghana in a rematch this Saturday, December 11th at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA in the co-main event, which also features former title challenger and world-ranked bantamweight contender Abner Mares (20-0-1, 13 KOs) of Mexico taking on IBO bantamweight champion Vic "Raging Bull" Darchinyan (35-2-1, 27 KOs) with both bouts being shown live on SHOWTIME and are being co-promoted by Thompson Boxing Promotions, Gary Shaw Productions, Don King Productions and Golden Boy Promotions. In his last outing, Perez battled Abner Mares (20-0-1, 13 KOs) to a majority draw in an exciting back and forth action bout this past May at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. continue

Photos: Andy Lee Spars with Heavyweight Champ Wladimir Klitschko

Irish Kronk middleweight fighter, Andy Lee, presently rated # 4 by the EBU, # 8 by the WBA, and # 15 by the WBC will be looking to be on a fine performance this Saturday night against his Polish opponent, Daniel Urbanski , (19w-5l-3d) at the SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany. Lee got some useful sparring with Wladimir Klitschko the IBF, WBO and IBO Heavyweight World Champion in training camp that will stand him in good stead ahead of Saturday’s fight. continue

Wladimir Klitschko - Will the Champ Ever Have His Day?

By Joseph Herron - Wladimir Klitschko is the undisputed, Ring Magazine recognized Heavyweight Champion of the world. The 33 year old pugilist has also successfully defended the IBF and WBO titles since unifying both titles in 2008. He has defeated 13 straight opponents in decisive manner and is having a hard time finding a worthy opponent to face him in the squared circle. Alexander Povetkin’s trainer , Teddy Atlas, has gone on record stating that his fighter is not ready to face a champion as seasoned as Wladimir Klitschko. The number one contender’s trainer is afraid that a fight with Klitskcho at the present time could do more harm than good to the young Povetkin. It seems that Wladimir Klitschko has accomplished everything there is to gain in the sport of boxing. One elusive enemy continues to evade the 6’ 6” former Olympic Champion: Universal Respect.

History would tell us that the universally recognized Heavyweight Champion should have the respect and admiration of the masses. Especially in the USA, where throughout American history, the Heavyweight Championship has been considered to be the most important title in all of sports. It’s funny how tradition has been trivialized and disregarded in America.

This Saturday, Wladimir Klitschko defends his titles against a dangerous and undefeated opponent named Derek Chisora. Will America be watching? Boxing die-hards aside, absolutely not. continue

Simms vs. Lockett on Thursday

Norwalk, CT (December 7, 2010) – The last fourteen months have been quite frustrating for middleweight contender “Marvelous” Tarvis Simms.

Since losing a close decision in October 09’ to title contender Allan Green on eight days notice, the Norwalk, CT native was victimized by the politics of boxing and spent far longer than he would have liked to as a spectator. continue

Tyson, Tszyu, Chavez, Beristain, Cortez and Stallone Inducted into Boxing Hall of Fame

“It has been my privilege to have been blessed with the ability to write about the incredible courage and commitment of the many thousands of real-life Rockys whom we have watched perform honorably in the ring.” - Sylvester Stallone

CANASTOTA, NY - DECEMBER 7, 2010 - The International Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum announced today the newest class of inductees to enter the Hall. Living inductees include three-division champion Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico), junior welterweight champion Kostya Tszyu (Russia / Australia), heavyweight champion Mike Tyson (USA), trainer Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain (Mexico), referee Joe Cortez (USA) and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone (USA). continue

Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future – Why Amir Khan is fighting three men on Saturday night

By Fantana: Festive greetings boxing fans! We have a lot to look forward to on Saturday night as Amir Khan battles Maidana in a hotly anticipated battle the likes of which have made 2010 a great year for the manliest of sports. Whilst the British people have been freezing in minus 20 degrees temperatures, the lowest for almost ten months, Amir Khan has kept spirits high on these fine shores. Further adding to Carl Froch’s dazzling display against Abraham a fantastic performance by Amir Khan will surely be like Christmas coming early for all real men, such as myself. As always I can back this up with statistics, Briton’s are set to splash out £3 billion in the month of December! Surely this is clear evidence of the effect Amir Khan has on the economy, and David Cameron agrees. Another man who had a big impact on the economy was Scrooge, and just like Scrooge Amir Khan will be facing three opponents in one night, in a non-gay way. Here’s why:-


Amir Khan’s past is littered with glory and reward. An Olympic silver medal, a Range Rover and an undefeated professional record were all his. Yet he suffered a collision with a speed bump along the way, named Breidis Prescott. continue

Granados vs. Danforth on Dec 17th

CHICAGO, IL ( December 7, 2010) Sensational junior welterweight prospect Adrian “EL TIGRE” Granados returns to battle on Friday, December 17th as the featured undercard bout at the action packed WINDY CITY FIGHT NIGHT 14 professional boxing event at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion

The undefeated Granados will face off against Milwaukee’s Justin Danforth in a scheduled six round bout. Having built a very large fan base in his first four professional bouts, all fought in Chicago, Granados looks to be a star on the rise. continue

THE Five Most Exciting Fighters In The World Today! (and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best!)

By James Slater - We boxing fans are lucky people right now, in that we have a whole load of fighters who are not only willing to give their all in the ring, but who are also immensely exciting when they fight. The most important thing in the minds of many fans when paying to see a boxing match is not to see a display of skill (though this too is admirable), but to see raw, undiluted action.

And today, in late 2010, we are blessed enough to have a number of great, bang-for-your buck fighters; men who always send the fans home happy when they go to work. continue

Adamek vs. Maddalone Presser Quotes

boxingNewark – Just two days before their heavyweight showdown, Poland’s Tomasz Adamek and American Vinnie Maddalone spoke about their preparation for their big fight this Thursday which can be seen in most countries around the world on online PPV.

“I’m excited to be returning to the Prudential Center. I have been training really hard with Roger (Bloodworth) and I feel like I’m getting better and better and learning more every day. I know that Vinny and I are going to make a really great fight and I invite everyone to come out and enjoy it with us this Thursday night.” Adamek said.

For Adamek, this will be his 6th time headlining at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The venue has become home court for the popular Polish fighter who attracts thousands of Polish immigrants and fight fans every time he competes. Previously, he’s defeated Steve Cunningham for the cruiserweight championship at that venue. He successfully defended his title there against Johnathon Banks and Bobby Gunn. Since moving up to the heavyweight division, he’s beaten former United States Olympian Jason Estrada and former world title challenger Michael Grant in Newark. continue

Klitschko vs. Chisora Undercard Announced

K2 Promotions announced the official undercard for the December 11 Heavyweight Championship between Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora at SAP ARENA Mannheim (Germany).

