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Hidalgo – you don’t sue someone then after he pays you beg for a fight that could help you pay off your taxes, only an idiot would do that only a fool would expect May to agree.
Posted February 9, 2014 11:15 am

Pacquiao is not like you guys. He isn’t Floyd’s minion. Every excuse Mayweather comes up with to keep from facing Pacquiao, makes him look more like a coward. You know what?. YOU KNOW HE’S A COWARD TOO, You just have your head too far up Mayweather’s azz to admit it.

Posted February 10, 2014 1:22 pm 


@Octavius Jomar Chatman

I have. Manny begged both Floyd and Marquez for a fight.
Posted February 9, 2014 5:36 pm

Why didn’t Mayweather fight Pac?.

Posted February 10, 2014 1:19 pm 


Hidalgo – you don’t sue someone then after he pays you beg for a fight that could help you pay off your taxes, only an idiot would do that only a fool would expect May to agree.

Posted February 9, 2014 11:15 am 

Reality Check

Define a chicken, FLOYD.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:40 am 

Reality Check

When I see the face of Floyd ……………….I see a caricature. I see a face of a CHICKEN.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:39 am 


The Arum excuse makes no sense. He wasn’t the hold up the last 5 years.

Posted February 9, 2014 1:51 am 

Floyds Mama

Mama:Floyd,this is the news..100′s of sports commentators,sports journalists,and from TV sports shows from around the world are gonna now put you in a position that you can’t back out,because now they all know that Pacquiao will;
-Take blood testing up until the day of the fight,on the day,and right after fight.
-He will accept the lesser percentage of the purse,just to make the fight happen and give the fans WORLD WIDE the fight they all want.
-He will leave Arums Top Rank,as you have demanded he do.
If then,you still try to avoid this fight,you will be looked upon as a coward.
Floyd:Mama,I have a new demands now.
Mama:’Now what’!!!!!!!!!!
Floyd:Pacquiao has to wear 16oz gloves,and I wear 8oz gloves.
Mama:Anything else!!!
Floyd:Yes mama,He also has to be blood tested,not only up until the day of the fight or after the fight,but he must have blood taken between each round to be tested.
Mama:And if he agrees?You will fight him?

Posted February 8, 2014 8:03 pm 


The fans want May-Pac because they believe it will be the greatest fight ever.

That’s how it’s been talked about over the last 5 years. People would get excited immediately if it were finally signed. They would be looking for something that’s much greater than the fight will probably be—just like Floyd’s fights with De La Hoya and Canelo. They will look for a savage, brutal, spectacular, dramatic, spell-binding “Fight of the Millennium” and that won’t happen… But a hard fight will happen. It won’t be a sparring session.

It will hit the front page of major world newspapers the day after. It’s one of those unique kinds of events… MAYWEATHER BEATS PACQUIAO or whatever happens.

For a day, Boxing will be in the world spotlight. Maybe in a positive way.

Posted February 8, 2014 5:43 pm 


Arum’s comparison is correct. Obama was born in Kenya, wasn’t he? Keep saying it and see how many buy it. I have no problem with Floyd. He’s laughing as he counts his money. It’s his fans that are the joke. Buying into that farce.

Posted February 8, 2014 4:24 pm 

te tumbo

Gentlemen, I don’t sweat it. after all, I’ve got nothing riding on the impression my posts make on any “expert”, promoter, fighter, or fanbase. it’s comical when shills like Herron attempt to elevate themselves above fight-fans so that they can dictate the agenda. however, they know very little about boxing and even less about fighting. in fact, that distinction alone will fly right over their heads, which makes it easy to embarrass them in even the most basic boxing discussion. gut- and chin-checks, NOT praise or validation, is what they can expect from the likes of this fight-fan. I can afford to place the sport above any desire for access, celebrity, or validation. after all, I’m not seeking either, which gives me the credibility of objectivity. when was the first time Herron was ever described in those terms? in fact, when has Herron’s “reporting” been the subject of ANY boxing discussion?

Posted February 8, 2014 2:46 pm 


Don’t sweat it Te tumbo. These guys aren’t boxing minds, they’ve got agenda’s beyond the skill of the sweet science. It has become a game of like/dislikes that drive the propaganda.

Posted February 8, 2014 1:33 pm 


Te Tumbo is on Floyd’s payroll. There is no sense talking to the guy. He is the fly in Floyd’s flypaper. Sticking to his boss no matter what. Just like his master, excuses, excuses excuses. Hey Tits Tumbo tell your boss to fight Big Show so he can get a KO again.

Posted February 8, 2014 12:48 pm 

Floyds Mama

Mama:Hey son’I have a pitch for your fight with Khan..You know like the one you had for you and Canelo…”The One”.
Floyd:What is it ma?

Mama: “Ducker of the Decade” VS ”Bambi Legs Of the Decade”

What you think son?

Floyd:Ma!!! :(((((

Posted February 8, 2014 11:54 am 

te tumbo

Btw, since you can’t effectively respond to any boxing-related questions, are you able to at least declare Boxing as your favorite sport? if not, what is your favorite sport? that’s simple enough. although, I can already see the hand-wringing and perspiration beginning to bead on your forehead.

Posted February 8, 2014 11:46 am 

Floyds Mama

Mama:You know Floyd,it doesn’t matter what version of the
welterweight title you win because the WBC,WBA,IBF and WBO will all push Pacauiao to their number 1 contender and force you to fight him.
Floyd:Why mama?
Mama:Because not only are they all sick and tired of you ducking this fight like MILLIONS around the WHOLE world that wanna see it..they also wanna see it.
Floyd:What can I do ma?to avoid it?
Mama:Make another excuse..your good at it..
Floyd: :(

Posted February 8, 2014 11:37 am 


Pacman fans are grasping at straws. Manny has won a significant fight in years. 1-2 in his past 3 fights and they still want to believe he will beat the P4P king? No, you actually don’t believe it you just want Floyd to lose to someone and anyone. The fact that this fight doesn’t get made actually allows Pacman’s fans to continue to have something to knock Floyd about continuously. If he would have taken Pacman this past year instead of Canelo people would have said that he only wanted to fight him after his prime and he running from the “young lion” Canelo. You guys are unreasonable and unfit for great boxing minds. Manny has a chance like any other but it’s slim. The fact that he is looking past Bradley like its a forgone conclusion shows that either he’s over confident or Arum’s already got his hand in the bag. Floyd never speaks about another fight beyond the one he’s scheduled for. Focus equals wins folks.

Posted February 8, 2014 11:11 am 

Floyds Mama

Mama:Floyd son..I wanna ask you something now.
Floyd:What ma?
Mama:Don’t get upset..ok?
Floyd:I won’t ma,just don’t mention ..”You know who”..Ok?
Mama:I won’t son..anyway,Do you think you will get elected
”Fighter of the Decade” this decade?or will it go to the little fella?again?

Floyd: :(

Posted February 8, 2014 9:57 am 

Floyds Mama

Floyd:Mama,I had night-mares last night.
Mama:Tell mama,what was it?
Floyd:I was entering the ring to the cheers and when I got into the wasn’t Khan in the other corner.
Mama:Who was it son?
Floyd:I don’t wanna say mama..
Mama:Can I guess?,let me see..hmm?..Did he win 8 world titles?
Floyd:Mama please!..I’ll have nightmares tonight.
Mama:Did he get fighter of year 3 times??
Floyd:Mama!..don’t say it!
Mama:Did millions around the world wanna see you and him face off in the ring?
Floyd:Mama,why you do this to me?
Mama:When he looked at you from across the ring in your dream,did he have on his trunks..”Fighter of the Decade”??
Mama:What son?
Floyd:Can I sleep on the spare bed in your room tonight?
Mama:It’s only a dream son,don’t be scared of the Pac-Man :)

Posted February 8, 2014 9:48 am 

Floyds Mama

Floyd:Mama,what was my favorite video game as a kid?
Mama:It was Pac Man
Floyd:No mama,I didn’t like that game ma
Mama:Yes you did son,you played it for hours
Floyd:No ma,my favorite was Duck hunt ma,and I still play
it today.
Mama:No son,you don’t play Duck Hunt.
Floyd:Oh really?what do I play now ma?
Mama:You play”DUCKER”!!
Floyd:Ma!! :(

Posted February 8, 2014 9:47 am 

Tark bi curious ? Kindell

Tark man up you have been bi curious for a long time till you took it to reality and met up with Mork and company in Vegas. That old Plymouth out front that you asked about. You came in all just curious next thing you know within an hour or so you were down on your knees.

Posted February 8, 2014 3:44 am 


This Mayweather vs Pacman talk grew old long ago.

