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Vitali Klitschko Explores The Possibility Of Boxing Again

vitali4I believe that most of us had expected to hear Vitali Klitschko announcing his retirement from boxing sometime soon. And exactly this happened, as Vitali’s political agenda and involvement in Ukraine swiftly took a turn, and required an entirety of his time and attention. Not only is Vitali dealing with a vicious wave of protests, but is also trying to win over the people and the majority vote that would land him in the presidential office.

Many boxing fans had expressed their respect for Vitali and his years of dedication to boxing, still showing that they are pleased that he made space for the younger and possibly more exciting heavyweight fighters out there.

Having said that, Vitali Klitschko himself declines to agree that he had ended his career and left boxing forever:

“I am officially declaring that I am not ending my boxing career. More accurately, I am halting it, as I did once before, almost 10 years ago, when I was absent for around 4 years. And then I came back and reclaimed the belt. Being an emeritus champion with the opportunity given to me by WBC and the head of the organization Jose Sulaiman, gives me the theoretical opportunity for return,” stated the older Klitschko in a recent interview.

Of course when Vitali Klitschko returned to the ring last time, he was not only younger, but also had less outside distractions. While I highly doubt that we will ever see Vitali back in the ring as an opponent, it is not impossible, and becomes more likely if his political career ends without his goals being achieved.

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