The co-feature will be a double intercontinental title fight between Ola Afolabi, 15-2 from hailing from London vs Lubos Suda, 22-4, the EBU EU champion from Czech Republic. The bout between these two top rated boxers will be for both the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and WBO Intercontinental Cruiserweight titles. continue

The Best Prospect of Colombian Boxing Lands for his US Debut

Kissimmee, FL: The best prospect of the moment in Colombia, Darley Perez landed today in the United States for his debut in the Country of opportunities. Perez arrived with his trainer Orlando Pineda in Florida for his schedule fight of this Friday, December 10, 2010 at the Kissimmee Civic Center. Perez, of San Pedro de Uraba, Colombia (17-0-14 KO’s) is already ranked #4 WBA and #12 WBO, and will have his hands full when he faces unbeaten Remesis Gil (6-0-4-5 KO’s) of Carolina, Puerto Rico via Dominican Republic in a bout schedule for 8 Rounds in the Lightweight division. Perez is managed by Billy Chams who has made 14 World Champions of Colombia and has very high hopes in Perez. continue

Wladimir Klitschko Tells The Guardian: “Haye Needs Us More Than We Need Him”

boxingBy James Slater - Ring magazine, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko, who faces unbeaten but untested Brit Derek Chisora on Saturday night in Germany, has had enough of David Haye. So much so that he says he is tired of even talking about the WBA heavyweight champ, and that he can no longer take Haye seriously.

And why does Wladimir feel the way he does? Because, as we all know, it has now been well over two years since Haye began calling out the two Klitschko brothers, and insisting they face him in the ring. Yet all this time later, after all those Haye insults, we are still waiting for the Londoner to step into the ring with either brother. It depends on whose side you are on as to who is “ducking” who, but “Dr Steel Hammer” refers to Haye as “a liar” and reminds us of how Haye signed to fight him (seemingly way back, in June of 2009); only to pull out at the last minute.

Klitschko, probably at his peak right now at age 34, was forced to move on and find other opposition, and he is still waiting on Haye now - with 2011 almost upon us. This situation has led not only to both brothers holding Haye in disdain, but to a well known, well respected and knowledgeable U.S writer constantly referring to Haye as “Ducker.”

As we know, Wladimir had to settle for Derek Chisora as his next challenger, when ideally he would have liked to have met belt-holder Haye. But Klitschko is full of praise for the way “Del Boy” has agreed to the fight Haye has not thus far taken, and Wladimir has even gone as far as to say the 14-0 relative novice is a better fighter than Haye. continue

The curious case of Carl Froch

James Rose: On a bitter evening last Saturday in Helsinki, the Super Six World Boxing Classic resumed its rocky journey as Nottingham’s Carl Froch reclaimed his WBC World Super Middleweight title with a dominant unanimous points decision over Arthur Abraham.

In what many expected to be an evenly matched contest and even potential ‘fight of the year’ candidate, Froch stifled any hope of competitiveness with a classic display of pugilistic basics to make an elite-level Sauerland darling look rather ordinary. continue

World Series of Boxing Action Continues This Week in Miami and Los Angeles

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) Action in the World Series of Boxing Americas continues later this week as the new, global league moves on into its third week. The Los Angeles Matadors (1-1) have taken an early lead in the conference standings having won seven of their first 10 bouts as a team. However, the Matadors, along with the three other teams that comprise the Americas conference are still looking to establish their own identities in the ring. The results from week three could provide a much clearer look as to what the year might bring for each squad as the season unfolds. continue

Oliver McCall: “I think I’d knock Vitali Klitschko right out”

boxingby Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 103rd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with former WBC heavyweight champion Oliver McCall (54-10, 37 KOs) who is scheduled to face Fres Oquendo (32-6, 21 KOs) later today at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. McCall talked to us about his fight immediately after the weigh-in, and also discussed his views on the Klitschko brothers, David Haye, Manny Pacquiao, and more! Here is what he had to say:

On what he expects from his opponent Fres Oquendo:

“What I expect from him is to think that he can out-quick me, but I think he will underestimate my speed and the pressure is just going to be too much for him. I’m a veteran and I’ve fought quicker fighters. He’s a quicker older fighter. I shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve been studying his last fight and he fights in spurts and whatnot and those little punches that he throws, I’m going to walk right through those.”

On what a win against Fres Oquendo can do for his career:

“Well I really don’t know what’s going to come or what they have set up for me next. Right now I just want to focus on winning this fight and then move forward and see what they have available for me after this fight. But right now my concentration is on winning this fight—winning this fight and winning this fight big.” continue

Quinones Wins Pro Debut in 19 Seconds!

Co-promoters Gary Shaw of Gary Shaw Productions and Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing wish to congratulate Cuban former world amateur champion Vilier Quinones for his explosive debut performance as a professional last Friday, December 3.

Fighting in front of a big crowd at the Magic City Casino "Cuba vs. the World" event in Miami, Florida, future super middleweight star Quinones dispatched formerly undefeated New Yorker Abdellah Smith in 19 seconds of unleashed fury. continue

UK Boxing: Ryan Rhodes; Steve Foster Jr; Mickey Helliet

RYAN RHODES and Denton Vassell both scored impressive inside the distance on Hatton Promotions Christmas dinner bash at Manchester’s Palace Hotel on Saturday.

Local fighter Vassell stretched his unbeaten winning record to 16 stopping Brazilian Welson Alves de Oliveira in the third round. continue

Press conference Wladimir Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora

boxingMannheim/Germany (December 6, 2010) – Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora participated today in the fight week press conference in Mannheim (Germany) to speak about their fight on December 11. IBF, WBO, IBO and “Ring Magazine” Champion Klitschko and British and Commonwealth Champion Chisora will face off next Saturday at SAP ARENA Mannheim, Germany.

Wladimir Klitschko:

“I had a great training camp in Austria and cannot wait to step into the ring. Chisora is unbeaten and determined, he is very skilled and very active in the ring. I am very well prepared and will definitely not underestimate him.

“I will show him what it is like to fight on a championship level against a man in the ring.

“He might have big dreams, but I will send him back to the UK without any belts.. continue

'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Mailbag feat. Pacquiao/Mosley, Riff Between Mosley/GBP, Mayweather/Khan, & 'Canelo'!!!

Jackson L. (Atlanta, GA): I hear that Shane Mosley has jumped ship for Goldenboy promotions and Hopkins had been considering it. In your opinion, why has there been such an issue with African American fighters under the GoldenBoy Promotions banner?

Vivek W. (ESB): I can understand how this may be the underlying consensus, but before digging too deep into that sentiment, I think you have to sort a few things out, first. For starters, there is no problem with GBP's ability to promote or maintain good relations with African American fighters. Daniel Jacobs, James Kirkland, and others on the roster would co-sign this statement with little to no hesitation.

The issue that comes into play when you look at the recent riff between both Hopkins and Mosley and their current/one-time promoter, Goldenboy, is much deeper than some seem to know. continue

Steve Goodwin Sets Sights On ‘Major British Scalp’ For Yassine El Maachi

Following his superb victory over European number four ranked Jimmy Colas on Saturday, London based Moroccan Light Middleweight Yassine El Maachi has smashed his way into the World rankings and is now justifiably on the verge of international stardom.

Yassine’s performance against Colas was nothing short of electrifying. His was the performance of the year and the bout was without doubt the British ‘Fight of the Year’ by a country mile. continue

Alexander Dimitrenko released from the Helios Klinik in Schwerin - Full Fight Videos From All Undercard Fights

European heavyweight champion Alexander Dimitrenko has been released on sunday from the Helios Klinik in Schwerin, Germany after undergoing a battery of tests, including a CT scan. “I’m doing better again,” he said today. “I’m still waiting on some results and a clinic in Hamburg will do more tests tomorrow. I hope that we’ll know what happened. This is something I’ve never experienced before. I apologize to the fans in the arena and watching on television, but I hope I’m healthy again quickly and can take this fight. I would like to defend my title against Sosnowski as soon as possible.”