Posted February 8, 2014 3:09 am 


With Ward, there’s nobody at 168 who’s any good… He’s not going to get a super fight because there is none. There’s nobody there.

Floyd has people to fight… In fact 3 of them. He won’t fight them.

Martinez and Stevenson have extremely obvious opponents… Not happening.

Posted February 7, 2014 11:50 pm 

Joseph Herron

Good point, TARK.

Fighters like Mayweather, Pacquiao, Ward, and elite level talents are and should be held to a different standard.

Posted February 7, 2014 11:36 pm 


I like Floyd, but he shouldn’t fight guys who wouldn’t have a prayer against Lara, Garcia, or Pacquiao…

He fought 2 stinkers: Ortiz and Guerrero… Now fight a couple great fighters too with your last 4 or 5 fights… Great prime fighters that is.

Posted February 7, 2014 11:00 pm 


tit tumbo does not even know how to count, chicken Marquez has less victories than Pacquiao. If you don’t believe me, go to
Marquez takes the crown for being a whining cryaby, that I concede to him.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:25 pm 

Joseph Herron

te tumbo: “not even when “Floyd Mayweather Jr.” is the title of this article? this is a perfect example of YOUr fixation on Pacquiao* even when the topic IS Mayweather.”

LOL…unlike yourself, I don’t fixate on any one fighter. I can’t if I’m expected to cover the sport without bias.

I was asked a question that had nothing to do with Floyd, and was merely answering a question. When is the last time anyone has ever asked for your opinion on this site?

There’s a reason for that…

In the immortal words of Uncle Roger: “You don’t know sh!t about boxing!!”

Posted February 7, 2014 9:24 pm 

Hec Dog

Manny Pacquiao has now stated that he will NOT be the Mr. Nice Guy he’s been of late, which means serious trouble for Timothy Bradley and any future opposition. A man of the streets can leave the streets, but the streets will never leave him. Manny will now resort to the mentality he had as a young man roaming the streets for survival. A cat that’s cornered against a wall will fight back with extraordinary strength, reflexes and vision. This will be Manny Pacquiao on April 12 when he faces Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand. I recall watching one of the Rocky movies when Apollo Creed yells at Rocky saying “There is no tomorrow, There is no tomorrow, There is no tomorrow, There is no tomorrow.” For both Manny and Timothy, there is no tomorrow. Only one will continue leave the ring as champion. Manny Pacquiao will be that one. Timothy Bradley has questioned Manny’s Killer Instinct of all things. He dared to think that the greatest offensive fighter of all time has lost his inner ability to destroy and dismantle any opponent. What happens when you throw a water balloon at a wasp nest? Disaster, confusion and non stop attacks. Manny will not stop and punish Bradley for as long as this fight lasts, which should be from 4-9 rounds. Timothy need only be reminded of the Manny’s reign of terror as he broke bones, bodies and PPV records. He massacred Oscar, Cotto, Mosely, Margarito, Larios, Barrera, Morales, Hatton and others. The beatings we’re inhuman. Why do you think Floyd Mayweather refuses to fight Manny? He watched Manny almost send his opponents to the morgue. We must be reminded that boxing is a sport. People don’t understand the monster that Manny Pacquiao can become inside the boxing ring. He’s been criticized for not knocking guys out. They say he’s become soft, and there may be some truth to Manny’s compassion, but the true reason is that Manny loves life and refuses to take any life inside the ring. he will not permanently hurt anyone. he has love for his fellow human being, and he will go soft on opposition only to save their lives. Remember Margarito, Hatton, Diaz. These were fighters on their way out. Thank Manny Pacquiao for his compassion. Timothy Bradley best not call out Manny’s Killer instinct. Things could get seriously painful for him. Manny is the best.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:24 pm 

Joseph Herron


like I directed to te tumbo, time will reveal the truth. We all will understand more after April 12th…no doubt.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:19 pm 

te tumbo

8675309, thanks for proving my point. No response just an emotional rant about your undying love and worship of St. Pacquiao*. Btw, the rivalry is OVER. Marquez is Greater. Mabuhay ang Marquez!

Posted February 7, 2014 9:12 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, why does every Pac-Hack avoid the critical questions of the conversation? e.g., what is the credible explanation for Pacquiao* rejecting stricter testing to face Floyd? were any of his panicked excuses legitimate? where is Pacquiao’s* jab? where is his defense? the consistent response to any of these and other challenges is “you’re insane” or “you Hate Pacquiao*” or some other irrelevant response to nothing that’s being asked(?!). believe me, shaming Pacquiao’s* fanboys is easy work. particularly when none of these fundamental challenges are ever refuted or even disputed.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:10 pm 


Marquez is garbage, a coward boy who does not want to fight Pacquiao anymore. Tit tumbo’s heart was broken because peepee mouth’s brain was pummeled to mush by the constant barrage of manny’s fist that is why he does not want anymore, FACT.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:08 pm 

te tumbo

“not every Pacquiao conversation involves Mayweather”??? not even when “Floyd Mayweather Jr.” is the title of this article? this is a perfect example of YOUr fixation on Pacquiao* even when the topic IS Mayweather. anyway HERRON, Pacquiao’s* time has passed. too bad you missed it but in a nutshell it ended with a “POW!” followed by Marquez hopping over the “Get Crackin” logo and lumbering to the opposite corner to raise his fists in decisive victory. the fact that after his recent pattern of underwhelming performances you remain spellbound by Arum’s publicity-stunts suggests that boxing may not be your game(?). after all, Marquez prevailed in their rivalry in decisive fashion and Mayweather remains consensus #1 P4P and Undefeated. precisely why Mayweather MUST be included in every Pacquiao* conversation and will continue to be until Pacquiao* agrees to face him on Floyd’s terms. otherwise, he’s already lost one rivalry and has just about forfeited v. Floyd.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:05 pm 



The only way we see if Manny learnt from the JMM KO is if he fights JMM again.

My belief is that Floyd will execute that KO time and again over 100 fights, which is why they don’t want that fight.

JMM, finally realised that punch has always been there and will be again, hence they don’t want the 5th.

Pacquiao will look worse in the 2nd fight with Bradley, because they can’t pull any strokes in Vegas which is why Pacquiao looks great in Texas and China.

Manny isn’t getting better, we all know that and Rios is no yardstick.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:01 pm 

Joseph Herron

Time will reveal the truth, te tumbo.

You’ll have to just wait and see whether or not Pacquiao is as washed up or, in your words, traumatized. LOL

Posted February 7, 2014 8:47 pm 

Joseph Herron

Te Tumbo=Insane

Brother, not every Pacquiao conversation involves Mayweather.

So please take my words to heart…

“Get off the man’s nuts already!!” LOL

Posted February 7, 2014 8:44 pm 

te tumbo

Pacquiao* was Busted-Up v. Marquez in I and II. he “learned” and was severely outclassed in III during which he failed to land a single meaningful punch. so he simply intensifies his natural fighting instincts and is DEMOLISHED by a punch that Marquez publicly declared he would rely on during pre-fight interviews. Face It. Pacquiao* is as dense as a chunk of busted concrete resulting in minimal adaptability or versatility.

Posted February 7, 2014 8:40 pm 

Joseph Herron

As long as Pacquiao elects to tie up Brandon on the inside instead of trying to fight him in close quarters, you could be right about the “100 fight” scenario.

That’s another example as to how Pacquiao has grown as a fighter in recent years.

The Pacquiao of yesteryear would have never chosen to tie up any opponent on the inside, as we saw in his outing with Margarito.

Pac learned from that experience and intelligently decided to tie Rios up whenever he got in close.

Although Rios doesn’t receive nearly enough credit for being as proficient as he is in certain areas, Bradley is a much more versatile fighter than the Oxnard based fighter will ever be.

Also, Pacman has had a lot of success in Vegas…not in recent memory, but he has had some of his best performances in Lost Wages, Nevada.

Hatton, De La Hoya, and Cotto were all in Vegas, brother. His three biggest victories.

Trust me, the Bradley verdict had nothing to do with Arum’s hand. Bob, just like all of us, were in shock when he heard the judges scorecards.

More often than not, the judges at ringside make the entire scoring process a much more daunting task than it actually is.

If a judge places the emphasis on clean, effective, and consequential punching, then it becomes pretty easy to score a prizefight.

It’s when judges start to place an over abundance of emphasis on ring generalship, fight style, and mere aggression that isn’t necessarily effective that we begin to have problems.

One of the biggest errors that I see judges make from time to time is the idea that the harder puncher is doing the more consequential work in the ring.

As in the case of Bradley and JMM, Marquez was clearly landing the harder punches, but they weren’t really having a great effect on his opponent and definitely weren’t dictating the pace of the fight. Bradley’s shots, although not as punishing, were landing cleanly and forcing the action of the bout. His shots were consequential and were visibly more effective throughout the majority of the fight.

