Breidis Prescott Has One Quick Question for Amir Khan

Miami, Florida via Barranquilla, Colombia, slugger Breidis Prescott (23-2, 19 KOs) wishes to congratulate WBA World Light Welterweight Champion Amir Kahn for his close, but deserved, victory over Argentina’s Marcos Maidana last Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prescott has just one little question after watching and listening to the fight.

“Khan said he specifically chose Maidana for an opponent and kept calling that fight his redemption for being knocked out by me… how does beating anyone other than me make up for what I did to him?”

Prescott knocked Khan flat in 54 seconds in September of 2008 at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, giving him his first loss with unforgettable brutality.

“If he wants his true redemption — If he truly wants to prove what happened was a fluke and remove all doubt from his name, then let’s do it again. I’ll go right to his backyard and knock him out again. Maybe he knows that and that’s why he chose someone other than me to try and prove what I did wasn’t real?”

“Saturday night Amir Khan proved not only his great ability, but his heart,” said Lou DiBella of DiBella Entertainment (Prescott’s co-promoter along with Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing). “It’s time to defend against the only fighter who was able to test his chin. He should take the opportunity to try to erase the only blemish on his great record.”

“You don’t wrestle a polar bear to prove you can beat a tiger. They’re two different fighters,” added Margules of Prescott and Maidana. “If Amir Khan wants to erase the memory of what happened to him, there’s only one fighter he can do that against. Breidis Prescott is the man who knocked out Amir Khan, so if Khan is looking for true redemption, tell him it’s a phone call away.”

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