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Pacquiao will go down as one of the best of this era.
Mayweather will go down as one of the best of all time.

Posted June 2, 2014 1:35 pm 


@Tark…Floyd didn’t make that up. Stop embellishing stories. Pac said he called him and offered him $40M. But he said he wanted 50/50 and Floyd said that’s not gonna happen and they hung up…But I do believe Floyd doesn’t want the fight.

Posted June 2, 2014 4:09 am 


Pacquiao, checkers master
Mayweather, chess master

Posted June 2, 2014 2:36 am 


Pacquiao wants to do it to please the fans…

we dont know that

Posted June 2, 2014 2:03 am 


Floyd is ducking Pacquiao… It the most wanted and richest fight that could ever be made… Pacquiao wants to do it to please the fans… Floyd is always asked about the fight and says he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao.

The 40-Million story is bogus bullshlt… Floyd made that up

Posted June 2, 2014 1:46 am 


PacROID* will “just go down” like when Marquez put him to sleep……as The One* that AVOIDED stringent blood testing & his* BIGGEST payday – with some of the DUMBEST excuses KNOWN to man! He’ll* also be known, as The One* who then decided he* wanted the fight – only when his* funds were low and the fight was OFF the table…….Nevertheless, PACTARDS rejoice!!!

Posted June 2, 2014 1:39 am 


If Floyd never fights Manny, then he will just go down in boxing history as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) coward. Plain and simple!

Posted June 2, 2014 1:13 am 


Hecdog, your long delusional post is reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby.

Posted June 2, 2014 12:34 am 


King Mayweather fought the “raptor style” in Caveman MMA Maidana Flintstone! Mayweather DOES NOT OWE this head butting grappler a rematch! In fact Mr. Flintstone owes himself a career change into Mixed Martial Arts – its a no brainer!! Desperate Wildman Maidana feels much more comfortable “boxing” his pet bear. Instead of riding his horse, he needs to wrestle it – in an attempt to pin it down on its back…..Caveman, I believe, can accomplish this feat – multiple times, especially with his need to wrestle & strike with all parts of his body repeatedly, not to mension his lack of boxing skills! Maidana lives in the rib cage of the skeletal remains of a T-Rex – his joy is to look out the openings of his cage at his two Komodo dragons sparring – he cant help but to grin as they lock jaws …..Long live Prehistoric Caveman Trigger Squeezer Maidana Flintstone!!!!

Posted June 2, 2014 12:23 am 

Tark is an idiot

I hate Floyd but he never lost to jl Castlllo …a draw at best same against ODH he is the biggest loser by not fighting the peoples champ

Posted June 1, 2014 8:18 pm 


“Floyd had already lost in his prime. Jose Luis Castillo beat him in everyone but the judges eyes and you delusional nutthugging Flomos.”

Nobody agrees with that stupid statement except a few vocal Floyd haters.

Floyd beat Castillo twice and 6 judges voted… 6-0 for Floyd.

Posted June 1, 2014 6:18 pm 


Manny beaten, draws and Koed several times VS

Floyd never beaten and a master over all…..

Hmmm Yes I think I know what most people in the future who have a memory will think………..

Also this piece makes “ZERO” mention of the pink elephant in the room which is Bob ( i hate floyd and he hates me) Arum…. Please be real writer…..

Posted June 1, 2014 4:54 pm 


If if was a fifth we’d all be drunk…

Posted June 1, 2014 4:07 pm 


Once Mayweather retires nobody us going to miss his boring A$$$ style. Anyways, he already retired once and was crying like a manlygirl!!! Who miss him when he was Gone nobody!! His style is boring!! He is only making money by fighting on Mexican holidays because Mexicans are boxing higher consumers. If he was fighting black fighters he be making peanuts!! Just imagine how big Andrew Ward would get if he fights Little Julio Chavez on either Cinco de Mayo or September 15!! This big a huge fight!! But Al Haymond is controlling boxing right now and won’t let it happens.

Posted June 1, 2014 3:44 pm 


The iconic legend that is Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao returned to the boxing ring in another highly anticipated fight on April 12, 1014. The world marked this fight on the calendar. This is a man that started his boxing career as a fly weight in 1995 and has climbed three divisions as a squirrel climbs a tree effortlessly and with precision. I constantly am amazed at what Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao has accomplished in a life that started out with hopelessness all while selling donuts and bread on the streets to make enough money for him and his family to eat. His father left while Manny was small only to come back years later for a few hours and eat his pet dog. A third world country is nothing like life in the United States. There is poverty, sickness and desperation. A life that takes more than it gives. Manny Pacquiao is a role model and example for those that see no hope in their lives. Put yourself in his situation and imagine what it would be like to live on the street, fighting against older, stronger, hungry men in back alley brawls to earn two dollars or less. Fast forward to today and see what Manny Pacquiao has attained since his horrific and painful childhood. Fighter of The Decade, 8 division World Boxing Championships, Mega Star of the Boxing Ring, The Silver Screen and Platinum Music hit Songs, Cover of TIME Magazine, Model, Cover Of GQ Magazine, Congressman, 2008 Flag barer for 2008 Olympic Games in Beijiing, helper of the poor and a Man Of God that wears his faith on his sleeves. A boxer that carries himself with humility, respect and sportsmanship in a sport that is full of greedy dishonest people. Manny’s endorsement opportunities are endless. All of this from a young child that made his first punching bag out of cardboard and stuffed clothes. On April 12, Manny Pacquiao set the record straight and got his own personal redemption. We all know about the robbery decision given to Timothy Bradley in their first fight. This was an atrocity in the sports world. This was a true injustice to the millions of fans that saw a different fight. Rumor had it that many fans across the world would not go to work protesting this ridiculous decision. Now, Manny made things right. Timothy Bradley, a solid fighter in his own right knew that he had lost that first fight. HIs pride and ego wouldn’t let him admit it, but he knew he had lost. Manny Pacquiao l turned back the hands of time and won this fight without question. The world will be a better place. The east coast will see good weather and the west coast will receive the needed rain. Life will be more settled even though a hurricane fighter by the name of Manny Pacquiao came through Las Vegas in a brutal fury on April 12th and destroyed another opponent that was living on a false victory. Manny Pacquiao put it all together on this night. Memories of living under a bridge wrapped up in newspapers will gave him the drive to win in spectacular fashion. Manny Pacquiao has no fear. He was born a fighter. He is greatness in the ring. Broner, Thurman, Porter, Martinez and both Garica’s do not have the ability to beat Manny Pacquiao. Floyd Mayweather and Ped Man Marquez have showed all fights fans that they fear Manny Pacquiao, the greatest pure fighter of all time. Trust me on this, Manny Pacquiao has carried boxing for over 10 years, and we all best watch his remaining fights. Manny is rumored to be searching for an Island he can buy and retire on. He is a great basketball player that will also be an owner. Hmm…Guess those tax problems went away. Let’s salute Manny Pacquiao for conquering his demons inside and outside the squared circle. Manny is the best.

Posted June 1, 2014 3:11 pm 

Gonzo = mephisto = Turbo H@mster = Mongrelenko = Anonymous = DMX = It’s me, Ernie

this immature bloke is the worst serial multi posting troll this web site has ever seen….. Gonzo, mephisto, Turbo H@mster, Mongrelenko, Anonymous, DMX, It’s Me, Ernie…..are only a several out of the dozens of monikers this sad loser uses on a daily basis…….hes like a cyber terrorist who specializes in attacking the best commenters on ESB like Joseph Herron and TARK……

then when hes having his delusions of grandeur claims to be the #1 best poster in history of the internet…..this boy is a very sick chap with no social life and needs to be locked up in a padded room with a straight jacket……calling him funny only encourages this mentally deranged troll to flood this site with pure rubbish……

ESB was once one of the most respectable boxing forums in the world until this relentless troll ruined it like just another toilet at his institution for the the criminally insane…….as a Brit is makes me very ashamed to see one of my countrymen sabotaging the once great ESB…….its very sad really……

Posted June 1, 2014 2:18 pm 


Maidana did well against Mayweather because of the style match-up… he’s not going to try to out-box Floyd because he knows he can’t.
Cotto and de la Hoya won 3 rounds each because they’re switch hitters who fight with their dominant(left) hand in the the forward position… once Floyd adjusted, it was a stroll in the park against both of them. Floyd even took mercy on Cotto and put his own back against the ropes.
Canelo was the best shot we had at seeing Mayweather lose, and Floyd came in with all 8 cylinders firing… in-and-out, side-to-side, head and foot movement were all in full effect. Shoulder roll, counters, parrys, feints, counters, pre-emptive strikes, body shots, combinations, effective aggressiveness, ring generalship… it was Floyds version of Muhammad Ali’s one-sided destruction of Cleveland Williams… only Canelo is a world champion with a world-class chin and wasn’t gonna collapse in 3 rounds.
Enjoy while you can folks, he ain’t gonna be here much longer. Once he’s gone, even the Pactards are gonna miss him, cause their boy will have no one to name-drop with no intention of ever getting in the ring with.
Pac will have to call out guys who will fight him for peanuts, and probably beat him silly… Thurman, Porter, Canelo, Lara would all spank Pac like a Filipino hooker who dragged her teeth.

Posted June 1, 2014 1:53 pm 


Pacquiao needs to move on to fight Porter , Thurman , Maidana , and Alvarez. But he’s too coward to do that .

Posted June 1, 2014 11:25 am 

A Garcia

Mayweather is not only the top paid boxer, but top paid athlete. #1 p4p .He does not need a Pac fight. He is not losing any money . All fighters decline as they get closer to the end of there career ,as they age. Pac started declining two years ago, with Floyd its
hard to tell with his skills . Maidanas aggression on Floyd was great ,but doesn’t show decline in Floyds skills. Pac fans are the ones wanting a Floyd fight and living in the past. Pac is not a new boxer coming into the sport, he had his chance, let the new up and comers get a Floyd shot, thats what Floyd is doing. Pac was great at what he did when he did, but its a fact he is the one losing money by not fighting Floyd. Resigning with Top Rank closed the door on the fight.

Posted June 1, 2014 8:39 am 


about time,some new news on manny and floydie.

Posted June 1, 2014 6:42 am 


P.S. and be sure to save some valium for that clown @ hecdog

Posted June 1, 2014 6:32 am 


You need to talk to someone. In the meantime take some valium

Posted June 1, 2014 6:22 am 

enough already

Manny has fought nobodies. Its too many good fighters out there that could be big for Pac. Floyd fights the big names in boxing. Manny fights the Bradleys and Marquez. Guys like Maidana, Danny Garcia, Broner and even Kahn, Porter and Thurman would be huge for pacroid but we will never see these fights because of Arum. While Floyd can go and fight a guy like Marcos and make 70 million. He could careless about Pac. They walked away in 09 Arum derailed the fight now they have nothing in 09 it could have been huge not today Mannys skills have declined no to mention his ppv draw. He dont even crack 1 million these days and he is broke. He needs Floyd because there are not big fights in his future. Ruslan and Marquez 5 wont get it and the public wont buy it…

Posted June 1, 2014 4:24 am 


oh and Floyd wouldn’t fight Pac if you put a gun to his head. Have a nice day.