Dimitrenko’s fight with Albert Sosnowski was cancelled after Dimitrenko feinted in his dressing room. Universum has announced that Dimitrenko is still champion and the bout will be rescheduled.

Big wins for Gomez, Charr and Tschachkijew - Fight between Dimitrenko and Sosnowski was cancelled!

The fight between European heavyweight champion Alexander Dimitrenko and Albert Sosnowski on Saturday night at the Sport und Kongresshalle in Schwerin, Germany was shockingly cancelled just before fight time after Dimitrenko feinted in his dressing room. Dimitrenko was taken from the arena to the hospital on a stretcher. “I was there just after he collapsed in the dressing room,” said promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl. “He lay motionless on the ground. There are signs of food poisoning because he was very cramped. He said repeatedly that he wants to fight, but we couldn’t let that happen.. continue

Unbeaten Heavyweight Prospect Tyson Fury To Box On Pascal-Hopkins Card

By James Slater - Unbeaten British big man Tyson Fury, now training with Hall Of Famer Emanuel Steward, will have his first fight outside of his home country on December 18th, as he will face 40-year-old trial-horse Israel Carlos Garcia on the under-card of the intriguing Jean Pascal-Bernard Hopkins light-heavyweight title clash.

Fury, still only 22 and just 12-0(9) as a pro, hasn’t been quite as active this year compared to his previous two years as a pro, but he will make it four fights in 2010 with the bout against the Puerto Rican with the decent 20-3(11) record. But will Fury, all 6’7” and approx 260-pounds of him, make it to 13-0 a week on Saturday continue

Team USA Claims Four Victories in the USA vs. Puerto Rico Dual in Cataño, Puerto Rico

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Four U.S. boxers recorded international dual victories on Friday at the USA vs. Puerto Rico Dual at the Cosme Behitía Coliseum in Cataño, Puerto Rico. A trio of male boxers and female lightweight Stephanie Han (El Paso, Texas) all won their dual bouts in the final international competition of the year for USA Boxing.

Bantamweight Joseph Diaz, Jr. (El Monte, Calif.) earned the first victory of the night for the U.S. squad, taking a 3-2 decision over Puerto Rico’s Josue Machado in the third bout of the evening. continue

Adamek vs. Maddalone final presser

boxingEarlier today at the Global Boxing Gym in North Bergen, NJ, Tomasz Adamek (42-1, 27KO's) and Vinny Maddalone (33-6, 24KO's) met face to face for the final press conference before their upcoming heavyweight title fight this Thursday at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Adamek-Maddalone is promoted by Main Events and Ziggy Promotions, in association with Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing. At stake will be Adamek's IBF International and WBO NABO Heavyweight Titles.

Kathy Duva, President of Main Events, and co-promoter of Adamek, kicked off the press conference, thanking everyone in attendance and introducing some of the undercard fighters on the card, before giving the mic over to both main event fighters and members from their corresponding camps. Below are some photos and quotes from the presser.

Joe DeGuardia (CEO of Star Boxing, Promoter of Maddalone): First and foremost I want to congratulate Kathy, Ziggy Promotions and everyone at the Prudential center for really bringing back big-time boxing to the state of New Jersey. They have done a great job with their past events and we expect nothing less Thursday night and we are just very happy to be a part of it. continue

Former Heavyweight Boxer Lou Esa and Rising Star Vinny O’Brien Ready to Explode onto Pro Scene

When former heavyweight knockout artist Lou Esa teamed up with top amateur boxer Vinny “Lion” O’Brien, they had one goal in mind—win the Golden Gloves tournament. And through hard work and determination, they reached that goal this past April.

Over the course of his life Lou Esa has become a permanent fixture in the boxing scene, and has worked with countless fighters developing and perfecting their skills so they are able to excel at the professional level. continue

Fights fans would like to see

By Paul Strauss: Fans are in agreement as to the big one. Of course it is the one between Little Money vs PacMan. If it comes, great! But, let's not dwell on the possibility. For now, let's recognize Little Money is flapdoodle as a candidate and pass him by. Realistically, enough time has to be allowed for his family's legal problems to be cleared up, and then (when he and his uncle get out of jail) maybe Manny willl be retired to public service and other fun things. At that point, if the Mayweathers' synapses are snapping, they will realize they missed out on the biggest pot of gold any leprechaun could conjure up. continue

Timothy Bradley, Jean Pascal, and Oliver McCall will be “On the Ropes Boxing Radio” tonight at 6pm EST

by Jenna J - This week's 103rd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (featuring Jean Pascal, Timothy Bradley, and Oliver McCall) will start at its regular scheduled time, 6:00pm Eastern Time. You can listen live by clicking “play” on the player or click here to listen and enter our chat on the blogtalk message board; you can also call into the show at (646)716-5404.

On the Ropes Boxing Radio is back to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of boxing! Join me Jenna J, the Hostess, along with my amazing Producer and Co-Host, Geoffrey Ciani (aka-Rummy).


• Nonito Donaire beating Wladimir Sidorenkobeating by 4th round stoppage
• Humberto Soto winning a unanimous decision against Urbano Antillon
• David Lemieux scoring a 2nd round stoppage against Punrell Gates
• Jean Marc Mormeck beating Timur Ibragimov by split decision victory
• Chris Join retaining his WBA featherweight title
• Evander Holyfield saying he will fight until he regains the heavyweight title
• Is Shane Mosley next for Manny Pacquiao? continue

WBC News

By José Sulaimán - On Sunday, December 5, I celebrated the 35th anniversary of my first election in Tunis, Africa, as president of the WBC, a fact for which I received my induction into the Guinness World Records during the celebration of the 48th annual WBC convention held in Cancun, Mexico. continue

Byarm-Thorpe on Saturday

Baltimore, MD (December 6, 2010) – Unbeaten heavyweight Maurice “Freight Train” Byarm will now square off against fellow undefeated big man Winston Thorpe this Saturday evening in the main event of “Season’s Beatings” from the Pikesville Armory in Baltimore, MD. continue

Lots Of Heavyweight Action To Look Forward To This Week - McCall-Oquendo, Adamek-Maddalone, Klitschko-Chisora

boxingBy James Slater: For fans of the heavyweights of our great sport, this week promises to be an exciting, action-packed seven days! Three intriguing heavyweight bouts take place this week, and some big names will be in action as a result.

First of all, tomorrow night in Hollywood, Florida, tough veterans Fres Oquendo and Oliver McCall go at it in a scheduled 12-rounder that will contest the IBF inter-continental belt. This fight may not, on paper at least, be a fight that will thrill and excite the fans in terms of toe-to-toe action, but both men have endured hard times in and out of the ring, and both men desperately need to win on Tuesday. This incentive - with both fighters knowing a loss could all but end their time as anything approaching a world title contender - will bring out the best in both men.

There is a lot to like about “Fast” Fres and “The Atomic Bull.” Both guys have persevered for many a year and both men always enter the ring in good shape. continue

Aydin wants Berto bout

Welterweight KO-artist Selcuk Aydin is currently training in Miami to prepare for his great goal of dethroning WBC champion Andre Berto. The World Boxing Council (WBC) had confirmed on its 48th world convention in Cancun that Berto has to face silver titlist Aydin next after making his easy defense against Freddy Hernandez on November 27th in Las Vegas.

