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Upgrading American boxing is a large quest at a skills level.Maybe over the comming years,leading into the next olympics
we will do just that. Rule changes, such as going back to the ten point must system will at least level the playing field.This will help our sports” knowledge of the game” needed to win at an elite level.Sort of like “going back to boxings future” world wide.
The tag” Sweet Science” is no longer recognizable by its viewers .Our ‘grass roots ‘have began to fit an” out dated model T ford
phylosophy” while taking away its” Cadilac futuristic power zone” and the phylosophy of champions once established by the many generations of boxing greatness ………Fundamental Skills developed by our forefathers have been thrown in the garbage and are being re-defined by politicians,and not real coaches .The cost to box in America “grass roots” has gone through the ceiling and we are no longer gaged by our greatness .We are now judged as incompetant. Our skill level has become that of much smaller nations around the world.Is this what we want?I do not think so.I believe boxings greatness is still be accessible to us and going forward and meeting its challenges with “teachers of skills” and gold medalist can only be done by a group of boxing lovers United in the effort………………God bless….kenny weldon

Posted November 19, 2012 6:39 pm 

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