Posted June 1, 2014 4:22 am 


@anonymous…quit bring that shat up! They rematched the fight and Castillo got beat up! So if there was any descrepency it was solved…

Posted June 1, 2014 4:20 am 


Sredmond Floyd had already lost in his prime. Jose Luis Castillo beat him in everyone but the judges eyes and you delusional nutthugging Flomos.

Posted June 1, 2014 3:27 am 


What are you? A promoter? How the hell would you know? Arum tried his ass off to put May-Pac together.

NOBODY could make that fight because Floyd won’t do it.

Posted June 1, 2014 3:21 am 



Arum’s going to try to do it ? That’s bullcrap !

Posted June 1, 2014 2:42 am 


Pacturds.., Arum has been putting on fights all his life… He’s not afraid of putting on fights or getting one of his fighters beaten. It’s happened dozens of times to him and he’s super rich already. Bob doesn’t care.

“It’s not my job to win. The boxers and trainers worry about that… I can try to resurrect their career after they get beat by getting them another fight. That’s all I can try to do.”

I don’t like Arum. He’s a grease ball. But if there’s a fight the public wants he’s going to try to do it.

Posted June 1, 2014 2:39 am 


anybody still interested in this fight?? i’m not..lets move on..plenty of good fights to be seen without spoilt little boys like fm messing things up.. lets just concentrate on boxers and boxing..

Posted June 1, 2014 12:49 am 

te tumbo

K.C. the stupid Dikhead . . . :twisted:

Posted June 1, 2014 12:25 am 


Most hated fighter in the game fck Manny he got KTFO by a 40 year old Mexcian ala Marquez who will destroy him again and Arum wants no parts of Marquez 5. They want to cash out on Floyd like Kahn and the best of the nutt huggers.

Posted May 31, 2014 10:51 pm 


Fraud the “FAKE”…..

Posted May 31, 2014 10:04 pm 


I got blocked again.

Posted May 31, 2014 9:47 pm 


I liked madaina right to the body.

Posted May 31, 2014 9:46 pm 

Marco B.

Floyd idiot will not Fight Pacman coz he’s using Reyes Gloves n Floyd idiot is scared of this gloves . Boycott all his remaining fight. Boxing fans wake up Floyd is rubbing you with his cherry pick n boring fight, save your money .

Posted May 31, 2014 9:04 pm 

poor pacturds

The writer is still reaching on this issue. Floyd never has and never will need Manny. He can fight guys like Marcos and make 70 million. There is Danny Garcia, Kahn even Porter. Manny is Arums boy so that seals his fate people need to move on there are no big fights to be made with Arum because no one can work with him. He has a checker past. Manny has Marquez 5 maybe or Ruslan two nobodies so unless Arum is willing to work with GB Manny is done and he knows it. No one is afraid of Manny but these fights cannot be made. Floyd calls his own shots and is in th hall pf fame Manny is not. One man remains on top the other fishing for scraps simple….

Posted May 31, 2014 8:53 pm 


Part of the great hype surrounding Froch-Groves II was the fact that they put 87,000 butts into Wembley Stadium seats.

Posted May 31, 2014 8:17 pm 


Hidalgo… Saying neither fighter is a great boxer doesn’t tarnish the fight in the least… I was demonstrating that you can have great competitive boxing matches without the combatants being the greatest boxers.

Since there ARE great boxers out there for Floyd to fight, the fans would greatly appreciate it if he would risk fighting one of them — which would make for a monster fight you could put in the biggest stadium in the country.

Posted May 31, 2014 8:14 pm 

The Law

It is all on Manny if we as boxing fans want to see Manny and Floyd fight. Manny has no leverage in negotiations. The reward is too litlle and the risk is too great for Floyd and Manny to fight Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter. Outside of the die-hard boxing fans, the fringe to the casual fan does not know who Porter and Thurman are.

Posted May 31, 2014 7:02 pm 


That was a sarcastic comment by REM about sparring gloves I imagine. Nobody is so stupid they thing anyone could impose sparring gloves on his opponent.

It’s not the gloves. It’s the opponents. I was a little frustrated by Canelo’s team when he showed up at 152 and looked dead weak. Why not weigh-in at 154 and pay the fine like you did against Angulo? Much more important fight.

Also Canelo’s spar mates were crap so his team blew it … Two weeks before the fight they were begging Shane Mosley to spar for them. That’s having your head up your ass.

If Floyd fights Lara, Porter, Thurman, Brook, or Pacquiao in 2 of his last 3 fights I’ll be satisfied.. I doubt Floyd will.. He’ll play it safe … Floyd will leave Boxing without ever having a real rival.

Froch-Groves was an electric fight… The buzz was unbelievable.. Both fighters had a chance to win.. It doesn’t matter that neither combatant is a great boxer.. It was a damned competitive matchup.

Posted May 31, 2014 6:55 pm 


The custom pair of EverlastMX gloves Maidana had made were rejected by the commision, however a stock pair of Everlast MX gloves were approved. Mayweather rejected both Everlast MX pairs and Reyes gloves because he didnt want to fight someone wearing gloves padded with horse-hair. If the fight had have been called off, Floyd has the deep pockets to fight the whole thing in court for years on end, where maidana did not. The NSAC wont risk a fiasco like this again, in the future the contracts will have the brand and type of glove written in. Oh and as for the poster that said Maidana was wearing sparring gloves….NOPE. The gloves were 8 oz. as all figters 147 and under wear. They were Everlast Powerlock. 154 and up use 10 oz. gloves. Sparring is done with 16 oz. gloves and headgear… Learn the FACTS before you spew an OPINION.

Posted May 31, 2014 6:16 pm 


Improper padded gloves should never be used – not even in MMA.

According to Yahoo Sports, Francisco Aguilar, the chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, also inspected Maidana’s Everlast MX gloves and REJECTED them as being suitable for the fight. Another set of Everlast MX gloves were then presented as a replacement for the rejected ones, and Aguilar approved THAT set of gloves.

Homemade tampered gloves CANT be used.

Posted May 31, 2014 5:04 pm 


Yeah if im not mistaken the gloves are checked and approved by the athletic commision so if anything Floyd made Chino use sparring gloves. Typical weak move by Floyd to give himself an advantage like he did to Marquez. Thats why as much as I admire his ability the man himself is just weak and pitiful.

Posted May 31, 2014 4:53 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


I’ve stoped following Pac v.s. Floyd for years.

Posted May 31, 2014 7:42 am

^Suddenly feels the need to revisit. Right. We believe you.

Posted May 31, 2014 4:37 pm 


Just another bias article by someone who likes PacROID*. This author interprets ROIDs* quietness as a sign of “being a nice, humble guy, who downplays his greatness*.” This is dense reasoning at best! PacROID* said on the 60min journalistic program that he is the “greatest”, he said to Stephen A Smith that Mayweather is “scared” of him while laughing. He’ll tell ANY reporter who’s interviewing him – “Mayweather is scared,” (simply stating a fact to some) downplaying ANYTHING he (PacROID*) did or is doing to not make it happen! He’ll smile and “brag” to ANYONE he meets in the street concerning this fight! He sure doesnt “stop” Arum from “bragging” for him or stop him from deriding opponents he* supposedly has to “love”! He actually ENJOYS when his “mouthpiece” does it for him! Just like Garcia smiles when his pops goes on his bragging overdrives! PacROID* & Garcia ENJOYS it! They NEVER INSIST that it stops!!

PacROID* was given 2 chances to get it on, but he REFUSED due to ONLY testing….its even on his Wikipidia profile. The PacROIDed* One wants to NOW call the shots in his so-called “nice humble” state of financial affairs, with the leader of his show Arum at the helm. PacROID* doesnt come across humble to me, he comes across as someone smart enough to know “who” or what “team” to put in charge of his career; knowing that its truly “a game” full of bartering & timing.

PacROID* went to court to defend his roided “honor” when he should have honored it by using the “fear momentum” & “concern” Mayweather had (which was WISE) over his NEW SUPER endurance, power, & speed while GOING UP in weight!

PacROIDs* private life is no better than any other professional pampered athletes life! And the silly “feeling sorry” for an opponent while bashing him upside the head is so INANE that it isnt even funny! “IF” its something that causes him so much grief, obviously concluding – its “wrong,” why doesnt he SIMPLY STOP, leave the game and FOCUS on his political career??!! Its because, the MONEY & BRAGGING rights keep calling….its as seductive as a beautiful woman!

I grew up with SOME of the most “smiling” quiet deadliest dudes this side of the universe – they were FILLED with “self esteem” & confidence!! The thing is: I NEW what they were really like! The fluff that appeals to this author??….its usually simply a trait youre BORN with, or its something that can be cultivated….its DEFINITELY NOT a tell tale sign for humility, goodness or even greatness!

Posted May 31, 2014 4:28 pm 


Sredmond- you are talking about Cry-baby Mayweather “everlast gloves” noooooooooooooo!!! I am afraid to get PUNCH with those gloves. Mayweather has two phobias: PacMan and Everlast Gloves”..He force Maidanna to wear gloves. He had never used before. Mayweather is a Big Wet Pu$$$$$y..

Posted May 31, 2014 4:08 pm 


Maidana is a Great puncher, if he was landing clean then why no KDs or Mayweather in trouble? Mosley had FMJ on rubber legs, Maidana cut Floyd with an accidental Butt yet even he said he had trouble getting Floyd to bleed from it as the rounds went on why is that?? He was NOT Landiing many clean blows! His bodywork did NOT slow Mayweather at all that’s why it was the OLDER fighter who took over in the closing rounds and keep his undefeated record.. Maidana should be proud of his effort, but he clearly LOST because clean punches trump effort all day long.. And here we sit 46-0 Unified Champ 2 weight classes..

Posted May 31, 2014 3:13 pm 

Tomato Can

Mayweather won’t be suffering tell he ends up bankrupt or back in prison for doing something dumb.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:53 pm 


Mayweather losing to Maidana would be like Zab Judah losing to Carlos Baldomir, Ray Robinson losing Jake LaMotta, or Lennox Lewis losing to Hasim Rahman. Those losses happen because ANYTHING can happen. You could take twenty 3-point shots in a game and hit them all. In the next game you could miss all twenty 3-pointers. If you’re a 40% 3-point shooter, the odds don’t change for your next shot. It’s either going in, or not.