"I have waited for this chance for a long time", Aydin told Anson Wainwright ( in an interview last week. "I blame Berto for making me wait for this fight for one and a half years. continue

Ricky Burns defeats Andreas Evensen

By John Wight: At a packed Braehead Arena in Glasgow on Saturday night, Scotland’s Ricky Burns retained his WBO super featherweight title with a unanimous points win over Norwegian domiciled Columbian challenger, Andreas Evensen.

Burns, who won the WBO title in spectacular style against the former Puerto Rican champion, Roman ‘Rocky’ Martinez, in September, on a night which most commentators agree qualified as one of the best they’d experienced among many great ones in the pantheon of Scottish boxing, looked in superb condition when he climbed through the ropes. The day before the champion had weighed in at bang on the 9st 4lbs super featherweight limit, having to strip naked in order to do so. Given the fact there wasn’t an ounce of extraneous fat on him when he stepped on the scales, it appears that the Coatbridge’s fighter’s future lies in the lightweight division. continue

Fres Oquendo exudes supreme self-confidence regarding his upcoming fight with Oliver McCall

boxingBy Pavel Yakovlev - (December 5, 2010) This Tuesday, long-term heavyweight contender Fres Oquendo meets Oliver McCall in a scheduled 12 round bout for the IBF Inter-Continental title. The winner will almost certainly emerge as a top-ten contender in the IBF ratings. Oquendo, 37-years-old, has reportedly looked sharp in training camp, displaying impressive footwork, quick hands, fluid boxing ability, and dexterous combination punching in recent sparring sessions.

Until last spring, Oquendo was world rated by the WBA and IBF, only to fall out of the rankings because of a controversial decision loss to Jean Marc Mormeck in Paris. Most observers believe Oquendo clearly won that fight, only to be robbed by the French judges. A victory over McCall will enable Oquendo to reestablish himself as a top-contender, and potentially set-up a fight with IBF world champion Vladimir Klitschko.

Currently 32-6 (21 KO’s), Oquendo is possibly the most underrated heavyweight active today. Many fans tend to forget that four of Oquendo’s losses – against Chris Byrd, Evander Holyfield, James Toney, and Mormeck – were dubious decisions that could have (and probably should have) been rendered in his favor. continue

Khan Says Roach Will Not Retire, Will Continue Working His Corner Even After Pacquiao Calls It Quits

By James Slater: It seems ace trainer Freddie Roach has been immensely impressed with the talents and the possibilities of Amir Khan. So much so that Freddie will put his retirement plans on hold so as to work with the WBA 140-polund champion until he achieves all he can achieve. continue

2004 US Olympian Jason Estrada signs with Boxing 360

NEW YORK (Dec. 6, 2010) – 2004 U.S. Olympian Jason “Big Six” Estrada, one of the most decorated amateur boxers of all-time, has a new lease on his boxing career after undergoing career-changing foot surgery and signing a promotional contract with Boxing 360. continue

Carl Froch: “I feel it’s going to be a Froch-Ward final and then we’ll find out who the best super middleweight in the world is, because it isn’t Lucian Bute I assure you”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 102nd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with WBC super middleweight champion Carl Froch (27-1, 20 KOs), who is just coming off an impressive victory against Arthur Abraham (31-2, 25 KOs) in Group Stage 3 of the Super Six tournament. Froch is now scheduled to square off against Glen Johnson (51-14-2, 35 KOs) in the semi-finals early next year. Froch provided opinions and insight into his career and future, the Super Six, and other affairs pertaining to the current boxing landscape, including Haye-Harrison, Khan-Maidana, a possible ring return for Ricky Hatton, Pacquiao-Margarito, and more! Here is some of what he had to say:

His evaluation of his performance in his recent unanimous decision victory against Arthur Abraham:

“Yes, it’s up there with one of the best performances in my career purely because I stuck to a game plan and I didn’t take any punishment in doing so. On top of that I wasn’t in against a bum. I was in against a top level fighter who has previously given everybody trouble. So when you add all of those factors together it makes it an even bigger accolade, so it’s right up there with like I say my career best.” continue

Oliver McCall faces Fres Oquendo on Tuesday

HOLLYWOOD, FLA/ NEW YORK (December 6, 2010)—TOMORROW night, a crossroads heavyweight fight between former Heavyweight champion Oliver McCall and former world title challenger Fres Oquendo will take place with huge implications for the winner. The bout will headline a card from the beautiful Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida and will be seen around the world, LIVE on continue

Fitzgerald-Hammond on 12/10

After only 11 Professional fights and two years in the pro game Anthony ‘The Pride’ Fitzgerald takes on Englishman Kevin Hammond for the WBF Inter-Continental Title at The National Basketball Arena, Tallaght. Having won and successfully defended his Irish Title at Super-Middleweight, Fitzy moves to Middleweight - the weight where Head Coach Phil Sutcliffe believes he belongs. “Anto is a natural middleweight and also a strong middleweight at that. We’ve defended the Irish title against all who wanted a go and now we’re chasing Lee or Duddy at this weight”. For fight fans another Dublin v Limerick showdown could be on the cards in the near future but for Fitzgerald he refuses to be drawn on battles further afield and is focused on Hammond who stands in the way of claiming the WBF title. “Of course I want Lee and Duddy, I want to be testing myself against the best Irishmen in my division but that’s for another day. continue

Eric Fields fights on 12/14

GET READY! catBOX's world class boxing is almost here.

WHEN: Fights are at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 14, 2010. Doors open at 6:00. continue

Donaire defeats Sidorenko, Soto and Wolak also win

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: With every day more and more people leave and enter the world of boxing. Some join as fans and others as participants. The best thing about this is that it’s a co-dependent cycle, where one directly depends on the other: fans are attracted to the sport by a certain fighter, and most fighters dedicate themselves for the benefit of the fans. This past Saturday December 4th, I was in attendance at the Top Rank’s event dubbed “In Harm’s Way,” and this cycle was in full blaze. While the attendance numbers were low, the card proved to be well worth the while. All fights were stuffed with action, pleasing the fans from bell to bell. continue

Fight Report: El Maachi Rules Supreme

By Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro: Those lucky enough to score tickets for Steve Goodwin’s ‘Judgment Day’ event at York Hall on Saturday night were treated to a thrilling night of pugilistic artistry at a level rarely seen these days. At the end of the five hour, 13 fight marathon, those present, and just those present, as it was an off-TV show, witnessed one of the greatest fights held on British soil this year. Without doubt if this was an on-TV show Yassine El Maachi - Jimmy Colas would be nominated for ‘Fight of the Year’ honours. continue

Andy Lee vs. Daniel Urbanski on December 11th

By Dan Fitz-Simons: While there's already speculation among Andy Lee's fans regarding a revenge bout against Lee's old rival, Bryan Vera on February 4, Andy himself knows he has to focus on his more immediate challenge, Daniel Urbanski. Lee (24-1-0) is scheduled to fight the Polish warrior on December 11th in Germany on the Klitchko-Chisora undercard and is well aware his only loss was by upset to Vera. continue

Alexander Dimitrenko-Albert Sosnowski Bout To Be Rescheduled, Dimitrenko Feeling “Better Again”

By James Slater: As fight fans may or may not be aware, last night’s scheduled 12-rounder between heavyweights Alexander Dimitrenko and Albert Sosnowski was cancelled at the last minute (literally), due to how European title-holder Dimitrenko shockingly collapsed in his dressing room in Germany. continue

Nonito Donaire Looks Sensational At Bantamweight, Halts Sydorenko In Style - But Can “The Flash” Beat Montiel?

