David Haye’s All Too Brief Open “Workout” – More Mind Games, As He Throws Just One Punch Then Leaves!

By James Slater: David Haye and his manager/trainer Adam Booth both seem unable to stop smiling as they play what they both believe are mind games with Wladimir Klitschko. Having gone all out to get under the 35-year-old’s skin, Haye had another trick in store for “Dr. Steel Hammer” today. With Klitschko, and many media people, gathered to study his open workout in Hamburg today, Haye surprised everyone by getting into the ring, limbering up, and then leaving after having thrown just one punch!

Haye, not even wearing boxing boots on his feet as he climbed into the ring, threw out a few punches as he loosened up; most interestingly from the southpaw stance. Then, after putting on trainers and having his hands wrapped, Haye “sparred” Booth, who held out a glove attached to a long piece of wood. Haye, again from the lefty stance, threw a big left hand and then bowed to the audience, smiling as he did so. Then he was gone.

Klitschko, if he was hoping to learn anything from Haye today, was sorely disappointed. But again, the 30-year-old’s actions today were surely nothing but mind games. Haye will throw a lot more than just a single punch once it’s for real, and he will almost certainly box from his usual orthodox stance. However, there have been rumours (started most probably by Team-Haye), that “The Hayemaker” will surprise Klitschko by fighting him as a southpaw. Just supposing he does this, will it work for Haye, or will it leave him more open to Wladimir’s lethal right hand?

Whatever Haye plans to do, and whatever he hoped to achieve with today’s “workout,” he has left Klitschko far from amused. After having completed his own, full workout, the Ring Magazine, IBF, WBO and IBO champ told reporters he is tired of Haye’s childish behaviour.

“I can’t even take its seriously. It’s not even funny any more,” Wladimir said. “Reality is coming – it’s a serious business. It won’t be funny for David Haye. I think he sits in his hotel room and thinks, ‘what else can I do,’ to anger the Klitschko team? But little by little we are coming to the reality. And reality’s name is July 2nd.”

Despite his failing to break a sweat today, Haye is looking in great physical shape, as is Klitschko. All the work has been done, but there could be more Haye antics to come before the fight. We still have the official weigh-in to get through!

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