If Floyd faces a very good prime boxer his odds of winning go down … so he’s rigging the odds in his favor by fighting hittable guys like Maidana and Khan. Floyd knows if he gets beaten it’s not going to be like Robinson losing to Maxim. Writers were falling all over themselves making excuses for Sugar Ray. It will be like Ali losing to Norton. The critics were worse than brutal for the next few months. They were in their glory and partying down.

The public loved Dempsey and hated Tunney. Dempsey was a humble guy. Tunney wasn’t. Pacquaio is today’s Dempsey … a regular dude.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:52 pm 

Tomato Can

Hmmm, I thought we all knew there were 3 knock downs in the Marquez/Pac IV. The fight ended on the third knockdown.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:41 pm 


Mayweather money maker is the ZERO on his boxing record. He must protect against loosing it. Did anyone noticed how when Mayweather began to talk about walking away from boxing and his deal with Showtome. The referee allow Maidana to work that A$$ and how Mayweather looked vulnerable to a defeat. Mayweather the boxer has been a Al Haymond creation!!! He created the current Mayweather TBE illusion and Al will finished Mayweather soon!!!!

Posted May 31, 2014 2:31 pm 


Pac went down hard twice against Marquez… once in the 3rd off a punch (even Freddie Roach claims) Pac should have seen coming a mile away.
And then he got clocked in the last second of the 6th and went to sleep.

Someone can’t count to two… the poster below me.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:25 pm 


te tumbo

, Manny* did go down HARD Twice. once in the 3rd round and one more time for good in the 6th.

Tumbo your crazy. We all know that. Marquez didn’t knock down manny twice. It’s was one a piece PAC knock down Marquez in the 5 th, and Marquez knock out PAC in th 6 th.
Take his sausage out of your mouth.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:08 pm 


It’s not just Mayweather that Pacquiao is ducking…
he wants no part of:
Danny Garcia

Posted May 31, 2014 1:35 pm 


Manny needs to take the career high payday of $40 million and quit ducking Mayweather.
The only thing Mayweather has ducked was Marquez’ right hand… oh schnap!

Posted May 31, 2014 1:32 pm 


The notion that a close fight = a loss is DUMB by that measure Manny lost all 4 to Marquez which I don’t agree with.. ALL boxers have tough nights, difference is the toughest Mayweather bout in years results in the Champ stepping his game up and pretty much sweeping the Championship rounds.. Maidana did NOTHING that was gonna let him lose the final 4 rounds and win the contest that’s simply a joke and the most generous judge could only see a draw..At 37 Mayweather will NEVER have lost during his prime boxing years it’s simply beyond the reach of a foe now.. He may one day lose but your FIRST loss at 38 is pretty damn amazing when you have been in World Title fights over 20 times..

Posted May 31, 2014 1:12 pm 

Mike Tyson

Thre are both A-rated fighters, and both deserve equal respect, or it’s just will be a wars with fans , if you say one is better than the other, when they never fought.
If that the way the cookie crumble, they both don’t need each other, I see both fighters fighting for 3-4 more years. So let then chose there own opponate and not get in the way, as this will be the only way to truly find out who is the better fighter.

Posted May 31, 2014 12:53 pm 



I agree with everything you’ve said.Pure Genius

Posted May 31, 2014 11:58 am 


Manny doesn’t need the Floyd fight — that is true.

Floyd doesn’t need the Manny fight — that is also true.

Both of these guys are ATG.

The truth is Floyd is fighting bigger stronger guys right now that Manny cannot fight.

This does not mean that Manny is not great.

It does not mean that Floyd is not great.

It just means that Floyd is probably naturally bigger and can fight bigger guys and that he would probably be too big too fast for Pacquiao.

But Manny is great. He is honestly just kind of small and his best weights are more like 125-135 pounds and he has done OK at 140-147 — not great and no knockouts. Whereas Floyd is probably bigger and his best weight is 130-140 but he has also had challenges from big guys at 147-154.

Posted May 31, 2014 10:51 am 


Manny doesn’t need the Mayweather fight now. Pacman’s ATG legacy is secure with the epic fights, rivalries with fellow greats, multiple world championships etc. Pacquiao has the worldwide respect. Let Floyd do what he’s doing because Floyd has made his decision.

Posted May 31, 2014 10:40 am 


Who gives a crap about this fight anyways. By continuing to publish these useless articles ESB is further empowering these two a holes with a false feeling lf relevance and importance. This fight shoulf have been done 5 years ago ahen both were in their prime. Now that both are aging and declining I honestly do not care if they ever fight and who wins. I feel that if this attitude was more prevalent throughout the boxing community these two prima donnas would have fought each other already.

Posted May 31, 2014 9:49 am 


There is a lot of discussion on this board about Mayweather vs. Maidana.

I think this proves that Mayweather has taken more chances and taken riskier fights in recent years.

His fights against Cotto, Guerrero, Alvarez, and Maidana were good fights.

Floyd did not run.

These were good fights where Floyd showed tremendous boxing skill and defense against big strong guys.

In terms of Mayweather vs. Maidana, I can’t see how Floyd won any of the first 5 rounds. But I think he did win almost of all of the last 7 rounds. So, a draw would not be crazy and 7-5 win would be fair. It was a good fight. It was close.

You guys who root for Pacquiao should tell the world why Pacquiao does not fight Guerrero, Alvarez or Maidana before you piss on Floyd and his performance against these guys. If Pacquiao went to the hospital after the last Marquez fight — I think it would be worse against Guerrero, Alvarez or Maidana.

Posted May 31, 2014 9:42 am 


I’ve stoped following Pac v.s. Floyd for years.

Posted May 31, 2014 7:42 am 

First time ere

Who woulda won – Floyd in all probability through sheer skill…but with Pac he can hit you with a bomb from anywhere and that’s why this fight holds so much intrigue.

Posted May 31, 2014 7:40 am 


oops sorry wrong page.

Posted May 31, 2014 7:25 am 

Mick the Marmalizer

As long as PBF doen’t fight “Chinny Con Khany” then I’m happy! Pacman would gross the most ca$h, but how about Floyd being matched with the winner of Porter/Brook?

Posted May 31, 2014 6:23 am 


@Hecdog…Manny has done everything to make the fight happen but accept $40M. Have a nice day.

Posted May 31, 2014 4:53 am 


Duckweather this biggest joke in the history of boxing. LOL

Who you gonna duck this time Fraud? LOL!!!

Posted May 31, 2014 4:46 am 

Fight Aficionado

Ugh, another Floyd vs Pac story. Won’t happen and Floyd won’t suffer because he’s banking millions per fight regardless of opponent. His legacy will always be tainted by his ducking but obv he doesn’t care. He only cares about the 0s on his record and wallet. His fans have been so brainwashed into accepting this they even applaud his ducking.

Posted May 31, 2014 4:16 am 

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar

Gayweather don’t want no part of Pacman.Period.Wake up and smell the coffee people.

Posted May 31, 2014 3:49 am 


Hec is a gone goose

Posted May 31, 2014 3:25 am 


Hec lost it a while ago….

Posted May 31, 2014 3:12 am 


Hecdog god !

Posted May 31, 2014 2:37 am 

stevens russia

Paul Strauss the writer has come a full circle…really I’m impressed that he has become cognizance of actuality/reality. I remember when he used to go ‘all out’ (mark the key phrase) spewing hate and envy Floyd’s way. I read this article and see how he has sobered considerably…not quite there yet but damn! the effort is praiseworthy. Those folks who know where I’m coming from should make allowance also…cut him some slack, a grown ass man is making a real effort to grow up.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:27 am 


You idiots didn’t watch the fight if you didn’t see Floyd back Maidana up with strong jabs to the belly.

I’m not saying Floyd has a lot of power. The quetion was, “I cant remember Floyd backing Chino up with anything” and the answer is, he did.

Posted May 31, 2014 2:13 am 


I concur with most of the posters, I just stopped reading after a few sentences of the second paragraph. Hey Paul Strauss, go f*! yourself! Stop trying to push a dead fight. No one cares. Your a $hit, one sided writer. Don’t quit your day job.

Posted May 31, 2014 12:47 am 


Greatness inside the boxing ring comes to a fighter that is special. The great fighter does things that others can’t quite duplicate. He does things effortlessly and without having to think. The attributes he possesses (power, speed, athleticism, movement) are gifts he was born with. Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter that does things that leave boxing fans in awe. He can punch with the power of an earthquake. He has hand speed that rivals that of a striking cobra. He has the graceful foot movement of the great football player, Barry Sanders comes to mind. And he has the aura of invincibility that gives him the chance to beat anyone at any time. Manny Pacquiao will graced us with his presence on April 12th in Las Vegas. He returned to take back a title that was unjustly stolen from him by Timothy Bradley with the assistance of the ring judges. The boxing world once again came alive with anticipation and excitement to see greatness in the ring. Manny Pacquiao brought in the movie stars, professional athletes, musicians and world leaders to the fight. Any Pacquiao fight bests the World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup or the World Cup. The magnitude of excitement reached all four corners of the world. Those fortunate fans that came to Las Vegas got a double treat as Manny performed his celebrated hit song “Sometimes When We Touch.” Manny is a boxer, singer, actor, but more importantly an entertainer that aims to please fans, which he consistently does. There will be no more Manny Pacquiao’s once this legendary fighting machine retires for the squared circle. Manny has fought the best of his time and beaten them all. He is respected and admired by all of his boxing peers. Fans enjoy watching his fights because they know there is action, excitement and they are watching the ONLY 8 division boxing champion in history. This by itself classifies him as the best ever. If only one man can reach the top of mountain, every other man falls short. Manny Pacquiao is the only man to reach a little higher than all the rest. Is he the greatest ever? Quite possibly, but I will not become a braggart and tarnish any part of Manny Pacquiao. I will say that he is the best of all time, and leave it at that. Manny Pacquiao is without a doubt one of the most influential people ever. He reaches people of all walks of life. Manny Pacquiao is quite unique as he personifies greatness inside and outside the ring. The pugilist and the person are both one in spirit. This is a special man that encompasses greatness. Trust me on this. Manny is one of a kind. Manny’s the best!

Posted May 31, 2014 12:33 am 


I wonder why Khan isn’t pushing for a rematch with Maidana… or why Alexander isn’t… or Koltelnik… gee… what could it be… is it because he’s a whole new fighter whose trainer has him playing to his strengths while doing his best to curb his weakness’s… much like the way Freddie Roach has done the same with Pacquiao… naw, can’t be… that’s way too obvious, and would be giving Mayweather credit for beating the monster of the division.

