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Old Coot

I understand Freddie is trying to motivate Pacman, But this total BS!… Pacquiao is FAR from washed up!…

He got robbed against Bradley… Plain and SIMPLE!!!

And as for the lost to Marquez , even after the half-ass off-balance knock-down of Pacman by him in round 3, Pacquiao was STILL beating Marquez pretty soundly on all the judges cards, to include in the KO round, round 6, when his fast footwork ran him fast forward, face to fist into a perfect, fluke of a straight right hand, thrown by a bulked up, frustrated Marquez… That is all!

Hell, if you look at the replay of the scene, immediately following Marquez’, literally, LAST-second KO, then you will clearly see Marquez’ frozen reaction to the KO, where even HE himself, stood there over Pacman, with a gaping pie hole, seemingly in shock, because Marquez was as surprised as the rest of us, at his very unlikely accomplishment.

Posted August 4, 2013 2:13 am 


It’s ove when Manny Pacquiao says it’s over.

Roach is just a tranier, and can be replaced easily, at any time.

Posted July 19, 2013 12:09 pm 


“Floyd’s distinct advantage was in SKILLS not weight.” I asked you a question, imbecile. Answer it.

Posted July 18, 2013 6:33 pm 


All the fights where close except for the 3rd one. I had Pac winning the first 2 and Marquez easily won the last 2.

Posted July 17, 2013 7:59 pm 


Im still waiting for the Legend Marquez to avenge his one sided Man Vs. Boy schooling at the hands of the same man who will school Canelo…

Posted July 17, 2013 5:23 pm 


Just because you test negative doesnt mean he didnt beat the system? Isnt that what all the Pac haters say “he was on PED’s?” He was tested as well

Posted July 17, 2013 5:14 pm 


PEDS? Marquez post- fight results came back negative for any ” PEDS”. Next excuse…..

Posted July 17, 2013 5:08 pm 


Dexter- shouda wouda couda…… replay the 4th fight. Lights out. End of story. Marquez wins clearly. The last 3 HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL. 4 fight finally answered any doubts…

Posted July 17, 2013 5:05 pm 


I dont know if its just me? Or the Marquez fans delusional? Marquez fans, mostly Mexicans, swear by Marquez beating Pacaman in all the 3 of thier first fights, as if those fights weren’t even close… All 3 1st fights were all close, so to act as if Marquez beat his as in all the 1st 3 fights is insane… They were great give and take matches. As for the 4th fight, both fighted showed amazing heart but Marquez fans act like Marquez knock him out easily… This is comical… I wasnt sure if Marquez was going to make it out of the 5th rd and the punch he landed on Pacquiao was a perfectly timed/ but also half desperation punch as Pacquiao was stormimg in again… I think Marquez landed probably the most significant punch in Mexican boxing history, but lets not go overboard and act as if he didnt take his share of an ass whoopiing from Pacman in those 4 fights… To say Marquez owns him is insane… I would say he got him in the last bout… He would have to knock him out again to truly show he wasnt on PED’S that night…Nuff said….

Posted July 17, 2013 4:48 pm 


Is this the same Pac that cheated on his wife and has 1 or 2 children with those women he cheated with?

Posted July 17, 2013 2:42 pm 


Te Tumbo my friend. You must give Manny Pacquiao more credit. This a a clean humble and caring man that has accomplished something incredible in his life. His music and acting is outstanding to his millions of fans. His humanitarian efforts are things that come from the heart. He helps his country, and no matter who attacks him or criticizes him, he continues to move forward in efforts to make a better life for people that are less fortunate. Congressman Pacquiao fights his battles inside the ring and in the political arena. He wins against all odds even though he deals with the corruption of politics and the corruption of boxing cheaters (Juan Manuel Marquez, Nacho Berenstein Angel Hereida). Manny Pacquiao keeps his head high, and continues his quest to help people. Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter in the history of boxing, but he’s an even greater human being.

Posted July 17, 2013 12:48 pm 


Haimat…., “I’m sure all top fighters take some illegal drugs that they are sure to get away with and won’t be detected.”

That’s a smear against every good boxer in the world… I’m positive most top boxers wouldn’t take PEDs—even if they knew absolutely they could get away with it… For the simple reason that most folks aren’t cheaters.

