Mayweather Ortiz in Retrospect! Floyd Victim of another Pointless Hate Campaign!

By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: It has been one week since Floyd Mayweather’s last bout against Victor Ortiz, and with the benefit of replay, and thoughtful retrospect I have had the chance to confirm my initial perspective of the bout.

For one, I would like to say I never much cared for what Floyd Mayweather had to, or has to say, simply because I don’t consider him a politician, or an orator. I watch him because he is a damn good fighter and that is the only thing that really matters. I have been around fighters as a journalist for a good while and after the initial of being in their presence disappears you realize the amount of bullshit they spew has nothing to do with how well they fight.

In fact, if people would just push the mute button, or switched the channel every time he spoke like I do, and tuned in every time he fought, there wouldn’t be a need for him to amplify his “bad guy” persona to try and sell tickets, because he would accomplish that on skill alone.
Secondly, in terms of what happened in the fight, I would have to say it seemed like the fight was headed for a 8-4ish, 9-3ish victory for Mayweather. It would have been a good fight, and Ortiz, much like Hernandez, and Castillo in the second fight ( I thought he lost the first one but credit to him for taking that rematch and winning) would have his stock rise. Mayweather for his part would continue looking great as a fighter, and pretending to be a bad guy for the sake of promotion.

Unfortunately, in what was to mind a perfectly legal consequence based action on Ortiz part (i.e. if you are willing to lose a point you try to headbutt to rattle your opponent) to try and sway the fight, he collapsed psychologically, and allowed Mayweather to take advantage. Anyone who watches a replay can play close attention to Joe Cortez yelling “LET’S GO” after admonishing Ortiz for said act and taking a point. Time was in, and Ortiz unnecessarily apologized for a third time to Mayweather who despite his anger didn’t actually strike right away but nodded (with a scowl but grudgingly accepting the apology), pushed Ortiz in the chest, and continued doing what a fighter is supposed to (i.e. trying to win by KO) when it is time in.

If people were disappointed by said action, I’d like to ask how long they would have enjoyed watching a completely ridiculous apology, courtesy session during a fight? Would it be ok if out of the 36 allotted minutes the fighters spent 20 minutes nodding, hugging, and touching gloves? Whenever I see this crap during a fight, I automatically assume the fight will end in a draw, because psychologically both have accepted that they won’t do what it takes to win by KO, put butts in seats, and earn lots and lots of money.

They can be friends after, and before the fight. If they chose to earn money by working in this barbaric, and imbecilic profession for the sake of my entertainment, I don’t need WWE theatrics. I can watch hugs, and romances on Smackdown, and Raw if I wanted to.
I stopped doing that in high school.

Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather, and win or lose please fight Manny already.

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Boxing News Mayweather Ortiz in Retrospect! Floyd Victim of another Pointless Hate Campaign!