Posted May 30, 2014 11:55 pm 

Henry miller

We can blame the promoters for trying to destroy the sport with manipulative matching and other shenanigans. However, the media is also implicated in the scam by continually producing irrelevant puff pieces like this which ignore the real fighters out there willing to fight anyone. I’m am so tired of speculation abt May and PAC distracting us from more important boxing events that I am on the cusp of throwing in my life long interest in boxing for tiddlywinks, or other untainted pass times. Perhaps croquette would be more riveting.

Posted May 30, 2014 11:21 pm 


Maidana was completely shut out by freaking Devon Alexander and he needed a SD to get by an ancient battle-worn shot Eric Morales in a fight that more than a few felt he lost

Get out of here with that BS. Maidana is basically still the same caveman he’s always been. Robert Garcia hasnt changed him much at all. You Flomos are so desperate jajajaja.

Posted May 30, 2014 10:57 pm 

Hello (Q)

Well, goodnight guys. If you have anything else to write, then my comment for you is “agree to disagree” …I’m betting on Mayweather though. Peace.

Posted May 30, 2014 10:50 pm 


Hello knows his onions!

Posted May 30, 2014 10:33 pm 


I had it 9-3 Mayweather, with the possibility of a 7-5 mayweather. Floyd did look old in the bout though.

Posted May 30, 2014 10:26 pm 


By the way, if Manny was convinced he’d ruined Cotto’s career, he would have fought him at 154. He refused, and that’s why Floyd fought him. The more you know. Floyd was also pushing Maidana onto his heels with jabs to the body (in regards to some of the comments I’m reading).

Posted May 30, 2014 10:24 pm 


No, Maidana is awkward PERIOD. It’s in his balling up ducking low flying towards you style. He’s also much better and bigger now with Robert Garcia, and Khan hit him at will, but Khan had to get off the canvas to win, and had blood splattered all over his face before the fight was over and Maidana didn’t have a scratch on him if you watch the end of the bout. that’s his genetics. Canelo and Cotto are excellent fighters, terrific counter punchers and neither shot nor green against Floyd, that’s a convenient excuse. Floyd would beat Manny and I’d favor him against Khan as well. We will see when and if these bouts happen. But styles make fights as well. Floyd is one of the most accurate boxers ever, and he landed most of his shots on Maidana even though he’s awkward.

Posted May 30, 2014 10:22 pm 


Haha floyd putting maidana back. Need a gun and a big one at that

Posted May 30, 2014 10:21 pm 


“Yes he did. Jabs to the abs put MM back on his heels real good.”

This guy for real?

Posted May 30, 2014 10:16 pm 


Cotto not ever but PAC destroyed his career along with margo. Canelo is green and long from his prime. Khan could make him miss so could manny, maybe porter when he has a few more fights.

Posted May 30, 2014 9:53 pm 


The Awkwardness that people talk about is offensively, not defensively. khan hit him at will and floyd struggled and couldnt even mark his face. As I said if maidana can make him miss by feet other guys will make him miss alot easier. Quite simple

Posted May 30, 2014 9:51 pm 


“There are guys” exactly. Maidana isn’t standard. I’m guessing you would have picked Canelo and Cotto to be two of such guys after this bout. Let’s not kid ourselves. Maidana is an awkward fighter, and Floyd looked bad, but 9-3. Let’s see Floyd fight “other guys” now. I pick Floyd.

Posted May 30, 2014 9:43 pm 


If maidana can make him miss by FEET there is 5 other guys that can make him miss more.

Posted May 30, 2014 9:30 pm 


I had Mayweather Vs. Maidana being 9-3 Floyd. I think Floyd swept the last 6 rounds in unimpressive fashion and if ever truly close round was given to Maidana, I’d have it 7-5 Floyd. That’s my opinion after finally watching the bout again. Thanks.

Posted May 30, 2014 9:16 pm 


Nobody should really give a crap about Mayweather-Castillo 1.

Mayweather won that fight by 5 points and won EVERY ROUND of the rematch. Regardless of what the 3 blind judges saw in the rematch — which included Ken Morita, a notoriously corrupt judge, who had Mike Tyson ahead of Buster Douglas at the finish of their fight.

Mayweather-Maidana was closer than Mayweather-Castillo 1.. But Floyd won it.. Maidana got away with tons of fouling. Tony Weeks lost control of the fight. I usually like Weeks a lot as a referee, but he did a poor job.

I would love for Floyd to fight a really fast, skilled boxer like Lara or Porter.. Ray Leonard was looking for somebody easy and he made a critical mistake.. He put too much stock in Terry Norris getting smashed out by Julian Jackson. Norris seemed to have a compromised chin.

He did have… but Sugar Ray couldn’t find it with his best efforts.

Posted May 30, 2014 9:05 pm 


REM.., “I cant remember Floyd stopping Chino in his tracks or backing him up with anything.”

Yes he did. Jabs to the abs put MM back on his heels real good.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:45 pm 

te tumbo

“So Te Tumbo is Boxtradamus??” . . . NO.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:40 pm 


Chinos agression was effective because he hurt Floyd with the punches he landed more than vice versa. They basically landed the same amount of punches and Chino dealt more damage as the much bigger puncher.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:36 pm 


Miadana landed more shots to the back of Floyds head than he did his face.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:35 pm 


sure they will get nice bday gifts.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:34 pm 


and financial backer.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:34 pm 


gave it to their neighbor.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:33 pm 


The NV judges.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:33 pm 


Its not about anything or anyone but Floyd. Everyone wants to profit off this fight but Floyd. HBO and Showtime have worked together so has GB and TR. Floyd fans need to stop protecting Floyd.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:33 pm 

The Prince

And Floyd CLEARLY beat Maidana. Majority of Maidana’s action was against the ropes in which Floyd defended brilliantly. To the point Maidana had to start fighting dirty. That doesn’t give a fighter rounds or a win. And Floyd does this a lot. He frustrates opponents with his defense and IQ they get angry and desperate.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:30 pm 


I scored the fight for Floyd by 2 rounds. Maidana’s aggression didn’t pay off. He missed a lot of punches.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:27 pm 

The Prince

smh… It’s not about Mayweather and Pacquiao. It’s about Toprank and Golden Boy Promotions, along with Showtime and HBO. These are the reasons a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao isn’t happening. Why won’t the boxing writers focus on the real issue if they really want to see this fight?

Posted May 30, 2014 8:27 pm 


So Te Tumbo is Boxtradamus??

Posted May 30, 2014 8:21 pm 

te tumbo

a Draw would’ve been fair if unsatisfactory. Maidana won it on my scorecard. i gave him those swing rounds primarily because of my elevated expectations of Mayweather. he didn’t breakaway. that’s the payoff for this fight-fan who considers Floyd to be #1 P4P. anyway, a rematch is warranted if not mandatory. Maidana remains the worthiest contender to Floyd’s mantle. no other welter is more proven or tested and willing. Floyd doesn’t have to worry about negotiating snafus with Maidana (or Hatton, or Marquez, or Guerrero, or Ortiz, or Canelo). only preparing to Win and that remains his specialty.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:16 pm 


Chinos a solid pro but hes very low on the totem pole when compared to elite fighters like for instance Marquez. Pac was koed by a living legend but make no bones about it hed never have a competitive fight with the likes of Chino. Floyd got old overnight and I think that factored into his decision of picking Chino over Kahn who wouldve beaten that version of Floyd that Chino fought.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:16 pm 


Tark lol im not counting the fouls as damage that scored im talking about Floyd laying on the ropes letting Chino rip at him doing damage to both the head and body. The cut came from the head butt but Floyd had some swelling on the left side of his head from the overhand rights. Floyd definitely landed the cleaner punches but they were arm punches with no weight behind them I cant remember Floyd stopping Chino in his tracks or backing him up with anything. I think Chinos octagon control I mean ring generalship is being ignored here lol. So while I gave clean punching and defense to Floyd I gave ring generalship and effective aggression to Chino. I didnt think Floyd contolled the 2nd half of the fight enough to be the clear winner. But oh boy do I agree that a more skilled fighter wouldve clearly beaten Floyd on that night one lil dynamic southpaw comes to mind in particular.

Posted May 30, 2014 8:05 pm 


PAC Man is a great fighter, but Juan Manuel Marquez GRAPHICALLY SHOWED him who is boss at the age of 39….Some you fools are more impressed with Maidana showing us how to bang arms and lose than Marquez forcing Manny to medically stay away from the ring for an extended period.. Again Mayweather has eaten 0000000 KO’s KD’s or losses and there is NOT. Rustico Torrecampo or Singsurat that can do it we KNOW Marquezz can’t, the man could now win a single round..

Posted May 30, 2014 8:00 pm 

News Flash

@PEEJ, Floyd does have a legacy, it will be that of the guy who ducked dangerous fighters in their primes. When he saw what Kostya did to Zab, Floyd ran away from that real quick. He talks all this crap about Promoter Bob Arum, but yet, Bob is probably the reason he got away with a win in the first Castillo fight. Yeah PEEJ, Legacy of Floyd is Cemented.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:57 pm 

te tumbo

Floyd was bedeviled by Maidana’s unorthodox style as much as Broner was and for the same reason. Maidana is a Bull who imposes his offense with little regard for his opponent’s offense. he punches right through it. as for the “dirty” tactics. that’s the ref’s and Floyd’s problem to address. Floyd either waits for the ref to intervene or retaliates and compels the ref to intervene. that he didn’t even seem tempted to do this indicates that there were no blatantly dirty tactics employed by Maidana whose expert jab did as much to disrupt Floyd’s rhythm and control as much as his chopping hooks. in fact, expert jabs and chopping hooks were the primary factors that made this such a difficult contest for Mayweather. everything else is laborious over-analysis that “experts” are prone to resort too when they DON’T understand what they just witnessed.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:44 pm 


You just snookered yourself son. If Floyd’s power is as negligible as you stupidly think, why did Maidana not walk through him and overwhelm him, stupid? Maidana landed, but so too did Floyd. Learn a bit before you spit and don’t be such a little drip. If Floyd had no pop he would’ve ended up like Paulie, but he didn’t. He stood and traded with and got the better of Maidana.
You ever boxed before? I doubt it.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:40 pm 


REM, “Floyd was clearly the more damaged fighter”

Yup he was. MM did more damage. Maidana got Floyd with a headbutt. Drilled him with a couple low blows. Shouldered him, pushed him, and wrestled him. Actually got him with a few good punches too. Made Floyd look slow and tired.

Floyd won the boxing contest — such as there was.

That’s the name of the game. It’s a damned boxing match. It’s not an MMA contest. It’s not pushing, shoving, expert headbuttng, and foul blows.