In the 1970s I’m sure most top athletes used PEDs… The health hazards weren’t well known. Steroids and other PEDs were legal… But even then many refused to use PEDs because they believed they could do better through natural nutrition, proper rest, and diligent training. The way I saw it, nothing is free … for every shortcut you take there’s a consequence.

If we had to rely on criminal, civil, and other penalties to keep the majority of athletes or other professionals honest—we would have one screwed up world.

Posted July 17, 2013 12:20 pm 


Pac won’t be the favorite against any of the top welters at this stage of his career. He’s a true ATG and should retire with dignity after this Rios fight. He was the best p4p fighter in the world hands down for a short period when he beat Oscar until the Clottey fight, around there. Even Floyd acknowledged this fact and avoided him like the plague.

It’ll be interesting to see how fit and explosive Pacman is in Macau. He’s looked terrible in his last couple of fights in comparison to the old days. I only wish he has the guts to retire.

Posted July 17, 2013 4:53 am 


Pacroid vs. dynamitaroid! In Mexico!

Posted July 17, 2013 3:57 am 


Once Marquez came in as a TRUE welterweight and not as the typical Lightweight it was LIGHTS OFF for Manny…If Rios comes in as a 140 pounds frame against Manny its LIGHTS OFF to RIOS.

Posted July 17, 2013 2:16 am 

te tumbo

Btw HECDOG, your taste in music and acting is simply abysmal. even DLH earned a grammy for his workmanlike renditions of rancheras. where’s Manny’s* grammy? Tyson’s “acting” in the Hangover is more memorable than anything Manny* will ever do in front of a movie camera. nice touch touting Manny’s* endorsement deal with the makers of firewater and supporters of sweatshops with poor kids just like Manny* was working for wages as low as $1.00 a day. the cynical irony is thick: Manny* declares his Christian piety but promotes whiskey(>). he professes a sincere concern for the poor but accepts money from sweatshop operators. makes a decent person want to vomit. the myth of St. Pacquiao* was always a joke. now, it’s just pathetic.

Posted July 17, 2013 1:40 am 


Hecdog Pac turned down more money than he ever made when he said no to Floyd. So that excuse really can’t be used

Posted July 17, 2013 1:37 am 

te tumbo

HECDOG, Pacquiao* is no longer in any position to make offers to Marquez. he either fights Marquez in Mexico for the purse-split that Marquez demands or the final and lasting image of their rivalry will be Pacquiao* lying butts-up and face-down in the ring canvas while Marquez lumbers to the opposite corner to raise his fists in victory. Marquez ReeeallY wanted to fight Pacquiao* all four times and made all of the concessions and necessary sacrifices to make those bouts happen. does Pacquiao* ReeeallY want to ever face Marquez in a boxing ring again? few who witnessed the “desired result” of their last bout would blame him if he didn’t, which he obviously doesN’T. or else he would stop trying to pretend that this is all about money. because Marquez has already demonstrated that it’s about executing a win that “answers all the questions and removes all doubt”, which results in Marquez being declared the greater of the two. Viva Marquez!

Posted July 17, 2013 1:17 am 


Marquez already beat the LOSER of Pacquiao vs. Bradley . Now he wants to face the WINNER.

Posted July 17, 2013 12:47 am 


Which is why Marquez turned down a 5th Fight with Pacquiao. Pacquiao has the NAME but Tim Bradley has the TITLE. Marquez already accomplished knocking out Pacquiao. Now he wants to be WW CHAMP….and I APPLAUD him on that.

Posted July 17, 2013 12:44 am 


Te Tumbo my friend, as I last recall, Juan Manuel Marquez was offered more money than he had ever earned previously to fight the legendary Maanny Pacquiao a 5th time. Guess what he answered publicly? NO! He said I don’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao again. Forget about his reasoning, he is plain scared to lose, which he will. Manny is a legend that puts fear in everyone he fights. Marquez knows what’s good for him, and that’s to stay away from Manny Pacquiao. Fans do give Marquez credit for his PED PUNCH. Marquez, Nacho and Angel all cheaters. Manny is and has always been clean. Manny the greatest fighter in boxing history. * division titles. How many does Marquez have? Case closed.

