Edgar Sosa to test Filipino Roilo Golez in Mexico


By JM Siasat: Roilo Golez (13-7, 5KO’s) caught the attention of Filipino fight fans when he won the WBC ABC minimumweight title by stopping Thongthailek Sor Tanapinyo in round ten. Golez would then be given the opportunity to fight for the WBC Silver light flyweight title in Mexico but was stopped in round five.

Golez who recently fought in December 23 now has another play date with destiny as he fights Edgar Sosa (43-7, 26KO’s) this coming January 7, 2012 for the WBC international flyweight title.
The more experienced former world champion Edgar Sosa, is notable for beating Brian Viloria and having fought the likes of Ulises Solis and Pongsaklek Wonjongkam in the past. Sosa is easily the favourite going to the fight but Golez is not shy in giving his opponent an assessment.

“Sosa is not that good. I am ready for the fight. This is a huge opportunity for me and I’m training hard” said Golez when I recently caught up with him. But even while he likes the chance to showcase his talent, Golez himself is pretty much aware that the fight may be too soon. “I was notified of the fight on Christmas day, suddenly the fight is near but it’s ok” said Golez.

The short notice fight will be held in Mexico so upon being asked if he thinks the judges will be fair in case the fight goes the full twelve rounds, Golez doesn’t seem to like his chances. “I don’t know. But from what I understand, I’m going to my opponents home turf and situations like this normally has hometown decisions”.

Golez said he’s been jogging but wasn’t in the gym until he was notified of fighting Sosa. With a few days left before the fight, Golez started sparring in preparation for the fight. “I will go for a knockout. If it doesn’t come then I’ll box him. I’ll be fighting for glory, I’m proud to be Filipino”.

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