Maidana is a better and stronger brawler than Castillo—so this fight was scored much closer than Floyd-Castillo I.

I scored the fight 116-112 for Floyd but there were 2 very close rounds Floyd edged. Floyd would have been in trouble in this fight — if he were fghting a super skilled boxer.

This was the worst effort I ever saw from Floyd. He looked slow. He reminded me of Ray Leonard in the Terry Norris fight. Only Norris was a very fast and skilled boxer who beat the living shlt out of Leonard… Sugar Ray was 34 and possibly a thread slow.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:26 pm 

The oracle of Delphi

Floyd the ducking duck is ducking Manny Pacman Pacquiao for the last few years after the initial refusal of Pac for unsusbtantiated and unprecedented drug testing, no more and no less. Floyd and you pathetic Floyd fans, you amuse me ;)

Posted May 30, 2014 7:23 pm 

te tumbo

Btw KATO, “thanks” for declaring Me to be the “greatest fight prophet ever born”(?). after all, I leave it to my rabid fans like yourself to reach that conclusion without any encouragement from me . . . are you high right now?

Posted May 30, 2014 7:22 pm 

Master Ken

PAC didn’t take the fight years ago cause he didn’t want to be tested for drugs. It’s his fault to begin with. Also it’s PACs fault for being with Arum.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:17 pm 

te tumbo

“I’ve watched the fight 10 times or more already”(?). KATO, i think you’ve been watching the wrong fight between different fighters because there was no 2nd-round KD. however, Manny* did go down HARD Twice. once in the 3rd round and one more time for good in the 6th. three rounds for Pacquiao* and three rounds for Marquez + the rivalry-ending KO in the 6th. Marquez is Greater. Mabuhay ang Marquez!

Posted May 30, 2014 7:13 pm 


“What Mayweather risks doing by his refusal to make the fight, is to make a likable victim out of Manny …”


Manny Pacquiao is a victim.

Manny Pacquiao is a victim of Juan Manuel Marquez counter right hand knocking him into a concussive state with his face flat on the floor of the ring.

Author does not mention this fact. Why is that?

Why? Paul Strauss? Why did you forget to mention that Manny Pacquiao got destroyed by Juan Manuel Marquez? Why did you forget to mention that Pacquiao has not had a knockout in 6-7 years? Wh did you forget to mention that Mayweather has been fighting very big, very strong fighters like Cotto, Guerrero, Alvarez, and Maidana.

Why doesn’t Manny Pacquiao fight Cotto again?

Why doesn’t Manny Pacquiao fight Guerrero? Alvarez? Maidana?

Yes. You are right Paul Strauss. Mayweather is risking a lot by not fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Posted May 30, 2014 7:11 pm 


kato3388 there’s not many similarities between cotto and canelo. they’re both fundamental orthodox boxers. nothing one does that puts you in mind of the other. they both hook about the same. canelo has more juice on his

cotto’s best shot is the jab. canelo’s best shot is the right hand. their stances are different. cotto pulls his head down like de la hoya, making him easier to hit. canelo keeps his head back which you’re supposed to do and defends better. canelo likes to fight attackers and counters more. cotto likes to fight boxers and leads more.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:55 pm 


No question Floyd was clearly the more damaged fighter though.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:50 pm 


Bottom line is Floyd went life and death with a gatekeeper ah ha lol.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:48 pm 


Kato fair assessment it wasnt like Floyd getting the decision was a robbery nor would I have thought if Miadana getting the decision would’ve been a robbery. I had it 5-1 for Chino then 5-1 Floyd. Your right 1-2 could’ve went either way. I was shocked though because I predicted Floyd would get his 1st legit stoppage in a long time.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:47 pm 


Floydoids you say floyd offerered manny 40 million right. Manny was under contract when floyd offered that which means manny couldn’t accept. So floyd never wanted the fight so get that up yous. IDIOTS

Posted May 30, 2014 6:38 pm 


Kato the idiot

Again you are wrong Maidana vs Money wasn’t as close as you think unless you’re scoring all the Rabbit punches.Most professional boxers and trainers thought it was a Blowout but you don’t because of maidanas style??Mayorga style boxing don’t win points in the eyes of real boxing students…..

Posted May 30, 2014 6:38 pm 


Watching Floyd v Miadana seeing it unfold Tysons quote kept coming to mind. “Its easy to stay undefeated fighting every year and a half”. Oh so true.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:31 pm 


I am NOT a fan of Floyd for sure…. But the Maidana fight was close enough..
First 6 rounds goes 5 – 1 Maidana
Second 6 rounds goes 6 – 0 Floyd

1 or 2 rounds could’ve gone either way, but I don’t think Floyd was dominant like he was against Canelo, JMM or Robert Guererro.

A Maidana draw could’ve made sense but Maidana did not win that fight.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:23 pm 


Floyd had a great career but hes about to start adopting the BHop model of picking lesser caliber fighters to keep winning. At this point any decent fighter who can move their hands and feet well together are gonna beat him. Kahn, Pac, Porter, Bradley I give them all the edge over Floyd his legs are almost gone.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:22 pm 



Mayweather is 37 and STILL beating YOUNG fighters get yourself together by the time he loses it will be largely attributable to father time his prime was spent WINNING ONLY!!…, Mayweather is not going to lose ever…..cherry picking B level GBP fighters….young, old, war torn champions you name it he will cherry pick his opponents and will avoid all TOP RANK A-list fighters.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:22 pm 


Threw not through.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:18 pm 


Thurmal you cant change the way fights are scored to accommodate your fighter. Floyd gift wrapped 4 of the 1st 5 rounds to Miadana. Throughout the fight Miadana dominated the ring generalship battle. Miadana also did far more damage with his shots compared to Floyds flashy weak arm punches that had no effect. Miadana land just about the same amount of shots while throwing double the amount Floyd through being the clear aggressor. Floyd dominated the 2nd half but didn’t do enough to clearly win the fight. All of this amounting to a draw. No way would I rather had been Floyd in that fight he was hurt more than he hurt Miadana.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:17 pm 


i hope they fight before 2019 cos i will be going back to work.

Posted May 30, 2014 6:05 pm 


Mayweather is 37 and STILL beating YOUNG fighters get yourself together by the time he loses it will be largely attributable to father time his prime was spent WINNING ONLY!!

Posted May 30, 2014 6:03 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


Thurman lmao that “0″ has lost its substance now that Floyd has won 2 controversial decisions. I personally scored the fight a draw but many feel Floyd lost. Pac being broke is completely out of the realm of reality and he might very well lose again but right now it wont be against a journey man/gatekeeper.
Posted May 30, 2014 5:48 pm

^a draw? maidana barely landed any clean shots. you guys can’t score a fight. that’s the real problem. casual boxing fans are the WORST. Maidana won that fight? pfff GTFOH.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:57 pm 


Stupid says.., “Alfredo Angulo who has been getting more and more shopworn since Kirkland beat him senseless and he was deported.”

You notice Kirkland was knocked out in the first round by a man who Gennady Golovkin smashed out with one hard shot. It doesn’t matter.

Who GAF if Lara was dropped by Angulo… It only matters that Lara wasn’t hurt, and beat Angulo to a faretheewell, making him quit.

Does the fact that Zab Judah dropped Floyd, and went 12 with him — and the fact Kostya Tszyu dropped Judah twice with one punch, and stopped him in 2 rounds, mean that Tszyu was a better fighter than Floyd??? Hell NO.

That shlt doesn’t mean anything. Cotto is a very good boxer–but Trout beat Cotto better than Floyd did … The fact that Lara won every round off a big, tall, 27-1 Jr Middleweight like Trout, who dominated Cotto, is the thing that’s very significant here.

Lara can box damned well… Floyd won’t fight him because it’s a huge risk… That’s why Floyd is trying to line up guys like Khan.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:51 pm 


@HECDOG…. this is where you’re completely wrong. Maidana was able to take it to Floyd because of one simple fact. He made it a FIGHT… a WAR. He wasn’t star struck like Victor Ortiz. He pounded the hell outta Floyd and made it into a street fight. I’ve said this all along…. This is the way to get to Mayweather.

But that’s not all….. Maidana is an unconventional fighter… right???? He throws punches from all angles…… right?????
This is what gave him the edge in the ability to land on Floyd. Floyd has fought his entire career against conventional fighters….. and by conventional I don’t mean conventional (right handed fighter stance)… I mean conventional like, properly trained….. robotic even in stance and the way punches are thrown….Floyd has trained against and sparred against mostly conventionally trained fighters… Manny is not a conventional fighter.
Manny comes in and out at all angles and never stops throwing punches. Sure his defense is a little lacking… but what he doesn’t have in defense he makes up with speed.

The only problem I can seriously see in Manny is his willingness to get dirty. Maidana did not care about a point loss for low blows, for rabbit punching, elbows or headbutts or anything else… Maidana was willing to do whatever it took to take the FIGHT to Floyd.
I don’t think Manny would stoop to being a dirty fighter. This is where I think his downfall would be. Floyd range-finds…, Floyd uses elbows and forearms…. and I doubt Manny would.

OK, Maidana isn’t the fastest knife in the box is he?? Nope, not by a longshot… And even his slow @$$ caught Floyd more than any conventionally trained Boxers…. Robert Guerrero is a tremendous boxer, JMM is a tremendous counterpuncher… But if Maidan caught Floyd so much, what makes you think Manny couldn’t cathc him twice as many times? Floyds power is negligible…. If you’re not scared of someone’s power, you’d be inclined to take more risks. I’m sure if Porter was scared of Paulie’s power, that fight would’ve gone a whole different way… Can u catch my drift?

Posted May 30, 2014 5:50 pm 



Posted May 30, 2014 5:49 pm 


Thurman lmao that “0” has lost its substance now that Floyd has won 2 controversial decisions. I personally scored the fight a draw but many feel Floyd lost. Pac being broke is completely out of the realm of reality and he might very well lose again but right now it wont be against a journey man/gatekeeper.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:48 pm 


Thurmal underwear my friend, that’ts just another Manny Pacquiao hater that envy’s the legendary fighter. Manny Pacquiao is the only eight division boxing champion and most if not all boxers see Manny as such. Some writers have no business writing. What most people done’t point out is that Manny is a very small person in physical stature. He has the physical body of a 126-130 pounder at best. The man is cut and has very little fat to burn off of him. Once they step into The ring, Manny is always at a weight disadvantage. He is without a doubt a true 8 time division boxing champion. Don’t be surprised when he wins a 9th division title. Manny is a special fighter that will never Come this way again. People need to give this man credit instead of looking for anything they can criticize him on. Pound for pond, inch for inch. Manny pacquiao is the best ever. Trust me on this. His accomplishments are amazing and incredible to see. Manny is the best!