Posted July 17, 2013 12:20 am 

te tumbo

the secret to Marquez’s increasing success v. Pacquiao* is that — despite all the pre-fight trash-talk from Team Pacquiao* or the gushing praise of fanboys and so-called “experts” alike — he could always rely on the same predictable, single-fisted, one-dimensional, Pacquiao* to appear for him to time and draw the most accurate bead on. you imagine Marquez leaving the crosshairs preCisely where he left them at the final bell and continuing to fine-tune it the entire Four (4) F’n Years that Punkuiao* made him wait between bouts. Marquez completely sold-out on the muscle program because he was 100% confident of the Pacquiao* he was preparing to KO, which was no boast. it was as premeditated a KO as any in Boxing history. Marquez publicly declared his fight-plan before the fight and he executed with expert ferocity. i don’t think that Team Pacquiao* will underestimate and cherrypick Marquez ever again.

Posted July 16, 2013 11:55 pm 


Now hold up Tark. I’m not sure if Pac said it but you always say how Canelo beat Trout and Trout said it in the post fight interview. And even though I’ve said he was being gracious in defeat he had said in interviews that he felt he won. You can’t pick and choose who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Posted July 16, 2013 10:46 pm 


Hecdog….. You can’t believe anything Marquez says about it.. He smashed Pacquiao out cold for 5 minutes.. He got his ass humiliated by Floyd..

Naturally he’s going to praise the guy he beat to make himself look better.

In reality, Floyd will be an overwhelming favorite when he meets and beats the much younger, slower, and less skilled Pacquiao.

Posted July 16, 2013 10:27 pm 


Killa in the first negotations Arum dictated the terms and all Floyd wanted was random testing. So he was only asking for one thing and they declined. After that Floyd reclaimed his position and started bringing in more money. From there Floyd got to dictate the fight. And Pac did cherry pick. If you think Floyd cherry picked then Pac definitely cherry picked.

Posted July 16, 2013 9:51 pm 


Pac Man boxing career could have been extended for a long period if he cherry pick like Floyd. Paquiao resume has more KOs than FMJ plus his fights have always live to the hype. He had to fight JMM four times cause Lil Floyd wanted to promote and fight. I hate Bob Arum but he made the right decision in not letting Floyd Madonna dictate any terms. At the end of the day, the boxing Gods will judge FMJ and Paquiao HOF status, and $$ or a zero in your record does not make you the Greatest..Ali lost fights but he is the best of the best. Joe Calzage has no defeats but he is not even mention as a good fighter.

Posted July 16, 2013 9:43 pm 


Hecdog- Floyd will ALWAYS BEAT Paquioa. Ive always stood by my prediction since the first days, years ago when talks about that fight being made were being rumored. End of story.

Posted July 16, 2013 9:36 pm 

Exiled Yank

I agree with Roach

Posted July 16, 2013 9:23 pm 


In every one of the fights Marquez was tagging Pac. Now I thought Pac won the first 2 and clearly lost the last 2. But in every fight Marquez was tagging Pac

Posted July 16, 2013 8:00 pm 


Floyd’s distinct advantage was in SKILLS not weight. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA! ! Are you kidding me??Pacquiao had the EXACT same weight advantage over Marquez in their 4th Fight but he got knocked out.. How fitting. …it showed that SKILLS and Boxing IQ give you more of an advantage than WEIGHT.

Posted July 16, 2013 7:56 pm 


Hecdog my friend WHY did you leave out the part where he SAID that Floyd would BEAT Manny??? Having more speed and hitting harder is LESSER than WINNING.

Posted July 16, 2013 7:47 pm 


“My Goodness… Couldn’t hit Floyd at all — but laid a ton of gloves on Pacquiao.

I say that’s interesting… What do YOU make of that???

Could it be Floyd is a better boxer??? … Think hard about this.”

I can make a lot of it: Marquez had the experience of four fights with Manny Pacquiao. If Marquez had the opportunity to fight Floyd four times do you think he would improve with each successive bout? Just as he did against Manny Pacquiao? I’m not saying he’d beat Floyd, but I’m not saying he wouldn’t either.

Marquez was also in starkly and remarkably different physical condition for his fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao than he was in his only fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., or in any other fight with Pac, for that matter. And, Marquez was not only fighting for the first time ever as a welterweight when he fought Mayweather, but he actually moved up two weight divisions to fight him.