It was an easy fight to score as a result.

Posted February 7, 2014 8:39 pm 

te tumbo

Pacquiao’s* trauma is a poor substitute for “growth” as a boxer or fighter. he still lacks a consistent jab or right-hook and his “footwork” may result in difficult angles but it’s remains spastic and compromises his own offense as much as his opponents”(?!). there’s a lot of labored efforts to place Manny* into some master boxer-puncher slot but he’s an odd peg with stubbornly rough edges that are invariably exposed by true boxers and/or punchers, e.g., Marquez, Morales, and the Mayweather that Team Pacquiao* won’t dare face on a level playing-field. that’s always been the primary hold-up to a Mayweather v. Pacquiao* bout. either Mayweather relents on purse-split or agrees to the typical menu of compromising conditions that Team Pacquiao* has imposed on less marketable opponents, but that’s not the case with Mayweather. he remains #1 P4P and Undefeated. qualifications that should simply shame Pacquiao* in to simply accepting whatever Floyd offers with the intention of earning a rematch, but it’s that rematch that not a single one of Pacquiao’s* boosters are confident about. thus the labored efforts to compel Mayweather to agree to one bout that Pacquiao* can retire with.

Posted February 7, 2014 8:34 pm 



We can’t suggest Rios is a smart counter puncher, so Pacquiao was smart and didn’t want a repeat of the JMM loss.

They could fight 100 times and Rios is never walking Manny onto that shot.

Vegas ain’t Manny’s town, Texas and China maybe.

Never liked the Pac/Brad result, but it was Bob’s only out having just signed Bradley.

Posted February 7, 2014 8:12 pm 

Joseph Herron

But I agree that Bradley has grown as well, HHLondon.

Bradley is one of the smartest fighters in boxing and can fight in multiple styles, largely due to his athleticism and conditioning.

If Bradley had world class power, he would be a scary, scary fighter.

Should be another terrific fight on April 12th!!

Posted February 7, 2014 8:02 pm 

Joseph Herron

HHLondon, I agree that Rios was a favorable style match-up for Pacquiao, but to say that Pacman hasn’t grown from everything that he’s been through over the past two years isn’t realistic.

Pac has admittedly learned from his lack of punch volume and aggression in the first Bradley fight and claims that he will rectify his performance in the rematch.

Also, did you see how Pacquiao didn’t go in for the kill when he had Rios backed into a corner in the late rounds of his last contest?

He attempted to do the same thing against JMM and got caught. Most writers and fans who don’t know what they’re looking at just took that as Pacquiao losing his killer instinct. Pacquiao learned from that painful experience against JMM and realized that if the area in which he’s attacking is limited, his opponent has a much better idea when and where his punches will be coming from.

Pacquiao held up and forced Rios out of the corner, into a much larger area in which it’s much more difficult to anticipate where the punches will be coming from.

Pacquiao has learned a lot from his two most recent losses…my guess is that you will see the improvement on April 12th.

Posted February 7, 2014 7:59 pm 



Rios was tailor made for Pacquiao.

Reminded me of the slug Clottey, paid to get hit by Arum and given an extra few bucks for standing up.

Bradley’s grown, Pacquiao has not.

Posted February 7, 2014 7:47 pm 

Floyd Money Mayweather

See what I mean!!! keep making excuses for me, cause I seriously do not want to fight those guys.

Posted February 7, 2014 7:33 pm 


Manny wont get past Bradley and if he somehow does he is still a slave to that greedy Jew, GGG is a nobody who has he fought? Not to mention the fool is 160lbs way too big for Floyd. Martinez wont get past Cotto if he does Floyd wants to stay at 147 for his last 3 fights. He is simply too small for 154lbs even when he tried to go up he need up underweight at around 149lbs. He is best at 147lbs

Posted February 7, 2014 7:29 pm 

Floyd Money Mayweather

I don’t give a crap about my own fans. As long as they keep buying my ppvs and making excuses why I can’t fight Pac, GGG, Martinez, we cool. But regular boxing fans can eat my little wing wang.

Posted February 7, 2014 7:22 pm 

Joseph Herron

Hidalgo: “Joseph, I sure would like you to get Brandon Rios on your show. Robert Garcia again as well.”

I will work on that for this week, brother. I really enjoy featuring Robert on the show. He’s very candid about all of his fighters and speaks very well on the air.

i will try to get Brandon on the show as well.

Posted February 7, 2014 7:15 pm 


@ Hec Dog
Manny Pacquiao continues to be the most popular and sought after athlete of all time. The fierce and fearless pugilist left a tremendous………..

Fantastic Post!, Thanks!!.

Posted February 7, 2014 5:47 pm 


Yeh gman you say that but why all of a sudden. He was happy to work with arum every other time they negotiations so called started up.

Posted February 7, 2014 5:40 pm 


Floyd’s fight is a circus act. Floyd’s fight is next to fake fights. Just like his notable career KO of Big Show. Floyd is a gifted fighter: he was gifted a decision in Castillo and Dela Hoya fights.

Posted February 7, 2014 12:35 pm 


This is a 80 old man who wanted and got 1 million payday from a boxer who felt he was held back. The truth came to light Mayweather has done more for his career then Arum cold have ever done. Use all young fighters needs a place to get paid either through Don king or Arum. King fighters werea and are still angry at him Arum daddy image is being peel off slowly but surely. To mention Hitler name associated to Mayweather is rascist. Mayweather fan base is rock solid. The the greatest fighter in world and his people and community pray and hope he do not give Arum a dime. Not one cent. Tell Arum to eat off of Top Rank fighters. Pac is not thinking on the business level as mayweather. There numbers are different . Arum calls is bully and and Mayweather call it Business. Does he did Arum or Pac .. No.

Posted February 7, 2014 12:29 pm 



Posted February 7, 2014 9:55 am 


I hope they don’t fight. I lost interest. Too much bs.

Posted February 7, 2014 9:29 am 

Joseph Herron

Guys, because of all of the misconceptions and ridiculousness that’s currently floating around the forums, I’m going to dedicate this Sunday’s show to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao…once and for all!!

I will have some special guests on the show who will educate the real fight fans on what is really going on here.

Trust me, a bomb will be dropped on Sunday night!! 9PM EST 718-506-1506

Posted February 7, 2014 7:48 am 


Mbuyiseli pretty much has the beat on the situation when he says neither Floyd nor Manny really care about the fans. True. Fans of all sports are just expected to hand over their cash, just like in the entertainment & music industry, and if you want to see a top artist, you’ll usually pay through the nose for the privilege. Floyd and Manny are in the ring in the boxing/entertainment game. Floyd and Manny aren’t really worked up about fighting each other, but a lot of the fans are! Floyd and Manny care about their bank balances, like we do too. Boxing is a sport and a business to them and their teams..but I’d still like to see Floyd v Manny for real, and Floyd could make even more money from a Manny bout than any other fight out there. Will it ever happen? Will it still be relevant in, say, a year’s time? Who knows?

Posted February 7, 2014 7:26 am 

Floyds Mama

Mama: What’s interesting son, is that in a poll of writers on RingTV, a good deal of them feel that YOU will wind up fighting Khan anyway, even if Maidana is the one that wins the poll vote.
Floyd:Mama,I’ll fight who ever the fans want me too.
Mama:That’s garbage Floyd,You know Maidana is a very hard fight,I don’t know why people give him no chance,and yet I give Khan ZERO chance.
Floyd:So what you saying mama?
Mama:Maidana just beat Broner who was the next big thing in boxing,not only did Maidana he beat him,he beat him up!!..So Floyd?..What title does Khan hold at the moment?
Floyd:None ma.. :(
Mama:Which fighter will really give you problems all night and could even knock you out!!
Floyd:I guess Maidana ma..
Mama:Stop the nonsense with this bogus poll and lets have a unification match…You could hold both the WBC and WBA titles.
Floyd:Yeah ma..your right ma :)
Mama:And Pacquiao could win the WBO title,and then you know what the fans will want Floyd?the millions of fans around the world?
Floyd:What ma?
Mama:…A WBC,WBO and WBA world champion!
Floyd: :(( …please ma,don’t say that! :((
Mama:Just man up and fight Maidana,and then Pacquiao.
Floyd: :((

Posted February 7

Posted February 7, 2014 7:00 am 


i would like to call into some of these boxing shows but i work nights

Posted February 7, 2014 5:19 am 


Hec dog thanks for a ten pages of diatribe, Chicago guy or whatever your call yourself these days.

