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I don’t believe for a second that Kessler, Froch or Bute will leave the Smw division. There are no money in the boring Lhw division. Kessler will defeat Magee, clearly -Froch can afford to lose to Bute in Canada, creating a trilogy, Bute can not afford to lose to Froch a second time, Bute will of course outdance the slowmotion robot, Grachev, the thing that is funny is that Ward has nowhere to go for money, noone wants to meet him in Oakland, he will not travel, so Ward will probably have to go to Lhw, there are some older boxers there. The worst scenario for Froch is -if he loses to Bute in Canada, loses to Kessler in Nottingham -thats it. Kesslers Ko of Green was underrated.

Posted November 1, 2012 8:11 am 

Reality Check

ThisIsTheTruth, you are kidding yourself on a titanic level. Reality check required. Stevenson’s shortcomings were highlighted in his last win. He actually did well, but the guy has stamina problems. Ward wouldn’t just outbox him, he would stop him late. No question. Froch would actually outbox him too. I’d even back Arthur Abraham to stop him also – Abraham would press forward (probably throwing nothing much at all) and Stevenson would get tired of throwing to keep him off. Stevenson has an Everest-climb to get any respect from boxing fans anyway. He needs to donate significant proceeds from a big fight or even commit to an ongoing effort to champion women’s (and children’s) rights as a way of seeking redemption. Just because ‘something’ happened a while ago, and because he paid a (fairly small, relative to the crime) penalty, doesn’t mean it can be easily forgiven and forgotten. Is he actively involved in a charity? Or in some endeavor aimed at making amends? Who would cheer/ support such a guy?

I don’t think the entire 168lb division is ducking this guy. Not by a long shot.

On another note, this Bute V Grachev fight will be bloody interesting. Risky business.

Posted October 31, 2012 4:41 pm 


*When Eddie Hearn announce this news, I couldn’t believe it…

But, you should realize the reality.
Boxing is slowly dying because of what is happening in the 168Lbs division.
Since this boxer (from a parallel universe) Stevenson came, every TOP A contenders ducks Adonis.

First, Froch plan is to fight Yusak Mack in a catchweight, believing he might win. After that, he will vacate the IBF Belt to avoid 168Lbs Adonis Stevenson.
But after vacating this Belt, he will focuse on 2 things, preparing the next bout against Lucian Bute and increase his muscular mass.

On Lucian Bute side, he is already rank Number 4 in the WBC Light Heavyweight division.
Believing he might defeat Denis Grachev, Bute will catch the 175Lbs division NABF title, and will jump to the 3rd position of the WBC title.

► Once done, Bute and Froch will both meet & be at 175Lbs…

On Kessler side, he won the 175Lbs WBC Sylver Belt title against Green in a catchweight.
He came back to the 168Lbs division to get a fight against Briand Magee.
Which will provide him the vacant WBA world champion title; right under Ward, (Moneywize decision)…

Once done, I believe Mikkel Kessler will jump back to the 175Lbs division, and recover his WBC Sylver Belt 2nd position in December 2012.
So he’ll patiently wait to fight the winner between “Bute-Froch 2″…


That’s how Bute & Froch clans played with the Boxing system, and mislead most boxing fans; Only to avoid ONE mandatory challenger, ONE opponent, ONE fighter, One person; one guy, Adonis Stevenson…

► Look, we call that FEAR

But, for Bute or Froch, Kessler will come after and Ward later…
Showtime had their Super 6; HBO will have their own kind of Super 4, but on the Light Heavyweight level.

The entire SuperMiddleweight division ducks Adonis Stevenson.
Now Stevenson will have to fight another 168Lbs Top 10 opponent, to grab the IBF title.
The problem is; Who will accept this challenge, if most of them are scared.
Even Andre Ward avoid Stevenson by fixing a fight with Kelly Pavlik…

Anyway, Adonis Stevenson will grab the IBF belt, and will chase all the “So called” best in both “Supermiddleweight & lightheavyweight” division;
to prove you, why they were so scared to fight him…

■ Adonis Stevenson is Faster ►►►

Posted October 31, 2012 4:03 pm 


It will actually be fought at a catchweight of 170 lbs.

Posted October 31, 2012 1:37 pm 


I did not realize this was going to be @ 175 – is it televised in the USA? Might be interesting if Grachev can take Bute’s power into late rounds.

Posted October 31, 2012 12:30 am 

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Bute faces Grachev on Saturday

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