Neven Pajkic on Tyson Fury: “You have no balls. You’re a coward”

by GM Ross – Fans will recall Tyson Fury’s recent disparaging comments regarding Canadian Boxing Federation heavyweight champion Neven Pajkic (15-0-0), following the latter’s defeat of Andreas Sidon in October. Pajkic agreed to fight Fury, but in 2011, not 2010. Fury, frustrated that Pajkic wanted a rest after fighting five times in 2010, lambasted the Canadian, stating: “Pajkic is an embarrassment to his title and Canadian fight fans.” Well, after his abysmal performance against Zack Page (21-32-3) last Saturday, it’s Fury who has tucked tail, refusing to meet the undefeated Canadian Champion..

At Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto Monday afternoon, a sizeable press conference was held by WCP boxing to announce their February, Barrie, Ontario, show entitled “Super Brawl.” At the front of the room, arranged across the table were several name plates, reading “George Chuvalo,” “Neven Pajkic,” “Troy Ross,” “Tyson Fury” and “Rick Smiciklas.” All were present but Fury who, after verbally agreeing to meet Pajkic, has refused to sign the contract presented by WCP.

Pajkic was justifiably annoyed with the English heavyweight champion. “As you know,” Pajkic began, “yesterday we found out
that Tyson Fury declined to fight.” Pajkic’s annoyance became increasingly evident the longer the Canadian champion spoke about his English counterpart. Pajkic stated that Fury was “ugly, fat, flabby, overhyped, overweight.” Based on what we saw Saturday night in Quebec, Mr. Pajkic’s comments, though harsh, are quite accurate. A flabby Fury kittenishly pawed at Page – a sub-five hundred journeyman from Warren, Ohio – over their eight round affair. Page came out sparkling, proving he may be a worthy test – a “stepping stone” to quote the recent Micky Ward flick – for aspiring heavyweights. Fury, on the other hand, showed he isn’t ready for a top twenty big man. Commenting on Fury’s performance Pajkic joked, “you’re [Fury’s]fight was so boring I had to play games on my I-Phone when it was on.” Unfortunately for Fury, most Canadians agree.

In a final plea to Fury’s sense of pride, Pajkic said, “I will fight you in the parking lot, in the cage, in the ring, anywhere. You can bring your friends, you can bring your family. You’re a nobody.” If this wasn’t enough Pajkic sweetened the deal financially, assuring those in attendance that he would put his “entire purse on the line, winner take all,” if Fury would back up his words and enter the ring. So, the challenge is there, the money is right, will the bombastic Brit sign for the fight?

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Boxing News Neven Pajkic on Tyson Fury: “You have no balls. You’re a coward”