Posted February 7, 2014 4:19 am 


We must be crackheads, right? We keep commenting on some crap that might never happen. Neither Floyd nor Manny really care about the fans. Both of them care more about their bank accounts just like we do. Arum will never let Pacquaio go. Manny stupid stunt of let’s fight for charity was cheezy to say the least. Why fight for free when you can fight Maidana for $40 mil? Manny has to concede the most and he knows it and the Mayweather klan knows it too. Mayweather deserves it thou, he fought Mosley and Alvarez when the boxing public demanded those fights. When has Manny taken a fight that we wanted to see? Marquez beat him in their 3 instalment so the 4th fight was to clear the clutter. Mayweather should fight Golovkin at 154lbs. Maidana, Pacquaio will all get their asses handed to them by Floyd, we all know that except the delusional Pacquaio fans.

Posted February 7, 2014 4:17 am 

Joseph Herron

Bradley’s trainer, Joel Diaz, will be on my show next Tuesday night at 9PM EST. If any of you would like to ask him any questions, the number to call in is 718-506-1506. As long as the questions are asked in a respectful manner, the producer will place you in the show’s cue.

Can’t wait for that!! Joel is a great guy who will answer all questions candidly.

Posted February 7, 2014 3:10 am 

Joseph Herron

This is a very tough fight for both men.

Both fighters looked tremendous in their last outings against Marquez and Rios respectively, and both Pac and Tim believe that they were slighted after the first meeting.

The closer it gets to April 12th, I will have a better idea about what we should expect to see in the ring. Just as in most fights, what kind of training camps these guys have will more than likely decide the outcome of the fight.

Fights are won and lost in the gym…very true!!

Posted February 7, 2014 3:02 am 


@ joeseph herron – bradley or pac? Who do u like and why? I like bradley. I think tim is battle tested and will fight his ass off! He is fighting for respect. And a man fighting for respect is a dangerous man! Pac had been way too occupied w floyd! He better focus! Your thoughts please?

Posted February 7, 2014 2:54 am 

Joseph Herron

Thanks, Bears

Floyd hasn’t always made the popular choice regarding his opponents in the past. Because he is his own promoter and makes his own decisions concerning his career path, Floyd usually gets criticized a little more heavily than most popular fighter.

The crazy thing about this is most of his fans will chalk that up to blind hatred, rather than a legitimate and rational response to his actions and his situation.

Floyd fans have become so defensive that it’s sickening. They sound like Scientologists defending L Ron Hubbard. LOL

Posted February 7, 2014 2:48 am 

Joseph Herron

Thanks, Murderman!!

I’m going to be writing a lot more here on ESB…I was writing quite a bit for Fight Saga, but have recently parted ways with editor Lee Cleveland due to a difference in the site’s direction of content.

So I hope everyone is ready.

Posted February 7, 2014 2:41 am 


@ joeseph herron – keep dropping that knowledge god!

Posted February 7, 2014 2:33 am 


Can’t blame floyd: won’t work with arum but it was ok a few years ago. He contradicts himself. If he left it would be I can’t fight roach fighters haha lmao more excuses then a dero year 10 student

Posted February 7, 2014 2:24 am 

Joseph Herron

It’s so crazy how both parties, Manny fans and Floyd supporters, don’t even communicate any longer. It’s become a meaningless sparring session between Republicans and Democrats in which no one really listens to any of the talking points any further.

You wouldn’t believe how many Floyd Mayweather fans actually read my article and came away with the impression that I was being slanderous towards their hero…it’s shocking.

Both sides have been conditioned to have a knee jerk defensive reaction with the mere mention of this topic.

It’s sad…my advice to all parties involved: Reading comprehension is a must for anyone who reads this editorial. I am a journalist who practices fair journalism and primarily reports to the readers. I’m not just a blogger who merely espouses his opinion.

Know what you’re talking about before criticizing my work. Fair warning!!

Posted February 7, 2014 2:17 am 


the tumbo Pacquaio was on PEDS dude did you not hear Freddy Roach talking about how Ariza would hand Pacquaio mysterious water bottles before working out? Then Roach would ask Ariza what’s in there but he never gave an answer. .look it up on hell Google it Pacquiao is a PHONY

Posted February 7, 2014 2:08 am 

Get over it

Bears who cares he is still on top and Manny is on the bottom reality is Floyd fighting Manny wont change that, people somehow think the only worthy fighter for Floyd is Manny what garbage, Manny wont even get past Bradley, Bears go back to the woods and wipe your ass with a rabbit you have no knowledge. Bladmoir wasnt the best fighter but he beat Zab he was a tune up every fighter takes a turn up clown. What in the hell was Rios a punching bag,

Posted February 7, 2014 2:05 am 


boxtradamus comes out with these vague generalities….”he has beaten 10 champs blah blah”

was baldomir a champ? welll then that goes to show you how much a “champs” scalp in boxing can be worth. not a d!k. not worth anything. dude literally has 15 losses. he picked up the wbc from a beat down ring worn, into the dirt gatti,

baldomir is garbage but notice how boxtradamus feebly tries to talk mayweather up by talking up his garbage fights. mayweathers career is full of this con. he fights a guy who has been fakely built up. thrown a title at, most the time has multiple losses then they fall into obscurity most the time or retire should have retired before the fight even happened. ortiz is another baldomir, guerrero has COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY fallen off the map and these two were just as over rated and fakely built up as baldomir. There is a recipe here floyd likes to cook up its called the con. bill these guys and sell these guys as legit opponents. fools like te tumbo and boxtradamus they SLURP it up and call it GOLD. CALL IT THE BEST. it aint the best its the opposite. its GARBAGE. finally people are seeing that.

mayweather had to handicap, weight drain, and seek the advantage on a 23 year old kid named canelo before he would even fight him. a catchweight two pounds BELOW THE TITLE BEING FOUGHT FOR……….thats just the epitome of garbage. floyd does not register anywhere near the top of my great boxers list. great business and sculpting his career of avoiding the riskiest fights at the riskiest times. great at selling a con to chumps like he is about to do in his next fight literally (kahn). floyd could have been in the GOAT discussion but clearly being the GOAT was never in floyds interest. he failed to make even HALF of the best fights available to him. you just have to call fools like boxtradamus out on it.

Posted February 7, 2014 1:58 am 



Posted February 7, 2014 1:57 am 


HHHLondon says…, “Weird how Pacquiao fights in Vegas and looks terrible every time, but when he fights in Texas or China he looks a million… Ever wondered why that is??”

Pac’s spectacular KO of Ricky Hatton was in Vegas… He dominating route and stoppage of Oscar De La Hoya was in Vegas… His dominating and brutal stoppage of Miguel Cotto was in Vegas.

So his 3 best showings were in Vegas and his fight with Joshua Clottey in Texas was like watching paint dry.

His fight with Cheato Rito??? Wasn’t that in Texas??? Fight stunk!!! Pacquiao carried Cheato Rito for the last 3 rounds. “I wanted to be nice.” Right… “Everybody pay up—and I’ll be extra kind to the guy everyone hates in front of Jerry Jones and 58,000 fans.”

Posted February 7, 2014 1:37 am 


Gman go on YouTube and watch floyd is scared and he admits to being scared of PAC. No videos will come up of PAC scared but floyd says it out of his own mouth hahaha manny is the real king

Posted February 7, 2014 1:36 am 


Floyds 1 excuse is not to work with arum. Who was going to run it in 09 10. ARUM. You stupid fools, it was ok then but not now you floydoids are as dumb as he is

Posted February 7, 2014 1:35 am 


Yeh take 40 mill when he just earned 35 against cotto, lmao, he offered 40 cause he knew PAC wouldn’t take it. PAC was #1 p4p, g get floyds pin out of your mouth fool

Posted February 7, 2014 1:26 am 


The only way Bradley can stop Manny if he uses his head to block and counter Mannys relentless attack! Teflon!

Posted February 7, 2014 1:08 am 


Like I said azzbox Bradley is going to stop you boy, But when it happens dont kill yourself it just boxing retard….

