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Marc B

I’ll be certainly putting my money on two fighters that I have seen during this event. First and foremost, Curtis “Showtime” Stevens. He’s got the tools, and he is certainly and up and coming hard hitting knock out artist with the short destructive power that Tyson had in his early days. He’s got the experience, and you can certainly tell. I think his drop to 160 was the best thing that could be done, as well, when you watch the way he blocks punches, he is quick about it, has quick retaliation, and certainly knows where to strike his opponent. He has certainly trained with the best of trainers, I could tell because I was brought up in the Northeast with many boxers that were trained the same style of block and blast,trying to keep the opponenets arms down, by pushing their arms down and in, the way their arm is weakest. Also , always to keep an watchful eye for any hints of incoming strikes, as well as to keep your focus and composure, no matter what anybody throws at you.

If Curtis keeps this up, I don’t have any doubt in my mind that there is anybody in the world that will be able to contend with him. He is just too well rounded of a boxer, and has the most heart that I have seen in the ring in years. He’s got the eye of the tiger, and what he wants, he will certainly get. Curtis… Keep up the great work. I’ll bet you will be a unified, undefeated and undisputed Middleweight champion of the world for years. Just keep your heart where it’s at.

God Bless.

Posted March 22, 2013 2:31 pm 


How does the ref let Ayala continue when he is hunched like a drunk who is auditioning for planet of the apes???????

Posted January 19, 2013 11:54 pm 

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Curtis Stevens destroys Elvin Ayala in 1st round knockout

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