Erik “El Terrible” Morales Wants Juan Manuel Marquez Next: Justifiable Request?

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: This past Saturday, December 18, a boxing legend successfully continued his quest for another championship belt. Erik “El Terrible” Morales (51-6-0) got yet another opponent out of the way of his road back to the top.

Respected light Welterweight Francisco Lorenzo (35-8-0) lost a twelve-round UD to Morales in Baja California, Mexico. Scores came out to be 116-111, 114-113, and 115-112, all for Erik Morales.
Lorenzo was Morale’s third successful win this year, making his fans excited for what the future might hold for their icon. His defense of the WBC Silver light Welterweight title possibly got Morales closer to his somewhat unrealistic goal of facing Juan Manuel Marquez (52-5-1) sometime next year.

At the age of thirty-four, Morale’s attempt at becoming a current respected world champion yet again seems a bit hopeless. Beating Jose Alfaro (24-7-0), Willie Limond (33-3-0) and the latest, Francisco Lorenzo, may be impressive for a comeback, but is it enough to prove his readiness for a real title fight? Before coming back in March 2010, Morale’s last fight was a loss to David Diaz (35-3-1) in August of 2007.

Every boxing superstar ponders a comeback after they retire, and the majority end up doing so. For some, their return proves unsuccessful, but for others their dreams of becoming a world champion once again, comes to fruition.

I can say with great confidence that coming back requires at least the same amount of psychological and physical preparation as before, if not more. Dedication and consistency, focus and confidence, and vigorous preparation are essential day-to-day requirements for any fighter taking themselves seriously. Most of those things are in full control of the fighter, except for one thing: physiology/genetics.

Can Morales beat Marquez In 2011?
Aging is a process that every single living thing has to go through, and many wish they could stop time, if only for a little while. Time has a tendency to give and take and as far as physiology and physicality goes, it mostly takes. Things become much harder for an older boxer than for a younger one. Training and ability become an issue when fighters become older, and competing against the younger, hungrier fighters, most of the time, proves to be a bust.

In August 2011, Juan Manuel Marquez will turn thirty-eight. Since turning pro in 1993, Marquez has never taken a break, never ducked another fighter and never came unprepared. Out of his five losses, three latest come from known and reputable fighters: Chris John (44-0-2), Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2) and Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0-0). While Marquez is almost four years older than Morales, he stayed constant and fought top opposition.

My question for myself as well as all of you is this: Is Erik Morale’s request to fight Juan Manuel Marques justifiable, and if so, what chance would he have at beating Marquez?

March 31, 2010:
Morales—“I would love to fight Cotto at 147 lbs or Marquez at 144 lbs. After the 27th, they are going to have to notice me, whether they want to or not. In these weight classes, there isn’t great fighters and they know it.”
Marquez—“We will see, in my last fights I want to go after big fighters. Whether it’s the third one with Pacquiao, which he doesn’t want, or if the money is right, a fight with Morales, why not?”

December 2010:
Morales—”I’m ready for the fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. I’m ready to go for a world title next year.”

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Boxing News Erik “El Terrible” Morales Wants Juan Manuel Marquez Next: Justifiable Request?