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Great card. Rossy looked real good in PF HWs 2 yrs ago, then he kindof staled a bit, but the win over Hanks puts him right back on the fringe of contention. If he beats Glaskov, he will get a WBA title shot vs Chagaev.

IDK why the WBA arent sanctioning this as a minor title fight. It should be at least the NABF title that Glaskov holds. It’s a 12 rdr, but like Rossy suggests, it aint going the distance. Either he’ll expose a chiink in Glaskovs chin, or Glaskovs R hand will put him down and out.

Nice stay busy fight for VG, and great way to use his last fight as a catapult to contention for Rossy.

Winner will likely fight USS Cunningham in Nov/Dec and fight for the WBA title sometime next summer.

Posted July 17, 2014 2:11 pm 

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Training Camp Notes: Derric Rossy

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