By James Slater: In winning a big fight in impressive style last night, Filipino star Nonito Donaire set himself up for an even bigger fight. 28-year-old Donaire, the former flyweight and super-flyweight champion, enjoyed a hugely successful return to the bantamweight division in Anaheim, California, as he became the first man to stop Ukraine’s Volodymyr Sydorenko - taking out the 34-year-old former WBA 118-pound champion in less than four-rounds. continue

Ricky Burns Retains WBO Super-Feather Crown With Wide Points Win Over Game Andreas Evensen - What Next For The Scot?

By James Slater: Scotland’s Ricky Burns has enjoyed quite a boxing year here in 2010. Back in September, in challenging big betting favourite Roman “Rocky” Martinez for the WBO 130-pound title, the 27-year-old not only upset the odds, but he also gave us one half of a genuine Fight Of The Year candidate. continue

Alvarez decisions N'dou

Estadio Beto Avila, Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico

Saul Alvarez UD 12 Lovemore N'dou
WBC Silver light middleweight title
Daniel Ponce de Leon TKO 7 Sergio Manuel Medina

Bruce defeats Alvarez

Before a standing room only crowd at Bally's in Atlantic City, Ghana's Ayi Bruce, upset hometown favorite Shamone "The Truth" Alvarez and in the process picked up the Vacant IBA Continental Welterweight Title winning a majority decision over ten exciting and action packed rounds. Alvarez-Bruce headlined a seven bout card promoted by Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing. continue

Jean Marc Mormeck Repeats Demand For Haye Rematch, Says The Current WBA Champ Has “Proved Nothing” In The Heavyweight Division

By James Slater: Fresh off his solid, if unspectacular split decision points win over Uzbekistan heavyweight Timur Ibragimov, who he defeated this past Thursday in his homeland of France, Jean Marc Mormeck has again called out WBA heavyweight boss David Haye. continue

Frampton Seals Celtic Title in Belfast

By Brendan Galbraith: Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton is the new Celtic super-bantamweight champion following a classy second-round stoppage of Aberdeen’s Gavin Reid. Frampton, headlining his second show at the Ulster Hall under the Barry McGuigan Promotional banner, once again received rapturous support from the appreciative Belfast crowd. continue

KO For Kayode and Low Blow Win for Franco

By John G. Thompson: Exciting cruiserweight Lateef Kayode 15-0 (14) squared off against Ed Perry 18-5-2 (11 KO’s) at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California broadcast live on Showbox: The New Generation. Also in action, Cuban born Luis Franco 8-0 (6 KO’s) opened the show against Eric “The Outlaw” Hunter 15-2 (8 KO’s) from Philadelphia. continue

Daniel Jacobs To Make Ring Return On Pascal-Hopkins Card - “The Golden Child” Will Meet TBA At 168-Pounds

By James Slater: It’s strange sometimes how boxing works. Back in July, on the under-card of the Juan Manuel Marquez-Juan Diaz rematch in Las Vegas, middleweight hotshot Daniel “The Golden Child” Jacobs was derailed by unbeaten Russian talent Dmitry Pirog, losing his own unbeaten record by way of a 5th-round TKO in a fight that contested the vacant WBO middleweight title. continue

Middleweight Hotshot David Lemieux Scores Another Quick Stoppage, Halts Overmatched Purnell Gates In Two

By James Slater: Canadian middleweight sensation David Lemieux did it again last night in Montreal. Known already as a quick finisher, the unbeaten 21-year-old wasted no time at all in getting rid of 37-year-old journeyman Purnell Gates, forcing the Michigan man’s corner to thrown in the towel in the 2nd-round. continue

Alvarez to face Bruce for IBA title tonight

NEW YORK / ATLANTIC CITY (December 4, 2010)—TONIGHT!!! at Ballys in Atlantic City, Two welterweights will vie for the International Boxing Association (IBA) Welterweight championship which they hope will be a steppingstone to a shot at greener pastures. continue

Bolaños stops Gonzalez, Periban and Huerta also win

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO (December 3) - Golden Boy Promotions featured eight action packed bouts at the University of Guadalajara Olympic Coliseum in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, which was televised on HBO Plus in Latin America and on TeleFutura's "Sólo Boxeo Tecate," in the United States. The event was presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Jorge Marron Productions. If you missed the live action or televised broadcast, below is a summary of the results: continue

Kayode too much for Perry, Franco beats Hunter

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. (Dec. 3, 2010) – The knockout streak lives on for Lateef “Power” Kayode, the Hollywood cruiserweight from Nigeria who registered a sixth-round knockout for the 14th consecutive fight on ShoBox: The New Generation on SHOWTIME® Friday night from Chumash Casino Resort. continue

Calgary’s Claggett-Mendoza Contest Cancelled: Let the Blame Game Begin!

By GM Ross: The December 3rd Steve Claggett-Jose Mendoza contest scheduled for the WBC International Youth Title is officially off. The fight was to occur in Calgary, Alberta, but was recently cancelled by Edmonton based KO Boxing Promotions. According to Glen Carriere of KO Boxing, “It seemed to us that as soon as we mentioned that we were coming to Calgary to promote Steve that Teofista got their backs up and started booking dates very close to ours not allowing us to use Steve on our cards. We felt that Eric [De Guzman] took on a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude and he’s the ‘man’ in Calgary and we should stay out.” Unfortunately, whatever transpired between De Guzman’s Teofista Promotions and KO Boxing led to the show’s cancellation. continue

Middleweight King Sergio Martinez Says He’d “Love To Fight [Miguel] Cotto”

By James Slater: Elevated to near superstar status due to his recent, shockingly quick destruction of the warrior that is Paul “The Punisher” Williams, middleweight king Sergio Martinez is huge news right now. So too is his next fight. Just who will the gifted Argentine fight next? continue

Roach Says Khan Will “Knock [Maidana] Out In The Later Rounds”

By James Slater: Not long to go now until Britain’s Amir Khan, the reigning WBA 140-pound champ, meets interim champ Marcos Maidana. A fight that has had fans enthralled and excited since before it was even a done deal, the light-welterweight collision in Las Vegas is one that many see as a 50-50 affair; one that could end via violent KO one way or the other. continue

Victor Ortiz vs. Lamont Peterson on 12/11

LOS ANGELES, December 3 - Following a spectacular third round knockout victory over former World Champion Vivian Harris in September, super lightweight star "Vicious" Victor Ortiz continues his quest for the 140-pound title Saturday, Dec. 11, when he takes on fellow contender Lamont "Havoc" Peterson in the HBO-televised co-featured bout to Amir Khan vs. Marcos Maidana at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. continue

result: Mormeck ws12 Ibragimov

By James Slater: Last night in Paris, France, 38-year-old former cruiserweight king Jean Marc Mormeck won a very close and hard-fought 12-round split decision over the never-stopped Timur Ibragimov of Uzbekistan. Contesting the vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) international heavyweight title, as well as being very important in terms of world ratings, the fight was one that could conceivably have gone either way. continue

Donaire-Sidorenko, Soto-Antillon, Garcia-Lontchi & Wolak-Pinzon weigh-in today - Open to public!