Posted May 30, 2014 5:41 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


Wow im blown away that dudes are still trying to view Floyd as head and shoulders above the rest of boxing when his stock is in freefall right now both in the ring and on the #s sheet. Miadana as I’ve said over and over is a gatekeeper lucky to have gotten a shot at Broner to win his 1st major tittle if my memory serves me right. The funny thing is Floyd really didn’t fair much better and Broner must have been smiling watching Floyd go life and death with him. Imo the fun of Pac v Floyd was Pac being the one to break the perception of Floyd being unbeatable that ship has sailed I dont see Floyd competing with Pac right now I see Pac winning by a wide margin. I feel Miadana showed why Floyd has avoided with every recourse at his disposal. Financially Floyds doing great but the curse of the 200 mil $ contract lives on 2 out of 3 of Floyds fights have bombed financially for Showtime with no upside in the near future. Floyds finished fellas great run but the smoke is clearing exposing the reality of Mr. Mayweather.
Posted May 30, 2014 5:21 pm

^Reality is: 46-0; THAT IS REALITY. Manny’s broke ass lost 5 times already and probably will lose again by career’s end. I’m blown away that you clowns STILL ride his gun like HE’S undefeated! WTF!?

Posted May 30, 2014 5:40 pm 


@HECDOG – ummmmmm… Do u go by another name?? Captain Obvious? I mean seriously, yes and you are right, they do fight from different stances… So based on that, it means they are completely different fighters????? Let me go back to reading what u wrote…

Posted May 30, 2014 5:34 pm 


Dempsey stopped sharky.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:27 pm 


sharkey beat willis

Posted May 30, 2014 5:27 pm 


Resource not recourse

Posted May 30, 2014 5:24 pm 


Wow im blown away that dudes are still trying to view Floyd as head and shoulders above the rest of boxing when his stock is in freefall right now both in the ring and on the #s sheet. Miadana as I’ve said over and over is a gatekeeper lucky to have gotten a shot at Broner to win his 1st major tittle if my memory serves me right. The funny thing is Floyd really didn’t fair much better and Broner must have been smiling watching Floyd go life and death with him. Imo the fun of Pac v Floyd was Pac being the one to break the perception of Floyd being unbeatable that ship has sailed I dont see Floyd competing with Pac right now I see Pac winning by a wide margin. I feel Miadana showed why Floyd has avoided with every recourse at his disposal. Financially Floyds doing great but the curse of the 200 mil $ contract lives on 2 out of 3 of Floyds fights have bombed financially for Showtime with no upside in the near future. Floyds finished fellas great run but the smoke is clearing exposing the reality of Mr. Mayweather.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:21 pm 





Posted May 30, 2014 5:18 pm 


Cotto and Canelo same fighter? Yeah right.
Cotto is a switch-hitter southpaw(his left is his dominant hand) and a much better boxer.
Canelo is bigger, stronger, a natural right-hander, and MUCH larger.
Cotto’s best days are behind him, Canelo’s are still in front of him.
Cotto won 3 rounds in a row vs Mayweather, and that’s the most we has seen him tested since the first Castillo fight.
Canelo got spanked like a red-haired step-child(oh schnap) and got a ton of help from the judges… anyone with a brain couldn’t give Canelo more than 1 round.
Maidana gave Floyd his biggest test to date for a reason… SIMPLICITY… Khan, Pacquiao, Canelo, Trout, Lara and Martinez all lose handily to Floyd because they’ll play HIS game, and Floyd will take them into the deep water and DROWN THEM.
Maidana did his best to flip the script on Floyd… by dragging him into the shallow water and attempting to spilt his head open on the rocks! I don’t hear anyone calling Maidana out these days… I wonder why that is?
Maidana stomps on everyone now, especially those other Floyd who have bested him in the past.
Koltelnik: Maidana KO’s him in a rematch!
Alexander: Maidana outhustles the more skilled boxer in a second go-around(look for Alexander to pull the same crap he did in his fight with Bradley to get out of a legitimate “loss”)
Khan: A rematch with Maidana? His wife would be wise to take out a massive life insurance policy if that rematch ever occurred… which it won’t… Khan was more scared of Maidana being in the same arena as him, than he was being in the same ring as Collazo on May 3rd.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:16 pm 


WHOA!!! Good comeback…. LMMFAO… U argue like a 6 yr old. Let’s debate it up if ya want…. But keep the childishness to urself or ur other nuthuggers…

Watch a Canelo fight and watch a Cotto fight. There are more similarities than differences between the two. And if you start citing hair color and tattoos as differences, I’mma seriously have to pull your boxing fan card…… Cause that’s what you are… just a fair weather fan… Johnny come lately….

Posted May 30, 2014 5:13 pm 


Kato the idiot

Give it up man!!!

Posted May 30, 2014 5:09 pm 


THE DUMBO!!!!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DELUSIONAL BRO… the greatest fight prophet and all that mess and you can’t even say that PACMAN was controlling the entire fight, save for a 2nd round flash knock down… Come on MAN!!!!!! I’ve watched the fight 10 times or more already.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:09 pm 


And that’s why you post under an Anonymous tag?!?!?!

Canelo and Cotto are so simliar it’s uncanny… Hand speed, foot speed… Come on dude, seriously. I am generalizing a bit but you’re nit picking now trying to make your point…

Posted May 30, 2014 5:07 pm 


Kato the idiot

Canelo and cotto not the same canelo has better hand speed and combinations you twit and his defense also better probably better defense than PAC who uses the face defense…..”No Defense”.Kato need to upgrade boxing I.Q.

Posted May 30, 2014 5:04 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


underwear you’re living under a rock. so your name ought to be thurmal underrock. floyd is a chicken shltting, coward hearted ducker, and protector of his O. he’s not going to dance to floyd’s tune. if he got rid of arum as his manager he’d find another excuse. he always does
Posted May 30, 2014 3:50 pm

^your name ought to have an I-C-K after the D and SUCKER after that.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:58 pm 

Da Brute

te tumbo Hate to bust your bubble but that aint the real hecdog.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:57 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


^NOT an 8 division champ.

Q: Is where ESB got its blueprint from? I always wondered…

Posted May 30, 2014 4:56 pm 

te tumbo

“But did you notice that Pacman was controlling the entire fight and had JMM on the ropes up to that point????” NO. i didn’t see that at all. what I saw was Marquez pacing and timing Pacquiao* for the first two rounds before beginning to take control in the third. after which, Pacquiao* lost 3/4 final rounds. the only round he won was the 5th and largely due to a stomp-assisted flash-KD but Pacquiao* never did learn how to keep Marquez down. conversely, once Marquez accepted that the judges would never score their bouts fairly and decided to put Pacquiao* down, he did just that and Pacquiao* STAYED DOWN.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:50 pm 


Paul Strauss ask Manny why he pulled out of the March 2010 fight?

Posted May 30, 2014 4:50 pm 

te tumbo

HECDOG, excellent post. good to see you’re finally snapping out of the Pacquiao* celebrity-spell. Welcome back to Earth!

Posted May 30, 2014 4:47 pm 


See…. this is the problem… People think they know boxing and they really don’t. 1 loss doesn’t make or break a fighter. Maybe in todays day and age when a fighter fights only once or twice a year…. but back in the days fighters fought 3 – 5 times a year.

Ok, Pacman took one helluva a shot from JMM and got knocked COLD. But did you notice that Pacman was controlling the entire fight and had JMM on the ropes up to that point???? And as I am typing it….. THIS IS THE REASON FLOYD IS SCARED…. THIS IS THE ONLY THING IN MY MIND THAT MAKES SENSE AS TO WHY THE GREATEST BUSINESSMAN/BOXER ON THE PLANET WOULD LEAVE $100 MILLIONS DOLLARS ON THE TABLE.

Manny has that KO POWER. MANNY has that one punch touch that could send Fraud crashing…….. THIS IS WHY HIS FATHER IS SO ADAMANT FOR THIS FIGHT NOT HAPPENING…. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE…… NOW I CAN SEE IT…….

Ask yourself, if it wasn’t the RISK, why would MAYTWITTER leave $100 Million on the table?

Posted May 30, 2014 4:45 pm 


Pacquiao had a chance in early 2010 to force Mayweather into the fight where he had the following:
A 50/50 split of all PPV revenue.
A choice of ringsize.
A choice of gloves, including forcing Mayweather to wear same said gloves.
An (unheard of) $10 million per pound weight penalty for anything over 147.
A 14 day cut-off for random blood and urine testing…

What made Pacquiao walk away from these terms?
Well ya see, he wanted a 21 day cut-off for the random testing… THAT’S IT!
The biggest fight of all time NEVER happened because Pacquiao wanted 3 weeks of no testing, and Floyd was only willing to give him 2.

FACTS… they’re pesky little things for people with strong opinions.
I don’t blame Floyd for wanting to dictate the terms from there on out.
I mean, can you imagine if Holyfield-Tyson never happened because Holyfield was unwilling to submit to the extra drugs tests that Tyson requested? Evander never would have been able to live it down. But he had nothing to hide(at the time) so he took the additional testing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:42 pm 


The notion that Manny Pacquiao is the antidote to Floyd Mayweather really took a MAJOR hit after that 3rd Marquez bout and really got dispelled when Pac Man got knocked COLD… He is simply NOT as dangerous a fighter as when he was 140 and below, he is not stopping guys and barely putting them down.. Bradley did 24 rounds with NO POWER and Manny did not get him off his feet… Pac Man cannot outbox Floyd Mayweather its just not gonna happen with his short reach and overextended jab, Manny is an ATG but he is utterly beatable by Mayweather who’s style is all wrong for him… Mayweather made Marquez look like a rank amateur yet Pac Man has fought Manny in a declining fashion… The 3rd fight was SUPER controversial and the 4th speaks for itself..Seeing Floyd in with guys who outweigh Manny by 20 pounds (Maidana, Cotto, Canelo) has some of you VERY confused, Mayweather is gonna be the BIGGER man with more skills.. I love Pac but he is not even the most dangerous guy around for Floyd…Pac Man would get BATTERED by Canelo at 152 or 154 whereas Mayweather stood in the pocket, made the kid miss and countered all night long…

Posted May 30, 2014 4:35 pm 


Uuuuuummm @ SREDMON – breaking ticket gates and PPV records is the only reason MONEY MAY ‘should’ take the fight against Pacman. Who in their right mind would leave $100 Million dollars on the table if they weren’t worried about the risk!?!??!?!?
Donald Trump, who I view as a great businessman, and someone who could be childish enough to hold a grudge would be the first one to tell you, he wouldn’t leave $100 million dollars on the table no matter who he had to work with.