Posted February 7, 2014 1:05 am 


He wants to use a phone now ? Azzboy I guess Manny just heard of the invention of a cell phone you nutthugger . I will fight for Charity I have a open phone 24/7 well if that is not begging what is it? I dont like no man who cries like a woman. If the fight with Floyd dont happen its not the end of the world Pactard hell he has zero chances of winning anyway. Manny can always go back to being a rice farmer in the Philippines no big deal 40 million wasnt enough I guess. But he is making less that half of that now retarded…

Posted February 7, 2014 12:58 am 


GMAT you obviously don’t watch to many PAC interviews. In his recent last 6 month he says if he wants it use a phone, doesn’t seem pathetic to me but obviously your just a hater

Posted February 7, 2014 12:44 am 


Ray ray I agree. I am not a huge ufc fan but I like there isn’t to many divisions and that if a Dana white was in boxing we would have seen PAC v floyd 2 or three times already

Posted February 7, 2014 12:42 am 


Every time Mannys opens his mouth to talk to the press the more desperate and pathetic he sounds he is actually begging Floyd right now and making himself look like a silly fool. Like someone who ex left them. Manny should let his hands speak and do all the talking whop Bradley ass and move on if he gets to fight Floyd fine if not Fine life is about choices and like it or not Manny had his chance in 09 and blew it now he has to live with it man up life goes on never cry like a Biiootch Floyd cannot save Manny…

Posted February 7, 2014 12:42 am 


I wonder sometimes how these 147 pounders satisfy there women, 147 weight for a 5’9 guy is sad.

Posted February 7, 2014 12:41 am 

Ray Ray

There shouldn’t even be 8 devisions….but yeah more than pretty good.

Posted February 7, 2014 12:35 am 


Ortiz was putrid so was guerro. Yeh PAC got beat by Marquez who is better than them both and so is Bradley. Yeh boxtra but mannys 8 division is pretty good to

Posted February 7, 2014 12:29 am 


Floyd has beaten 10 CHAMPS in his last 12 Fights WOW!! No MAN or ALIEN can match it in ANY Sport.

Posted February 7, 2014 12:06 am 


Auz, 147lbs, talk list prime v’s prime over 147lbs over last 8 years?

We know you’re a Pacquiao nut-sucker but refuses to commit.

So let’s compare last Floyd fights over last five of Pacquaio’s?

Posted February 6, 2014 11:56 pm 


Canelo will look like what Freddie Roach does in 8 years!

Posted February 6, 2014 11:54 pm 



JMM done that already …. AT 142lbs …. waaaahhaaaaaaaaaa

Posted February 6, 2014 11:53 pm 


Floyd can’t beat anyone up he just throws one pillow every now and again and just lucky he is good defensively, he only wants khan to see if he can get a KO. I hope he doesn’t then he would have earned even more haters cause he don’t fight people in there prime

Posted February 6, 2014 11:51 pm 


Good one

Posted February 6, 2014 11:39 pm 


“floyd beat everybody up”

floyd did not beat half of everyone. dude just now fought the multi loss multi beat down cotto. who is everybody? ortiz, guerrero, and canelo and washed up mosely and gatti and baldomir? your sense of everybody is EVERY BIT JACKED UP. he has not fought bradley pac paul williams escaped old cement hands margarito in fake retirement. would not meet martinez at 154 despite swearin up and down he would. mathyse garcia lara i mean the list goes in and on and this fool said floyd fought everybody. what a tool

Posted February 6, 2014 11:30 pm 


Floyd will not fight opponent he cannot beat. Pacmans time has not come yet. Pacman needs to get beat up and soften up for Floyd.

Posted February 6, 2014 11:29 pm 


Weird how Pacquiao fights in Vegas and looks terrible every time, but when he fights in Texas or China he looks a million $ ?

Ever wondered why that is??

Posted February 6, 2014 11:26 pm 


Floyd already beat up everyone nobody is left. And Manny is desprate now that he is broke and whinny like a biioootch, I bet he wished he didnt turn down that 40 mil. I hope Floyd say F U and fights Kahn, Maidana then Shawn Porter or Thurman, For fill the 3 fights he got he and let Manny and Arum rot. Manny is not his own boss Arum is and Floyd cannot see ever dealing with him again, I cant blame him once a thief always a thief. Forget making some Jew bastard rich for what? Manny simply needs to ditch Arum it non negotiable nothing more to talk about until that happens then he can call Floyd scared because he did what was asked. Floyd is very smart he dont just fight anyone people were calling him scared all his life, Case in point Margerito everyone said Floyd was scared and this SOB had plaster or paris in his dam gloves the whole rip. Hell he almost killed Cotto, Floyd demanded Manny take random Blood tests he said no then yes but wanted to stipulate when the testing could be done? Who does that hell if you now when you going to be tested that defeats the purpose he walked away he said 40 million wanst enough Arum told him too since his loses all of a sudden he will do anything. Now since Floyd brought up the whole PED issues all kinds of fools are getting caught with they hands in the cookie jar. Look at Roy Jones and how fast he declined after the whole balco thing was exposed. Manny was never proven foul but the fool walked away from the biggest fight and payday of his life why what was he hiding and why have his skills declined so fast could be because he is fighting clean?

Posted February 6, 2014 11:21 pm 

Fraud May

NO to either one.

Posted February 6, 2014 11:19 pm 

Thurmal Underwear

the fight could have already happened. pac didn’t want that test for some strange reason. $40 milly wouldn’t make him take it. maybe it was the same reason ariza wouldn’t tell roach what he was feeding manny. haha. -$68 milly later and now they wanna fuss. before it was ‘we’ll see what my promoter, bob arum says’. not a peep about floyd before. haha. man amnesia is a mother f vck er.

Posted February 6, 2014 11:18 pm 


te tumbo I hear ya. We agree and disagree simultaneously, Good sparring my friend.

Posted February 6, 2014 10:39 pm 

Reality Check

Somebody should convince Floyd to just fight and everything will be alright. It will be on him if this fight with Pacquiao does not get made, and he will regret it for the rest of his cowardly life.

Posted February 6, 2014 10:24 pm 


The phones were open when Freddie Roach said:

“He does not react well to having blood taken. He’s weak for three days, afterwards. Some people pass out after blood being taken. Maybe it’s not physical, but it bothers him mentally. We can’t have that five days or three days out from the fight. I don’t want to send my fighter in there feeling weak mentally or physically, so we would not agree to that.”

Then Manny Pacquiao:

“As long as they’re not getting a large amount of blood, I am willing to give out blood as close to two weeks before the fight,”

Bob Arum:

“The fight won’t happen until we build a stadium in Las Vegas big enough to host a fight of this magnitude”

Then Franklin Gacal Jr:

“History is waiting and Bob should free Manny,” Gacal said. “That would be Bob’s greatest contribution to boxing history.”

The phone has NOT always been on 24/7 now has it?

However, Floyd has always been clear as he told Larry Merchant live, post-fight Shane Mosley in the ring:

“If Manny Pacquiao take the blood and urine test, we can make the fight happen for all the fans”

1:14:20 Youtube Full Fight!

Posted February 6, 2014 10:04 pm 

Reality Check

Ohh, wait a minute, Floyd declared in one of his rants that health is more important to him than all the money in the world. He even mentioned not having to walk all his life “limping and bent over”. WTF!!

Posted February 6, 2014 9:58 pm 

Reality Check

Pat: Forget about the years ago and focus on the HERE AND NOW. The way things are going, Floyd will not fight Manny even if he loses to Tim. Floyd is crazy to lose those millions of dollars due to his stupid fears.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:53 pm 


Reality Check: To be honest a couple years ago I don’t either fighter truly wanted the fight. Too risky, with most boxing fans rewarding boxers only for their previous performance — a loss for either fighter would have meant much reduced PPV revenue. Only now that Pacquiao seems to be losing his PPV appeal is Arum/Pac making more efforts to make the fight. And now Floyd is in the driver’s seat, and he’s trying to get payback from Arum for past sins (when he was Floyd’s promoter) and wants every concession (every dollar) he can get.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:46 pm 

Reality Check

It is as clear as day what the story of Floyd is about this Pacquiao business. If Money fights Manny, I believe Pretty boy will win………… but that is a big IF. Somebody has to drag him to the ring kicking and screaming.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:34 pm 


Reality Check: To be a “believer” all you have to do is watch what he does in the ring — FMJ is the most complete boxer I’ve seen in the ring, since I started watching boxing in the early 1970s.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:32 pm 


Floyd will bribe the Las Vegas judges just to make sure Bradley will get the decisions again. I bet Floyd paid the judges the 1st Pac/Bradley fight.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:30 pm 

Reality Check

I used to be a FMJ believer, until I realized that he is tugging my chain all this time…… shame on me.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:28 pm 

te tumbo

BELTS, fair enough. Btw, i’m not defending Mayweather only exposing the delusional hysteria that distinguishes supporters of Pacquiao*. also, I don’t believe for a second that Floyd wasn’t at one time drooling for a $hot at Pacquiao* who doesn’t enjoy a single advantage in any boxing category when compared to Mayweather. however, how the F’k does one deal in good-faith with the likes of Arum? a Jew who makes comparisons between Hitler and Mayweather just to drive home a promotional point? the man is utterly shameless and unscrupulous and Manny* is his willing accomplice. this matchup has become stale and Pacquiao’s* losses have put him in the same position he insisted Marquez was when he was desperately attempting to confirm rematches v. Pacquiao*: he’s simply no longer that marketable, which makes any haggling unacceptable to the still #1 P4P and Undefeated “Money” Mayweather. Pacquiao* either makes like Marquez and swallows his pride to confirm the matchup or he retires broke with unfinished business and a brutal KO loss defining his ring-legacy.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:28 pm 


Reality Check: FMJ is considered PfP #1 by damn near EVERY boxing analyst.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:26 pm 

Reality Check

Patrick, you are too dumb to realize that Floyd will not fight this “comatose” guy.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:25 pm 

Reality Check

Floyd Mayweather at this point is IRRELEVANT to the sport. He is a FACTUAL coward, and is a great shame that he is considered the P4P king by the Mayweatheritards. He is more fitting to be the P4P FRAUD.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:24 pm 


1. Pac vs Bradley 1 was a very close fight. 2. Bradley has a hell of a chin and willpower. 3. Bradley just out boxed Marquez, beating him convincingly — something Pac has never been able to do. 4. Bradley seems to be getting better. 5. Pac is now 35. 6. Pac just looked okay against the very hittable Rios. 7. it wasn’t that long ago that Pac was lying damn near comatose in the ring.