ANAHEIM, CALIF. (December 3, 2010) – The Official Weigh-in for "In Harm's Way" will take place Today! Friday, December 3, at the Honda Center (2695 East Katella Ave., Anaheim, Calif. 92806). Open to the public, the Honda Center doors will open at 1:30 p.m. PT with the pay-per-view fighters stepping on the scale, beginning at 2:00 p.m. PT. continue

Book Review: Dan Stuarts’s Fistic Carnival By Leo N. Miletich

5 stars out of 5: The Highest Rating.

A couple of years ago I was doing the background research for a novel for the Nanowrimo Novel in a month contest and ran across Dan Stuart’s Fistic Carnival by Leo N. Miletich.

The book I did was picked up by a very prestigious publisher and I think a lot has to do with the wealth of entertaining historical background that I found within Miletich’s book. As a thank you to Mr. Miletich for helping me get a feel for the time period at the end of the 1800’s without having to absorb mind numbing scholarly volumes I have decided to spread the word a little bit about what an excellent source of information Dan Stuart’s Fistic Carnival turned out to be. continue

Burns the betting favorite to defeat Evensen on Saturday

PUNTERS on Betfair are backing Ricky Burns to make a successful first defence of his World Boxing Organization (WBO) super featherweight title against Andreas Evensen on Saturday in Glasgow. The Scot is the big odds-on favourite at 1-12 to retain the title he won three months ago. continue

Yassine El Maachi - Jimmy Colas Weights And Quotes

London - Friday, 3rd December 2010

Yassine El Maachi - Jimmy Colas Weights And Quotes. continue

Outside of the Ropes with 2010 NJ Golden Gloves Champion Vinny O’Brien

For any amateur boxer that steps into the ring, there is one goal that is prevalent throughout the countless hours of training—becoming Golden Gloves Champion. For amateur boxing sensation and the 2010 NJ Golden Gloves Champion Vinny “Lion” O’Brien, the road to the winning the title was a rocky yet worthwhile one. continue

Fortuna Impresses; is he the next “Maravilla”?

(December 3, 2010 – New York, NY) The cornerman, the punch, and even the advisor bringing the prodigy to America were identical. The only thing that had changed was the fighter throwing the crisp overhand right that ended the fight in dramatic fashion. continue

Baltimore Pro Boxing Names Yanofsky Advisor of Boxing Operations

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore Pro Boxing Promotions has taken a step toward the future, and further tailored their team to boxing enthusiasts across the East Coast by naming Matt Yanofsky the new Advisor of Boxing Operations. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': Amir Khan - Clear Skies, Strong Chance For Rain

by Vivek Wallace - In a little over a week, the world of boxing will watch intensely as one of the most intriguing prospects in the sport takes center stage. The United Kingdom has produced some incredibly remarkable talent over the years, but few with this type of upside, as it relates to natural talent. Speed, length, agility, and all other pertinent trimmings seem to come in great abundance when breaking down the natural ability of Khan. But, as the old adage tells us, "nothing in life is perfect", and a deeper analysis proves this theory proper, as the upside of Khan remains covered in the thick shadow of a potential downside which most continue to openly question. continue

Alvarez vs. Bruce on Saturday night

On Saturday night in the Grand Ballroom at Bally's, Star Boxing presents an exciting seven bout card, headlined by Shamone "The Truth" Alvarez (21-2, 12KO's) taking on Ayi Bruce (17-3, 12KO's) for the vacant IBA Continental Welterweight Title. Also being featured on the card is rising unbeaten welterweight, Raymond "Tito" Serrano (13-0, 6KO's), Chuck "The Professor" Mussachio (16-1-2, 5KO's), and Isiah Seldon (2-0, 1KO) the son of former heavyweight champion Brue Seldon. The entire seven bout card is available live on, for a very reasonable price of just $9.99. Visit for more information. continue

Dimitrenko vs. Sosnowski on Saturday

By Vladimir S. -- EBU heavyweight champion Alexander Dimitrenko (30-1, 20 KO’s) defends his European Boxing Union title against one-time heavyweight title challenger Alberto Sosnowski (46-3-1, 28 KO’s) at the Sport and Congress Center, Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. This will be the first title defense for the 28-year-old Dimitrenko, who is hoping that a victory will lead to a title fight against one of the Klitschko brothers in the near future. Dimitrenko is currently ranked #8 WBA, #8 WBO and #9 IBF.

At 6’7” 250 pounds, Dimitrenko will have a considerable size advantage over the 6’2 ½” 225 pound Sosnowski. However, as we’ve seen in Dimitrenko’s loss to 6’2” Eddie Chambers last year in July, being the bigger fighter doesn’t necessarily translate to victory. Dimitrenko was hurt in the 10th round and took heavy punishment in defeat. Dimitrenko took a year off from boxing and returned to his old winning form in defeating Yaroslav Zavorotnyy by a 5th round stoppage in July to capture the vacant EBU heavyweight title. continue

Kayode vs. Perry & Franco vs. Hunter on Friday night

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. (Dec. 2, 2010) – A few intriguing question that remain to be answered Friday night on ShoBox: The New Generation LIVE on SHOWTIME® (11:05 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from the Chumash Casino Resort. continue

Perez vs. Agbeko & Darchinyan vs. Mares bantamweight tournament conference call highlights

Four of the world’s most talented bantamweights participated in a national media conference call to discuss The Bantamweight Tournament: Winner Takes All – a two-stage, single-elimination tournament of 118-pounders – which begins with two Semifinal bouts on Saturday, Dec. 11, LIVE on SHOWTIME® at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) from Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash. continue

Tomasz Adamek Birthday Celebration

During a celebration of his 34th birthday at the Main Events office, Tomasz Adamek joked with his promotional team, "I feel great for an old man."

It is not unusual for the heavyweight champ to be in training camp on his birthday. He keeps his focus, "I feel very strong and I am ready to make a good fight with Maddalone next week. I'll celebrate my birthday after the fight!" continue

Exclusive Interview With Glen Johnson - “I Have To Look At The Froch Fight Like I’m Going In With A Guy Who Is The Best In The World”

By James Slater - “Road Warrior” Glen Johnson, fresh off his ultra-impressive stoppage win over fellow “Super Six” late entrant Allan Green, now looks ahead to the next step he will take in the tournament: his semi-final with WBC 168-pound champ Carl Froch.

Already, with no date yet announced for the fight, fans everywhere are discussing who will win: “The Cobra” or the seemingly ageless former light-heavyweight king. continue

Willie “Big Bang” Casey – Guillermo “The Jackal/El Chacal” Rigondeaux WBA Interim Super Bantamweight Title Fight – “Almost Confirmed”

By Brendan Galbraith – A boxing blockbuster is on the verge of being announced on St Patrick’s Day weekend in Ireland. Willie Casey’s (11-0) meteoric rise in the pro ranks continues at breakneck speed as he is on the verge of securing a WBA Interim Super Bantamweight Title fight against the Cuban Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (7-0) in front of 7000 fight fans at Millstreet, Cork, Ireland on the 19th March 2011.