Additionally, it was clear to my eyes that Marquez or his trainer (Beristain) did not study his opponent (Mayweather ) and train for him as well as they should have. In fact, after seeing Marquez’s embarrassing performance against Floyd, I was convinced that he did not take Floyd as serious as he should have. He chased Floyd around the ring all the while swinging wildly like a fool amateur. When has Marquez ever done that before, or since, in his career? Marquez’s terrible performance was affected more by making the largest purse of his career–plus that nice little $600K bonus for Mayweather not making weight–than it was by preparing properly for a fight with Floyd.

But now, since Marquez suffered the most embarrassing, humiliating defeat of his career, he likely does not even want to think about losing in that manner again, so he won’t even attempt to fight Floyd a second time–although I really think he should, and we may yet see that before Floyd completes his six-fight deal with ShowTime.

But by all means, give credit where credit is due. Mayweather not only intentionally cheated on his weight for the Marquez fight, but he never had any intention of trying to make the required weight. And if you don’t think that gave Mayweather a distinct advantage, then why did Floyd do it?!

Posted July 16, 2013 7:46 pm 


Tark my friend, I saw the interview myself. Juan Manuel Marquez answered Pacquiao when asked who he thought was faster having fought them both. He praised Floyd’s defense, and also said that Manny hit harder. I don’t need to make this stuff up. Speed equals power, equals ko’s. Manny has plenty. Manny just about killed JMM (Ped Man) in their first bout, which was an atrocious and disgusting draw. Floyd will have no clue as to how to deal with Manny’s style. Why do you think Floyd Jr, Floyd Sr and Uncle Roger avoided fighting him all these years. On their best night, being at their best, Floyd Mayweather gets destroyed and knocked out before round 9 by the legend that is Manny Pac Man Pacquiao. Today, Manny beats Floyd by UD or late round stoppage. Fighting a guy 4 times will give each insight to the other’s strategy and fighting technique. Fighting one time and only one time will benefit the fighter that has more speed, power and athleticism. Manny beats him in all of these areas. Zab Judah beat Floyd up for 6 rounds. Imagine if Manny hit Floyd flush. The fight would be over. Manny Pacquiao is a living legend that can do the impossible. A lot of people, mostly Floyd fans have thrown Manny down the river already, but once he destroys Rios, they will come uo with excuses why they won’t fight Manny Pacquiao. By the way, Floyd may be in for a possible loss vs Canelo. He should win, but Canelo just may be able to pull something off if all things are right. If that happens, Manny then destroys Canelo.

Posted July 16, 2013 7:11 pm 


Did you all miss me?
Anyway…..PAC will win this fight and Freddy is only attempting to add some DRAMA….IMO

Posted July 16, 2013 6:52 pm 

Squared-Circle Real Talk (a.k.a. The Lion King of Beat Street)

murderman: Lol… those computer-based (CD-Rom) foreign language immersion programs can actually be highly effective. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn in 6 months if you spend some time with it and apply yourself. The key is to have fun with it, so that’s it’s more like a hobby than a job or chore.

Spanish is not my first language, but I am pretty fluent due to spending a lot of time around other Mexican peeps. I can understand and read it better than I can speak or write it. And you will become the same way, if you decide to learn la lengua romance espanol. Your lady will really it if you speak it to her when having “relations”…lol.

Posted July 16, 2013 6:02 pm 


Manny pacquiao is gonna give this kid a career ending beatdown..rios is by NO means a counter puncher. Just a plodder who comes forward in a lets see who hits the hardest contest..And because of his hard head, he gets the better of those fights.. Manny is going to use his footwork and hit brandon so many times hes gonna think hes surrounded ala ali vs frazier.. This is a no brainer guys.

Posted July 16, 2013 4:17 pm 


…., “JMM was asked in an interview who was faster between Floyd and Manny. He answered, Pacquiao.”

That sounds like another of your lies… Pacquaio is so fast Marquez hit him with tons of every punch in the book and knocked him TFO!!! … Floyd is so fast that he outlanded Marquez 4 to 1.

Styles DO make fights… Counterpunchers are the toughest guys for Pacquiao to fight.. Both Marquez and Floyd are counterpunchers — except Floyd is about 3 times better. Floyd will tattoo a flailing Pac and put his lights out again … that is if Pac can get by hard swinging Rios.