Posted February 6, 2014 9:15 pm 

Gonzo the Dragonborn aka The New Edgar Allen Poe (Thus Quoth the Vulture)

Homo alert!! I post a video of one of the most beautiful women to ever walk this earth and all you can take about is Floyd-Manny. ROFL.

Posted February 6, 2014 8:46 pm 

Timothy Bradley

“Man Pacqauio ain’t even gonna beat Bradley” Man, even I don’t believe that homme

Posted February 6, 2014 8:45 pm 


No Joseph Herron its cause most of these casual boxing’s fans only know Pacquaio and Mayweather. They’ve been burning this fight in the back of our brains to make us think this fight is still relevant.(when its not). Pacquaio was just ktfo and fought a mismatch in Rios now all of sudden he’s the next thing to greatness. .please

Posted February 6, 2014 8:42 pm 

Gonzo the Dragonborn aka The New Edgar Allen Poe (Thus Quoth the Vulture)

Posted February 6, 2014 8:39 pm 

Boxing Machine

Man Pacqauio ain’t even gonna beat Bradley. What are we talking about here? “PRACTICE!?!?” Allen Iverson voice lol

Posted February 6, 2014 8:37 pm 

Floyd Money Mayweather

I’ll never call you Pacquiao. I don’t want the fight. Too dangerous.

Posted February 6, 2014 8:09 pm 

Gonzo the Dragonborn aka The New Edgar Allen Poe (Thus Quoth the Vulture)

This whole Pac-Floyd saga was beyond mind-numbingly tedious and boring 5 years ago. Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on.. whether you think Floyd has been ducking Manny for years like he thought he had leprosy, malaria, ebola, and the bubonic plague all at the same time, or you’re a completely delusional dog-brained vegetable who still believes in fairy tales and monsters, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: That a prime Manny would’ve smashed the living s-h-!-t out of any version of Floyd for the first quarter of the fight and then knocked him the f-c-u-k out in glorious highlight reel fashion sometime before the halfway mark. /thread

Posted February 6, 2014 8:02 pm 


in general its may who needs pac not pac who needs may unless pac is looking for larger earnings and is interested. when we look back at classic fights where gonna be watching pac no doubt. cant really see espn re playing mayweathers foregone conclusions and mismatches. be replaying bouts like pac vs morales barrera and bradley

Posted February 6, 2014 7:56 pm 


ugh…Hec Dog you’re not helping….lol

Posted February 6, 2014 7:55 pm 

Thurmal Underwear

haha Manny either calls out Floyd:

a.) To hype up his upcoming fight (not with Floyd)
b.) Before he has an opponent and then the following week, names that opponent (and it’s obviously never Floyd)

haha ‘the lines are open 24hrs a day’; what does that matter when he’s already fighting Bradley? Like what’s the point of saying that besides to promote the fight? what a joke.

He passed the phone to his man when Floyd called him up. He didn’t wanna take a drug test. He was scared of needles. This is all fact.

Manny Pacquiao = smoke and mirrors

Posted February 6, 2014 7:51 pm 

The Prince

Bob Arum calling Mayweather Adolf Hitler just proved why Floyd doesn’t want to work with him. He’s trash talk actually justified Mayweather’s stance. And it’s funny considering how crooked a promoter Bob Arum is.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:49 pm 


I just want to see the fight. I belong to neither fan base exclusively. Ponder this: What sense does it make to defend or side with ANYONE (for ANY REASON) who prevents a fight WE fans really want to see? I mean are you guys real fans of boxing or not? It is not in YOUR interest to side with these people be it Mayweather’s team or Paquaio’s. Stand up for the sport you love and demand the best fights be made! We are the bosses. We pay the money they earn. Neither side pays me to defend their legacy that’s their job….and I pay them. Let’s stop picking sides to debate and demand they get it done. Hey a fan can dream can’t he? Later dudes.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:45 pm 


When cotto split from tp he got the figgt w floyd. When jmm split tp he got a fight w floyd. Why doesnr pac just briefly split from tp? It worked for cotto n jmm. If floyd finds another excuse after pac splits tp ill be the 1st to call him a coward! Until then pac should call may’s bluff and briefly split from arum. That would prove if pac really wants the fight! And it will prove if floyd is really a coward!

Posted February 6, 2014 7:45 pm 


You mean Arum is the current reason! Funny he wasn’t the reason before!.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:26 pm 


I also agree with Peej. If Pac loses to Bradley this discussion can thankfully, mercifully die (again). But if he wins…well then the pressure will really be on.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:23 pm 


…and if TARK were here and said that (about Ali and Robinson) I would dismiss him as foolish.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:20 pm 


I agree Sugar Ray and Hearns were both criticized for ducking Hagler…but notice BOTH fought him didn’t they. A better argument could’ve been made with Sugar Ray avoiding Aaron Pryor. Look I understand “ducking” accusations have always been part of boxing but as I pointed out, eventually the matches were made because the public demanded it and NO ONE defended the duckers. With regard to the “I thought we were talking boxing not law” we were actually talking about a legal point within the discussion about boxing but if that’s too much for you i digress because I will admit *(again) it was a bone-headed move by Pac. Lastly don’t lump me in with Manny lovers or nut huggers or whatever. I love Floyd as a fighter. I have stated many times I think he can beat Manny but this is precisely why I find it so frustrating he won’t make the fight. Defending him at this point is ridiculous.

Posted February 6, 2014 7:19 pm 

te tumbo

“When I was kid in the seventies and eighties it would be unthinkable to defend fighters who avoided their rivals (mostly because fighters didn’t do that). It just didn’t happen” Not True. Leonard and Hearns were consistently called-out for avoiding a prime Hagler. i also resented Holmes’ careful matchmaking even though i still consider him to be an ATG fighter. Jones Jr. was another finicky champion who carefully matched-up v. inferior opponents. Hell(?!), if Tark were here, he’d insist that Robinson and Ali were notorious duckers as well(?!), even though i don’t agree. anyway, accusations of “ducking”, being “carefully matched”, and “protected” have been a part of boxing since my grandfather was a kid. boxing has never enjoyed a pristine or blemish-free history. in fact, it continues to alternately survive and thrive in spite of it.

Posted February 6, 2014 6:59 pm 

te tumbo

BELTS, first of all we’re talking boxing not the law. i didn’t ask whether Pacquiao’s* had the right to file a lawsuit against the Mayweathers but rather, WHY? the one unacceptable response is that Pacquiao* was trying to salvage negotiations to confirm their matchup. you also neglected to explain Pacquiao’s* deal-breaking rejection of harmless and MUTUALLY-Applied testing(?). in fact, which one of Manny’s* excuses do YOU accept as legit? his health? religion? culture? also, they had already agreed to the purse-split so whatever the bout would ultimately generate is irrelevant. Btw, the lesser opponent doesn’t haggle over purse-split with the #1 P4P fighter in the sport. conversly, even the undefeated Mayweather conceded negotiating parity to confirm his bout v. DLH. in fact, not even Pacquiao’s* most devoted worshipper dares encourage Manny* to do the same to confirm a first bout v. Floyd and make up any financial loss by turning the negotiating tables on Mayweather in a certain rematch. obviously not even Pacquiao’s* fanboys are confident that Manny’s* performance will merit a rematch. it won’t. it’s been a lopsided anti-climactic mismatch in Floyd’s favor all along.

Posted February 6, 2014 6:46 pm 

te tumbo

really frustrating sometimes trying to submit a post on here . . . ESB is giving you Pac-Hacks a merciful pass.