In an interview with Rigondeaux’s, Irish manager and Cork native, Gary Hyde, it was confirmed to that the fight has been agreed by all parties, US television is in place as ESPN will cover it and beam it to 30 countries. continue

Arum Says Manny Pacquiao Will Be Back In Action April 16th In Vegas: Will Choose Either Mosley, Berto Or Marquez

By James Slater - It looks like Manny Pacquiao will be back in action quicker than was expected. Shortly after his points win over the much bigger Antonio Margarito - a fight that left Manny “sore and aching all over” - the word was the pound-for-pound king would take a considerable break, six months or so. But yesterday, Top Rank boss Bob Arum announced how his promotional plan is for Pac-Man to fight next on April 16th, once again in Las Vegas. continue

Andre Ward: “I think I’ve earned the right to fight at home and I don’t think the judges, or the referees, or anybody else has played a role in my fights in terms of helping me win”

by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 102nd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward (23-0, 13 KOs), who is just coming off a successful title defense against Sakio Bika (28-5-2, 19 KOs). Although this fight was outside of the Super Six, Ward still remains on top of the leader board and is scheduled to square off against “King” Arthur Abraham in the semi-finals of the tournament. Ward provided opinions and insight into both the tournament and his career. Here is some of what he had to say:

His evaluation of his performance in his unanimous decision victory against Sakio Bika:

“I wasn’t pleased. Honestly for my standards, I think that kind of performance is unacceptable, but at the same time I am pleased with the fact that as a champion I did what I had to do retain my title. I think sometimes you can get spoiled. People in general can get spoiled with dominating performances and it’s not always going to happen like that, but at the end of the day can you get it done? Can you find a way to win? And we found a way to win in this fight.” continue

Vanes Martirosyan Wants Dzinziruk

It is no secret that undefeated junior middleweight sensation Vanes "The Nightmare" Martirosyan (28-0, 17 KOs) has been clamoring for a big fight. In the last couple of years, the Armenian fighter has called out all of the big names in his division and in particular, WBO champion Sergiy Dzinziruk (37-0, 23KOs). continue

Irish Boxing: Frampton vs Reid; Fitzgerald vs Hammond

The weigh-in for Carl Frampton’s Celtic super-bantamweight title clash with Scotsman Gavin Reid on Friday, December 4 took place at Belfast’s Europa Hotel on Thursday afternoon. Both Frampton and Reid weighed in comfortably within the 8st 10lb limit. Frampton vs Reid, tops the Barry McGuigan promoted bill at the Ulster Hall and features six contests including outings for Jamie Conlan, Stephen Haughian, Ryan Greene, Chris Keane and Troy James. continue

Alex, “The Brick City Bullet” Perez Takes Over Broadway Boxing

By: Danny Serratelli, ringside - DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing returned to BB Kings Blues Club & Grill and there was great action throughout the night. Lou DiBella put on a card that on paper didn’t really jump out at you, but turned out to be a great night of Wednesday night boxing in Times Square. Once again matchmaker Joe Quiambao must be commended for putting together great all action fights with rising prospects paired with game opponents who all showed up to fight and win. continue

Bernard Hopkins Media Day Quotes

BERNARD HOPKINS, Former Two-Division World Champion and Future Hall of Famer

On his fight against Jean Pascal:

"I am doing something out of character. I am fighting in Canada. The stakes are raised more than normal when you walk into another guy's territory.

"I have no problem fighting in Canada. I am at my best when I walk into another guy's home. If he is good, I have to be super good.

"There is no magic trick to this. December 18 you are going to see me win this fight. Not just go the distance, but win by TKO or stoppage. continue

UK Boxing: Matthew Macklin; Chris Edwards; Martin Lindsay

European middleweight champion Matt Macklin wants a showdown with world number one Sergio Martinez.

"The Knife" defends his title against Ruben Varon on December 11 at the Liverpool Echo Arena, live on Sky Box Office.

But the Birmingham banger has already got his sights set on bigger things. continue

Austin vs. Solis Media Workout

boxingMIAMI—Three of the top boxers appearing on Don King Productions’ Dec. 17 card at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami—Ray Austin, Odlanier Solis and Ricardo Mayorga—participated in media workouts yesterday (Nov. 30) at the famed 5th St. Gym in Miami.

World Boxing Council No. 1-ranked heavyweight contender Ray Austin (28-4-4, 18 KOs) was dismissive of his opponent, Odlanier Solis (16-0, 12 KOs), who never lost a major tournament as an amateur, won gold at the Olympics in 2004 and who remains undefeated as a professional while currently ranked No. 2 by the WBC.

“I don’t see anything about Solis that impresses me,” the towering 6-foot-6-inch Austin said while toweling off in the ring. “I’ve seen the guys he has fought, and it looks like they came to lose. It’s going to be different for him when he’s got a man in front of him that’s willing to do anything to win.. continue

Ali Adams Returns To KO Nick Okoth

The WorldÆs only Arab Heavyweight Ali Adams made a spectacular return to the ring, following his points defeat by Matt Skelton at the Matchroom Sports Prizefighter - Heavyweights 4 back in October, by knocking out BatterseaÆs fighting fireman Nick Okoth. On Monday evening the Heavyweight bout featuring Ali Adams and Nick Okoth headlined a four fight Dinner Show, held in a magnificent marquee set up in CoramÆs Field in Bloomsbury. continue

Marquez-Katsidis fight thoughts

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend what some are already calling the fight of the year: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis. I arrived to MGM Grand at 7am, and wondered aimlessly in hopes of finding someone whose prediction would be fruitful to hear. The first person I met at the breakfast buffet carrying a plate of mashed potatoes and some steamed fish was Andre Berto. continue

Emanuel Steward, Carl Froch, and Andre Ward will be “On the Ropes Boxing Radio” tonight at 6pm EST

by Jenna J - This week's 102nd special Wednesday edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (featuring Emanuel Steward, Carl Froch, Andre Ward, and Jason Litzau) will start at 6:00pm Eastern Time. You can listen live by clicking “play” on the player or click here to listen and enter our chat on the blogtalk message board; you can also call into the show at (646)716-5404.

On the Ropes Boxing Radio is back to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of boxing! Join me Jenna J, the Hostess, along with my amazing Producer and Co-Host, Geoffrey Ciani (aka-Rummy).


• Juan Manuel Marquez beating Michael Katsidis by 9th round stoppage
• Pacquiao-Marquez III? Where does Marquez go from here?
• Carl Froch beating Arthur Abraham by lopsided unanimous decision
• Carl Froch versus Glen Johnson in the Super Six Semi-Finals
• Andre Ward beating Sakio Bika by twelve round unanimous decision
• Andre Ward versus Arthur Abraham in the Super Six Semi-Finals
• Andre Berto knocking out Freddy Hernandez in the 1st round
• Evander Holyfield facing Brian Nielson on March 5 in Denmark
• Nate Campbell announcing his retirement following recent loss
• Rumors surrounding a possible fight between Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto continue

Schaefer Says Amir Khan’s Next Fight Will “Definitely” Be In The U.K - Guzman, Katsidis, Prescott And Murray Mentioned As Possible Foes

By James Slater - Though Amir Khan, by his own admission, faces an extremely dangerous opponent in his fast-approaching December 11th title defence against Argentine banger Marcos Maidana, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is already thinking about the reigning WBA 140-pound champion’s next fight.