Posted July 16, 2013 3:59 pm 


Shane, thanks for that explanation. Rich, thanks! TARK, as mentioned in the previous posts, styles make fights. Manny isn’t going to fight Floyd in the same manner as he did JMM (Ped Man). Marquez was also moving up to a weight class he had not experienced. JMM was asked in an interview who was faster between Floyd and Manny. He answered, Pacquiao. Speed changes everything, which is why Mayweather has had his way, but once he fights someone that’s faster, more athletic, powerful and a southpaw, his counter punching style won’t be enough. Manny’s style is all wrong for him. Hearns beat Duran. Barkley beat Hearns, Duran beat Barkley. Trust me, Manny will hit Floyd. Speed kills. Manny will hit Floyd much more than a older, slower Cotto. Manny will beat him.

Posted July 16, 2013 3:42 pm 


Better “boxer” doesn’t always mean better “fighter “. And styles make fights. Did FMJ face the roided up version? No he fought a flabby JMM. 2 counter punchers. Fighter A beats fighter B, fighter C blows away fighter A with ease. So fighter C beats fighter B easily right? No….

Posted July 16, 2013 3:25 pm 


Hecdog…. AFTER Juan Manuel Marquez’s first 2 fights with Pac — and BEFORE his last 2 fights with Pac – JMM fought Floyd… He couldn’t lay a serious glove on Floyd, who was rusty, and coming off a 23-month layoff.

My Goodness… Couldn’t hit Floyd at all — but laid a ton of gloves on Pacquiao.

I say that’s interesting… What do YOU make of that???

Could it be Floyd is a better boxer??? … Think hard about this.

Posted July 16, 2013 2:52 pm 


Over or not PAC has contributed to boxing in so many ways and history in the books.

Posted July 16, 2013 2:42 pm 


If Rios doesn’t come in with a Welterweight body frame and comes in with that chubby Lightweight frame he always come in on fight night than I’ll give Manny the win.

Posted July 16, 2013 2:37 pm 


NO its over for Pacquiao IF he got put to sleep by Marquez because YOU told him to go for the knockout. SO he has you to THANK for ending his career.

Posted July 16, 2013 2:10 pm 


TUMBO*….HECDOG Has not had to shut it down…Do hope his answer was of some help to you…….

Posted July 16, 2013 1:18 pm 


The more I think about this fight the more of the same outcome i think remains the same. Manny hits Rios with Straight right left combo to the chin and Rios falls face first about around five. Ref waves it off

Posted July 16, 2013 11:15 am 


If Manny has anything left even 80% of what he was he should be able to absolutely blow Rios out the water. Prime for prime or even near prime they are two totally different leagues of fighter. That’s not necessarily insult to Rios but you’re talking a bout a good fighter versus a debatable all-time great.

Posted July 16, 2013 11:11 am 


For once I agree with Roach. If Pacquaio loses this fight he should retire, and we should all give him credit for the excitement that he has given the fans for a long time, best of luck to Paquiao, I hope and expect if he has not “lost it” that he wins by KO, he has been a much better fighter and person(from what I have seen” than Rios ever could be.

Posted July 16, 2013 10:54 am 


“He was a devout Catholic until recently, and has become a Christian helping those sheep that are lost. ” Sure. And salt water is better than salty water.

Posted July 16, 2013 9:03 am 


@sc- there was a change n plans. Its all code. Got my rosetta stone! I should have spanish mastered in 10 years! Lol

Posted July 16, 2013 8:53 am 


This fight is ofcourse not serious, I hope Rios survives. I would love to se Pac/Mathysse.

Posted July 16, 2013 3:30 am 


The way he makes that sound, Manny may not be looking good in the gym. Though it is early for him to be in the gym. Maybe Roach knows something. Either way I was picking Rios by KO

Posted July 16, 2013 12:00 am 

Ray Ray

Manny won’t lose this 1…he lookt great in training 4 Marquez. Also lookt gd in the fight b4 that brutal right hand, Rios gets hit 2 much. Rematch with Bradle, take on Mattysse than that’s a wrap.

