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Why people hate

Listen Mr. Caveman and Mr. Deepwater152 you have so much to say about a kid that donates ALL his time to that gym! That kid Alex is one of the hardest working people I know and does it all for FREE and to have a coward like you come and talk crap is very ignorant and to top it all off you don’t even identify your self. It’s really sad when people like you bring down the people who actually make a difference in life for the young kids. You guys must have nothing better to do. Besides if it wasn’t for Alex’s boxers fighting out of that gym there would be know gym. I don’t even know why Alex stepped down to your level and wrote back. You must be someone very close to the gym but have no guts to say who you are. Well have a good day and enjoy putting people down!

Posted November 20, 2013 10:15 pm 


really alex i didnt know that,neither did mayor joe

Posted November 20, 2013 3:25 pm 


that means us taxpayers own that gym so you better keep it clean and dont watse our funds

Posted November 20, 2013 8:42 am 


I do own the gym and I run it whit the city of Somerville

Posted November 20, 2013 12:02 am 


alex rivera dont own that gym.thats a blatant lie ! good luck rashidi

Posted November 19, 2013 11:55 pm 

Brazilian Boxing Fan

I wish him well.

Posted November 19, 2013 3:29 pm 

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Rashidi Ellis: An Up and Coming Prospect

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