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Why was Benn such a quitter? Any good reason?

Posted August 23, 2012 9:25 am 


how long untill they chasnge this format back?? its crap

Posted August 22, 2012 4:35 pm 


The dirtiest fighter in fistic history by far… Watch his fight with Iran Barkley on Youtube. He floors Barkley, refuses to go to a neutral corner and blasts Barkley as he gets up. He’s fights the referee to get to Barkley. He scores a knockdown and hits Barkley when he’s defenseless on the canvas, well after the knockdown. He should have been DQ’d twice in that fight. He rabbit punched Gerald McCellan all night in the dirtiest display I’ve ever seen, and that did McCellan in.

Posted August 22, 2012 11:14 am 

Hooray Henry

Big Stevie didn’t want anything to do with Calzaghe though did he?

Posted August 22, 2012 8:22 am 


He was an animal. Like Tyson. I can’t think of one guy around today that is as ferocious.

Posted August 22, 2012 5:22 am 


Herol Graham also kicking about. Great time at the weight. All due respect to Frochy, who is a warrior, but Benn would have bashed him up in a war.

Posted August 22, 2012 5:20 am 


Kid Milo was far from quality. Robbie Simms and Lenzie Morgan however , were three leagues above Milo and gave anyone a close fight at short notice-quality Benn rehab wins

Posted August 22, 2012 4:46 am 


His next after-dinner date being in South Shields, home of his very first opponent as a professional, Graeme Ahmed…….

Posted August 22, 2012 3:47 am 


His next after-dinner date being in S

Posted August 22, 2012 3:45 am 


The 1st time I saw Nigel was on the Barry Michael/Rocky Lockridge undercard @ Windsor back in 1987. Unfortunatly it didn’t last the first round. We knew then that we were watching someone special. He never had a dull fight & allways gave 100% value for money & would sooner be KO’ed then loose on points. He was without doubt one of the UK’s #1’s!

Posted August 22, 2012 2:51 am 


HUH ????

Posted August 21, 2012 9:05 pm 


I ask any of you …….is there a fighter like Nigel Benn out there today ??? IF there is….I haven’t seen him. Benn was a very exciting fighter…..some were better boxers…but his viscious style could get him …..and did get Benn past the ‘cuties’….smash burn and die….was Nigel Benn’s logo

Posted August 21, 2012 9:03 pm 

Pistol Pete

Nigel Benn is one of the toughest competitors in boxing history.

Posted August 21, 2012 8:24 pm 


Everytime a boxer loses then he is a shot fighter……….. – no, the other fighter was just the better man that night. Benn was a fun guy but a big quitter.

Posted August 21, 2012 7:10 pm 

Chase Holiday

Bernard ” non fighter ” Hopkins was a joke your riight on that. Only thing he was good at was marketing himself to the public. All he did was hold and make fights a clinchfest

Posted August 21, 2012 4:05 pm 


I can actually say Nigel is a fighter that did fight hard. like other middleweights in the past. Hagler, Duran, Hearns were great. Bernard Hopkins I dont count, more of a joke than a fighter. Ray Lenoard was great. So yes Nigel was a good hard nosed fighter.

Posted August 21, 2012 4:03 pm 


went to dinner with the dark destroyer top top bloke u wud not belive he could of been so vicious!

Posted August 21, 2012 3:51 pm 


Very good fighter, a really nice man, I dont believe he will get into the HOF Americans dont believe or think british fighters deserve a place in it,certainly the most exciting fighter to come out of the UK in last 50 years.

Posted August 21, 2012 3:31 pm 


Good article Slater. Benn was a PPV fighter on prime-time Saturday night free tv. Was good times for British fight fans.

Posted August 21, 2012 2:16 pm 


big ben .always rang the alarm ,nobody can test benn

Posted August 21, 2012 1:31 pm 


Loved Benn’s career! Followed him from his early fights right through to the end as probably most of us Brits did. Literally never in a dull fight and put in a super-human effort against McClellan. I always saw him as a middleweight though and didn’t think the move to SMW suited him. I didn’t think he was quite as destructive. However, SMW was where the money and the fights were so I can’t blame him. I’m not saying he’s the GOAT but he gave us all a hell of a ride. I’ll remember him for his power, guts and the way he wore his heart on his sleeve. Long live the Dark Destroyer!!!

Posted August 21, 2012 1:18 pm 


Benn was fun to watch but also a quitter

Posted August 21, 2012 1:12 pm 


@ Dara – have a word with yourself.

Posted August 21, 2012 12:03 pm 

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