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Ok we all know McEwan has had a difficult time after returning from america and is not at the level he was at when he fought Andy Lee however posting comments to the fact he is overrated and could not even challenge anyone in the top 10 in britain is how can i say it “a bit out of order!! in my opinion he can but what is letting McEwan down is the people around him or lack of people depends on how you look at it, in america he was beating everyone who was put in front of him with 19 wins 11 ko’s and was trained by Roach and promoted by golden boy and not to mention the quality of sparring he had, the problem he had was losing to Quillin which was his chance which ended in a premature stoppage in the 6th and it is worthy of note that McEwan had split from roach at this time who was in turn trg quillin. Mcewan then came back to the UK because trying to get a fight was tough and had a good record however he was high risk for little reward and we all know if you don’t fight you do not get paid!! so had to return to scotland to be with family where he could get a bit of support, then he made the fatal mistake of teaming up with Nelson!!! yes he should of done better against Ekawando i totally agree however i will point out he was a favourite along with McEwan why was that??? and who knows if the result went the other way and went on to win it?? anyway still should of done better and i’m pretty sure McEwan knows that himself, what he needs is a decent promoter, manager and trainer to get decent quality fights then in my opinion we would see the true McEwan but until then i’m not sure. But the real point i’m making is rather than being negative about one of our own scottish fighters who is willing to fight anybody and provide for his family and let’s not forget he has talent as an amatuer and as a pro and not mention represents scotland, think before you sit in your armchair with laptop easy to judge with negative comments let’s show McEwan abit of support!!!

Posted December 29, 2012 5:24 pm 

peter lesley

must i point out that mcewan lost in prizefighter to a guy that had only 2 professional fights yes thats rite 2 and there was nothin controversial about it , it was close and it could have went either way but it certainley wasent controversial unlike mcewans father in law states above which i just found out lol. Anyways the judges shouldent even have had a say in the matter here’s mcewan had over 20 proffesional bouts and only lost 2 and he’s put up against a guy who’s had 2 fights , i mean its a no brainer isin’t it ???? he should have schooled this guy but oh no he gets beat and then cry’s robbery come on eh gives a break and he also stated he made the weight easy aswell so you cant use him as being weight drained as an exuse even if he was it still shoulden’t of been a factor as i said before he had only 2 pro fights!!! i also seen video footage of the show and a mean u’d be lucky if there were about 50 people there all of them probably mcewans family and hangers on. I dont want to come across as dishing scottish fighters but a mean come on wake up and smell the coffee………….

Posted December 12, 2012 3:59 pm 

c Anderson

Finally John Ryder – someone agrees.. the Mcewan camp are acting like they are due some rightful entitlement to a title shot…
chance 1. ANDY LEE, chance 2. Peter Quillan and chance 3. Prizefighter
i dont want to sound like a hater but give it up, he doesnt have a following and hes not the fighter you make him out to be.
also someone has asked me to point out that STEWART DREDGE is McEwans father in law.
penny drops.
go back to hollywood the UK devision is too tough for you.
yours truly a former fan.

Posted December 12, 2012 12:13 pm 

john maler


Posted December 12, 2012 3:07 am 


Broony – ” if Craig’s opponents threw a few punches then he already accomplished more than the opponent AAA had for McEwan on the last show ” very valid point :)

I wasnt actually at this event, but i did hear it was a one sided sparring session..
I am all for Boxing being big in Scotland and We do have alot of talented fighters, John Thain was a pleasure to watch he actually reminded me of an excellent leith vic amateur boxer called Lee Sharp, same great footwork. I think John could fight for a Scottish, Celtic or even British title eliminator.

Back to my point on McEwan – Id never have even made a comment but people like Stewart Dredge are making him out to be Edinburgh and Scotlands savior to boxing, the Sport was fine here when he was in the States.. Burns, Arthur, Anderson, Limond and McAlister have all done our counrty and sport proud. –

Josh Taylor – Commonwealth honours and Olympian with alot of positive media attention.

So my point is very valid Mr Dredge.. this quote appears very arrogant.
“it is clear that he has a huge potential support in a city which has been starved of quality professional boxing for many years.”

Stop throwing this guy down everyones throats.. I sat hearing about him all night.. after seeing him in prizefighter and knowing all about his career in the states and was actually let down by the performance.

Posted December 10, 2012 12:28 pm 

Mick the Marmalizer

Surely John Thain’s due a Scottish Area title fight!

Posted December 10, 2012 7:07 am 


C-Anderson- I wasn’t at the show(was my bday and had stuff on) but it was pretty obvious the sales were poor for this which is crap for Edinburgh boxing. I must say that Sweeney Promotions had more competitive bouts on paper than what AAA put on, a couple late injuries did affect this to a degree but if Craig’s opponents threw a few punches then he already accomplished more than the opponent AAA had for McEwan on the last show. Entitled to your opinion on Craig too, even as a fan I’ll admit he hasn’t looked great since the Lee fight but he’s been working hard to get back to that level and if someone half decent will actually fight him then we’ll have a better idea of where he’s at, 3 punch bags and a 3 round fight since returning to Britain after headlining shows in North America says more about the state of our boxing than Craig himself.

Posted December 10, 2012 6:21 am 


Well done Craig

Posted December 9, 2012 6:43 pm 


McEwan always a tough solid fighter…

Posted December 9, 2012 6:04 pm 

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Craig McEwan Ends the Year on a High with a Fine Stoppage

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