But isn’t FLOYD supposed to be this great businessman??? I don’t see it, but so all the pundits say.

So again I say… if he wasn’t worried about a loss, and talking about risking his health, (and why would he be risking his health against Manny so much, because he knows….), what else would be his logical reason for leaving $100 million dollars on the table???????????

Posted May 30, 2014 4:34 pm 


The fight will probably happen in early 2016.
Floyd will be free of sShowtime, after running his record to 49-0, and Manny will have 2 fights remaining with Top Rank…
Floyd will sign to fight Manny for the lions share of the pie, and include a rematch clause in his contract should the judges feel the need to screw him(anyone who scored the de la Hoya fight 7-5 in Oscars favor is downright delusional, that goes double for anyone who thinks Canelo managed a 6-6 draw).
Should the judges decide to screw Mayweather over, his record will stand at 49-1, with a rematch clause in place to force Pacquiao into a second fight… Pacquiao will be in no position to retire as he is millions in debt and will NOT be getting out any time soon.
Should the screw-job occur in the first fight, the rematch will take place in the fall, and Floyd will not chance it to the judges(or will at least pound Pacquiao pillar to post so badly that no judge will think of robbing him for fear of their own personal safety).
Floyd will retire either 50-0, or 50-1, either way, he will go down as the greatest of this generation, as well as TOP 3 all time(I rank him behind ONLY Robinson at this point).
Should Floyd stop Pacquiao, and add Martinez to the victim list along the way, then there is no debate… he will pass Robinson and retire THE BEST EVER!

Posted May 30, 2014 4:33 pm 


Kato, reality is that Joe Calzaghe NEVER faced the gauntlet of fighters in 5 weight classes the way that Floyd Mayweather has.. 40 year old version of Jones and Hopkins would not even rate for Mayweather as opponents… Mayweather in his last 10 or so fights dusted Mosley, Cotto, Marquez and ODH these are all HOF fighters, young guns like Canelo and Guerrero who are World Champions..How can you be Unified Champ in 2 weight classes without facing “The best” for the most part??? Mayweather is lineal in 4 out of 5 weight classes which means he beat the man who beat the man! Joe Calzaghes legacy at 175 is not impressive, what an S/D against 43 year old Hops? Floyds an ATG, Joe is a HOFER serious difference

Posted May 30, 2014 4:30 pm 


I’m sure Ali knows what twitter…
And I’m sure he knows how to use it…
And I’m sure he can hold his hands still enough to tweet…
And I’m sure he has enough brain cells to know the exactly how to make the fight…
And I’m sure he knows the ins and outs of the disagreements between Arum and Haymon since 2009…
And I’m sure he has money left over so he knows whats best for today’s two biggest cash machines in the sport…

Posted May 30, 2014 4:26 pm 


Tark, who CARES about the records that May vs Pac would break its NOT gonna happen so how relevant is it? you might as well discuss yourself sleeping with a woman who is NOT being paid to screw you (same probability) Top Rank and GBP do not do business, HBO and Showtime do not do business, Pac Man just signed up with TR for another 2 years and all his decisions are guided by Bob Arum… That said what about fights that CAN happen? I think Garcia deserves a shot MORE than Porter, Brook and Lara… Lara beat Trout coming direct off a loss, how did Trout get the rep he has? beating Cotto COMING off a LOSS to Who? Floyd Mayweather Jr… Lara did not look spectacular getting floored 2x by a crude slugger like Alfredo Angulo who has been getting more and more shopworn since Kirkland beat him senseless and he was deported..

Posted May 30, 2014 4:25 pm 


People are either CRAZY, DELUSIONAL, or just plain STUPID. Manny did not create this VORTEX, FLOYD did. Floyd created all the drama and obstacles from random blood and urine testiong, to pay scale, and now the ultimate one that won’t ever be resolved is, he won’t work with Bob Arum.

Where in this equation did Manny duck Floyd or created any of these obstacles? What?!?!?!? By not agreeing and bowing down to Floyd and his ridiculous demands? I’m sorry When Floyd went on his so-called retirement, Manny stepped in and was doing his thing in a much better fashion than Floyd. He was spectacular, energizing and his style was fun to watch.

So now, because Manny resigned with the promoter that has had his back, and made him Millions, he’s ducking Floyd??? Floyd is not a man of honor or character, so what’s to say Floyd would be fair in the negotiations? What’s to say Manny doesn’t resign with Bob, and then Floyd goes about his business anyway… Too many ‘if’s’, if ya ask me.

If you people want to get on someone, then get on Floyd. To be the best you have to fight the best. Ali had losses, so did Sugar Ray, so did all the all-time greats. But then again, Joe Calzaghe is undefeated, so it’s just fitting that Floyd would be in the same league as Joe C. Retire undefeated without taking on the best in the division. What a way to ensure your HOF status.

Ali, TBE, tweeted after the Maidana fight… “Congratulations @FloydMayweather. Maybe after you rest up we can see you rumble with @MannyPacquiao! #AliTweet”….

Posted May 30, 2014 4:22 pm 


watching tark school sredmond all the time is hilarious. especially so b’cos of how mad he makes sredmond get. tark can be a bit of a twit at times but hes forgotten more about boxing than sredmond will ever know.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:17 pm 


If Maidana is such a pushover then why is he a Champion as we speak and proven dangerous to many fighters? is he a boxing savant? hell NO but he is tough, dangerous and unorthodox.. Are you suggesting that Kell Brook, Porter and Thurman would walkover Maidana? please let us know Tark? AGAIN you are manufacturing threats that NO one is onboard with “Kell Brook and Porter” Porter was a sparring partner not so long ago and beating a power deficient Malignaggi does not brand you “Great” Moron.. All these guys would be in trouble against Alvarez who Floyd made light work of just like Marquez who embarrassed Manny Pacquiao for the rest of human history..

Posted May 30, 2014 4:16 pm 


Tark, YOU were the guy who was BIG on Khan when he beat Judah and discussed his performance as being superior to Floyds even though Judah was pretty toasty… I am NOT impressed with Porter, Thurman or Brook I don’t think ANY of them have proven more dangerous than Maidana, Cotto or Canelo ALL guys Floyd has bested You are in the flavor of the month club and its OBVIOUS… Explain to us what any of these fighters has done to be considered so dangerous to Floyd Mayweather? Lara is facing Canelo AFTER Floyd who took him to school and you are so impatient that you are handing Lara a victory that he has NOT earned in the ring against Alvarez who YOU had slated to beat Mayweather and then changed your tune after he was clowned in the ring…

Posted May 30, 2014 4:10 pm 

Why not?

Broner a Floyd style fighter, what a dud. More mouth than fight.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:05 pm 

Why not?

He will not fight, so bring on the best of GBP fighter lets see what their made of.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:03 pm 


The bigger mystery than why Floyd is running from Pacquiao is why the media/fans are clouding the issue! The guy is obviously petrified of this fight, to the extent where he prefers to be called a chicken. The greatest of this generation! Greatest CHICKEN that is!

Posted May 30, 2014 4:00 pm 

Why not?

No sense having the fight if Floyd forcing will be forcing you to wear foam sparring gloves. Maidana agrees with me and eating for a rematch.

Posted May 30, 2014 4:00 pm 


if the best ever could not handle madanas the way he was supose to ….how would he be able to wheater the tornado manny would bring to the ring??manny has way more power than maidana he is way faster to strong to smart for the lil black clown after watching what maidana was able to do to floyd its a accurate to say that manny would beat him….

Posted May 30, 2014 4:00 pm 


the best soap opera in america.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:52 pm 


underwear you’re living under a rock. so your name ought to be thurmal underrock. floyd is a chicken shltting, coward hearted ducker, and protector of his O. he’s not going to dance to floyd’s tune. if he got rid of arum as his manager he’d find another excuse. he always does

Posted May 30, 2014 3:50 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


Manny Pacquiao has done everything humanly possible to make this fight happen.

^STOP right there. He signed the extension for NO GOOD REASON. He could be a free agent and making the fight happen. He don’t want it. Bob got some dirt on Quackman. There’s no good reason Pac ain’t fighting under the MP Promotions umbrella getting the big slice of cake. SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:46 pm 


Mayweather is a coward.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:33 pm 


Manny Pacquiao has done everything humanly possible to make this fight happen. Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather never has and never will want to fight Manny Pacquiao. That’s all there is to it. Manny Pacquiao had the last word telling Floyd he would take any and ALL tests and give him the bigger piece of the pie. Done! All Floyd Mayweather had to do is sign the contract and make the fight. No, Floyd has continued as always to blame Arum and all anything else he can place blame on. Both fighters have plenty of money. Both can continue to make big pay days. Manny Pacquiao is the bigger draw by far, and anyone he fights other than Mayweather will earn Manny 20-40 million, which isn’t chump change. Manny is trying to help Floyd Mayweather out by trying to get him to the table, but the truth speaks for itself. Floyd Mayweather does not want to fight Manny Pacquiao. This fight will never happen. Destiny has passed. This is really too bad because the world would have witnessed a terrific fight. Manny has recently shown his ability to change styles and come back from a loss. He’s done this during his fabulous career. Rocky Balboa said it best ” It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Manny Pacquiao has been hit hard and continues to move forward. Manny Pacquiao is the real ROCKY and he is the true PEOPLE”S CHAMPION. Fans come to cheer and honor Manny Pacquiao wherever he goes. Money is not an issue for him like some of you keep saying. His tax issues are resolved. He just signed a huge contract extension. He is currently looking for an Island he can purchase and retire on. This is Manny Pacquiao, the boxing legend that will go down in the history books as the greatest fighter of all time, not just the decade. Meanwhile, you have Floyd Mayweather fighting TI and trying to pick up on his girlfriend. Floyd Mayweather’s reputation and boxing status all depends on him fighting Manny Pacquiao. Manny’s legacy is solidly cemented, Floyd Mayweather’s remains in limbo as a tarnished fighter that is afraid to face the best of his time. More importantly, he is afraid to fight the man that has holds the honor of being the best of his generation and of all time, yes, Manny Pacquiao. Floyd Mayweather has already suffered a major hit in the public’e eye. He is viewed as a coward. Trust me on this, Manny is looked at as the far greater fighter. Soon we will al get to see Manny playing and coaching a professional basketball team. Manny is the best.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:31 pm 


You’re an idiot so laugh away in your padded cell

Posted May 30, 2014 3:24 pm 


brook a great boxer.LMFAO.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:22 pm 

Boxing Purist

Money’s accompishments shoud come with an asterisk? Does Rocky Marciano’s undefeted record come with an asterisk? Why don’t the writers ever mention that the average age of his opponents was a staggering 40 years old? Yep 40! If you were wondering, no this is not a typo!