Posted February 6, 2014 6:36 pm 


floyds fighting garbage and asking to vote on garbage while pa is fighting one of the best opponents floyd or pac could possibly face in tim bradley. pac has taken the risks and earned fighter of the decade while floyd simply has not and continues to fight literal forgone conclusions. floyds fights are such foregone conclusions with such low risk that its closer to wwf wrestling entertainment than a boxing fight. pure garbage and im not interested. lookin forward to pac bradley though :)

Posted February 6, 2014 6:04 pm 


Why is Floyd so scared of securing his legacy with an easy pot shot win over Pacquiao? He needs to fight Pacquiao to finally shut up either: 1) the doubters and antagonists with a win or 2) the nut huggers with their blind idol worship, with a loss.

The money would be astronomical. The reward to the reputation would be undisputed.

It doesn’t make sense not to have this fight. What is he waiting for?

Posted February 6, 2014 5:55 pm 


Again…logic fail. Okay so according to you CurlyQ; Manny’s charity pitch was public begging for the fight because he needs to pay taxes. So explain the part to me about how offering to fight for FREE would help him do that?

Posted February 6, 2014 5:51 pm 


Hmm. another perspective.

Golden Boy Boss Fears Prospect of Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Superfight

December 16th, 2013

By Ivan G. Goldman

Golden Boy boss Richard Schaefer has apparently concluded that a superfight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather could be catastrophic to his promotional company and is desperately seeking alternatives.

So while most of the boxing world yearns to see this sure-fire welterweight extravaganza, Schaefer plots to prevent it. Every time someone tries to fire up the possibility, he runs over to douse it with a fire hose. The reason is simple. Pacquiao is contractually tied to Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions and Floyd is officially promoted by his own promotional company. Therefore, Pacquiao-Mayweather requires the participation of Top Rank but, there’s no need for Golden Boy.

Schaefer could end up watching the fight on TV, with no role in the most anticipated match in decades and what would surely be the biggest money fight every fought. But Schaefer, even as he erects new walls, must deal with breaching attempts from within his own company.

Last Saturday, Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy, the man who saved Schaefer from his torpid life as a banker, tweeted Arum: “Mr. Arum on behalf of my family and I, we wish you happy holidays and a great year. Let’s make these fights for the fans.” Oscar, who will be inducted this summer into the International Boxing Hall of Fame for his manifest accomplishments in the ring, didn’t specify which fights he was talking about, but he’s as aware as anyone of the biggest potential match out there. A Top Rank-Golden Boy co-promotion remains a slim possibility, but not if Schaefer keeps hurling insults at Pacquiao and Arum.

When reporters asked Schaefer about Oscar’s tweet at the Marcos Maidana-Adrien Broner card in San Antonio, he wouldn’t even concede the tweet was genuine. De La Hoya, recently released from 90 days in substance abuse rehab, wasn’t on the scene to be queried. When the topic is sharp-tongued Arum, Oscar is more clearheaded than Schaefer is. Arum, De La Hoya’s former promoter, was once a father figure to him. Oscar even gave him his Olympic gold medal.

“I have no interest whatsoever to work with Bob Arum,” Schaefer said. “We don’t need Bob Arum. He has nothing left, and you know, we just don’t need to deal with the guy. I have absolutely no interest in that.” He declared that Pacquiao isn’t even a potential opponent. “I’m not going to talk about that because it’s not going to happen.”

It’s instructive that once more reporters accepted Schaefer’s right to speak for Mayweather even though Golden Boy is hired by Mayweather to fill promotional tasks on a case-by-case basis only. Schaefer has no more right to speak for Floyd than the guy who polishes his cars.

Posted February 6, 2014 5:49 pm 


Stating that he’d fight Floyd with the purse going to charity was Manny’s way of publicly begging for the Mayweather fight. Manny did it, and nobody else. It is shameful that it has come to his begging, but as Manny owes the taxman, the pressure is on, and the Floyd fight is Manny’s best solution.

Posted February 6, 2014 5:45 pm 

Ray Ray

Hidalgo-u make a good point there….If Arum wasn’t a crook GBP might not exist. Still both have 2 kiss and make up, idiots r costing themselves $$$$$ and in the process bending over the fans and penetrating hard….Honestly I think this fight is 2 late. Manny @jr welter and a small 1 @ that, Floyds @ jr middle and probs will fight @ middle b4 his done….both guys have screwed the public and the sport that has given them fame and riches. Mr Herron ur articles r 1 of the better on ESB can’t u write about how both sides r selfish and we should all move on 2 the new talent?

Posted February 6, 2014 5:34 pm 


“i.e., pre-fight trash-talking” …uh no you can’t file a lawsuit in court for “trash talking” it was slander which is a crime. TT your response made zero sense. Not too mention this 25 – 50 million dollar payday that was refused was so because the fight (at that time) was worth more. Floyd knew it, you knew it and so everyone else who follows the sport. It’s a form of pricing yourself out. I swear I have never seen boxing “fans” defend a fighter who won’t fight! IT’S UNHEARD OF!!! That’s not in your interest as a fan. When I was kid in the seventies and eighties it would be unthinkable to defend fighters who avoided their rivals (mostly because fighters didn’t do that). It just didn’t happen. Why don’t Floyd fans understand this concept???

Posted February 6, 2014 5:33 pm 


Many in boxing “pretend” to have their own promotional company BUT its mostly a promotional facade almost on par to Floyd’s music and WWF promotions. Moreover, most of the few unknowns he claimed to promote were recently busted for steroids.

Posted February 6, 2014 5:31 pm 

Ray Ray

I voted none of the above 4 Manny vs Rios, just as I do 4 Floyd v Khan. A Madiana fight is exceptable. Both Parties are 2 blame 4 manny Floyd not happening….Dangerous game this 1 manny is playing. Worry about Floyd after April 12, ur fighting Tim Bradley. I’m over both these d!/kheads, can’t wait til both r gone and we can read/talk about the young up and coming talent this crap between Toprank and GBP is like Days of our lives it’s pathetic….

Posted February 6, 2014 5:25 pm 


Floyd needs to leave his own promotion company and GBP and sign with Top rank

Posted February 6, 2014 5:22 pm 


“Floyd bought out his own contract w/ Bob Arum for $750,000; DelaHoya sued to get out of his contract w/ Bob Arum. What does this tell everyone? Nothing because nobody will listen.”

Floyd and Oscar wanted to control their own destiny. They did not want somebody else making their decisions for them. They both now have their own promotional companies. Manny is happy with Arum. Why is that a problem for some people? Bradley is happy with Arum. Marquez is happy with Arum. Provodnikov is happy with Arum.

Most people work for other people. Relatively few, when compared to the whole, are self-employed. It’s a matter of choice. But no one can deny that Bob Arum made Mayweather a multimillionaire, just as he has Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, and Juan Manuel Marquez.

BTW, did you know that when Mayweather was still with Arum, Arum offered Floyd $8 million to fight Margarito. Floyd didn’t take the offer, broke with Arum and in his very next fight he fought Carlos Baldomir for $8,000,001.00. One dollar more than what Arum offered him to fight Margarito.

Arum has helped Pacquiao to become incredibly wealthy. He has made Manny Pacquiao a household name. He has helped to makee Pacquiao a world-wide hero. He has played a large part in making Manny Pacquiao into one of the most famous people in the world. And you want Manny to leave Bob Arum? For one fight?


Posted February 6, 2014 5:17 pm 


Plus Manny already agreed to fight for charity that paid promoter zilch, but team Floyd obviously insists that his promoter sitting in drug rehab can have absolute power, corrupt absolutely, and have every bully’s dream advantage.

Posted February 6, 2014 5:16 pm 



Posted February 6, 2014 5:14 pm 

te tumbo

“Golden boy’s organized slander campaign” and how would you describe Arum’s latest comparison between Mayweather and Hitler?

Posted February 6, 2014 5:13 pm 


Clouded is right. Golden Boy sued Manny first various times.

Plus, to compare Golden boy’s organized slander campaign, which even involved USADA’s Travis Tygart shows how sick these activists really are

Posted February 6, 2014 5:10 pm 


I also find it odd that a man whose nick name is “money” wants nothing to do with a fight that most everyone agrees will make more “money” than any other fight in the hundred plus year history of boxing. Floyd claims it’s all business. He has said many times he’s in it for the money. He’s a “prize fighter” he told HBO. Does that make any sense to anyone here?

Posted February 6, 2014 5:04 pm 


The lawsuit was filed because they publicly accused him of something (without any proof whatsoever) that could’ve hurt his professional income. That’s known as slander not trash talking. I agree the lawsuit was idiotic but don’t skew the facts.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:56 pm 


te tumbo, your hatred towards Pacman clouds your mind.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:51 pm 


ESB needs more quality articles like this one based on events rather than some fan expressing his opinion which, 9 times out of 10 ain’t interesting. Keep it up!

