Klitschko-Haye Talks “Going In The Right Direction”

By James Slater – WBA heavyweight champion David Haye was an excited ringside observer at last night’s thrilling Amir Khan-Marcos Maidana clash in Las Vegas, and “The Hayemaker” has admitted that the buzz he got from the mini-classic gave him the urge to put on a great fight of his own in Vegas – hopefully against Wladimir Klitschko.

It has been reported by The Guardian that Haye and manager Adam Booth met with HBO and Golden Boy over the weekend, and that the unification fight everyone wants to see is as close as it’s been in quite a while as a result..

The talks must have gone well, because Haye and Booth both spoke about being optimistic the fight will happen in Las Vegas, in April or May of next year.

“Fingers crossed, we’ll know something pretty soon,” Haye said. “From our side, we’re raring to go. I’m positive the fight will happen. As I’ve said before, I will retire next year, so this fight has to happen. It’s a fight the world wants. It’s the only fight the Klitschkos can have to cement their legacy.”

And Haye spoke about where the fight will most likely take place:

“Where? Wherever it makes the most money,” he said. “Watching Amir [Khan] here tonight definitely gave me a real buzz. I want some of this. I’d love to come out here and fight in a great arena and give everyone value for money. The talks have been very positive. I’m confident it’s going to happen.

“If Wladimir is as confident as I am, then it will happen.”

Most fans are of the opinion that “Dr. Steel Hammer” is certainly as confident of beating Haye as Haye is of defeating him. And although Wladimir would probably have to overcome legal issues if he chose to bypass Derek Chisora in favour of going in with Haye next, money usually talks in this sport (even though “Del Boy” has insisted he will NOT take step aside money to allow Klitschko to fight someone else).

As much as Chicora – who holds a contract signed by Klitschko for a defence against him – deserves his chance, the world wants to see Haye tackle Kitschko a whole lot more than it wants to see the 14-0 “novice” take his audacious shot. It’s not clear where an April or May clash between the two rival heavyweight champs would leave Chisora, but the bottom line is, all concerned want the big fight to take place.

If the talks over the weekend did go as well as Haye and Booth suggest they did, we might get to see whether or not the trash-talking Londoner can back up his boasts next spring. Finally!

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