Floyd wil never fight Pac because of Bob Arum! Do anyone remember when Floyd wanted out of his contract with Bob Arum and Arum humiliated him by referring to Floyd as a “boy” to HBO commentators? Why is Floyd the bad guy? Is it because he does not in any way want Arum to profit off of his name? Kudos to Floyd for not doing a deal with the same man who pilfered some of his purses years ago.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:21 pm 


Bob Arum owns PacMan! Pac does whatever he says…No he cannot beat Mayweather. But somebody is ducking the fight. The question is who?? I suspect Floyd has more to lose. So he is the ducker. PacRoid fans will cry if they do ever fight. Have a nice day…

Posted May 30, 2014 3:19 pm 


Sredmond.., In your mind you never want Mayweather to be challenged in a tough competitive fight. You’d rather he avoid them so he can finish the unbeaten GOAT

You would rather he finish up with unskilled Khan and Maidana type push overs — rather than fight great boxers such as: Lara… Porter… Thurman… Brook… and Pacquiao — which May-Pac would break all existing World Records for total revenues and gate. Floyd still won’t risk it.

Floyd loves the “O” … and so do many of his sucky fans.

Posted May 30, 2014 3:15 pm 


The fight as it used to stand is GONE, Manny Pacquiaos chief rival is the GREAT Juan Manuel Marquez who last KOed him and took him so deep in the 3rd fight that this rivalry keeps finding legs even though its over in my mind.. Floyd Mayweather and Manny could not fight before FMJ is 38 and Manny 36, the original intrigue of the contest is not gonna return especially after seeing Pac Man facedown… If FMJ won, those that are rabid for Pac would NEVER give Mayweather credit for that victory on the heels of that loss and their excuses about Mannys high contact style wearing him down vs Floyd being defensive so whats REALLY the point beyond that magnitude of the event? The hurdles are TOO immense HBO vs Showtime, Top Rank vs Golden Boy and the list goes on… Either enjoy the waning moments of both these GREAT ATG boxers careers or kills yourselves pining over a fight that got away…

Posted May 30, 2014 2:54 pm 


This pundit says.., “Would Gene Tunney have beaten Jack Dempsey without benefit of the “Long Count”?”

Of course.

Tunny beat Dempsey without benefit of a count in their 1st fight. In the rematch Dempsey screwed up. Jack refused to go to a neutral corner in a timely fashion. The count was suspended. Gene could have gotten up immediately like Zab Judah did versus Kosta Tszyu … but he was a lot smarter than Zab. Tunney took advantage of Dempsey’s lack of attention to detail. You’re allowed to be smart.

Muhammad Ali also refused to go to a neutral corner when he floored Sonny Liston… Unfortunately for Sonny an idiot was refereeing the fight. Joe Walcott didn’t suspend the count.

Walcott let Nat Fleischer decide the outcome… When Ali and Liston continued fighting (Liston having gotten no count AT ALL—because Liston was standing by the time Walcott finally pushed Ali into a neutral corner), Fleischer started screaming at Walcott, “Hey Walcott. Hey Walcott. The fight’s over. STOP THE FIGHT. Liston was down for 10.” Walcott, having his head up his ass, stopped the fight and declared Ali the winner.

Liston’s boxing license was revoked in all 50 states because a few boxing commissioners had “suspicions” Sonny faked the knockdown. Liston asked the commissioners why he would get up and continue fighting if he intended to throw the fight … and how exactly he was supposed to know what the count was.

They told Sonny, “That’s not the point. You went down for no reason.” Liston told them the tape proves Ali hit him — but they ignored him.

Liston, “They were locked in cement, and didn’t want to be confused by the facts.”

Posted May 30, 2014 2:53 pm 


You NEVER hear boxing people discuss Floyd as NOT the BEST fighter out there Andre Ward said it, Lamply, Dan Rafael, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard said he would NOT have even tried to hit Floyd on the chin its just too hard…All ranking bodies Floyd Mayweather #1 and he has been a P4P fighter for at least 15 years yet dullards on ESB think the boxing universe has been WRONG forever and secretly the man cannot fight… Pac Man, Martinez, Wlad, Donaire, Bradley and all the rest absent Ward have been felled by regular fighters yet Mayweather against over 10 World Champs in a row is “cherry picking” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Posted May 30, 2014 2:43 pm 

Brazilian Boxing Fan

Great article. Mayweather is terrified of Pacquiao.

Posted May 30, 2014 2:38 pm 


ANOTHER terribly written foolish article seeking to drive traffic about a fight that is NOT gonna happen and matters less and less everyday..Floyd Mayweather is the runaway winner financially his guarantees are simply MORE than Manny can hope to make fighting Brandon Rios and Bradley.. Mayweather has made SO much money due to the structure of his deal its obscene so what is this writer droning on about? Manny is the guy who had the IRS up his rear regarding monies and is seeking bouts in Macau to circumvent taxation and compensate for lagging PPV sales.. I respect the hell of of Pacquiao but these POORLY thought out POORLY researched articles have gotta go… From a financial standpoint Floyd Mayweather simply does not need a Pacquiao fight, if he fulfills his contract he makes a min of 96 million dollars 32 mill X3 and that’s assuming there is no PPV upside..Does this writer think that Floyd is gonna read his silly blurbs and then Go beg Bob Arum to fight because of all the money he is gonna lose? When the bout was at peak interest it was NOT made, now that it is a diminished asset whats the financial inducement?

Posted May 30, 2014 2:36 pm 


Floyd Mayweather is cowarding, frauding his WAY to the BANK! While Michael Koncz and Bob Arum LOAN Pacquiao training EXPENSES out of his OWN MONEY and expect him to pay it BACK!

Posted May 30, 2014 2:26 pm 


There’s a list a mile long for floyd to fight.

Posted May 30, 2014 2:26 pm 


Floyd ain’t SUFFERING!!

Pacquiao is BROKE so says Freddie Roach and VisionQwest!

Posted May 30, 2014 2:24 pm 


You can ask a lot of fighters today and they say Floyd is either one of the greatest or arguably the greatest. All fighters asked who would win said Floyd. Out of common opponents they have fought all said Floyd would win. There legacies are already set. If they don’t fight each other which they won’t will not effect their legacies. It will only spark debate on who they think would of won

Posted May 30, 2014 2:13 pm 

Super Tom

Mayweather’s greatness can no longer be defined by PAC.

There was a time when it would enhance it, but until Pacquiao is considered the force he was, then the fight doesn’t need to happen.

We all agree that Floyd is the A-side to this fight.
If we agree to that, there is no need to fight.
I’m more interested in fights where the A-side is more debatable.

Posted May 30, 2014 2:03 pm 

Octavius Jomar Chatman

This writer is stupid…How does Mayweather suffer most….At the end of the day; Floyd is still going to make tons of money in all of his fights which he gets to keep most of because he is self promoted….Pacroid; you got it all wrong….You might want to look at who’s breaking their promoter off with 30% of their purse everytime they step in the ring; and who keeps signing extensions with that same promoter!!!!!!!

Posted May 30, 2014 1:53 pm 

Fraud Lieweather

The reason the fight hasn’t happened yet is because Fraud Mayweather is a cherry-picking coward who has avoided fighting prime greats for his entire career. Pacquiao has proven his mettle time and time again. He’s fought Barrera twice, Morales three times, Marquez four, and Cotto and Margarito who Fraud wanted no part of back then. Fraud is the one who is still yet to do this once. All the blame lies in his court for that fight not happening.

Fraud has never once fought let alone defeated a great fighter who was in their prime. This is an astonishingly damning statistic for a fighter who by his own admission has been at the top of the sport for 17 years and has moved up through multiple weight divisions.

It’s even more damning when you factor in that there’s more opportunity to fight fellow greats in the lower divisions than there is in the higher ones.

But somehow Fraud has never once been able to achieve this despite him being the ‘face of the sport’ and the fighter that ‘everyone wants a part of his sweepstakes’

This is obviously not a coincidence. You’d think that someone who proclaims themselves as the best ever would jump at the chance to back up their boasts by taking on the best not cherry-picking never will be’s and shot has-beens.

Fraud should be tearing down walls to fight Pacquiao or fellow prim greats but all he’s done is duck and dodge and put barricades and obstacles in the way.

Posted May 30, 2014 1:45 pm 


I still think PAC wins. Trouble is, so does Floyd!

Posted May 30, 2014 1:25 pm 


This is a funny article pac tried to make it happen so he re up with top rank lol and didn’t want the test and was scared of needles and the funniest one was Bob arum said they had to build a stadium for the fight lol wounder how that’s going

Posted May 30, 2014 1:25 pm 


the old pac would have won, but pac has grown old, and an old pac is not the pac of old. (please note – if your a retard and don’t understand that statement just keep re-reading till you get it)

Posted May 30, 2014 1:21 pm 

Prof Konje

Clearly the writer is a Pacquaio fan.

Posted May 30, 2014 1:19 pm 

te tumbo

no need to read beyond the first paragraph to detect the shilling on behalf of Arum and Team Punkuiao*. otherwise, “Money’s” not broke. Pacuiao’s* not certain how much money he actually has left. “Money’s” closing in on 9-digit paydays. Manny’s* desperately clinging to his 8-digit quote even as his PPV numbers continue to decline. Floyd just faced the worthiest contender in boxing’s deepest division after having defeated the best 154lbr in the sport. Pacquiao* won’t confirm a single bout v. any rival, champion, or prime contender, unless it’s on his lopsided terms. Floyd remains #1 P4P and undefeated. Napman* was LEVELED by a fistful of “Dinamita” and is routinely omitted from P4P lists. bottomline, Mayweather has moved way beyond the disappointment of being deprived of the $25-$50 million payday he was deprived of in 2010. Pacquiao* will never again reach those heights of elite P4P status. Pacmania* is as over as Justin Bieber. another never-was desperately clinging to Floyd’s nutz for some degree of relevance.

Posted May 30, 2014 1:04 pm 


oh no not these two modern duckers again.

Posted May 30, 2014 1:01 pm 

Thurmal Underwear

There it is! Way to kick off the weekend ESB! Compliments of the Mayweather namesake.

Posted May 30, 2014 12:42 pm 


Mayweather doesn’t want the fight, but significantly, his fans don’t want it either; they don’t want to see their hero lose.

Posted May 30, 2014 12:38 pm 


BS article so stopped reading at “He’s(pacquiao) tried to make the fight happen. He’s made numerous concessions”=Pactard sh!t. Next…

Posted May 30, 2014 12:32 pm 



Posted May 30, 2014 12:32 pm 

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