Posted July 15, 2013 9:58 pm 

Squared-Circle Real Talk (a.k.a. The Lion King of Beat Street)

murderman: What up, big dog? What did you go on a vacation to Cuba with your fiance or something? Sorry, but I can’t fill you in on the secret Latino “code-talk.” You know how we roll… LOL.

Posted July 15, 2013 9:32 pm 


8 division world titles I meant.

Posted July 15, 2013 9:31 pm 


Te Tumbo my friend, why do you ask all these questions about the living legend that is Manny PacMan Pacquiao? He’s the greatest fighter in history. Please don’t try and diminish his accomplishments. * division world titles, unheard of. And yes his singing is spectacular. His renditions of Sometimes When We Touch and Para Sa ‘Yolban speak for themselves. Please buy his music. You might even buy his classic acting appearances in the action/adventure “Totoy Bato” A fighter playing a successful fighter. Who else could play such a role. Plenty others also. Manny has so manny charitable causes. One specifically is Gawad Kalinga. This organization has built thousands of homes for the poor as well as for low income families. He’s been giving money to so many different agency’s that are helping the typhoon victims. Remember the yellow gloves he wore vs Mosely? That was to put the word out for his charity Gawad Kalinga. As far as modeling goes, well his Nike clothing lines stand by itself. The henessey commercials stand alone. The man graced the cover of Time Magazine. His face is wanted for modeling acts all over the world. As a congressman, he wrote and helped pass the human trafficking law that gives stronger punishment to those that are found to be doing such a hideous thing. Manny is constantly working on helping people. There’s a documentary called The Fighters that will give you full insight to his work and quest against human trafficking. And as far as a Bible Study teacher, he is qualified to do this through the grace of God. His whole life is a miracle, and he never once backed down from his religious beliefs. He was a devout Catholic until recently, and has become a Christian helping those sheep that are lost. God can come into your life at any time and ask you to preach the Good News to everyone. Manny loves God and has turned his life around from the sinful ways he was partaking in. Today, he is an example and a follower of God that preaches straight from God’s Word, the Bible. A man that came from nothing to the pinnacle of a sport put’s God first. He studies daily and shares his knowledge to those that want it. God chooses whom He chooses. Te Tumbo, I could go on and on, but I need to let others share their thoughts. Manny Pacquiao is simply the Greatest.

Posted July 15, 2013 9:31 pm 


@ sc- translation please my brother! Lol

Posted July 15, 2013 8:14 pm 

Squared-Circle Real Talk (a.k.a. The Lion King of Beat Street)

Muchas gracias, Maestro Roach (La Cucaracha), por ser tan honesto y etico sobre asesoramiento el Gran PacMan en sus propios intereses. Demasiado a menudo, estos boxeadores simplemente no saben cuando dejar de fumar.

Basta con mirar a Mosley viejo. Tiene dano cerebral y no puede hablar claramente. Conversacion Real.

Posted July 15, 2013 8:05 pm 

te tumbo

RAY, Hecdog might as well shut-it-down because i intend to post this challenge until he responds with an honest answer. besides, i’m only responding to his claims, which he should be able to easily support with concrete examples. otherwise, what a joke(?!).

Posted July 15, 2013 7:51 pm 


There’s NO reason why Pacman shouldn’t eat Rios for dinner…then have Alvarado for dessert.

Posted July 15, 2013 7:44 pm 

Jay rock

This is a joke

Posted July 15, 2013 7:35 pm 


Good for Roach – doing the ethical thing.

Posted July 15, 2013 7:26 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Its been over for Pacquiao ever since Dinamita exceeded the pactards worse nightmare..just a glancing blow or a stiff arm by the heavy handed Brandon Rios will put Manny on noodle legs at this point..and then will listen to hecdog’s blatant rant about how Marquez induced PED punch ruined this great man’s career..notice how hecdog and the rest of the pactards never complaint about Juan using Heredia’s services in the 3rd fight as long as Pacquiao got the win

Posted July 15, 2013 6:40 pm 


Te tumbo- lol, I know right. Funny stuff

Posted July 15, 2013 6:14 pm 

te tumbo

“Manny Pacquiao is . . . a great actor, singer, congressman, philanthropist, model, Bible Study teacher, father, husband and son”. HECDOG, out of sincere interest to determine whether your gushing praise is for real or just a parody of Pacquiao’s* fanboys, could you please 1) name your favorite Pacquiao* acting performance; 2) name your favorite Pacquiao* singing performance; 3) Identify a piece of Pacquiao* legislation; 4) Name Pacquiao’s* favorite charitable cause; 5) Identify Pacquiao’s* modeling agency; and 6) Explain what qualifies Pacquiao* to teach(?!?!) the Bible? Thanks!