Of course, Schaefer, like Oscar De La Hoya, is of the belief that “King” Khan will defeat Maidana in his Las Vegas debut; even if a good number of fight fans are not so sure. continue

The return of Jeff Lacy

Left Hook Promotions and Fight Night Productions is proud to present the Return of Jeff Lacy! This event is a highly anticipated and will be the first appearence in Jeff Lacy's hometown of St. Petersburg Florida. Lacy will be battling Dhafir Smith of Philidelphia Pa. for the UBO super middleweight title. This event will be held live on December 11, 2010 at the beautiful Jannus Live. continue

Matthew Macklin Wants Sergio Martinez - Is “Confident Of Beating Him”

By James Slater - Matthew Macklin, the reigning European middleweight champion, says he has followed the career of world middleweight king Sergio Martinez for some time now, and the 28-year-old is of the opinion that there is nothing to fear from the Argentine who recently knocked out Paul “The Punisher” Williams inside a couple of rounds. continue

Chavez Junior-Wolak Not Happening On Saturday, Rest Of Card Will Go Ahead

By James Slater - First original foe Alfonso Gomez pulled out of this Saturday night’s scheduled clash with unbeaten Son Of The Legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, and now Chavez himself has been forced to pull out of his fight with late replacement Pawel Wolak. Chavez has been battling a bad case of the flu, and after much deliberation it was decided yesterday that the Chavez-Wolak fight would be called off for a second time (the two were originally supposed to fight last September, with Chavez pulling out of that date due to promotional issues). continue

A statement from Audley Harrison

“The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn't a calamity to die with dreams unfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It isn’t a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for.” Benjamin Mays

By Audley Harrison: “After spending some time away reflecting on the fight and outcome, I have made the decision to continue my journey in boxing and carry on my career as a professional. continue

Vivek Wallace Presents: 'OPEN MIC FAN MAIL' - Measuring "Greats" & "G.O.A.T.'s" (Klitschko/Mayweather/Pacquiao/Hopkins/ and Beyond)

Every Wednesday ESB will feature a new published letter directly from hardcore fight fans just like you! Each letter will be published, with a response directly from boxing scribe Vivek Wallace. Send all 'Open Mic Fan Mail' letters to, and remember to keep content short, concise, and profanity free. Today's segment comes from Jazz H. of Bronx, NYC:


You and I have talked a number of times in the past about great fighters of today versus great fighters of yesterday, and it seems that you are the only writer who has even come close to giving warriors of today their props in this argument. continue

Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley. Not Such a Bad Idea—But We Still Want Pacquiao-Mayweather

by Julius Stecker: What a difference a year makes. If you would have asked pugilist experts last year what would have been the most explosive fight that could be made in boxing, 80 or 90% would have told you Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley. Now after Manny Pacquiao destroyed both Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito. And Shane Mosley looked sluggish in his performances against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sergio Mora. Most fight pundits are now turned off at the prospect of this fight. Count me out of that group who doesn’t want to see this fight. I still think it is a viable fight. Anyone besides Floyd Mayweather Jr has huge questions attached to their name as a prospective Manny Pacquiao opponent. I think the only boxer (besides Money Mayweather) who could actually give Manny a test, or at least the semblance of a test would be Mosley. Now for those of you who saw a gasping Mosley chasing around Sergio Mora in September, hear me out before you make a judgment on this possible match-up. continue

Dimitrenko vs Sosnowski Dec 4 In Schwerin, Germany

boxingEuropean heavyweight champion Alexander Dimitrenko (30-1, 20 KOs) arrived today in Schwerin, Germany for Saturday’s showdown with Albert Sosnowski (46-3-1, 28 KOs) at the Sport- und Kongresshalle. “It’s going very well for me,” stated Dimitrenko: “I will absolutely defend the title and get offered a world title shot against against one of the Klitschkos. Albert is very experienced and good boxer, but I’ll defeat him. The fans can look forward to a great fight. The viewers want to see blood and action, and that’ what I’ll give them. It wouldn’t be bad if I could win the fight early, but naturally I’m prepared for twelve hard rounds. My preparation was very good.”

Dimitrenko’s trainer Michael Timm added “Sosnowski never lost the title in the ring, he gave up the belt to fight for the world championship. Albert says that he is actually still the European champion, so it shapes up as a really explosive fight. On Saturday we’ll see who the true European champion is. We are ready for it. Alexander has prepared very diligently.” Sosnowski will arrive from England on Wednesday morning. Their first face-to-face meeting will take place later that day at the official press conference. The 6’8 Universum star today visited the Olympic Boxing & Training Center and spoke to the local kids.

“I spent 10 years in a boarding school and started boxing there,” he revealed. “That was a tough time. But if you know what you want, you can achieve your goals. I would like to tell the young people here to be disciplined and believe in yourself. Then you can achieve a lot.. continue

David Lemieux, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr., Paul Williams and the WBC Middleweight Rankings

GM Ross - I was reading over the rankings today, searching out fellow Canadians, when my eyes fell upon David Lemieux (24-0-0), who sits third in the WBC middleweight rankings. Lemieux is set to perform on Saturday, December 3, on a GYM promotions card that’s bringing many of Canada’s best professionals under one roof. In the main event Lemieux – one of Canada’s brightest pugilistic prospects at any weight – takes on Purnell Gates (19-1-0) of Grandville, Michigan, in a ten round middleweight contest. Gates’ opposition over his twenty fight career has been mediocre at best. I watched Gates win a split decision over Chris Grays (9-18-0) last March in Detroit. continue

Oliver McCall: “After I Beat Oquendo, I Want To Fight Some Of The Russian Bangers"

boxingBy Pavel Yakovlev - (November 30, 2010) On December 7th, former WBC world heavyweight champion Oliver McCall meets Fres Oquendo for the vacant IBF Inter-Continental title. The winner will acquire a high ranking by the IBF, and possibly a title shot against IBF world champion Vladimir Klitschko. McCall, whose career record is 54-10 (37 KO’s), recently granted ESB and exclusive interview.

MCCALL: I’d say I sparred around 150 or 160 rounds in training for this fight. Training camp went pretty good. I’ve been able to get my timing right. I just got finished boxing with Ray Austin today, and I’m pretty excited. He gave me a great workout. Austin’s got a lot of angles; he’s awkward, kind of like Oquendo.

MCCALL: I run 3.3 to four miles, five or six days per week. continue

Son Of Former Heavyweight Champion Added To Saturday's Card In AC

Isiah Seldon (2-0, 1KO), the son of former heavyweight champion Bruce Seldon, has been added to this Saturday's card at Bally's in Atlantic City. The card, promoted by Star Boxing, is headlined by Atlantic City's own, Shamone "The Truth" Alvarez (21-2, 12KO's) taking on Ayi Bruce (17-3, 12KO's) for the vacant IBA Welterweight Championship. continue

World Bantamweight Tournament Comes to Tacoma

World Champion Perez, former World Champions Darchinyan, Agbeko join undefeated Mares in World Title Tournament

TACOMA, Wash. – Four of the world’s top bantamweights will battle it out in The Bantamweight Tournament: Winner Takes All semifinal bouts on Saturday, Dec. 11 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wash. continue

Belfast Kronk Boxing Against World Hunger Event

The Belfast Kronk Boxing Gym are organising a unique charity fundraising boxing event to take place this Friday night (December 3rd, 2010) at the Dockers Social Club, Belfast, Ireland. The theme of the fundraising event is ‘Boxing Against World Hunger’ and the occasion promises to be a successful and entertaining evening of amateur boxing. The event has been organised to raise much needed funds for the 3rd world charity ‘Concern Worldwide’ who work in 28 of the world’s poorest countries, helping the hungry and needy to achieve major and long-lasting improvements in their lives. continue

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