Posted February 6, 2014 4:50 pm 


Lol…Te Tumbo I think you’re wrong on every point but I can’t be sure because we both know that phone ain’t gonna ring.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:50 pm 

te tumbo

“I can’t believe that the die hard fans of Floyd Mayweather feel that asking a fighter to leave his existing promoter is a reasonable request”? HERRON, who knows what Team Punkuiao* will insist is reasonable and reject as unreasonable? there is still no credible explanation for why Pacquiao* rejected MUTUALLY-Applied testing and the opportunity to face his primary P4P rival and collect a $25-$50 million payday in the first place. filing a lawsuit over trash-talking was hardly an attempt at reconciling their differences either. it was a clear-cut message of “This cash-cow is protected by Top Rank Promotions”. absolutely nothing that has transpired afterwards compares to that inexplicable incident that NObody dares question. more of the “go along to get along” attitude among too many presumed “experts” and boxing “writers”.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:49 pm 


Now Just imagine if Manny made the same excuse–that Floyd must first leave Golden Boy.

Oh my gosh, Hitleresque mobs might be wailing in the streets

Posted February 6, 2014 4:47 pm 

te tumbo

as Manny clearly stated, his line is open 24/7. at which point, he will proceed to sabotage negotiations by insisting on location, weight-limit, weight-clauses, glove size, ring size, and purse-splits, all favoring him. only the most gullible and ignorant fanboy would continue being duped by Team Pacquiao’s* deceptive promotional antics and publicity stunts.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:43 pm 


“it is less extreme for Manny to leave Arum than it is to publicly beg Floyd for the fight.” Wow really?? You think that publicly expressing interest in fighting an opponent to appease public demand is more extreme than severing ties with the promoter who has been managing his affairs the entire time he’s been a success? Not to mention the legal hoops he’d have to jump through to nullify his contract, etc. What kind of logic is that? Sorry man you’re entitled to your opinion but that’s just nonsense.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:39 pm 

Joseph Herron

Curly Sue, the only party who has been begging for a Manny/Floyd showdown throughout this entire soap opera have been the millions of fans worldwide.

For that, everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for not making this fight a reality years ago.

It seems to me that ardent Floyd supporters are the only group who continuously look to cast blame rather than join in on the universal demand for this fight to finally take place.

Why is that?

Posted February 6, 2014 4:25 pm 


Manny has made it crystal clear that he wants to fight Floyd – to the point of begging, yet it is foolish to suggest that Manny leave Arum? I say it is less extreme for Manny to leave Arum than it is to publicly beg Floyd for the fight. Obviously with his tax troubles, Manny must have the payday that only the Floyd fight can generate, and if leaving Arum is the condition that Floyd sets for the fight to be made, then Manny at a minimum is foolish to stick with Arum. Remember, Manny needs Floyd, and so far, arum has not been able to get this fight for Manny.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:12 pm 

Liver Shot

Promoters are a thing of the past and is what is wrong with boxing. All these organizations have company champions. Real boxing fans know who the real champions are. those other guys are just carrying tin in the ring. If we had one champion and they were obligated to give title shots to the #1 ranked contender and so on. In this case Pacquiao would still have to climb the ranks to get a shot at Mayweather. Kahn would have to climb the ranks as well, he’s had nothing fights since he was KOed by Garcia. Truth be told the ones that should be on the short list is Maidana, Alexander, Bradley or Povetkin. It’ doesn’t matter because Mayweather would outclass all these fighters on his way to retirement and the hall of fame.

Posted February 6, 2014 4:00 pm 

Fight Aficionado

BTW I watched Olberman for the first time since his debut show last night by mistake, not knowing Pac was on. His opening monologue about all the dogs getting killed in Osaka, Russia in the lead up to the Olympics was disgusting. There’s a lot of disturbing things happening in Russia, which acts like a third world dump.

Posted February 6, 2014 3:57 pm 


Bradley will render all this talk nil…

Posted February 6, 2014 3:57 pm 


rumour has it tomorrow might be a whole day without hearing about these two prima donnas.

Posted February 6, 2014 3:56 pm 

Fight Aficionado

Obv Pac wants it. Obv Floyd doesn’t. If it doesn’t happen the fact Floyd ducked Pac all these years would become one of the first talking points when discussing his legacy. That’s a shame.

Posted February 6, 2014 3:55 pm 

Mr gav

I think PAC man is a very winnable fight for Floyd plus the money he can make, and not forgetting pleasing the fans and shutting up some critics. So I can’t understand why he won’t fight him? I can see Floyd fighting khan in May but September May leave some hope for the PAC v mayweather fight everyone wants, but I’m guessing Floyd will fight maidina if he beats broner again. But with regards to the article and Floyd’s question I will also have to say none of the above

Posted February 6, 2014 3:38 pm 


Another great intelligent youtube video by HatmanStrikesBack … FLOYD MAYWEATHER IS A SELLOUT!!!

Wanna know what Floyd is really like? Go to youtube and watch HatmanStrikesBack’s video FLOYD MAYWEATHER IS A SELLOUT!!!

You might learn something about your hero Floyd!

Posted February 6, 2014 3:25 pm 


oh no.

Posted February 6, 2014 3:10 pm 


The bottom line is you have one fighter publicly stating he wants the fight in virtually every interview he gives. The other fighter has done no such thing. He delivers excuses, edicts and conditions of every sort without ever even addressing the man who is calling him out over and over. He asks his fans with a straight face who they want him to fight but gives only two choices he has already pre-approved and neither is named Manny. Seems to me there’s a pretty easy conclusion that can be drawn from that scenario. I will say it again, the worst thing is the fact that Floyd is truly one of the best fighters in history in my opinion but he’s painted himself in a corner. His fans can say he doesn’t need Manny all they want but we ALL know that isn’t true. If Floyd retires without taking this fight it will follow his legacy until the end of time which is a shame because I think he’d win anyway.

Posted February 6, 2014 2:50 pm 

The oracle of Delphi

Bob Arum is an excuse for Matweather and unheard off. He will not fight Arum in the ring. The truth is also that even if Pac separates himself for Arum, Mayweather will find another reason to jerk him around…Mayweather is a jerk..

Posted February 6, 2014 2:38 pm 


Just goes on and on doesnt it. But there is only one reason and one reason only why the fight will never Happen…..and that reason starts with F ends with D and has LOY in the middle, and it should be replaced with the letters C O W A R D

Posted February 6, 2014 2:27 pm 

Joseph Herron

I can’t believe that the die hard fans of Floyd Mayweather feel that asking a fighter to leave his existing promoter is a reasonable request…LOL

What’s next? Convert religious beliefs? LOL

Posted February 6, 2014 2:20 pm 

Thurmal Underwear

Floyd bought out his own contract w/ Bob Arum for $750,000; DelaHoya sued to get out of his contract w/ Bob Arum. What does this tell everyone? Nothing because nobody will listen.

Posted February 6, 2014 2:19 pm 

Thurmal Underwear


Regardless of whether it it true or not, I have no trouble believing that Floyd won’t fight Manny in great part because of Manny’s association with Bob Arum. Why won’t Manny disassociate himself from Arum (if he so badly want and needs to fight Floyd)?
Posted February 6, 2014 1:54 pm

^A question no Manny fan can or will answer. Floyd already called that fool years ago. He passed the phone to his man.

Posted February 6, 2014 2:15 pm 


If Manny split with Arum Floyd would further delay the fight with more hurdles, thats for sure.Not till he see s much more of a decline in Manny will he go anywhere near a ring with the filipino in it

Posted February 6, 2014 2:12 pm 

Joseph Herron

Because that’s what drives traffic, Rapid Fire.

If you don’t approve of the content, then don’t click and comment. It follows the same hypothetical that I’m outlining for the fight fans…if you don’t like the match-ups that the promoters and fighters are putting forth, then don’t watch…demand the fights that the fight fans really want to see.

Posted February 6, 2014 2:05 pm 


Mayweather..Mayweather..Mayweather..Pacquaio..Pacquaio..Pacquaio..SHUT UP ALREADY! All these media outlets talk about the samething everyday

Posted February 6, 2014 2:02 pm 



Posted February 6, 2014 1:54 pm 


Regardless of whether it it true or not, I have no trouble believing that Floyd won’t fight Manny in great part because of Manny’s association with Bob Arum. Why won’t Manny disassociate himself from Arum (if he so badly want and needs to fight Floyd)?

Posted February 6, 2014 1:54 pm 

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