Posted July 15, 2013 5:52 pm 


Pacquaio is still a solid fighter but idk how he will hold up against today’s elite especially without being to handicap future opponents with rehydration clauses and such. Arum will have to match him with fighters outside of his stable because he doesn’t have much to offer PAC right now. The idea of him vs Floyd is gone, Floyd only fights winners and champions. I’m not saying that to take shots at manny, it’s true. Check his last 10 opponents or even more, they were all coming off of wins, all champions or top 5 p4p guys coming off major wins. He won’t fight a loser or an obviously declining fighter under any circumstances. He only fought Mosley because he became champion by demolishing the man considered to be the most feared man in boxing at the time. Mosley was a champ and looking like a monster. Just thought I’d kill that before someone brought it up. Manny is still solid in my humble opinion but he needs a string of successes against solid opposition to get back to his former glory.

Posted July 15, 2013 5:16 pm 

Prof Konje

Good for Roach. At least he has the fighter’s interest as being important. Arum, on the other hand, will let someone fight and be killed as long as they make money for him. Hopefully Pacquaio will choose to retire if he loses. I don’t think anyone needs to tell him that.

Posted July 15, 2013 5:08 pm 


Freddie Roach will never have to think about saying anything to the greatest fighter in the history of Boxing. Manny Pacquiao, the only 8 division boxing champion in history will demolish a tough Brandon Rios inside of 5 rounds. The legendary Manny Pacquiao will rebound in stunning fashion after the Marquez Ped Punch loss. No fighter has ever put together the combination of speed, power, quickness and excitement like Manny Pacquiao. This God believing warrior carried the sport of boxing on his shoulders for 10 years. People from across the globe came to see what many described as a human fury of destruction. Some states actually wanted Manny Pacquiao banned due to his horrific, destructive and savage execution of his opponents. Many fans, politicians and people in general were mystified at how this gentle, giving, honest, sincere and humble man that is Manny Pacquiao could turn into a vicious assassin inside a boxing ring. Manny Pacquiao is not only the greatest of fighter of all time, but he is also the most popular athlete of all time, as well as a great actor, singer, congressman, philanthropist, model,, Bible Study teacher, father, husband and son. He is a great example of what someone can become in life. Manny Pacquiao is the true rags to riches story. And yet some people have the audacity to think Manny Pacquiao will lose his next fight. It’s an atrocious horrible thought to even think of. Manny will climb into the ring once again, and the boxing world will come alive. You’ll get to see the smile as he walks in waving to his fans, and the roar will be surreal. Manny Pacquiao will bring excitement like no other. Welcome back champ!

Posted July 15, 2013 5:00 pm 

te tumbo

another tacit admission from Roach that Rios was selected based on the assumption if not certainty that Pacquiao* can and should defeat him. the guiding principle of the brilliant mismatchmaking that has always been the foundation of Pacquiao’s* “greatne$$”. accordingly, Roach is right: if Pacquiao* continues to lose v. handpicked opponents, he is no longer worth the effort to train and prepare for shrinking paydays.

Posted July 15, 2013 4:50 pm 


not sure if Bradley will get the win over Marquez but if he dose I have a feeling we will see Paquiao Bradley number 2. providing Paq wins his bout with Rios.

Posted July 15, 2013 4:45 pm 

Pete Wells

I thought Pacroid could fight forever, but i guess the roid juice finally caught up to his ass & now since he can’t use anymore he’s ready to retire. Only a prime ducker like Pacroid would turn down 40+ millions to go get his face damn near KTF off by Marquez. Yeah go retire Pacroid, you never wanted to fight the best unless you had an advantage & now that advantage has been exposed you are paying Roach to say y’all had some secret deal . GTFOOH with that BS Roach, your machines super juice factory has shut down & that’s the truth, ruth………

Posted July 15, 2013 4:42 pm 

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Roach: “it’s over” for Pacquiao is he loses to Rios

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